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Boycott Calls Against Israel
From the BDS of Israel to Academic Boycott Against the US


Editorial Note

The old saying that the Jews are the canaries in the coal mine comes to mind when looking at the academic reaction to President Trump’s executive order banning entry to citizens of seven, predominantly Muslim countries, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia.  

As well known, the American courts, which questioned the legality of the document, refused to uphold the ban.    


But this did not satisfy the academics who almost unanimously opposed the ban.   For example, L. Rafael Reifthe president of MIT urged the faculty and students to join a protest in Boston to make their rejection of these policies heard. "Yet I would like us to think seriously about the fact that both within the MIT community and the nation at large, there are people of goodwill who see the measures in the Executive Order as a reasonable path to make the country safer. We would all like our nation to be safe. I am convinced that the Executive Order will make us less safe. Yet all of us, across the spectrum of opinion, are Americans.   In this heated moment, I urge every one of us to avoid with all our might the forces that are driving America into two camps. If we love America, and if we believe in America, we cannot allow those divisions to grow worse. We need to imagine a shared future together, if we hope to have one. I am certain our community can help work on this great problem, too, by starting right here at home."


Some are very curious to see the impact on conferences. For example, Justin Weinberg, an associate professor of philosophy at the University of South Carolina conducted two polls to figure out how the travel ban could affect the two meetings of the American Philosophical Association that fall on the 90 days ban (until April 27th, 2017).  

Some of the philosophical responses to his question are worth noting: 

• "Isn’t the point of a boycott to hurt those responsible for some kind of injustice, thereby causing them to reconsider their unjust ways? If so, I fail to see 1) how this boycott will hurt the Trump administration and 2) how this will lead to any kind of change. Furthermore, it seems that now, more than every, philosophers and academics need to come together, and conferences are a wonderful way to do this. Why stifle one way of banding together just when we need most to band together?" 
• "While that’s the usual understanding of boycotts, I think the purpose here is better understood as showing solidarity. As in, “we the boycotters are distinguished from those barred from attending conferences in the US only because we come from ‘safe’ countries; we refuse to employ that unjust privilege to our advantage.”" 
• "I’m pretty strongly against this boycott because (a) it piles further harm on those who are already being harmed by Trump, which in my view includes all of US academia (b) it most seriously harms those who are amongst the hardest hit by the ban, those who are unable to leave the US; (c) from what I have seen academics are already protesting with all their hearts and don’t need me to point out that this is unacceptable; (d) I think Trump would love anything that weakens academia." 
• "I must not be the only one that thinks this boycott movement is bizarre. Boycotting a *conference* makes no difference to the Trump administration, in fact, with them already putting gag orders and conducting “PR” reviews on scientific output from federal agencies… this movement will be much celebrated!" 
• "If the US government has decided that hundreds of people with legal right to enter are not good for the US, I don’t want to be good either. This is a legitimate and reasonable way of protesting against an act of barbaric discrimination." 
• "Boycotting as a collective “obligation to signal” is on incredibly shaky grounds in the absence of meaningful agreement amongst actors on its semiotic and normative value."

An Australian media reported "The peak bodies representing universities in America and Canada have also issued statements condemning the ban. The Association of American Universities has called for its reversal, saying that the ban threatens to cause “irreparable damage” to the academic reputation of the US. Over 20,000 US faculty members and 51 Nobel Laureates have signed a petition voicing concern and urging Trump to reconsider the executive order on immigration."


Others were more dramatic, stating that the "Trump order threatens global research". Australian professor, Ian Jacobs, Vice Chancellor of the University of New South Wales said, “How can it be that the US, which has countless Nobel Prize winners and top universities of the calibre of Harvard, Stanford and Yale, might suddenly bar the world’s best and the brightest from entry - or worse, re-entry - into its classrooms and laboratories? ...The world badly needs collaborative university research between nations... The best universities have always opened their doors to talent from anywhere in the world, and the US has been a massive beneficiary of that spirit, which encompasses not only academic ability with entrepreneurial drive, but also a strong belief that higher education and research are bulwarks against ignorance, intolerance and inequality.” 

Considering that none of the seven countries are exactly known for being an academic powerhouse, it is hard to see how a temporary ban can inflict such a severe damage as Professor Jacobs suggested. 

