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Tel Aviv University
TAU Moshe Zuckermann Legitimizes German anti-Semites, Berlin Book premiere 31.05: Against the spirit of times 2

TAU Prof. Moshe Zuckermann

Email: mzucki@post.tau.ac.il



Editorial Note: 



The Left Party's branch in the northern German city of Bremen has staged pro-Palestinian events in the splendid Villa Ichon, a site operated by the local Cultural and Friendship Association. The series of seminars are offered by a forum called "Discussion Group Middle East."


The April 9 event where Professor Rudolph Bauer discussed his book, Who Can Save Israel? A State at the Crossroad created a public stir when an Israeli couple where denied entrance. The Bild published an account of the case, which provoked a response from Arn Stromheyer, a pro-Palestinian activist.  Stromheyer makes the standard charge favored by the radical left in Germany, namely that Israel and its allies have tried to silence all critics of the Jewish state by defaming them as anti-Semites.

All this would have been rather unremarkable if it was not for the fact that Stromheyer uses Moshe Zuckermann, a professor of history at Tel Aviv University, to legitimize his position.  He explains that in his book Antisemit?,  Zuckermann has used the same argument.  To impress his readers, Stromheyer boasts that Zuckermann’s work is not a mere “pamphlet,” but a book published by the respectable Vienna press.


Of course, both Zuckermann and Stromheyer are aware of the European Union Monitoring Center’s “Working Definition of anti-Semitism” which considers anti-Zionism as a new form of anti-Semitism.   The document, which was incorporated into the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, makes a careful and reasoned distinction between legitimate criticism of Israel and anti-Zionism. For instance, “nazification of Israel,” that is comparison between Israel and Nazi Germany is classified as anti-Zionism.  Zuckermann in particular, has demagogued the issue to score points with his pro-Palestinian audience in Germany.  Indeed, Zuckermann, a frequent flier on the Israel–German route, is due to appear at the “Discussion Group Middle East” scheduled for the end of May.  He also plans to attend a lecture in Berlin to discuss the second volume of his essay Against the Spirit of the Times. Not surprisingly, Zuckermann presents himself as a victim of the Israeli authorities that allegedly try to silence his critique.


There is a certain irony in the situation.  Had Zuckermann taught in Germany, he would have been much more careful; German faculty are considered government employees and are bound by a rather strict code of intramural and extramural speech.   The anti-Semitic excesses of the Holocaust has weighted heavily on both the public and academic discourse.  Holocaust denial is illegal;  the Constitutional Court has issued a ruling on what should be considered a proper work of scholarship.  The German Constitution makes a distinction between freedom of speech and academic freedom; faculty are held to a higher standard than laymen.   

But in Israel where academic freedom is extremely expansive, there is virtually no limit on faculty members.  They can compare Israel to Nazi Germany or claim that Jews are an invented nation. They can cease researching in the subject fields for which they were hired; they can use their free time to either engage in full time political activism or write polemical work on the Israeli -Palestinian conflict.  And, of course, they expect the taxpayer to fund their salaries and, in many cases, their oversees trips where they can delegitimize Israel.  

Freitag, den 31. Mai 2013 um 19:00 Uhr:
Buchpremiere mit dem Autor Mosche Zuckermann: “Wider den Zeitgeist Band 2″.
Ort: Ladengalerie, Junge Welt in der Torstraße 6, 10119 Berlin (Nähe Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz)


Book premiere: Against the spirit of the times, Volume 2


With the author Moshe Zuckermann

The second volume of essays by Moshe Zuckermann collects essays from past years, ranging from Adorno's reception in the Middle East about reflections on the authoritarian character and an analysis of the relationship between Zionism and critical theory to deal with Marx's concept of culture.

31.05.2013: Buchpremiere: Wider den Zeitgeist, Band 2

Bild 1

Mit dem Autor Mosche Zuckermann 

Der zweite Band der Essays von Moshe Zuckermann versammelt Aufsätze aus den vergangenen Jahren und reicht von der Adorno-Rezeption im Nahen Osten über Reflexionen zum autoritären Charakter und eine Analyse des Verhältnisses von Zionismus und Kritischer Theorie bis hin zur Auseinandersetzung mit Marx’ Kulturbegriff.

