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Boycott Calls Against Israel
TAU Anat Matar to lecture on BDS next week in Prague


Editorial Note

Anat Matar, a senior lecturer in the Philosophy Department, Tel Aviv University, is a veteran radical activist.  As IAM noted, after receiving tenure she essentially stopped publishing in her field in order to write polemics that support her position as a veteran member of the Communist Party.   Among her projects is military service refusal and an effort to reclassify Palestinian prisoners accused of acts of terror, as political prisoners.

As a lecturer in Philosophy, she goes around lecturing on the Arab-Israeli dispute, a topic she is not qualified for -something unheard of in life sciences.

Matar, along with Rachel Giora, Kobi Snitz and Neve Gordon. has been a leading force in the BDS movement and closely associated with Boycott From Within.

In 2010 her BDS campaign attracted the attention of some members of the Board of Governors of TAU that called for her dismissal, a move that was nixed by President Josef Klafter.
Evidently emboldened by the failure of TAU to take action, Matar has already defied the Knesset BDS law before. In 2011 she wrote an open letter to a British theater director to cancel a workshop at the Kameri theater to punish it for an appearance in Ariel.

Nest week, Matar plans to travel to Prague to speak at an event organized by the Palestinian Club and the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) that support BDS. 
TAU can sanction academics who break the law. As a publicly funded institution, it should be especially diligent in following the law.   But  the past failures to censure Matar suggest that TAU considers itself to be above the law.

By citing an archaic definition of academic freedom the university authorities do a disservice to the tax payers who fund Matar's salary.  Equally disturbing, they shortchange her students who are denied the benefit of an education by a competent researcher, a standard expected in a research university like TAU.

Last but not least, allowing activist faculty to default on their research duties, the academic leadership contributes to the woeful underperformances of Israel in liberal arts. 

Radical academic activism sailing under the flag of academic freedom has virtually no equivalents in the West where public universities are accountable to the public.  Over the years, Israel has adopted many of the Western cultural and political markers.  It is about time that the Israeli academy follows suit.

Translated by Google

Press Release: Prague will host for lectures the Israeli philosopher. Talk about the impact of the recent elections, Palestinian political prisoners and the role of the international community

Posted on March 23, 2015 by admin

March 23, 2015 | Press Release Palestinian club in the Czech Republic ISM

In late March and April in Prague will be two lectures Israeli assistant professor of philosophy and political activist Anat Matar Tel Aviv University. In addition to analyzing the impact of the results of the recent elections in Israel academic focus on the situation of political prisoners, about which she wrote a book on the Palestinian citizens of Israel and the role of the international community.
The first lecture will be held on Tuesday, March 31 at 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Café Campus (formerly Beautiful loss Náprstkova 10, Praha 1) entitled "Situation of Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories: the question of political prisoners and Den soil ". The second lecture will be held on Wednesday, April 1 at 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Faculty of Arts (us. Jan Palach 2, Praha 1, room no. 301) under the name "Israel after the elections and the BDS movement for Palestinian rights."

Arrives in Prague Israeli philosopher, lecturing for the first time, at the invitation of the Palestinian club in the Czech Republic.

"In my presentation, I will analyze several aspects of the Israeli election results and their impacts, I will also make  demands to the international community. We will focus on the situation of Palestinian prisoners, including Israeli citizens held in prison for up to thirty years," adds the Prague lecturer Matar. Other topics will include the Israeli policy of land use discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel and the theme of the campaign BDS (boycott, divestment and impose sanctions).

the organizers requested Anat Matar to remark on the recent Israeli elections: "Despite the huge disappointment are the results of elections in Israel so bad: there is a real chance for a more humane social and economic policies that will affect the poorer segments of the population, especially those living on the edge company. This could also apply to Palestinian citizens of Israel. But it will grow oppression of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, as it seems that Netanyahu was given the green light to perform there anything he pleases, while the international community remains passive and his criticism of Israeli policy remains only verbal. At the same time i will be more strict attitude of the Israeli state against its Palestinian citizens, up to the limit criminalization. Again, it seems that the elected government has given the green light for this meeting, both the Israelis themselves and shy from the international community. This tacit agreement has to change. "

Lectures are held in cooperation with the International Solidarity Movement Czech Republic (CR ISM, the International Solidarity Movement) and Political Science Association POLIS. Both lectures will be held in English and will be translated into Czech. They are intended for the general public and admission is free.

More about the speaker:

Anat Matar is associate professor of philosophy at Tel Aviv University and a political activist. She is chairwoman of the Israeli Action Committee for Palestinian prisoners and the author and editor of a book of essays on Palestinian political prisoners in Israel Threat: Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israel (2011), published jointly with Abeer Baker, a lawyer from Haifa University. For many years active in left-wing movements, especially in the movement Refusenik (draft dodgers military service), in the group Open Doors fighting so. Administrative detention and research organization Who Profits, which aims at identifying links with the Israeli occupation industry.

Anat Matar will be available for media interviews from 31 March to 1 April, inclusive.

For more information, please contact:
Palestinian club in the Czech Republic: email: pal.klub@email.cz
ISM CR: email: czech.ism@gmail.com

More about the organizer and co-organizers:

Palestinian club in the Czech Republic - The Club brings together people of Palestinian nationality living in the Czech Republic, who are Czech citizens or have permanent or long-term residence permit in the Czech Republic. Activities of the club are organizing a meeting of club members who are "conducted in the spirit of national traditions and customs, leading to the strengthening of social and cultural relations between the members of the club, as well as strengthening the friendship between the Palestinian and the Czech nation." The club aims to "acquaint the Czech public Palestinian Arab culture and history "by organizing cultural and literary discussions and seminars on various topics, including current topics of the problems in the Arab world. From 2014, he became the club active in social media: set up a Facebook page Infokanál Palestine - Czech Republic, which aim to "deliver reports on current events in Palestine" and the Facebook group Palestinian club in the Czech Republic.

