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Hebrew University
MOSHE ZIMMERMAN (history) understands the terrorists who bombed his own campus
Moshe Zimmerman: Anschlag auf Hebräische Universität ist Folge der Besatzung 01 Aug 2002
Geändert: 06:47:32
A university which is located 100 metres from occupied territory should not be surprised when it becomes part of the war.

Chairperson of history department at Hebrew University: attack is result of

by David Regev (first published in Yedioth
; translation: Alternative
Information Center

"A university which is located 100 metres from occupied territory should
not be surprised when it becomes part of the war," says Professor Moshe
, chairperson of the department of history at the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem

Professor Zimmerman does not justify yesterday's attack, but says there
should be no surprise that it happened at the university. "If attacks occur
in synagogues, restaurants and everywhere else - the university has no privilegethat things like this will not occur there also. The university attempts to demonstrate that it is a bubble outside of society, but reality is stronger.
This attack is yet another result of the occupation."

The senior lecturer added that every attack is condemnable, but pointed an
accusatory finger at the Israeli prime minister. "After each attack I ask
myself who made us reach this stage - and why persons who lead the state didn't have the intelligence to reach a political agreement. The solution to this
situation is withdrawl from the territories - even from thos occupied
territories close to the university."

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