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Hebrew University
To the Board of Governors of the Hebrew University Jerusalem

POBox 997 Even Yehuda Israel Tel: +97254-4283749 E-mail@israel-academia-monitor.com               

      Concerned about Israel’s image in the academic world?

A number of faculty at Hebrew University have used their positions to engage in activities to help in delegitimizing Israel in the international arena.

Activities of HUJ radical academics in the past year:

       In the Service of the PLO - Nurit Peled Elhanan  In a PLO press release Peled Elhanan deals with the issue of incitement - first raised by the Tripartite Committee on Incitement created in 1998 to facilitate the peace process.  Though the level of incitement by the Palestinians has grown since then, she blames Israel for creating the Palestinian incitement “myth” as a “diversionary tactic.”  In the past, Peled Elhanan - a virtual spokesperson for the PLO - has published "research" accusing Israeli of blatant racism and inciting against Palestinians and testified before a "people’s tribunal" to that effect.  

       Ofer Cassif's unequivocal battle against Zionism and Israel - a high ranking official in the Israeli Communist Party, Cassif has a penchant for misrepresenting facts to prove that Israel is the worst "brutal, colonial, apartheid, racist, capitalist state," where freedom of speech is harshly suppressed. Cassif represented the Israeli Communist Party in Lisbon and posed a request: "I would like to call you to support our struggle against the occupation, against Zionist racism." He compared Israelis to Ku Klux Klan:  "Israeli soldiers and other officials ignore that fascist vandalism – as if we were talking about KKK in Alabama under George Wallace." Cassif concluded that "in the Middle-East, it means an unequivocal battle against Zionism".  Cassif uses the Classroom to promote his political agenda, as indicated in his course in political science "Capital & Government". The course syllabus features reading highly partial to a neo-Marxist interpretation of the alleged ills of the Israeli democracy and the exploitation of the masses by the "big capital."  

      Roy Wagner - Upping the Ante: Pinkwashing and Holocaust Equivalency – Wagner, a self-described anarchist and radical gay activist, has compared the situation of gays and Palestinians in Israel to that of Jews during the Holocaust.   Wagner's academic writing is part of the effort by radical scholars to create the Palestinian-Holocaust equivalence. 

       Amos Goldberg – a veteran pro-Palestinian activist, found a convenient way to combine his political and academic agenda - Nominally a Holocaust studies researcher, he has produced academic work that focuses on the Palestinians in order to compare the Holocaust and the Nakba. His address at the Assoc. of historical research institutions (AHF) in June 2013 in Munich was described as follows: “With terms chosen for their strong political reverberations, Goldberg advocated a more inclusive consideration of testimonies, in order to integrate Palestinian voices in an "emphatic unsettlement." Like many of his radical academic peers, he believes that admitting to the Holocaust Nakba equivalency, is a precondition to achieving peace.

       The Board of Governors is urged to act in order to prevent the above faculty from abusing their academic freedom. HUJ should follow the protocol of public universities in the West that are required by law to be accountable to the tax payers who fund their activities. Clearly, the Israeli tax paying public should not support activist faculty who do not teach or research in the fields they were hired for or use their classroom to push their ideological agenda.

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