Moderation: Arnold Schölzel (jW)

Eintritt: 5,00 € / Ermäßigt: 3,00 €

Um Voranmeldung wird unter mm@jungewelt.de oder 030 53 63 55-56 gebeten.

31.05.2013, Beginn 19:00 Uhr

Translated from German by Google

Jews undesirable?

 As "anti-German" in Bremen an "anti-Semitic" scandal staged

 Arn Strohmeyer

Excitement in the press of IMAGE to taz and the Jewish General: In Bremen, an Israeli couple from a lecture to have been excluded on anti-Semitism. What had happened? At the beginning of Bremen "anti-Semitic" scandal was a book review. The prestigious Bremen social scientist Professor Rudolph Bauer had a review of the book "Who will save Israel? A State at the Crossroads "is written, which originates from the author of these lines. The review was allowed to stand for several days on the website of the Bremen Left Party, came from the Berlin party headquarters, the statement: take down! As one of the editors also followed obediently, though he did not need it, because the national federations are autonomous in this respect.

Then followed a nasty inflammatory articles in the "Forward"-style in the Bild newspaper that the employee had written Jan Philipp Hein, who is also the "head" and the impeller neoconservative Bremer "Anti-Germans". The headline read: "How much Nazi sympathy is in the Bremen Left? Two Israel-haters always get a forum on the party's website. " In the article farmer and the author of these lines have been dismissed as "Israel-hater" and "enemies of the Jews." The well-aimed attack was directed next to the two non-party authors, of course, especially against the Left Party.According to the "anti-German" Left ideology are the worst anti-Semites, because who criticize capitalism must of course have something against Jews, the "anti-German" logic. (That is in this assertion already itself an anti-Semitic resentment, these people notice apparently not.) The Left party behaved towards the two authors but little solidarity, they do not stand behind them and distanced herself after weeks of the IMAGE attacks - but to date not public.

I myself have now taken me a lawyer to get an injunction sought against the BILD article at the Hamburg Media court, but failed because the Hamburg judges were of the view that the Hetzworte "Israel-hater" and "enemies of the Jews" ( what a pejorative, there may be after the Holocaust for a German!) were covered by freedom of speech.

The "Discussion Group Middle East," a small group of prospects in Bremen, which campaigns for a just peace in this tormented region, then decided to make an event about "anti-Semitism" to clarify this such a difficult situation. As a model for a lecture there was no anti-Semitic pamphlet, but the book, "Anti-Semite! ' A reproach as an instrument of "the Israeli historian and philosopher Moshe Zuckermann of Tel Aviv University. Zuckerman is a student of the German-Jewish philosopher Theodor Adorno of the Frankfurt School.

The book was published in the prestigious Vienna Promedia Publishing. His main thesis is that "anti-Semitism is one of the most infamous forms of modern ideologies. This assertion requires no proof nowadays more to its effects were disastrous, as that they could be denied. The outlawing of anti-Semitism is a social necessity without any doubt.Problematic and counter-productive it is where a supposedly critical discourse turns into stately confession, where anti-Semitism is politically abused and exploited ideologically.For example, if opponents of the Israeli expulsion and war politics get in the guise of the fight against anti-Semitism presentation and discussion prohibitions, this is a dangerous development of democratic politics. Even more: the accusation of anti-Semitism serves Israeli-Jewish lobby as an instrument to make silence their opponents and stifle unnecessary disputes in the bud ".

