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Tel Aviv University
[TAU, History] Shlomo Sand lectured in Sofia University, Bulgaria and interviewed by Iranian Press TV

 Iranian Press TV


Shlomo Sand

Professor of History, Tel Aviv University
Address: Department of History, Tel Aviv University , Ramat-Aviv 69978 , ISRAEL
Tel. (Office): (972) 3-6407087
Fax (Office): (972) 3-6409457
E-mail: shlomosa@post.tau.ac.il

Editorial Note:
Ever since the publication of his book, The Invention of the Jewish People Shlomo Sand (TAU) has become a world traveler.  His latest appearance was in Sofia University, Bulgaria's oldest and most prestigious institution of higher education, where virtually the entire country's elite is being educated, Sand gave his standard stump speech: Jews are an invented people and Israel has no legitimate rights to Palestine.  He added that Israel has ethnically cleansed not only Palestinians but people who do not consider themselves to be Jews. He ended with an appeal to the world to "save Israel from itself." 
Sand's book is extremely popular in Europe; in the TV segment he is seen signing the Bulgarian translation of the book.  IAM reported on a number of occasion, that critics have found Sand's book without factual merits and going  against recent genetic evidence.  But this is precisely the point;  had Sand wrote a factually- based work, this once obscure lecturer in French cultural history would have never attained the status of an intellectual celebrity.  
As Professor Yaakov Goren comments in his review of Sand, anti-Semitism sells. Goren reminds the readers that in 1899 Houston Stewart Chamberlain, published a book The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century where he "proved" the superiority of the Aryan race.  Chamberlain, who greatly influenced the thinking of Hitler, wrote that the Jews were a mixture of inferior Hittite and Bedouin characteristics, adding that they "infuse Near Eastern poison into European body politic."  Chamberlain's book became a huge bestseller and went through numerous editions.  Goren adds that, like Chamberlain, Sand twisted the truth and provided malicious commentaries that make the book so attractive to countless critics of Israel. Sadly and ironically, whether Jews come from the Near East - as Chamberlain suggests - or have no connection to the region - as Sand would have it - they are still plagued by anti-Semitism and its modern version, anti-Israelism.  

Iranian Press TV
Click to watch video
Israel has no rights in land dispute: historian
Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:25PM GMT

Ivaylo Spasov, Press TV, Sofia

Israeli Professor Shlomo Sand says the mythical perception of the Jews as “a chosen nation-race” have led to truly racist thinking by Israeli officials. He believes the Zionist regime is becoming isolated for subjecting Palestinians to apartheid.

Some ground-breaking historic discoveries about the fabrication of the Israeli land and nation have captivated the minds and hearts of people throughout Europe.


 Professor Sand delivered one of his key-note speeches here - at Bulgaria’s oldest university, where most of the nation’s intellectuals and politicians have graduated.

So, people were eager to learn from an insider, Israeli himself, about some of the most dangerous myths in modern history.

But so far, the events in Exodus, the second book of the Hebrew Bible, were largely exploited as a historic fact. It says Israelis were "chosen people" and that God promised them “a holy land” in return for their faithfulness. And till this very day, that is the basis of the Israeli claims over the Palestinian lands.

Such "tragedies" Sand sees projected in the latest move by Israeli officials to cut ties with the UN Human Rights Council over investigations into Jewish settlements in the West Bank. He describes this move as "suicidal" and says the world must "save Israel from itself".

Sand calls this “the longest nationalistic conflict in modern history”. He believes Zionism is a severe type of nationalism - and as such, its ideologists have resorted to ethnic cleansing not only in the occupied territories, but also towards their own citizens who don’t consider themselves Jews.

Shlomo Sand’s book “The Invention of the Jewish People” became a best-seller throughout Europe. His new work - “The invention of the land of Israel” is expected with even greater anticipation.


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