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Boycott Calls Against Israel
Localized Academic Boycott Initiatives Are Spreading


Editorial Note:  

For months now, IAM has reported on a number of localized initiatives spurred either by Palestinian academic activists or their supporters.  So far this activity was limited to liberal arts. 

The tactics have now spread to engineering, threatening to politicize this formerly neutral field. 

Dr. Ran Ginosar, an associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Technion was invited to keynote the IEEE MCSoC Workshop, an International Symposium on Embedded Multicore/Manycore System-on-Chip in the Embedded Multicore SoCs Software, in Japan in September 2013 that is sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). 

After accepting the invitation extended by the chair of the event, Professor Tomohiro Yoneda from NII, Tokyo, his keynote role was canceled; the chair of the Steering Committee of the IEEE, Professor Abderazek Ben Abdallah from Aizu University in Japan, a Tunisian- born, overruled Yoneda as he did not want the conference website to show a prominent speaker from Israel.   Rather than fight this demand, Professor Yoneda suggested a compromise; Professor Ginosar will attend as a regular speaker, a role that does not require a special mention on the website.  Later, Prof. Yoneda suggested, instead, that any nationality would be removed from the description of all keynote speakers of the workshop, and in this way Prof. Ginosar could still be included as a keynote speaker (without his nationality mentioned).

Professor Ginosar appealed to Professor Simon Litsyn, the chair of IEEE-Israel, writing: "Clearly I cannot accept refusing me as a keynote speaker in an IEEE workshop merely because I am from Israel. I feel the IEEE needs to prevent this workshop from happening and to denounce this boycotting attempt clearly and openly...Please advise what I could and should do and how best to react to this." 

According to Professor Litsyn, the compromise constitutes a violation of paragraph 8 in the IEEE Code of Ethics, "to treat fairly all persons regardless of … national origin.”  He added that since being made aware of the problem, there has been a strong demand by his colleagues to call off the conference unless Ginosar is re-invited and the organizers publicly apologize to him. 

Professor Litsyn suggests that this boycott attempt should be met with a strong condemnation by Israeli and international scholars. 

Here is a list of addresses to which letters of protest should be send. 

The IEEE President

 The ethics committee of IEEE: ethics@ieee.org

IEEE Board of Directors: rdemarca@comsoc.org, g.day@ieee.org, m.delimar@ieee.org, lightner@boulder.colorado.edu, gsetti@ing.unife.it, rmf7@psu.edu, r.hebner@mail.utexas.edu, parviz.famouri@mail.wvu.edu, david.green@infotech.monash.edu.au, kspedersen@pedersenpowersolutions.com, d.zuckerman@ieee.org, J.Hudgins@ieee.org, B.Wilamowski@ieee.or, C.Warren@ieee.org,J.Modelski@ieee.org, J.Moore@ieee.org, R.Fujii@ieee.org, J.Moura@ieee.org, S.Yurkovich@ieee.org,J.Hudgins@ieee.org, 

contactcenter@ieee.org, ieee.apo@ieee.org, ieeeusa@ieee.org, help@computer.org, society-info@ieee.org, mga@ieee.org, contactcenter@ieee.org, sec-chap-support@ieee.org, ieeespectrum@ieee.org, conference-services@ieee.org, education-services@ieee.org, corporate-communications@ieee.org, M.J.Bastiaans@tue.nl, fukuda@mein.nagoya-u.ac.jp, l.riello@ieee.org, r.jindal@ieee.org, phyllism@widerkehr.com, samar_saha@silterra.com, taur@ece.ucsd.edu, w.vandervort@ieee.org,m.piatkiewicz@ieee.org, fr-Zhu@imre.a-star.edu.sg , 

Aizu University (where Abderazek Ben Abdallah works) President Shigeaki Tsunoyama: tunoyama@u-aizu.ac.jp

Vice-President Stanislav G. Sedukhin: sedukhin@u-aizu.ac.jp

NII Tokyo (where Tomohiro Yoneda works): General director: KITSUREGAWA Masaru: KITSUREGAWA@nii.ac.jpsoumu@nii.ac.jp



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