The book is sharply critical of this very political activities of the neo-conservative "anti-German" and other groups who defend Israel's violation of international law and politics out loud by any means - including defamation, denunciation and violence - action against their opponents. Zuckerman speaks in connection with the concerns expressed by certain individuals and groups accused of anti-Semitism "defamatory libel and insidious taint". To infamy him from using unscrupulous anti-Semitism accusations of conventional anti-Semitic taint in nothing: "Hardly comes up that is what it's all about that anti-Semitism accusation is now clotted itself a fetish, the trustees of anti-Semitism allegation itself ( according to the old German tradition) talk and act as sharp judicial disposition policemen, and the real rampant anti-Semitism may take delight in the tendency for anything that presents itself contingent, is as much subject to the anti-Semitism accusation that really be combated anti-Semitism of the behind the dilution can hide concept and its increasing drain consensual. Out of sheer anti-Semitism hunting is everyone now and exposed to each of the German public and semi-public space tends to be the threat of accusation, to be manifest or latent anti-Semitic, with the club-like threatening behavior has become so powerful that many in intimidated-pretriggered submission the perfidious rules of have internalized perfidious cat and mouse game and that nothing seems urgent to the allegation as to what had not occurred to them in the sense of escape. "

The hunt for anti-Semites suppose McCartysche forms.Zuckerman writes: "It is useless to deny sites of the accused, is thus ridiculed in the best case, but more common in the more than evidenterer evidence for the unconscious anti-Semitism of the allegation Erwehrenden be interpreted (and loudly proclaims). The aura of foreboding knowledge of what must remain hidden from the ignorant accused surrounds those who like to talk in term, full-time anti-Semites-hunters', where they now - also has German tradition - not only know decidedly to determine who (acceptable) Jew, but also who inevitably anti-Semite is the same. "

Clear words that experienced by the Bremer events only their confirmation. The "Middle East Discussion Group" decided as a consultant for the renowned Hamburg journalist Susann Witt-Stahl, who has worked variously with Moshe Zuckermann together and also takes a similar approach in the criticism of the accusation of anti-Semitism. The flyers and posters for the event 9 April were hardly printed and delivered as the "Anti-Germans" and their followers reported immediately on their blog pages to Word. The "Partyzionist" threatened 28 March - albeit linguistically "nice" packaged directly to violence: "But there help in such circles a few clouts. Let's hope that the event will be so do not take place. "PICTURE writer Jan Philipp Hein announced on the day of the event on his Facebook page that he wanted this evening times" the Friedenszombis of the Villa Ichon doctoring. "That was not bode . He has kept his word.

Shortly before the event moved to the police and then surrounded the meeting place. Villa Ichon. At the same time, the Israel Friends gathered with Israeli flags to their "vigil". (To what or what she wanted actual admonition?) Ie The event took place virtually under siege. The lecture on "The accusation of anti-Semitism as an ideological weapon" was of such great interest that two rooms that are connected to each other, were not sufficient, and the visitors were still in the hallway and the stairs. The presentation of the speaker and the subsequent discussion, in which one "anti-German" length came to speak, walked across the stage without interference. Finally, there was a standing ovation for the speaker.

Very late to the hallway and stairs were already overcrowded, also some people from the "vigil" determined to go into the house, including a couple that was that they know Israeli origin. As the folder later reported at the entrance, he pointed out the couple that he would    let no one because of overcrowding. What this couple have very aggressive responding. It then tried to gain through the basement inlet, which failed due to a police officer standing there. At the main entrance there were then between the folders and the couple exchange a word. One of the folders have told the pair: "The house is full to overflowing. But goes somewhere else, the world is big. Why do you want tonight in here "Whereupon the man replied:" You're saying, the whole world belongs to the Jews "?

The folders were hard and had no more pure. They referred to the Assembly Law, which authorizes the chairman or his authorized representatives, in threats (which were available) or at risk (which was also due to overcrowding ago) more visitors to an event do not allow. An eyewitness recalls the events thus: "I have the two people who were turned away, as witnessed Door Guard itself. They would long ago - with some other comrades / inside - just in time to go to the meeting room, but have deliberately waited until the hall was really full. I also another folder has reported that the two have appealed to the police to force entry to the event. Then two policemen came, one of which is the situation has looked up in the hall and the two officially informed that they can no longer attend the lecture because the hall was overcrowded.The police assured the organizers later after the lecture, that there had been no specific incidents.

