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Tel Aviv University
To the Tel Aviv University Board of Governors
P.O. Box 997 Even Yehuda, Israel. 054-4283749 e-mail@israel-academia-monitor.com


Concerned about Israel’s image in the academic world?

A number of faculty at Tel Aviv University have traveled abroad, lending their voices to the growing campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). Others helped to make the same case in writings and interviews.  In Western countries, faculty of tax-supported, public universities are prevented from supporting boycott of their own institutions by a combination of case law and contractual agreement. The same should apply to Israel!

Activities of TAU radical academics in the past year:

·         March 6, 2014 Anat Matar (TAU Philosophy) after lecturing on philosophy, gave an unofficial talk "from the perspective of an Israeli academic who has opposed Israeli policy for many years" for a pro-Palestinian group.  

·         Sept 07,2013 Gadi Algazi (TAU History) wrote: "As long as Israel will serve as war-head, a fortress armed against the Arab world as long as it continues with the constant war against the Palestinians and the Arab East."

·         Adi Ophir, (TAU Philosophy) spent a sabbatical at Brown University where he worked hard to popularize his book The One State Condition co-authored with Ariella Azoulay (TAU, Arts). Ophir is one of the most radical academic-activists who famously "found" that Israel is on the same ontological plane of evil as Nazi Germany. Even a Meretz publication editor charged the authors with "selective amnesia in recounting history."

·         Oct 10, 2013 Yehouda Shenhav (TAU Sociology) interviewed: ''If we want to rely only on the army and establish a closed Zionist ghetto, that’s the way;'' Q: What if the other side does not agree to that either, because they don’t want us here at all?  Shenhav: "I think that saying such a thing is terrible ignorance. I read Arabic and I read lots of autobiographies...I find more violence and much more animosity and hatred and incitement in Jewish writing than in Arabic writing." 

·         Jul 6, 2013 Gadi Algazi traveled to Germany on behalf of the Bonn-based Institute for Palestinian Studies. Algazi lectured in Göttingen, Solingen, Bonn, Darmstadt, Nürnberg, Freiburg on the "Bulldozers against the Bedouins" and the Jewish National Fund (JNF) as a "settlement colonization organization".

·         Feb 10, 2014 Aeyal Gross (TAU, Law) lectured in Brussels: "Homonormativity and homonationalism are preconditions for "pinkwashing" - the use of LGBT rights for propaganda purposes".  Gross is one of the intellectual architects of the so-called pinkwashing, a theory claiming that the extensive rights enjoyed by the gay community in Israel are a ploy to cover up the mistreatment of the Palestinians. Gross has found multiple ways to insert his theory into public discourse, including the New York Times.

·         May 2013, Raphael Greenberg (TAU, Archaeology) accused organizers of archaeological dig of accepting money from right-wing groups that are ideologically motivated to prove Jewish existence in Jerusalem. Greenberg's Emek Shaveh has been funded by the Norwegian Embassy, the Dutch Cordaid and Anna Lindh Foundation. He wrote: "When you are digging 20 or 100 yards away from the Temple Mount you are in the heart of politics, not above them. When you take money from settlers you are in the heart of politics. When you excavate in the midst of a Palestinian population that is under constant surveillance and deprived of its civil rights you are in the heart of politics."

·         Mar 28, 2013 Adi Ophir (TAU, Cohn) in Occupations Workshop at Duke University. The “Occupations” workshop addresses emerging forms and meanings of occupation - "Occupy Wall Street, not Palestine".

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