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University of Haifa
[U of Haifa, Psychology] Micah Leshem's anti-Semitic cartoon

[U of Haifa, Psychology] Prof. Micah Leshem
E-mail: micah.leshem@psy.haifa.ac.il 

Editorial Note 

Normally IAM does not report on anti-Semitic cartoons which populate the Internet along with anti-Semitic diatribes and conspiracy theories.
The cartoon featured below, however, merits attention as it was drawn by Michah Leshem, a professor at Haifa University.   Leshem drew the cartoon to illustrate a point he made in English as well as in an Italian language on a pro-Palestinian website. 
Of course, as a rank and file citizen, Leshem has the right to produce a most egregious anti Semitic piece that would have found a place of pride in Nazi-era propaganda.
The question is whether Leshem, a professor at a public university supported by taxpayers should engage in this type of behavior.   Academics are expected to serve as role models in and out of a classroom.   By any measure, Leshem does not live up to such expectations.

24 June 2013

No Preconditions Eng


In Italian


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