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Israelis in Non-Israeli Universities
[Duke U] Rann Bar-On: Palestinians, internationals & Israelis march toward Karmei Tzur colony chanting & waving flags


Dr. Rann Bar-On

Mathematics Department Duke University

Rann Bar-On, Lecturer

Contact Info:

Office Location:   013 Physics
Office Phone:   (919) 660-2872
Email Address: send me a message

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Rann Bar-On 

To: againstwall@lists.riseup.net 
Sent: Saturday, 14 July 2012, 16:45
Subject: [againstwall] Beit Omar today

A handful of Palestinians, two dozen internationals and two Israelis marched toward Karmei Tzur colony chanting and waving flags.  They were met by a large force, composed of mostly Border Police, a few soldiers and two or three civilian police from the settlement.  The Border Police were well-armed, forming a strong row of riot shields blocking the way.  A soldier read out a military closed zone order, giving the activist five minutes to leave.  A Palestinian member of the local organizing committee gave a speech outlining the theft of Beit Omar land by Zionist occupiers. After around 10 minutes, the Palestinian leaders of the protest decided to end the protest on their own terms rather than let violence erupt from the Israeli Occupation Forces.  The protestors marched back to the village, following for a short while by the armed force.

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