An anti-Semitic scandal? Probably no more than a small tussle, which has now been hyped to the anti-Semitic horror stories. The first was the issue of Bremen taz. For its author Simone Schnase the thing was clear: they had identified in a Bremer County Association of Left Party a comrade who was active in an association reservists and thus apparently had contact with known Nazis from Bremen. A problem that would actually resolve these internal party for themselves.The county board of this circle of the Left Party had but the lecture supports among others, not organized. But author Schnase closed razor sharp: In the lecture by Susann Witt-Stahl, it must be a matter of pure Nazi act! They also situate the speaker in a largely unknown animal rights group, which of course also took their ideological proximity to Hitler and Co..

Then put the "anti-German" ideologue Jan Philipp Hein in his house journal "PICTURE" right after "insults Jews with left-event. How anti-Semitic is the Bremen Left? "In Heins text the wife of the Israeli pair assured that the statement" is yours anyway, everything in the world, and the media "of one of the folders come from, which dismissed it again decided on demand. That the two Israelis close Facebook friends by Hein, of course, did not write in his article. On 17 April was    followed by an article in the Jewish generally titled "Jews not wanted? Re-Semitism accusations against the Left Party in the Hanseatic city. "He repeated the allegations and found mainly the Left Party under suspicion of anti-Semitism. The headline is already so wrong because the Bremen Left Party had nothing whatsoever to do with the event, except that a district committee had given its distance from the support to the lecture. None of this local group or the party had officially participated in the preliminary to the event. The Bremen Left Party is the whole debate understandably more than embarrassing. Also constitute "anti-German" or neo-conservatives in this party now a powerful nationwide faction, which is one reason that the Left does not take a clear position in the Middle East question.

Also, the proposed taz 19 April again. A comment to the "No Entry for Jews" is entitled This text is rife with ignorance of the matter and insinuations. As the author claims Eiken Bruhn that the debates of the left and the peace movement on the Middle East conflict from the outset "anti-Semitic" were. The leftists and peaceniks who conducted the event in Bremen have never claimed that there is no anti-Semitism in society (in which ideological groups ever) and that he must not be decided unmasked and fought. But there is also the accusation of anti-Semitism as an ideological weapon of neo-conservative side, which of course has the purpose to prevent any criticism of Israeli policy to international law. See the quote by Moshe Zuckerman above.

Taz-author of this book is the Israeli author or other Israeli and Jewish authors recommended that the watch just like that (Jeff Halper, Shlomo Sand, Ilan Pappe, Mikhail Warshawski, Judith Butler, Tony Judt, Noam Chomsky and many others). The Bremen campaign against the event with Susann Witt-Stahl was the only evidence of the theses Moshe Zuckermann's that will not tire of telling it again and again: whoever looks at Judaism as a monolithic block, not between Judaism, Zionism and Israel, and accordingly between anti-Semitism Anti-Zionism and criticism of Israel's policy is different, which has come to the wrong conclusions.

The speaker has clearly demonstrated in her presentation, where the anti-Semitism accusation comes today by neoconservative and "anti-German" page. One only has to study the blogs of these people. a view to finding the confirmation. As it says in the blog "quota queen" of the Bremen Event: [! Sic] "Left by the Nazis hate the Soviet Communists to today's Left Party in Germany and pursue Jews. Understandable, because the Jewish culture, with its high appreciation of traditional intelligence and individuality is the hate left    leveler on anyone who stands out from the dull mass opposite. At a meeting of a District Association of the Left Party in Bremen two Jewish visitors were denied by reference to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories of the inlet. "

And a reader of this blog, the "Cassandra of Troy" is called (anti-German bloggers shy away from the mention of her name and her identity as the plague!) Replies: "Are we back to this? And also by constant, never again! "Screamers? As a normal THINKING people think of anything more. Since any individuals fight against anti-Semitism and right and they themselves are the worst racists and anti-Semites. Note: Only the anti-Semitism of the right bearing is bad, sick and criminal - the Islamic from the left bearing is ok. And the question of which bearings are also likely to be larger answered quickly. "Apparently, for this muddleheads the little scramble at the door to the Villa Ichon the gate to Auschwitz again wide open. You do not need to comment further on that. These people have not understood the problem of anti-Semitism nor the Middle East conflict and political life just before insinuations.

