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Hebrew University
[HUJ Institute of Contemporary Jewry] Amos Goldberg and the Radical Hypocrisy of the Radical Left

(Photo taken from Pilovitz Shahaf's website)

HUJ, Institute of Contemporary Jewry Dr. Amos Goldberg

Email: amog@mscc.huji.ac.il

Editorial Note:   
Amos Goldberg, a Holocaust researcher from Hebrew University and a political activist, was praised by Louise Bethlehem, a Hebrew University English Literature professor in connection with Zochrot, a group that promotes the memory of the Nakba as the Palestinian equivalent of the Holocaust. As Bethlehem wrote in 2010 "Zochrot ( זוכרות ) is the feminine plural form of the verb to remember – an imperative which is routinely associated with the Holocaust for Jewish Israelis, as activist and Holocaust scholar Amos Goldberg recently pointed out to me."

Goldberg, hired as an expert on Holocaust, has worked hard to create this equivalency. As the previous IAM post indicates, Goldberg adds a moral imperative to his work; as victims of the Holocaust, Jews should support the Palestinian effort to remember their catastrophe. 
Goldberg's stand, which is very popular among activist faculty associated with Zochrot, is nothing short of amazing.  Adi Ophir and Moshe Zuckermann (TAU) among the leaders of the Nakba memory drive, are the authors of the theory that memorializing the Holocaust has created a psychological "deformity" among Israeli Jews, as the latter put it.  Allegedly, the "pathological" need to remember the Jewish genocide -in the word of the former - makes Israeli Jews morally blind to the plight of their Palestinians victims.  According to this scenario, the former victims behave like the Nazis in their encounters with the Palestinians.  
That radical faculty is reluctant to acknowledge the wisdom of the popular saying "what is good for the goose is good for the gander" has been amply documented by the IAM.  That the existence of double standards is at the core of hypocrisy is well understood.  What is not well known is that Goldberg has followed many in the radical cohorts to turn his tax supported position to research the Holocaust to "nazify Israel." 

Nr. 123 vom 16.07.2013
Sine Ira et Studio? − Personal Engagement, Historical Distance and the Study of the Holocaust

Konferenz veranstaltet vom Richard Koebner Minerva Center, Hebrew University, Jerusalem und German Historical Institute, Warsaw
Jerusalem, 25. bis 27. Juni 2013
Conceptualized and organized by Noah Benninga (Jerusalem) and Katrin Stoll (Warsaw), the conference "Sine Ira et Studio? − Personal Engagement, Historical Distance and the Study of the Holocaust” was a joint project between the Richard Koebner Minerva Center of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the German Historical Institute in Warsaw.

Section V: The Event and its Emplotment
Chair: Noah Benninga (Jerusalem)
Hayden White (Santa Cruz): The History-Fiction Divide
Paweł Wolski (Szczecin): Together Apart. Holocaust Literary Studies vs. Other Disciplines
Amos Goldberg (Jerusalem): The Ethics of Testimony: To Expand the Space Available

Amos Goldberg (Jerusalem) pointed to an imminent urgency for Israeli Holocaust studies in his paper on "The Ethics of Testimony”. With terms chosen for their strong political reverberations, Goldberg advocated a more inclusive consideration of testimonies, in order to integrate Palestinian voices in an "emphatic unsettlement”, without drawing a causal and narrative connection between the Holocaust and the Naqba, but instead by expanding the categories of space and discourse.

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