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Tel Aviv University
TAU Daniel Bar-Tal, recipient of this year's Nevitt Sanford Award, the intellectual architect of "it is all in their heads"

Editorial Note:
Professor Daniel Bar-Tal (School of Education, TAU) is one of the intellectual architects of the "it is all in their heads" approach for blaming the failure of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Israel.  Originally hired to teach consulting for young children, he switched to the more "glamorous" field of conflict resolution where he found that, traumatized by the Holocaust, the Israelis are consumed with perceptions of Palestinians as terrorist "others." Alternatively, Bar-Tal has postulated  that Israelis are afflicted with the Massada complex, which hinders their ability to settle the conflict. Conveniently for Bar-Tal, the focus of these historical traumas absolves him for considering some contemporary factors like brutal terror attacks against Israeli civilians, repeated missile launches from Gaza and blood-chilling threats to wipe off Israel from the map of the world.
 Bar-Tal, the recipient of this year's Nevitt Sanford Award in Political Psychology, would be well advised to read the paper of the 2002 Nevitt Sanford Award recipient, Professor Jerrold Post "When Hatred is Bread into the Bone: Psycho-Cultural Foundations of Contemporary Terrorism" to learn that threats are not only imagined but real.

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From: Halperin Eran <eran.halperin@idc.ac.il>
Date: 2012/4/3
Subject: [Social Science- IL]: Nevitt Sanford Award - Daniel Bar-Tal
To: "socsci-il@listserver.huji.ac.il" <socsci-il@listserver.huji.ac.il>

We are happy to inform the list members that Prof Daniel Bar-Tal of School of EducationTel- AvivUniversity was just awarded with The Nevitt Sanford Award of the International Society of Political Psychology for "engaging in the practical application of political psychological principles, and creating knowledge that is accessible and used by practitioners to make a positive difference in the way politics is carried out". This is somewhat unusual as last year in 2011 he was awarded with the prestigious Harold Lasswell Award of the International Society of Political Psychology for “distinguished scientific contribution in the field of political psychology.”



Monday, February 20, 2012

Talk by Professor Daniel Bar-Tal

The department of Social and Political Sciences in cooperation with the department of Psychology of the University of Cyprus cordially invite you to the lecture/ discussion

Social -Psychological Barriers to Conflict resolution

SPEAKER : Professor Daniel Bar-Tal, Tel Aviv University
DATE: 21 February 2012TIME: 19:00-20:30
WHERE: Old Campus, Kallipoleos 75, ROOM:A019
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