It is extremely revealing that no (r) of the authors / inside, which are attacked verbally about the event and were with the anti-Semitism charge as fast by the hand, was interested in the least for what Susann Witt-Stahl in her presentation actually said. It's enough to make scandal of this kind of journalism, from the little scuffle at the door of an "anti-Semitic". This gave the speaker - starting from the Jewish philosophers of the Frankfurt School - a brilliant analysis of anti-Semitism as a variety of racism to the present and the fact how the accusation of anti-Semitism is being exploited politically and ideologically today. What now by no means is - to repeat it! - That there is no anti-Semitism! Of course it exists, and the officer called explicitly to fight him.

She wrote the neocons and "anti-German" but also in the family album: "In the current ideological battles of Israel and anti-Semitism, it is only secondary to the Middle East conflict and Judaism, but both are used primarily as tools and jokers to the anti-capitalist left-wing opposition to crush anti-Semitism accusations formulated in large numbers and density against anti-capitalist left, but there are hardly any anti-Semitism accusations against Nazis and other right-wing groups in the spectrum - that genuine anti-Semites - levied.They can sit back and relax and continue to be anti-Semitic.This hardly bothers anyone. Emancipatory movements against leftist anti-Semitism accusations are almost taken as a universal weapon in position. The authors of these allegations originate mostly from the neo-conservative spectrum and the New Right. "

In order to use accusations of anti-Semitism as an ideological weapon, of course you have to apply some sleight of hand. Witt-Stahl named three: First, the extension . The aim is, to significantly expand the criteria used for the definition of anti-Semitism and criticism, and on the other side of course aim is to reduce the classification criteria and to blur the boundaries between anti-Semitism and criticism.For example, the statement, Israeli governments entertain for 46 years an internationally wrongful brutal occupation regime is only anti-Semitic, when at the same time, the Israeli government with the Israelis, and then with the identified and equated Jews.

How to work with such tricks is a survey of the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia in 2005. As is registered, for example, as "anti-Semitic incident" that young people in Spain have been used for the support of the PLO.Positive A Communist Congress, also took in Spain, regarding Palestine. Also applies in the EU even as anti-Semitism. Also telephone protests at the Israeli embassy are already "anti-Semitic" posted in this sense, without knowing the content of the calls at all.

In the second sleight it comes to links . Anti-Semitism is on worldviews, political collectives and movements linked back that you want to discredit. Conversely Judaism with beliefs, political collectives and movements is associated, you want to protect against any criticism. This has for example the neo-conservative historian Michael Wolff son made ​​by having equated Jews with capitalism and anti-Semitism with anti-capitalism. He said, "only in the liberal capitalist system and Jews could develop freely." Communist Jews there are apparently not in Wolff's son imagination. In his view, "and saw the Jews see themselves as part of the bourgeoisie." They'd hated by the left because they were the "class enemy". His conclusion: The Left (including the Left Party) is anti-Semitic. It must be when she wants to be left. "[At this point of the presentation, there was loud laughter.]

Even the antisemite Wilhelm Marr was in the 19th Century, that the Jew is the basic assumption of capitalist. Both - Marr and Wolff's son - that argue on the same basis of an anti-Semitic stereotype of the Jew is just that capitalist. Only: Wolffsohnstraße identified capitalism with the Jews to defend capitalism. Marr pushes against capitalism to attack the Jews. Both positions are ideologically and demagogic and promote different ways anti-Semitic sentiments.