But this is not the real point here. If the academic damage was an issue, then surely more scholars would have spoken out against the anti- Israel BDS advocacy which has swept the campuses. 


The real point is the hypocrisy of the academics who are only too happy to consider a boycott on “politically appropriate” targets, first Israel and now the United States, as the following petition to boycott American conferences makes clear. Some 5000 scholars from around the globe have already signed a call to a call to boycott American universities conferences.  Not surprising, a number of Israeli academics signed it as well, Anat Matar, Tel Aviv University; Rachel Giora, Tel Aviv University; Kobi Snitz, Weizmann Institute of Science; and those who live abroad, Haim Bresheeth, SOAS, London; Uri Horesh, University of Essex; Ronit Lentin (retired) Trinity College Dublin; Dr. Tamir Libel, Barcelona Institute of International Studies, Spain;  

Academics who aspire to a higher moral ground need to know that hypocrisy and double standard erode their legitimacy. The Jewish canary in the coal mine is not just a warning about grim developments on the horizon; it is also a reminder that the road from here to there is paved with elevating hypocrisy to a defining principle. 

Thousands of scholars call for US academic boycott
But some academics suggest move would harm US universities and scholars ‘who desperately need support’ 
Ellie Bothwell, January 31, 2017 
More than 4,000 scholars have signed a petition calling for an academic boycott of international conferences held in the US, to provide solidarity with those affected by Donald Trump’s ban on travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries.
The petition questions the “intellectual integrity” of international conferences in the country while the ban persists and “the dialogues they are designed to encourage while Muslim colleagues are explicitly excluded from them”.
John Richardson, reader in critical discourse studies at Loughborough University, who signed the petition, told Times Higher Education that it is “important to signal publicly that the situation in America following Trump's election is morally, politically and legally unacceptable”.It includes signatures from academics from across the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.
He added that his research is on racism and fascism and it would be “indefensible” for him to discuss his research findings “in a context where colleagues who are most directly affected, and can speak from personal experience, are not allowed to be present”.
But some have suggested that the boycott would unfairly harm US universities, while others have claimed that Mr Trump does not care enough about higher education to feel threatened by the ban.
Marina Costin Fuser, PhD candidate in film studies at University of Sussex, said "American universities" should not be "our target".
"Let's be supportive of US universities at times like this. Universities have the potential to encourage critical ideas and organise resistance," she said.
“I don't think Trump cares that much about higher education to actually feel threatened by this conference ban...unless applied hard scientists join in, we'll be boycotting ourselves – that is, departments that lean to the left, such as arts and humanities."
Wickham Clayton, lecturer in film production at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham said that while it is “absolutely essential” to show solidarity with Muslims and US citizens affected by the ban, it is also important to show solidarity with the US academic community “under fire” from anti-intellectualism.
“Boycotting academic conferences may be leaving academic colleagues out to drift who desperately need support,” he said.
Instead, he suggested that scholars could support and attend academic conferences in the US “with the provision that each conference we support and attend sets aside time to plan or take action” to oppose the bans.
“I truly believe that any kind of boycott would be damaging to academic credibility in the US, and we should create solutions which show solidarity with them as well as the Muslim population targeted by these horrible and illegal orders,” he added.
“While the needs of marginalised Muslim people, and let's face it, anyone not white, is more important than the needs of academics, I'd like to think we are smart, strong, and creative enough to generate solutions that help everyone.”
However, Dr Richardson said such a response “wouldn’t be public”, would only be possible for academics able to enter the US and “doesn't cost academics anything personally”.
“We would still get a line on our CV saying that we had attended an international academic conference,” he said.
Louis Bayham, lecturer in film at the University of Southampton, added that “our first priority has to be with our persecuted colleagues in what is proving to be a perhaps pivotal moment for global humanity”.
Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, professor in global thought and comparative philosophies at Soas, University of Londontold THE that he will cancel a lecture tour of the US about his forthcoming book on the current politics of xenophobia and division if “the current situation prevails”.
“I will not expose myself to a belligerent, xenophobic and uneducated political context in the United States. I think this executive order anti-cultural and discriminatory, bordering on racism,” he said.


