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Tel Aviv University
TAU Professor Moshe Zuckermann responds to the IAM post three times. Below is our exchange:


Dear Professor Moshe Zuckermann,

We are sorry that you chose to respond to our post in a sarcastic manner.

We never "condemned" you for giving a lecture on Beethoven.  We simply raised the question whether under the guise of academic freedom, you and other faculty members have the right to switch the research topics to bolster political activism. Such a change would not be tolerated in science and engineering and should not be tolerated in liberal arts.  As we noted, it reflects a lack of professional standards and shows contempt for students in the humanities and social sciences, not to mention the the tax payer.  

As for the comments about the use of "smart informers" to learn about your lectures, there is no need for that; your pronouncements are posted on the Internet for all to read.

Here are some examples: your articles denouncing Israel are popular with the German branch of Campaign against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII), a front organization run with the help of the Iranian Foreign Ministry and posted on its website.   You occasionally collaborate with the Munich-based radical pro-Palestinian group, "Salam Shalom Palestine-Israel Working Group" that charges Israel with extreme violations of human rights and your talks there are publicized.  Your high profile earned you a spot at a conference in Berlin organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation that featured some premier Israel bashers.  

You are a prolific petition signer.  In April 2003 you signed a petition asking the international community to rescue the Palestinians from a "violent apocalyptical driving- out of the entire Palestinian population" as part of the alleged right-wing vision to eliminate "the Palestinian national presence west of the Jordan River." In case you forgot the background of this particular petition, you and many of your colleagues accepted the rumors disseminated by Yasser Arafat that the Israeli government would utilize the American invasion to Iraq in order to deport all Palestinians.  In May 2008, you signed a petition for the Righteous Jews group protesting the "racist endeavor" of the Zionist movement and Israel to "dispose, torture and murder" Palestinians in order to create a Jewish state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean.  The petition stated that the Righteous Jews group emulates the concept of the Righteous Gentile developed by Yad Vashem.  In  2010, you contributed a chapter to a book Across the Wall co-edited by Ilan Pappe, where Uri Davis, Oren Yiftachel, Lev Grinberg and other virulent critics of Israel also participated.

In 2005, the European Union's Center for Monitoring on Racism and Xenophobia (EUCM) developed a “Working Guide to anti-Semitism;” it was subsequently adopted by OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODHIR) and distributed as a guide to law enforcement agencies in EU.  The "Working Guide" asserts that anti-Zionism - as opposed to criticism of Israel - is a new form of anti-Semitism.  Among examples listed is the so-called "nazification of Israel," that is, making explicit or implicit statements suggesting that Israeli behavior is equivalent to that of Nazi Germany.  Because of its Nazi past, Germany is particulary vigilant in implementing the "Working Guide" in the public domain and on the campuses.  In 2009 the London Declaration made a renewed commitment to use the "Working Guide" in fighting new anti-Semitism in Europe.  United Kingdom adopted part of the Guide in its 2010 Equality Act, under which Jewish students and faculty could sue in cases of new anti-Semitism.  

To sum it up, you can not only utilize your academic position to bolster your political activism, but also engage in "nazification of Israel," something that would be difficult to do had you worked in Germany.   It is highly ironic that you can do all this in a country that you constantly vilify.

Subject:  RE: These are the last days of the current academic year
Sender:  Moshe Zuckermann 
Recipient:  IAM e-mail 
Date:  Today 14:20

On the last day of the current academic year I delivered a lecture on Freud. Freud killed Moses. Please don't forget to condemn us.

Moshe Zuckermann

Subject:  RE: [TAU, Cohn Institute] Moshe Zuckermann: "Israel is a threat to world peace"
Sender:  Moshe Zuckermann 
Recipient:  IAM e-mail 
Date:  14.06.2012 22:38

Dear IAM-friends,

Yesterday I delivered a lecture on Georg Simmel, a Jewish sociologist, but an assimilated one. Please don't forget to condemn – him and me as well.

Yours sincerely,

Moshe Zuckermann

Subject:  RE: [TAU, Cohn Institute] Moshe Zuckermann: "Israel is a threat to world peace"
Sender:  Moshe Zuckermann 
Recipient:  IAM e-mail 
Date:  12.06.2012 00:18

I want to inform you that I gave a favourable lecture on Beethoven the other day. Hitler ordered Beethoven's 9th Symphony to be played on his 50th birthday, which makes him, Beethoven, a Nazi too – and me mutatis mutandis as well. Now, as I am very impressed by your valuable work, I demand to be publicly condemned by you for having delivered the Beethoven lecture. Maybe I should send you the schedule of all my future lectures, so you can condemn them in advance, without having to rely on smart informers (about me), whose emancipatoric work I appreciate nevertheless.

With all the best wishes for your important, trustworthy activity,

Moshe Zuckermann

From: IAM e-mail [mailto:e-mail@israel-academia-monitor.com] 
Sent: éåí à 10 éåðé 2012 13:42
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: [TAU, Cohn Institute] Moshe Zuckermann: "Israel is a threat to world peace"

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