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Tel Aviv University
[TAU Linguistics] Rachel Giora, [TAU Sociology] Yehouda Shenhav and the Radical Hypocrisy of the Radical Left
Prof. Rachel Giora, Ph.D.         Professor Yehouda Shenhav
Department of Linguistics          Department of Sociology
Tel Aviv University                    Tel Aviv University

Editorial Note:

IAM offers occasional commentary under the title of Radical Hypocrisy of the Radical Left. The following petition by Rachel Giora and Yehouda Shenhav (TAU) is a case in point.
The well- known radical activists have used extremely inflammatory language to create a distorted portrait of Israeli action to stop the barrage of rockets from Gaza. 
Of course, Giora and Shenhav, like all Israeli citizens, have the right to express their opinions and paint whatever pictures of reality they choose.   Although, one may expect a more measured extramural expression from a university instructor, they have no contractual obligation to do that.  
But their petition raises a different issue. Giora, Shenhav and many of their radical peers have routinely used this type of overheated, if not downright hysterical rhetoric for years.  Had a right wing professor used such languages, radical academics and their liberal supporters would have responded with a barrage of criticism, denunciations and worse.  

But we are still waiting for anyone in this camp to take Giora and Shenhav to task. Herein lies the hypocrisy.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 8:46 PM
Subject: [cwp-activists] The world cannot stand by when Palestine is once more battered to death

November 21, 2012

A Letter on Gaza

The World Cannot Stand by as Palestine is Battered to Death


We the undersigned watch with horror yet another ruthless and criminal Israeli assault on the defenceless people of the Gaza Strip. The assassination of the Hamas’ military commander, Ahmad al-Jabari, by Israel was intended to disrupt any chance for a permanent cease fire between the two sides and caused the current cycle of violence. For the last five years al-Jabari had been responsible for limiting rocket attacks on Israel.

The inaction of the Western governments is further proof of their indifference to their electorates’ wish to stop Israel from perpetrating yet another massacre against the Palestinian people.

We call upon our governments, which have stood aloof and indifferent, in the face of Palestine’s dispossession and colonization since 1948 to take immediate and effective action. No other people in the world has been subjected, for more than sixty years, to such relentless acts of collective punishment and military brutality as have the Palestinian people.

We call for the removal of the blockade on the Gaza Strip, the free movement of people and goods in and out of the region and a total cessation of lethal attack from the air, land and sea, against a helpless civilian population in one of the most densely-populated areas in the world.

The world cannot stand by when Palestine is once more battered to death.

