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Tel Aviv University
[TAU History] Shlomo Sand's book "The Invention of the Jewish People" is well received by the Syrian regime


Professor Shlomo Sand
E-mail: shlomosa@post.tau.ac.il

Editorial Note:
[TAU, History] Prof. Shlomo Sand is an expert in the fields of Cinema and History, French Intellectual History, Nation and Nationalism. His book, The Invention of the Jewish People has turned this once obscure academic with a decidedly modest scholarly record into an international superstar, especially among those who seek to delegitimize the state of Israel.   Among others, he was interviewed by the Iranian English language television station, Press TV. 

However, a symposium dedicated to his book in the Assad National Library in Damascus should be definitely considered his "crowing achievement." As well known, the Assad regime is waging a bloody war on his own civilians in which thousands have been killed, but the National Library, in a typical diversion maneuver, is using Sand's book to vilify Israel. 

Sand, a former member of Matzpen, is typical of the philosophy of the radical left that "Jews can do no right and Arabs can do no wrong."  He and his academic peers who make Israel the target of their moral outrage, have yet to condemn Syria.

This article originally appears in Arabic
Translated by Google

General Authority for Radio and TV - Syria

The book (the invention of the Jewish people) 
Symposium in the Assad National Library 
2012-05-23 19:36:04

A focused political symposium held by the Syrian Arab Popular Committee to support the Palestinian people and resistance to the Zionist project in the Lecture Hall of the National Library of Assad, yesterday, entitled (the invention of the Jewish people) on the legend, the facts and merits of the invention of the Jewish people during the fever of nationalism in Europe during the nineteenth century.

The Engineer Kamal Hassan discussed ideas, during the seminar, presented by the Jewish historian Shlomo Sand in his book "The Invention of the Jewish people," especially the idea of ​​the lack of a Jewish nation or a Jewish peoplehood in terms of ethnics and history, noting that the goals and purposes of the writer unveiled the invention historical justifications of the Zionist imperialist old-new struggle against the Arab nation and the resulting project of crimes against the Arab peoples, of killing, displacement, land grab and plunder, the enslavement and humiliation of the legitimate owners of the land by providing legitimacy for this imperial project aimed to gather the world's Jews to the land of Palestine.

Hassan proved two facts that were historically acknowledged in the book, namely that the Jewish religion like Christianity, Islam, and not as claimed by the Zionist entity as the relationship between Jewish blood through a Jewish mother and the second fact that they did not get any expulsion or exile of the Jews of Palestine throughout history and therefore the fact Jews are returning to the so-called (Promised Land) Palestine has nothing to do with them, from near or far, through research and studies of historical and archaeological relics.

For his part, Dr. Fayez Chehrstan concluded that the Jews did not form an ethnic group carrying out one of the invented myths to confirm the existence of a false and fictitious formation of a Jewish nation, to get around the fact of the invalidity of the theory of Jewish nationalism and that the Jews living in Palestine today are not descendants of the ancient Hebrews and their origins back to the peoples of the multiple conversion to Judaism throughout history in various parts of the world and throughout the Judaization of sequential processes.

In turn, Father Elias Joseph Zehlawi discussed the success of the Zionist entity with the support of world imperialism led by America, in this historical period, to achieve its goals and ambitions in the Arab region by provoking the differences and trends between Arab leaders and the absence of the rights of the Palestinian cause on the Arab arena and create a state of chaos, to find a cover for external intervention in Arab affairs, particularly the internal Syrian flag carrier resistance and defender of the rights and Arab nationalism.

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