Academics Mull Boycott of U.S. Conferences as a Way of Fighting Travel Ban
By Shannon Najmabadi JANUARY 30, 2017
Some faculty members are calling for a boycott of academic conferences in the United States in reaction to an executive order, signed on Friday by President Trump, that bars citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.
petition circulating online has drawn the signatures of hundreds of academics around the world.
“We the undersigned take action in solidarity with those affected by Trump’s executive order by pledging not to attend international conferences in the U.S. while the ban persists,” the petition says. “We question the intellectual integrity of these spaces and the dialogues they are designed to encourage while Muslim colleagues are explicitly excluded from them.”
Academic boycotts have mostly made news in recent years in connection with proposed boycotts of Israeli institutions over that country's treatment of Palestinians. Other boycotts have focused on host hotels enmeshed in labor disputes or states that have enacted controversial laws. But academic groups have often found it difficult to agree on taking political stands.
Max Weiss, an associate professor of history and Near Eastern studies at Princeton University and a signer of the petition, said in an interview that “academic boycott is one of the few resources that intellectuals and academics have for expressing their opposition to policies of a given government.”
Emery Berger, a professor of information and computer sciences at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, said he had heard discussions of relocating or banning conferences set to be held in the United States. Mr. Berger, who is involved in two subgroups of the Association for Computing Machinery, an international organization that runs many computer-science conferences, said members were discussing ways to lessen the effects of the travel ban.
“Science is intended to be free and open, and any place that restricts the travel of scientists to present their work is a problem,” Mr. Berger said. “We are talking about taking steps to mitigate this problem however we can.” He said he suspected other disciplines were having similar discussions.
He’s heard some academics call for a complete ban on conferences in the United States, until the order is lifted, Mr. Berger said. But, he pointed out, some academics from the seven targeted countries are based at American colleges and universities. If conferences were all moved abroad, those U.S.-based scholars might not be able to attend for fear they would be barred from re-entering the country.
Mr. Berger said some academics were exploring the idea of allowing presenters who cannot travel to participate by videoconference. Another idea, he said, is to spread out conferences geographically.
Helen McCarthy, a historian at Queen Mary University of London, posed the question to Twitter:
Should academics participate in conferences in the US which fellow scholars from 'banned' countries may be prevented from attending?
Here's a selection of responses:
@HistorianHelen empty token. Actively support opposition in US & legal challenges instead.
@HistorianHelen conferences should embrace tech and allow people to present their work via videochat to ensure marginalised voices are heard
@HistorianHelen @nenieb is this not just symbolism? Suspect the only negative impact of this would be on conference organisers
@HistorianHelen How would halting the presentation of knowledge help this situation?
Shannon Najmabadi writes about teaching, learning, the curriculum, and educational quality.


In Solidarity with People Affected by the ‘Muslim Ban’: Call for an Academic Boycott of International Conferences held in the US

On 27 January 2017, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order putting in place a 90-day ban that denies US entry to citizens from seven Muslim majority countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia. So far, the ban includes dual nationals, current visa, and green card holders, and is affecting those born in these countries while not holding citizenship of them. The Order also suspends the admittance of all refugees to the US for a period of 120 days and terminates indefinitely all refugee admissions from Syria. There are indications that the Order could be extended to include other Muslim majority countries.
The Order has affected people with residence rights in the US, as well as those with rights of entry and stay. Some of those affected are fleeing violence and persecution, and have been waiting for years for resettlement in the US as refugees. Others are effectively trapped in the US, having cancelled planned travel for fear that they will be barred from returning. The order institutionalises racism, and fosters an environment in which people racialised as Muslim are vulnerable to ongoing and intensifying acts of violence and hatred. 

Among those affected by the Order are academics and students who are unable to participate in conferences and the free communication of ideas. We the undersigned take action in solidarity with those affected by Trump’s Executive Order by pledging not to attend international conferences in the US while the ban persists. We question the intellectual integrity of these spaces and the dialogues they are designed to encourage while Muslim colleagues are explicitly excluded from them.

*In order to add your signature, please write your name and institution in the box below where it says 'Short answer'. This list is updated manually (at least twice per day) so your signature will not appear immediately. Please do not enter your signature more than once.
As of 9 February 2017, 13.00 GMT the letter has 6300+ signatures.