The third sleight consists of exaggeration and generalization . He, like all ideologies, the adjustment and distortion of reality to the goal. This works so that you can represent exceptions and marginal manifestations of anti-Semitism actually present in a group or in a political movement than the rule and so does, as if that prevalent in this population, or movement. Writes about the "world" author Richard Ingersoll heart: "anti-Semitism is structurally created in the history of socialist ideology." Heart Festinger hateful message is: Socialism has already come to the anti-Semitic world.

The speaker stressed that there is always reactionary thin edges in any emancipatory movement formed by supporters who have no intentions of progressive or even rights. But the fact that eco-Nazis speak against nuclear power, does not mean that the nuclear movement is an extension of the NPD.Or if at a Monday demonstration against Hartz IV one or the other member of a free run there is camaraderie, then the claim is "Hartz IV must go!" Still far from Nazi slogan.

The speaker and the organizers can only feel confirmed by the highly emotional attacks and irrelevant in their view of things. It is the neo-conservative and "anti-German" page not a debate about the very important subject, but to the prevention of the discussion and the building of new taboos by threatening to denounce and staged scandals and thus diverting attention from the authentics. In this sense - that these people have to admit - they were very successful, because the completely uncritical mainstream media is on their side. The wife of the former mayor of Bremen, Louise Scherf who is on the board of the Villa Ichon, has now, as BILD reports, the organizers threatened with ban! Exactly did the Anti-Germans to Jan Philipp Hein reach. Congratulations



Translated from German by Google
Storm of Steel
Published on 11 April 2013 by abgwb
Opinion on anti-Semitic event of Bremer Peace Forum on 9 April 2013 at the Villa Ichon in Bremen

"How can you not be a socialist anti-Semite?" (Adolf Hitler, 1920)

This question, which has a useful understood Left since 1920, was in Bremen on 9 Answered May 2013, albeit in a different sense than some might think. As Alexander the Great cut the Gordian knot rather than laboriously unraveled, but broke, so also the organizer of Discussion Group Middle East, the North Bremen citizens made against the war and the Anti-Capitalist Left (AKL), front organizations of the Bremen Left Party, and their consultant Susann Witt- steel does not help the trouble, thoughts on the relationship between socialism and anti-Semitism. True to their favorite keyword generator, the "Marxists" Moshe Zuckermann, the question is only to testify and then twisted into its opposite. Who socialist (or linker) is, which is also not anti-Semitic, it could be neatly summed up what was discussed Tuesday at the Villa Ichon under the title of anti-Semitism accusation as an ideological weapon. A quick look at the event notice should suffice to show how anti-Semitism is weggelogen as a constitutive part of German sociability and reduced to a marginal phenomenon to privacy against Israel, ie to incite the Jews.

Modern anti-Semitism is an ideology. The effects of this form of false consciousness have claimed the lives of crimes committed by Germans in the Holocaust million people. This fact is undeniable. The racist anti-Semitism can be found today in neo-Nazi and other right-wing circles. The exposure, ostracism and combating anti-Semitism is a social necessity.

So far, so left: The bad guys are always the others, especially of course neo-Nazis and right-wing radicals. Thus 99% of the company will be issued a clean bill of health, as more neo-Nazis and right-wing extremists might be hard to find in Bremen (interestingly, there appears in the Bremen Left Party in precisely the District Association who has co-organized the event, a member with a brown vest). The bridge between left and right, between the bearings, which means diametrically opposite each other, such as left-wing anti-fascists would have it, was with his two central ideological component has always been the national or "German socialism" (Goebbels): Cleavage of capital in good production and evil sphere of circulation, in "-creating" and "raffendes" capital on the one hand and the imagination of the nation state as an organic state on the other, that anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. Already Hitler could only be anti-Semitic, as he was also anti-Zionist: The aim of negative abolition of capitalist relations into the first nature of the national community as anti-Semitic "criticism" of the capital where the idea of transformation of rule and sovereignty in the people's state forward. This can not for that reason alone appear at Witt steel, Strohmeyer and Co. as a problem, as they are firmly in the tradition of German socialism.

