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Articles by IAM Associates
The Israel Academia Monitor Conference on Anti-Semitism and BDS, Tel Aviv University


Editorial Note
The IAM Conference that took place last week in Bet Hatfutzot, Tel Aviv University, has dealt with BDS and its relations to anti-Semitism.  The first panel, in English, was academic; the second was in Hebrew and geared toward applied issues.

Each of the scholars at the first panel presented an original piece of research. For example, Dr. Sharona Goldenberg, a lecturer of law at the Netanya Academic College and the director of International Freedom of Research Center (IFRC), spoke about the research she had conducted on scholarship applications.  She found that one of six Israeli scholars who apply for studies abroad hide their identity in order to increase their prospects.  In other words, the national identity of the scholars dooms their chances regardless of their qualifications. 

In an interview to Jewish News Service, Goldenberg explained that these are “new hidden Jews, the new anusim (forced converts) within Israeli academia... By putting them into a situation where they need to hide their identity, the boycotters are breaching their basic rights.” 

The struggle against BDS has taken place mostly on campuses and the fight against it should therefore focus on this arena. IAM is dedicated to educate both academic and the lay pubic about this phenomenon.

Study: 1 in 6 Israeli academics hides national identity due to fear of BDS

Posted on May 10, 2016  by JNS.org.
(JNS.org) A recent study found that one out of every six Israeli academics hides his or her national identity when submitting drafts of research papers in order to avoid being a victim of the academic boycotts fueled by the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

“These are the new hidden Jews, the new anusim (forced converts) within Israeli academia,” said International Freedom of Research Center (IFRC) Director Sharona Goldenberg, who presented the study’s findings at a Tel Aviv conference on anti-Semitism and the BDS movement. “By putting them into a situation where they need to hide their identity, the boycotters are breaching their basic rights.” 
The IFRC study, conducted last month, surveyed 500 Israeli academics who live in Israel and abroad. Israeli academics, according to the study, sometimes use only part of their name or a different name when they first submit proposal drafts. At other times, scholars will not use Israeli subjects in survey samples or data related specifically to Israel.
Goldenberg decided to conduct the survey based on her own fear to be identified as an Israeli.

“I had done a study on work hours in Europe and asked a Jewish colleague from overseas if he would have a look at it,” said Goldenberg. “The first thing he asked me was why I was only writing about Europe and not about Israel. I told him that I was afraid to be identified as Israeli, and that’s when I got the idea to do this study.”

In the United States, the Association for Asian American Studies and the American Studies Association have approved proposals to boycott Israeli universities. The American Anthropological Association passed a similar boycott resolution and is awaiting a vote by its membership to approve or reject the measure.

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