Nadine El-Enany, Birkbeck Law School
Sarah Keenan, Birkbeck Law School
Arun Kundnani, Scholar-in-Residence, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library
Professor Gurminder K Bhambra, University of Warwick
Professor Denise Ferreira da Silva, University of British Columbia
Professor Peter Fitzpatrick, Birkbeck Law School
Professor Bill Bowring, Birkbeck Law School 
Professor David Graeber, London School of Economics
Professor Suvendrini Perera, John Curtin Distinguished Professor, Curtin University, Australia
Professor Emerita Silvia Federici, Hofstra University
Professor Paola Bacchetta, University of California, Berkeley
Professor John Holmwood, University of Nottingham
Professor Rasheed El-Enany, University of Exeter
Professor Tim Blackburn, University College London
Professor Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, University of Westminster, London UK
Professor Malcolm Povey, University of Leeds
Professor Willy Maley, University of Glasgow 
Professor Yusuf Sayed, University of Sussex
Professor Patrick Ainley, University of Greenwich
Professor Bill Grantham, Loughborough University London
Professor Kirstein Rummery, University of Stirling
Professor Maria Lauret, University of Sussex
Professor Malcolm Williams, Cardiff University
Professor Khalid Al-Jaber, University of Qatar
Professor Abdul-Karim Ziani, University of Bahrain 
Professor Ashley Terlouw, Sociology of Law Radboud University the Netherlands
Professor Catriona Macleod, Critical Studies in Sexualities and Reproduction, Rhodes University, South Africa
Professor Eloísa Martín, of Sociology, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Professor Linda Mulcahy, London School of Economics
Professor Marwan Hariz, Umeå University, Sweden
Professor Roger Mason Univesity of St Andrews
Professor Martin Geiger, Carleton University, Ottawa
Professor Owain Jones, Bath Spa University, UK
Professor Siobhán Garrigan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Professor Gerard Loughlin, Durham University UK
Professor Maggie Humm, Emeritus University of East London
Professor Marylene Lieber, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Professor Jens Rydstrom, Lund University, Sweden
Professor Tommy Bergenheim. Neurosurgery, Umeå University, Sweden
Professor Caroline Bainbridge, University of Roehampton, UK
Professor Randi Deguilhem, CNRS, AMU, France
Professor Nick J Fox, University of Sheffield
Professor Anna Grear, Cardiff University, UK
Professor Gustau Catalan, ICREA and ICN2, Barcelona
Professor Jeanette Edwards, University of Manchester
Professor Harriet Evans, University of Westminster, London, UK
Professor Dr. Adrian M. S. Piper, Director Adrian Piper Research Archive APRA Foundation, Berlin
Professor Emeritus Dennis Leech, University of Warwick 
Professor Marilyn Cruickshank, Griffith University, Australia  
Professor Jonathan Rosenhead, London School of Economics
Professor Petula Sik Ying HO, The University of Hong Kong
Professor Martin Kaltenbrunner, University of Art and Design Linz, Austria
Professor Carl Anders Säfström, Södertörn University, Sweden
Professor Chris Willmore, University of Bristol
Prof. Dr. Dirk Wiemann, Universität Potsdam, Germany
Professor Rob Stone, University of Birmingham, UK
Professor Shahnaaz Suffla, South African Medical Research Council & University of South Africa
Professor John Eade, University of Roehampton
Professor Paul Foulkes, University of York, UK
Professor Josh Neufeld, University of Waterloo, Canada
Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh, Bethlehem University 
Prof Andrea Carlino, iEH2, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Prof. Marek Los, Linkoping Sweden
Professor Jonathan Oppenheim, University College London
Professor Dr Willie van Peer, University of Munich
Professor Leslie G. Roman, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Canada
Professor Michelle McGinn, Associate Dean, Brock University
Professor Emeritus Roger Dittmann, California State University Fullerton
Professor David Treece, King's College London
Professor Akwugo Emejulu, University of Warwick
Professor Patricia Tuitt, Birkbeck Law School
Professor Efimia Karakantza, University of Patras, Greece
Professor Zaharom Nain, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
Professor Thomas Abel, ISPM, Univ. Berne; Switzerland
Professor Dr David Mario Comedi, National University of Tucumán, Argentina
Professor Nouria Ouali, Free University of Brussels
Professor Ken Norris, Institute of Zoology,  UK