For some time, however, is of neo-conservatives New Right, but also claimed by more moderate representatives of neo-liberal politics and mainstream media that anti-Semitism in the left and peace movement continued to exist in the form of a "new" "structural" or "secondary" anti-Semitism. This accusation is not just any opposition to Israel's policies, but also a left critique of capitalism under the suspicion of anti-Semitism.

With its left-wing critics they are united by a fundamental problem: how can someone who represents a completely different position, but it decidedly does the claim to be part of a left somehow understood that captures the sense of Carl Schmitt in political terms? It is important always to excommunicate their opponents from the left and coat with terms of the declaration of hostility: Left or at least "correct" Left can not be those people that are with Witt-Stahl, Strohmeyer and his associates also not unlike the parts of the Left Party, which would exclude these German socialists prefer from the Party and the Left. For the left, that is, at least "in the left" (butcher), ie under the large majority of the German population, a synonym for good, honest and right, while the right, neoconservative, or even ultra-nationalist (with the adjective are Benjamin Netanyahu and his government of the local, naturally neutral quality press is in love denunciatory intention) as synonyms for inhuman, ruthless and antisocial apply.

It is of course nonsense, that the criticism of the "structural" or "secondary" anti-Semitism put any criticism of capitalism or the policies of Israel under the suspicion of anti-Semitism, rather the reverse applies: these are terms that are used for the red still distinguish-brown sauce of German socialism between "legitimate" and "coated" criticism of Israel and a delusional, the evils of capitalist relations in the form of bankers, speculators and ultimately ausmachendes in wealth the world to "shortened critique of capitalism," for "socialism of the stupid women and stupid guys "to belittle. One should such figures as Witt-Stahl, Strohmeyer and their whole Unterstützer_innen in the Left Party (of which at least indirectly, all are to be counted, do not return the party back and want to extend the "shortened critique of capitalism") - without any restrictive adjective and without evasion described as what they are - a general-ism: When anti-Semites.

An ideology-critical analysis shows that this anti-Semitism "theory" is unscientific, demagogic and antiemanzipatorisch. So try the propagandists of neoliberal expansion, new imperialist war and the Israeli occupation regime in the Palestinian territories (including permanent violations of international law), to make silence critics. So the accusation of anti-Semitism is used as a tool to stifle necessary (peace policy) debates - a development that is hostile to democracy and contributes totalitarian characteristics.

Ideology critique of Witt-Stahl and her associates operated in fact, even if negative. Anti-Semitism requires the projection of paranoia as equally in order to seal against the reality. Own violent desires, as they are in firm alliance with Hamas, Hezbollah, the Iranian regime and Schlägervisagen from the ranks of Palestinian clubs that are committed as Saalschutz to protect themselves from civilized young academics who pull off good, if one tells them that today Only those people gain entry that look like flawless anti-Semites, express, are projected on a totally peaceful opponents. To be made before the panic, "silence", corresponds not only with their own legal campaign against all critics, but also makes clear that any objection is already hallucinating as persecution. Who are the expansion of neoliberal propagandists who make the effort to pursue a group-been wretched figures, remains in the dark - maybe the Wall Street Jews or the agents of the Mossad. The objection that these forces of darkness would do their business not particularly efficient when anti-Semitic events can take place at the Villa Ichon, is quite futile at this point: If the opponent one hand, diffuse and on the other hand presented as dark and threatening, the few criticisms is to Storm of Steel, the more heroic own use.

As a negative ideology critique is anti-Semitism to regressive "criticism" of the repressive equality of civil societies that Marx describes in Capital said: "As subjects of circulation they are first exchange end and that each is set out in that provision, ie in the same provision, makes grade its social determination from. They occur in fact just as subjectivized exchange values, ie living equivalents contrary, DC Applicable. As such, they are not just the same: it does not even find a difference between them instead. They occur only over as the owner of exchange values and exchange needy, as agents of the same general indifferent social work. "A left but who wants to know nothing of the Marxian critique and prefer the beautification of law, democracy and" social market economy "is dedicated , a barbaric capitalism works to its "human face" is the grimace of anti-Semitic angry citizen.

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