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Ben-Gurion University
BGU Oren Yiftachel "Ethnocracy, Mapping & Poetics in Palestine/Israel" New York University Steinhardt School


3 March 2012

Ethnocracy, Mapping & Poetics in Palestine / Israel

My Storify story from a lecture by Oren Yiftachel, Professor of Urban Studies & Political Geography at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, held at New York University Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Developments Media, Culture and Communication Department.

Butheina HK بثينة

FulbrightPrgrm Scholar in NYC from the UAE. Focused on media, culture & communication |

  1. Oren Yiftachel's home page
    Oren Yiftachel's personal home page C.V. and List of Publications Short Profile Articles Recent Books and Journals Short ...
  2. butheina
    Mapping has an aura of professional scientific objectivity to unsuspecting audiences -Yiftachel
  3. butheina
    Emotional/poetic rhetoric & mapping r not completely separate frm each other in national-building projects, both make a claim -Yiftachel
  4. butheina
    People create the homeland and the homeland creates people -Yiftachel This is
  5. butheina
    One might say that Israel/Palestine are the rememnants of the previous world of empires -Yiftachel
  6. butheina
    Mapping of Israel/Palestine is difficult because of ideological differences and also practicically geographically challenging - Yiftachel
  7. butheina
    a homeland is a mythical place a geographical place which has various configurations -Yiftachel
  8. butheina
    Americans may not feel the idea of a homeland because it is much less a nation-state -Yiftachel
  9. butheina
    Politics of identity is often much more powerful than those of social class -Yiftachel
  10. butheina
    The geobody that we know as #Palestine#Israelis dear to Jews & Muslims equally but irony is that it was created by Christains -Yiftachel
  11. butheina
    8 strategies to deal wth the homeland by Oren Yiftachel #Israel#Palestine-Yiftachel
  12. butheina
    1. Genocide: practiced in Armenia, Germany, Rwanda, Uganda, Darfur (Homeland) -Yiftachel
  13. butheina
    if we live in the 20th century, there is no doubt that #israelwould have evicted all the #Palestiniansby now -Yiftachel
  14. butheina
    2. Eviction is the presumably more humane strategy of creating the homeland -Yiftachel
  15. butheina
    3.Colonial-Apartheid 4.Authoritatian Control 5.Ethnocracy 6.Partition 7.Accomodation/Consociationalism 8.Assimilation/Liberalism -Yiftachel
  16. butheina
    Ethnically Mapping the Homeland: Analytical components by Oren Yiftachel
  17. butheina
    1.Maps: scientific, objective, powerful, 2.Boundaries: where does the homeland begin/end 3.Texture: whats on the land - ppl etc -Yiftachel
  18. butheina
    4.Memory: history 5. Future: Imagined paths of people-homeland 6.Ownership 7.The 8.Others Volarization 9.Countermapping
  19. butheina
    Sad Ironies of Palestine-Israel: 1.Complete overlap in homeland visions 2. Cruel divide & concur creation of colonialism -Yiftachel
  20. butheina
    3.Geographic clash of 2 nations suffering A. the worst genocide and B. worst mass transfeer of the C20 -Yiftachel
  21. butheina
    While #Israelcreates its homeland, as Edward Said said, it creates another diaspora -Yiftachel
  22. butheina
    Right of return is reserved for those who were never born there and blocked from those who are -Yiftachel
  23. butheina
    In order to Judaize the land, #Israelhad to de-Judaize its population eg. laborers from Philipines, Sri Lanka etc -Yiftachel
  24. butheina
    In the name of Jewish nationalism, Zionism is now undermining the jewish state -Yiftachel
  25. butheina
    Overall, in Israel-Palestine while the populations are almost equal but Palestinians only control 15% of the land -Yiftachel
  26. butheina
    Amman, Madaba, Nazareth, Bethlehem are depicted is part of the Jewish homeland in historical maps used by high schools -Yiftachel
  27. butheina
    The original Irgun logo from the 30s depicts Palestine to include Transjordan -Yiftachelhttp://pic.twitter.com/h7HeZdxQ
  28. butheina
    The Zionist left and right are not that different - the whole time they say we want peace but do the opposite -Yiftachel
  29. butheina
    The logo on the bottom right shows an oak tree and a house is of the most symbolic settlementstwitter.com/butheina/status...- Yiftachel
  30. butheina
    Starting 1967, #Israelmade it official to ban the green line on any official map -Yiftachel
  31. butheina
    #Israelhas taken Jerusalem & the Golan Heights but has not officially annexed them because it does not give #Arabscitizenship -Yiftachel
  32. butheina
    In a kindergarten in #Israelu see a map that is all in Hebrew, the title says "The State of #Israel" & there is no Green Line -Yiftachel
  33. butheina
    In #Israelihigh school, u see no green lines, & is no longer called The State of #Israelonly depicts area A of #Palestine-Yiftachel
  34. butheina
    Maps put on the wall in #Israeligovt offices, there is no mention of #Palestineanywhere -Yiftachel
  35. butheina
    Mapping normalizes the situation of controlling #Palestinians-Yiftachel
  36. butheina
    Israeli Geographical Association showcases the map without the green map, when that was protested, opposition was deated 53-7 -Yiftachel
  37. butheina
    The peace discourse in #Israelis a minority discourse -Yiftachel
  38. butheina
    Counter-mapping is now being used by #Palestiniansby The PA Central Bureau of Statistics -Yiftachel
  39. butheina
    Although there's rhetorical symmetry, its imp to not lose sight that they #Israelstill rules, so countermapping is a tactic -Yiftachel
  40. butheina
    There's an ongoing ceaseless projection and medium of mapping to get ppl to think they way they do in imagining the homeland -Yiftachel
  41. butheina
    The most imp element of hegemony is when it is articulated as identity -Yiftachel
  42. butheina
    "New Settlement in Sinai" produced in 1968 written by Naomi Shemer actually hides very nationalistic meaninings -Yiftachel
  43. butheina
    The music romanticizes the people who live in the settlements of the imagined #Israel-Yiftachel
  44. butheina
    In alot of the nationalistic music, the use of Eastern European music is very pronounced because the elite came from there -Yiftachel
  45. butheina
    Romance, freedom, war, soldeirs are all combined together in a single image that doesnt conflict (on #Israelinationlistic music) -Yiftachel

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