Professor Kevin Canty, University of Montana
Professor Nicole Marshall, University of Alberta, Canada
Professor Lyla Mehta, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
Professor Louisa Sadler, University of Essex
Professor Marie-Benedicte Dembour, University of Brighton, UK
Professor Su Friedrich, Princeton University
Professor Steve Edwards, Birkbeck, University of London
Professor Jeremy Keenan, Queen Mary University London
Professor Jorge Díaz-Cintas, UCL, London
Professor Lyla Mehta, Institute of Development Studies, UK
Professor Philip Hirschsohn, University of the Western Cape
Esther Ramani, Professor of Languages, Rhodes University
Professor Ian Parker, University of Manchester
Professor A. Haroon Akram-Lodhi, Trent University, Peterborough, Canada
Professor Scott Schaffer, The University of Western Ontario
Professor Craig Brandist, University of Sheffield, UK
Professor Wan Manan, Kyoto University
Professor Steve Cropper, Keele University, UK
Professor Herman De Ley Emeritus, Ghent University, Belgium
Professor Louella McCarthy University of Wollongong
Professor Haim Bresheeth, SOAS, London, UK
Professor Ayub Sheik, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Professor Hamish Cunningham, University of Sheffield
Professor Dylan Rodriguez, Chair of Academic Senate, University of CA Riverside
Professor Geneviève Pagé, Université du Québec à Montreal, Canada
Professor Patricia McMullen, Dalhousie University 
Professor Elena Namli, Uppsala University
Professor Emeritus Martin Atkinson, University of Essex
Professor David Whyte, University of Liverpool 
Professor Israr Qureshi, IE Business School, Spain
Professor John Smith, University of East London
Professor Scott Schaffer, The University of Western Ontario 
Professor Claudia Garcia Cavalcante, Federal University of Parana, Brazil 
Professor Hilary Rose, University of Bradford 
Professor Leslie G. Roman, University of British Columbia, Canada
Professor Geoff Krige, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
Professor Celia Britton, University College London
Professor Mohamed Ali Jendoubi, University of Carthage, Tunisia
Professor Denise Cuthbert, RMIT, Melbourne
Professor Lena Martinsson, University of Gothenburg 
Professor Ronald Paul, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Professor Ruth Simbao, Rhodes University, South Africa
Professor Tyler Shipley, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Toronto, Canada
Professor Filippo Osella, University of Sussex, UK
Professor Peter Gurney, University of Essex
Professor Stephen Huggett, Plymouth University, UK
Professor Ali Shehadeh, UAE University
Professor Sarath Ranganathan, Royal Children's Hospital 
Professor Jayne Osgood, Middlesex University, UK
Professor Tim McCreanor SHORE & Whariki Research Centre Massey University Auckland New Zealand
Professor Géraud Magrin, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Professor Sue Books, SUNY New Paltz
Professor Dorothy Griffiths OBE Imperial College London
Professor KM Swaileh, Birzeit University, Palestine
Professor Tamsin Meaney, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
Professor Phoebe Okowa, Queen Mary, University of London
Prof. Narender Ramnani, Royal Holloway, University of London
Professor Ian Scoones, IDS at University of Sussex
Professor Carrie L. Mitchell, University of Waterloo
Professor Kathleen Lennon, Philosophy, University of Hull
Prof Robert Van Niekerk, Rhodes University    
Professor Richard King, University of Kent
Professor Michael Guilfoyle, University of the Western Cape, South Africa 
Professor Mikael Granberg, Karlstad University
Emeritus Professor David Byrne Durham University
Professor emerita Britt-Marie Thurén, Sweden
Professor Suleiman Sharkh, University of Southampton
Professor Dr Encarnacion Gutierrez Rodriguez
Professor Catalina Bartlett, Michigan State University
Professor Emeritus Colin Eden, University of Strathclyde
Professor Freya Kodar, University of Victoria, Canada
Professor Colin F Robertson, University of Melbourne, Australia
Professor Mariana Valverde, University of Toronto
Professor Debra Parkes, Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia
Professor Jorge Moreno, Cal Poly Pomona
Professor Duncan Lockerby, University of Warwick, UK
Professor David A. Salomon, The Sage Colleges
Professor William Raban, University of the Arts London
Professor Fiona Probyn, University of Wollongong
Professor Jonathan M Woodham, University of Brighton
Professor Dr. Clayton M. Cunha Filho, Universidade Federal do Ceará, Brazil