1. Professor Judith Butler (California, US)
2. Professor Etienne Balibar (London and Paris)
3. Ms Ahdaf Sueif (London and Cairo)
4. Mr Moris Farhi MBE (London, UK)
5. Professor Ilan Pappe (Exeter, UK)
6. Professor Nur Masalha (London, UK)
7. Professor Haim Bresheeth (London, UK)
8. Professor Yehuda Shenhav (Tel Aviv, Israel)
9. Mr Tariq Ali (London, UK)
10. Professor Yosefa Loshitzky (London, UK)
11. Professor Daniel Boyarin (Berkeley, US)
12. Prof Alison Phipps (Glasgow, Scotland)
13. Professor Nahla Abdo (Ottawa, Canada)
14. Ms Josephine W. Finn (Maynooth, Ireland)
15. Professor Peter Mayo (Malta)
16. Professor Rebecca Kay (Glasgow, Scotland)
17. Professor Rachel Giora (Tel Aviv, Israel)
18. Professor Gabi Piterberg (Los Angeles, US)
19. Professor Raid Zaghal (Al-Quds/Jerusalem, Palestine)
20. Mr Michael Rosen (London, UK)
21. Professor Steven Rose (London, UK)
22. Professor Hilary Rose (London, UK)
23. Professor Oren Ben-Dor (Southampton, UK)
24. Dr Karma Nabulsi (Oxford, UK)
25. Dr Yonat Nitzan-Green (Israel)
26. Mr Ali Abunimah (Chicago, US)
27. Dr Terri Ginsberg (New York, US)
28. Dr Ghada Karmi (London, UK)
29. Professor Peter McLaren (Los Angeles, US)
30. Professor Yousef Najajreh (Al-Quds/Jerusalem, Palestine)
31. Ms Najwa Silwadi (Al-Quds/Jerusalem, Palestine)
32. Dr Ibrahim Makkawi (Birzeit, Palestine)
33. Professor Rashmi Luther (Ottawa, Canada)
34. Professor Antonia Darder (Los Angeles, US)
35. Professor Anne Ryan (Maynooth, Ireland)
36. Dr Michelle Attard Tonna (Floriana, Malta)
37. Dr. Maria Pisani (Malta)
38. Professor Nurith Peled-Elhanan (Jerusalem, Israel)
39. Keith Hammond (Glasgow, Scotland)
40. Dr. Claudia Secci (Cagliari, Italy)
41. Dr Adrian Grima (Malta)
42. Mr Tariq Ali (London, UK)
43. Dr Maud Anne Bracke (Glasgow, Scotland)
44. Dr Tom Hickey (Brighton, UK)
45. Dr Michele Marseglia (Italy)
46. Mr Michael Kenny (Maynooth, Ireland)
47. Professor Asma Imam (Al-Quds/Jerusalem, Palestine)
48. Professor Lorene Figueiredo (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
49. Professor Malcolm H. Levitt (Southampton, UK)
50. Dr Suleiman Sharkh (Southampton, UK)
51. Dr David Cromwell (Southampton, Uk)
52. Mr Tariq Goddard (Wiltshire, UK)
53. Professor Marcos Del Roio (Marilia, Brazil)
54. Prof. Hasan H. Aksoy (Ankara, Turkey)
55. Ms. Carmen Freitas (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
56. Professor Walber Meirelles (Ladeira, Brazil)
57. Dr Dorit Naaman (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
58. Dr Annie Pfingst (London, UK)
59. Professor Socrates Stratis (Nicosia, Cyprus)
60. Professor Brian Winston (Lincoln, UK)
61. Ms Anna Sherbany (London UK)
62. Professor Moshe Machover (London, UK)
63. Dr Roger van Zwanenberg (London, UK)
64. Mr Mike Cushman (London, UK)
65. Dr. Julian Vigo (London, UK)
66. Professor Jonathan Rosenhead (London, UK)
67. Professor Daya Thussu (London, UK)
68. Dr Brian Robinson (Milton Keynes, UK)
69. Mr Abe Hayeem (London, UK)
70. Ms Rosamine Hayeem (London, UK)
71. Professor Ronit Lentin (Dublin, Ireland)
72. Ms Deborah Maccoby (London, UK)
73. Professor James Bowen (Cork, Ireland)
74. The Hon. Dr Jocelynne A. Scutt (Cambridge/Melbourne, UK and Australia)
75. Dr Brid Connolly (Maynooth, Ireland))
76. Dr Yana Bland Mintoff (Malta)
77. Dr Andre Mazawi (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
78. Professor Emilios Christodoulidis (Glasgow, Scotland)
79. Professor Daiva Stasiulis (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
80. Dr Claudia Prestel (Leicester, UK)
81. Professor Nadje Al-Ali (London, UK)
82. Dr Michael Murray (Maynooth, Ireland)
83. Professor Margaret Ledwith (Lancaster, UK)
84. Professor Gary Craig (Durham, UK)
85. Mr Tony Walsh (Maynooth, Ireland)
86. Dr Nicoletta Vallorani (Milan, Italy)
87. Dr Lizzie Eldridge (Malta)
88. Mr Roger Gordon (North Tyneside. UK)
89. Dr Bernie Grummell (Maynooth)
90. Dr Sue Blackwell (Birmingham, UK)
91. Dr Willem Meijs (Hoorn, The Netherlands)
92. Ms Aisha Phoenix, London (UK)
93. Ms Enid Gordon (North Tyneside, UK)
94. Professor Peter Gose (Ottawa, Canada)
95. Ms Pragna Patel (London, UK)
96. Professor Derek Boothman (Bologna (Italy)
97. Mr Eyal Sivan (Paris, France)
98. Dr Adania Shibli (Palestine)
99. Professor Eyal Weizman (London, UK)
100. Dr Fatieh Saudi (London, UK)
101. Professor Jeffrey Skoller (Berkley, US)
102. Professor Stephen Deutsch (Bournemouth, UK)
103. Mr Firas Asidy (London, UK)
104. Professor Ali Nobil Ahmad (Lahore, Pakistan)
105. Professor Corinne Squire (London, UK)
106. Ms Zahraa Tatari London, UK)
107. Professor Annabelle Sreberny (London, UK)
108. Dr Marta Rabikowska (London, UK)
109. Professor Nira Yuval-Davis (London, UK)
110. Ms Ruth Tenne (London, UK)
111. Dr Azzam Tamimi (London, UK)
112. Ms Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi (London, UK)
113. Mr Keith Piper (London, UK)
114. Professor Maurizio S. Viano (Boston, US)
115. Professor Anne Phoenix (London, UK)
116. Professor Michael Chanan (London, UK)
117. Dr Agnieszka Piotrowska (London, UK)
118. Professor Chris Berry (London, UK)
119. Mr Bisan Abu Eisheh (London, UK)
120. Professor Abby Lippman (Montreal Quebec, Canada)
121. Mr Sid Shniad (Canada)
122. Dr Stephanie Cronin (Oxford, UK)
123. Mr Richard Kuper (London, UK)
124. Professor Flavia Laviosa (Wellesley, US)
125. Ms Mira Khazzam (Montreal, Canada)
126. Dr May Jayyusi (Ramallah, Palestine)
127. Professor Sarah Bracke (Leuven, Belgium)
128. Dr Nadia Fadil (Leuven, Belgium)
129. Dr Seda Gurses (Leuven, Belgium)
130. Professor Laura Mulvey (London UK)
131. Mr Ronnie Barkan (Tel-Aviv, Israel)
132. Mr Bob Reckman (Northampton, MA US)
133. Professor Hagit Borer (London, UK)
134. Professor Joan Braderman (Northampton, MA, US)
135. Professor Laura Marks (Vancouver, Canada)

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