CR International Solidarity Movement (ISM Czech Republic, International Solidarity Movement) - ISM was founded in Palestine in 2001 by a group of Palestinian and Israeli activists to support and strengthen the Palestinian nonviolent resistance against the Israeli occupation. In the Czech Republic since 2007. Its members are activists who visited Palestine or about local events keen interest. Activities movement focus mainly on lectures and screenings of documentaries, information campaigns, petitions stalls or demonstration to express solidarity with the Palestinian people. ISM Czech Republic is part of the European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine (ECCP), which is based in Brussels and has around 50 organizations and initiatives in Europe. The members of the ECCP recently spoke among others. At the European Parliament in the panel concerning EU trade in illegal Israeli settlements.

Political Science Association POLIS - Student associations active on campus Department of Political Science, Charles University in Prague and related faculties and scientific institutions. The aim of the association is primarily to create space for the free discussion of contemporary Czech and global social, political and Political issues, particularly in the form of debates and informal meetings. Furthermore, the creation of conditions for the training activities of political science students liaising with institutions and professionals, student involvement in political science development programs in political science or other contribution to education and work in the field.


Pozvánka na přednášku: Dr. Anat Matar – Volby v Izraeli a hnutí BDS na podporu Palestinců, 31. března a 1. dubna v Praze

Posted on Březen 24, 2015 by admin

ENGLISH BELOW – Zveme vás na dvě přednášky Anat Matarové, docentky filozofie a politické aktivistky, které se uskuteční v Praze. Kromě analýzy dopadů výsledků nedávných voleb v Izraeli se akademička zaměří na situaci politických vězňů, o kterých napsala knihu, na palestinské občany Izraele a roli mezinárodní komunity. Přednášky proběhnou v angličtině s překladem do češtiny:

Situace Palestinců v Izraeli a na okupovaných územích: otázka politických vězňů a Den půdy
utery 31/3 | 17:00—19:00 | Café Kampus (Náprstkova 10, Praha 1)
událost na facebooku | pořádá Palestinský klub v ČR

Izrael po volbách a hnutí BDS za práva Palestinců
streda 1/4 | 18:00—20:30 | Filozofická fakulta, místnost č. 301 (nám. Jana Palacha 2, Praha 1)
událost na facebooku | pořádá Politologické sdružení POLIS a Palestinský klub v ČR

Anat Matarová je docentkou filozofie na Telavivské univerzitě a politickou aktivistkou. Je předsedkyní izraelského Akčního výboru pro palestinské vězně a autorkou a editorkou knihy esejů o palestinských politických vězních v Izraeli Threat: Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israel (2011), kterou vydala společně s právničkou Abeer Bakerovou z Haifské univerzity.

Řadu let je aktivní v levicových hnutích, především v hnutí refuseniků (odpíračů vojenské služby), ve skupině Open Doors bojující proti tzv. administrativní vazbě a ve výzkumné organizaci Who Profits, jejímž cílem je odhalit propojení izraelského průmyslu s okupací.

Ve své přednášce promluví Anat Matarová o současné politické situaci v Izraeli/Palestině, a to především v souvislosti s právě proběhlými izraelskými volbami. Dále se zaměří na otázku politických vězňů (včetně izraelských občanů držených ve vězení po dobu třiceti let), izraelskou politiku záboru půdy a diskriminace palestinských občanů Izraele. Rozebere rovněž téma kampaní BDS (bojkotu, stažení investic a sankcí).

Více informací:

Tisková zpráva: V Praze bude přednášet izraelská filozofka. Promluví o dopadu nedávných voleb, palestinských politických vězních i roli mezinárodní komunity

Související odkazy:

K izraelským volbám:


Society of Political Science Students POLIS and Palestinian Club in the Czech Republic invite you to two lectures by Dr Anat Matar of Tel Aviv Univeristy on the issue of the impact of the recent elections in Israel, as well as on the situation of Palestinian political prisoners and the role of the international community.

The situation of Palestinian in Israel and in the OPT: The issue of political prisoners and the Land Day
Tuesday 31/3 | 17:00—19:00 | Café Kampus (Náprstkova 10, Praha 1)
facebook event | organized by Palestinian Club in the Czech Republic

Israel after the elections and the BDS campaigns in support of Palestinian rights
Wednesday 1/4 | 18:00—20:30 | Philosophical Faculty, room no. 301 (nám. Jana Palacha 2, Praha 1)
facebook event | organized by POLIS and Palestinian Club in the Czech Republic

Dr. Anat Matar is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Tel Aviv University and Chair of the Israeli Action Committee for the Palestinian Prisoners. She has recently published (in collaboration with Adv. Abeer Baker from Haifa University an edited volume of essays, entitled Threat: Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israel (London: Pluto Press, 2011). Matar has been a Leftist activist for many years, in particular in the refusal movement, in “Open Doors”, an activist group against administrative detention, and in “Who Profits?”, a research group exposing the Israeli Occupation industry.

In her talk, Matar will present her perspective on the current political situation in Israel/Palestine, especially in the wake of the elections in Israel in mid-March. She will focus on the issue of political prisoners (including the veteran Israeli citizens, held in prison for about 30 years), Israel’s policy regarding land confiscation and the institutional discrimination against the Arab population in Israel. She will also discuss the question of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).

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