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Ben-Gurion University
BGU Thabet Abu Ras: The Prawer Plan, a government scheme to displace Arab villagers of the occupied Negev


BGU Thabet Abu Ras

Course: Geography of the Middle East

Email:  thabet@bgu.ac.il


An Israeli scheme to displace Negev’s villagers

14 April 2012

Gaza, (Alresalah.ps) ““Prafr Map”, a scheme approved by the Israeli government a few months ago, aims to displace between 45 and 65 thousand Arab villagers of the occupied Negev.” confirmed the Director of Justice Office for Arab Minority Rights in the Negev Thabet Abu Ras.

The government had said “it is seeking to resettle thirty thousand of Bedouin Arabs in another villages held at the beginning of 1970s, as Israel drives them out of their towns in the Negev.”

Abu Ras, an expert in geography and regional development, objects to the Israeli mysterious map; it transpires that thirty thousand Arabs in the Negev are to be uprooted and more than 25 thousand houses to be demolished. He pointed out that “our calculations show that 45 thousand people will be removed while the Wikileaks reported them to be 65 thousand.”

“Arabs of the Negev will undoubtedly oppose the Israeli scheme by which Arab land owners shall be compensated by 50%, though according to our surveys, they shall have just 16-17% in recompense. Whatever, the villagers will accept neither.” the official stressed.

“As the plan is put into action, the Arabs shall be barred to live in large areas of the Negev, almost located in between the occupied city of Beersheba and the Gaza Strip.” he followed.

Abu Ras warned against the grave move -to only recompense the removed Arabs inside the occupied territories of 1948 financially- which is to be soon adapted into a bill to be brought before the Knesset early May as the cabinet passes it.

“There is much a worry about such a scheme; but the most importantly is Israel’s claims of lands ownership so as to take them over,” he believed adding “Israel, tragically, is succeeding in pursuing this policy.”

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