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Hebrew University
[HUJ, German] Moshe Zimmermann speaks for a Palestinian organization in Germany in Yom Haatzmaut

E-mail: mszimm@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il

Editorial Note: 
Moshe Zimmermann, an expert on German history at Hebrew University, is due to speak on behalf of The Palestine Initiative in Hanover, Germany. The group has invited him as a representative of an Israeli university, but erroneously listed him as being on faculty of Tel Aviv University.  The mistake is quite understandable, as Moshe Zuckermann, a professor of German history at Tel Aviv University, is also a frequent invitee to pro-Palestinian events in Germany, as IAM previously reported. 
In any event, it really does not matter whether it is Zimmermann or Zuckermann; the Germans are looking for an Israeli professor to legitimize their Israel-bashing events.  They can always count on either of them "to deliver the goods."  

Translated by Google from German

Tue, 04/16/13 19-21  Event of cooperation partners
Freizeitheim Lister Tower, Hanover
Has Israeli society arrived in the Middle East?

Event series on the situation of the people and the policies in Palestine and the Middle East

This question can be answered from two perspectives. First, Israel has been able to have only two neighbors with normal diplomatic relations. How will the situation in these two countries, Egypt and Jordan, is fraught with uncertainty. On the other hand, Israel is inter alia a country of immigration, which has very different population groups, the immigration from Europe in spite of the last waning numerical weight shaped the image of the country decisively. Other groups, not to mention the original Palestinian residents feel very, culturally and socially pushed to the brink. Under these circumstances, the question asked has differentiated answers. Moshe Zimmerman, a professor of German history at Tel Aviv University and is also known in this country, to deal with the important topic of the future of Israel.

With lectures during the monthly forum, exhibitions, readings, film screenings, panel discussions and music events were and are anxious to know the Palestinian people, this existential situation, hopes and fears, and to learn to respect.

Prof. Moshe Zimmermann, Tel Aviv

Palestine initiative www.palaestina-initiative.net

Cooperative partner:
Foundation Life & Environment / Heinrich Böll Stiftung Niedersachsen www.slu-boell.de

Palestine Initiavie Hanover region, Dr. Wilhelm Wortmann, Email: wortmann@palaestina-initiave.net

See the description of the event organizer
Venue of the event
Freizeitheim Lister Tower, Hanover
30177 Hannover, Walderseestraße 100


The PALESTINE INITIATIVE (PI) has subsequently developed at the EXPO 2000 in Hanover, an alliance of individuals and organizations.
Fundamental concern of PALESTINE HANOVER REGION INITIATIVE is to make the existing asymmetry of power in any relationship and living conditions between Israel and the Occupied Territories and its perception in the German public clearly and to work to provide equal recognition and justice.
Our goals are: To enlighten with proper publicity about the living conditions, the economy, history and culture of the Palestinian population
Respect for human rights in Palestine and Israel demand the efforts of the Palestinians to realize their self-determination on the basis of a two-state solution within the limits of 06/04/1967
The German policy urge to politically punish offenses against human rights and international law in Palestine 
Support the democratic, constitutional and secular forces in Palestine and Israel 
support and enable the Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue in Germany 
With our first Palestine Week "FILISTINA" (2002), the Open Space - event "Israel - Palestine - Germany" (2004), the second FILISTINA (2006), the third (2008) and fourth (2010) we have given clear signs for
Understanding and agreement.
With lectures during the monthly forum, exhibitions, readings, film screenings, panel discussions and music events were and are anxious to know the Palestinian people, its existential situation, its hopes and fears, and to learn to respect.

We criticize the policies of Israeli governments, because the Palestinian people freedom and human rights, and international law on an equal, sovereign statehood refuse neighborliness and make it impossible.

We criticize but also political thought and action of Palestinian decision-makers, non-violent co-existence does not serve you.

for an immediate halt to settlement construction and the continued restriction of the habitats of the Palestinians
for ending the Israeli occupation
for the recognition of the Palestinian state in the UN
for a perspective of peace and equal rights for the companies and their states in the Middle East.


About SLU

Foundation Life & Environment | Heinrich Böll Stiftung Niedersachsen

Green, the foundation of life and environment (slu), the Foundation of Lower Saxony, Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin (www.boell.de). The slu is a registered charity in the BGB, which is conducted by the Board or the so-called foundation. The members are appointed in equal parts by the two Stiftungs, the National Association of Alliance 90/The Greens (www.gruene-niedersachsen.de) and the Association of Lower Saxony education initiatives (www.vnb.de).

The Board of Trustees must be an equal number of articles of association at least five women. The Board of Trustees as the highest authority shall determine the main content of the education programs. He also decides on collaborative projects that are carried out with clubs, groups and institutions in the country.

Further information about the Foundation can be found in our statutes under § 4

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