Professor Phil Andrews, Monash University 
Professor Barbara Einhorn, University of Sussex
Professor Jacqueline Gahagan, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada
Professor Brenda Beagan, Dalhousie University, Canada
Professor Nick Watson, University of Glasgow
Profesor Marianne Marchand, Universidad de las Americas Puebla, Mexico
Professor Susan Michie, UCL
Professor Francine Chaine, Laval University, Canada
Professor Panu Minkkinen, University of Helsinki
Professor Hirsch Greenberg, Regina, SK, Canada
Professor Troels Lange, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
Professor Helen L. Johnson, University of Oxford, UK
Professor Christian Haesemeyer, University of Melbourne
Professor Graham Dawson, University of Brighton
Professor Bill Grantham, Loughborough University London
Professor Sanjay Seth, Goldsmiths, University of London
Professor Kalina Bontcheva, University of Sheffield
Professor Peter Silverstone, University of Alberta 
Professor Jon Rowberry, Sojo University, Japan
Professor Marina Adler, University of Maryland Baltimore County,  USA 
Professor Gina Masequesmay, California State University, Northridge
Professor Paul Kerswill, University of York, UK
Professor K. Arnold Chan (a US Citizen), National Taiwan University
Professor Dror WARSCHAWSKI, UQAM, Montréal, Canada
Professor Sa'diyya Shaikh, University of Cape Town
Professor Simon Robinson Leeds Business School
Professor Karl Spracklen, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Professor Jenny Hocking, Monash University, Australia
Professor Magnus Lundberg, Uppsala University, Sweden
Professor Christiane Wilke, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
Prof. Allison Gonsalves, McGill University
Professor Catherine  M Lee, University of Ottawa
Prof. Premesh Lalu, Centre for Humanities Research, University of the Western Cape
Professor Laura Bear, L.S.E.
Professor Lars Eckstein, University of Potsdam, Germany 
Professor Jen Mrchbank, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Professor Katerina Kolozova, ISSHS/University American College, Skopje
Professor Peter Sahlins, UC Berkeley
Professor Karen Corrigan, Newcastle University
Professor Rebecca Pates, Universität Leipzig, Germany
Professor Dasa Duhacek, University of Belgrade
Professor Paul Prinsloo, University of South Africa (Unisa)  
Professor Baden Offord, Centre for Human Rights Education, Curtin University, Australia
Professor Abdul Rahman Embong, National University of Malaysia
Professor Charlyn Dyers, University of the Western Cape
Professor Margarita Azmitia, University of California at Santa Cruz
Professor David Montemurro, University of Toronto
Professor Nor Faridah Abdul Manaf, IIUM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Professor Bob Brecher, University of Brighton, UK
Professor Jacqueline Knörr, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany
Professor Missy Morton, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Professor Maria Bates, Pierce College
Professor Marilyn Deegan, King's College London
Professor Mary Darmanin, University of Malta, Malta
Professor Shannon Dea, University of Waterloo, Canada
Professor Anders Bengtsson, Stockholm, Sweden
Professor Adrienne Carey Hurley, McGill University
Professor Ronelle Carolissen, Faculty of Education, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Professor Raimund Karl, Bangor University, UK
Professor Andrew Brown, University College London
Professor Kimberly Ruth, SUNY New Paltz
Professor Pieter Maeseele, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Professor Leonard Praeg, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Professor Nacira Guénif, University Paris 8
Professor Signild Vallgårda, Univeristy of Copenhagen
Professor Jonathan Davies, De Montfort University, Leicester
Professor Dibyesh Anand, University of Westminster
Professor Dr. Marianne Hirschberg, City University Bremen,  Germany
Professor Geoff King, Brunel University London
Professor Ian Bryceson, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway
Professor Adriana Scaletti, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Professor Abdel Salhi, The University of Essex, UK
Professor Bengt G. Karlsson, Stockholm University, Sweden
Professor Vicki Coppock, Edge Hill University, UK
Professor Gertrude Fester, Sol Plaatje University, South Africa
Professor Theo Marinis, University of Reading, UK 
Professor Anthony Zwi, The University of New South Wales, Australia
Professor Anna Maria Piussi, Verona University, Italy
