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University of Haifa
[U of Haifa, Psychology] Micah Leshem's anti-Semitic Cartoon - Round Two
Editorial Note: 
There was a considerable reaction to our post featuring Micah Leshem (University of Haifa) cartoon.
Here are just a few notes.  First, Leshem wrote to thank us for giving publicity to his "important"  commentary on the Israeli government politics. 

After receiving reactions from our readers, however, he changed his mind. He now accuses IAM for publicizing his picture and place of employment to encourage harassment by what he described as "your pitiful followers." Though his English is not very clear, he seems to also accuse IAM of "edifying Academic thinking of your hordes. [sic]"
He then states that our main goal of notifying donors did not succeed, because no donors contacted him.   We would like to let Professor Leshem know that he is wrong about that.  We know of at least one person that wrote to him who is a donor to Israeli universities. 

More broadly, as Academic Freedom in Israel in Comparative Perspective indicates, the University of Haifa has never recovered its donor base after the Ilan Pappe/Teddy Katz incident involving fabricated evidence of an alleged massacre in Tantura.  Donors at Ben Gurion University reacted in a similar way to provocative statements made by Professor Neve Gordon - putting on hold the much needed expansion and modernization of the library there. 
Academic freedom is a sacred principle but it has its limits: it should be counterbalanced by a sense of responsibility to the institution and, in the case of public universities, to the taxpayers and their elected representatives.  

There are numerous ways in which faculty can criticize the government.  But an anti-Semitic cartoon that bears an uncanny resemblance to the pages of Der Stuermer - published by the notorious Nazi Julius Streicher - is not one of them. 
One of the respondents speculated, tongue in cheek, on Professor Leshem's state of mind. 
As a rule, IAM does not deal with the psychological motives of radical faculty, but just in case the respondent's critic is right, the academy is not a place for working out private emotions such as hatred and rage.  
Subject:  FW: אז?
Sender:  Micah Leshem Add contact
Recipient:  IAM e-mail Add contact
Date:  Today 08:48

Dear "Academic" monitor – your publicizing my private contact details (and photo) with the aim of having me harassed by your pitiful followers seems to work in a miserable sort of fashion. I will forward the emails to you so you can enjoy the fruits of your efforts, the edifying Academic thinking of your hordes, it seems to be the stuff of your reason for existence.

I note that not a single donor has contacted me, so that part of your excuse for being - is shot.


From: בנימין וייצמן 
Sent: 28 August, 2013 10:33 PM
To: micah.leshem@psy.haifa.ac.il
Subject: אז?

נדמה שהפרופ' לפסיכולוגיה צריך פסיכולוג לעצמו

בכל מקרה לא צריך להיות פסיכולוג דגול מדי כדי לראות כמה שנאה... כמה תסבוכת ..וכמה מצוקה נכירת ביצירת האומנות שלך.

בימינו ,המצרך הנדיר ביותר הוא תשומת לב.. ילדים מעלים תמונות לפייסבוק ומתמכרים ל"לייקים" כמה רעש הם עושים.. כמה קשב וצומי הם משיגים.

מסתבר שהמחלה הזאת לא פסחה גם המבוגרים - אותם אנשים שהמניע שלהם לקצירת הישגים הוא הפרנויה שלהם, הערכה עצמית הנמוכה שלהם...

לפעמים זה פשוט לא עוזר.. והחסך לא מתאחה.. וצריך משהו בעל אפקט חזק יותר...משהו שיעשה יותר שואו...יותר זרקורים...

ואותם אנשים כמוך מר פרופ'... מחפשים בכל דרך ליצור פרובקציות.. לזרוע שנאה .. ולקרוא תיגר..

מר פרופ' באוניברסיטה ישראלית המיימר להיות פסיכולוג. המלצה חמה: גש לטיפול פיסכולוגי והוקע את החסך הזה למען האנושות כולה.. ולמען עצמך במיוחד.

רפואה שלימה 
 Translated by Google

It seems that the Professor of Psychology needs a psychologist for himself

In any case one should not be a great psychologist to see how much hatred ... what a mess ... and how visible is the distress seen in your work of art.

Today, the rarest commodity is attention .. Children upload photos to Facebook and become addicted to "Likes" and how much noise they make ... how much attention they receive.

It turns out that this disease did not skip adults - those people that their motivation for harvesting achievements is their paranoia, their low self-esteem ...Sometimes it just does not help .. And the deprivation does not heal .. And something with a stronger effect is needed ... Something that will create a big "show" ... More spotlights ...

And those people are like you Mr. Professor ... Search for any possible way to provoke ... To sow hatred ... And to challenge ...

Mr. Professor of an Israeli university that claims to be a psychologist, here is a tip: Get a psychology treatment and denounce that deprivation, for the sake of humanity ... And especially for yourself.

Wishing you a complete medical recovery


Subject:  RE: [U of Haifa, Psychology] Micah Leshem's anti-Semitic cartoon
Sender:  Micah Leshem Add contact
Recipient:  IAM e-mail Add contact
Date:  Mon 20:58

Thank you for publicising this important caricature of Israeli Gov't politics.


From: IAM e-mail [mailto:e-mail@israel-academia-monitor.com] 
Sent: 26 August, 2013 8:46 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: [U of Haifa, Psychology] Micah Leshem's anti-Semitic cartoon

[U of Haifa, Psychology] Micah Leshem's anti-Semitic cartoon

[U of Haifa, Psychology] Prof. Micah Leshem


Editorial Note: 

Normally IAM does not report on anti-Semitic cartoons which populate the Internet along with anti-Semitic diatribes and conspiracy theories.

The cartoon featured below, however, merits attention as it was drawn by Michah Leshem, a professor at Haifa University.   Leshem drew the cartoon to illustrate a point he made in English as well as in an Italian language on a pro-Palestinian website. 

Of course, as a rank and file citizen, Leshem has the right to produce a most egregious anti Semitic piece that would have found a place of pride in Nazi-era propaganda.

The question is whether Leshem, a professor at a public university supported by taxpayers should engage in this type of behavior.   Academics are expected to serve as role models in and out of a classroom.   By any measure, Leshem does not live up to such expectations.

Category: Opposizione israeliana

Published on Thursday, 18 July 2013 08:22

Written by Micah Leshem

24 June 2013

No Preconditions Eng

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