Professor Francesca Bray, SSPS, University of Edinburgh
Professor Christine Bauhardt, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Professor Sumathy Sivamohan University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Professor Nicole Doerr, University of Copenhagen
Professor Mahmoud Afshar, Petroleum University of Technology
Professor John Cameron, Dalhousie University, Canada
Professor Emeritus Wolfgang Deckers, Richmond University
Profesor Marianne Marchand, Universidad de las Americas Puebla, Mexico
Professor Caroline Rooney, University of Kent
Professor Julia Eckert, Berne Switzerland
Professor Steven Russell, University of Cambridge, UK
Professor Roger Markwick, The University of Newcastle, Australia
Professor Guy Lebeer, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgique
Professor Mejed Hamzaoui, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Professor Salim Vally, University of Johannesburg
Professor Rahat Imran, University of the Punjab, Pakistan
Professor Divya Chari, Keele University
Professor Hiilamo, VID Specialized University, Oslo, Norway
Professor Vaille Dawson The University of Western Australia, Australia
Professor Manuela Eicher, University Lausanne and University Hospital Lausanne, Switzerland
Professor Paola Manduca, retired from University of Genoa, Italy
Professor Steven French, University of Leeds
Professor Jawed Siddiqi Sheffield Hallam University
Professor Luca Guzzetti - University of Genoa (Italy)
Professor Daniel E. Esser, American University, Washington, DC, USA
Professor Ann. M. Savage, Butler University
Professor Pat Thane, King's College, London
Professor Winnie Lem, Trent University, Canada
Professor Sergio Morra, University of Genova, Italy
Professor June Purvis, University of Portsmouth, UK
Professor Louis-Philippe Rochon, Laurentian University, Canada
Prof. Daniela Pessani, Turin University, Italy
Professor Mohamed Jeebhay, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Professor Linda Clarke, University of Westminster, London
Professor Pedro Vilanova, University of Barcelona, Spain
Prof. Dr Monika Kostera, Durham University
Professor John P. Portelli, University of Toronto
Professor Stephanie Bunclark, Okanagan College, Canada
Professor Martin Sökefeld, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich
Professor Gilberto B Domont, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Prof Sandy Lazarus, University of the Western Cape and the University of South Africa
Professor Daniel Le Grange, UCSF, USA
Professor Daphna Arbel, University of British Columbia
Prof. Dr. Ian Towers, SRH Hochschule Berlin 
Prof. David Jamar, University of Mons, UMONS
Professor Remy Tremblay, TELUQ-University of Quebec, Canada 
Professor Mary Lou Rasmussen, Australian National University 
Professor Luiza Bialasiewicz, University of Amsterdam
Professor Sarah Tuttle, University of Washington, Seattle
Professor Eric Palmer, Allegheny College
Professor Joanna Freeland, Trent University, Canada
Professor Rowland Atkinson, University of Sheffield
Professor John Orchard, University of Sydney
Professor Dario Padovan, University of Torino, Italy
Alan Feigenberg, Professor of Architecture, CCNY Chapter of PSC-CUNY
Professor Friedrich Junge, University of  Göttingen, Germany
Professor Leslie A. Howe, Philosophy, University of Saskatchewan
Professor Ghazali Musa, University Malaya, Malaysia
Prof. Dee Reynolds, University of Manchester
Professor Rita Terezinha Schmidt, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil
Professor Brad Werner, University of California - San Diego
Professor Stewart Clegg, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Professor Jerry Carbo, Shippensburg University
Prof. Gioregio Matricardi, University of Genoa (Italy)
Prof. Gerd Antes, University of Freiburg
Professor Anthony Doob, University of Toronto
Prof. Jutta L. Mueller, University of Osnabrueck, Germany
Professor Christine McWebb, University of Waterloo, Canada
Professor Eric Mwambene, University of Western Cape, South Africa
Professor Sean O'Brien, Newcastle University
Professor Suzanne de Castell, Emerita, Simon Fraser University, U.O.I.T.
Prof Lynette Steenveld, Rhodes University, South Africa
Professor Emeritus Edward D. Tymchatyn, University of Mathematics
Professor Patrick Williams, Nottingham Trent University
Professor Katherine Nastovski, McMaster University 
Professor Adrian M. Owen, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Prof Michelle Shockness, Redeemer University College, Canada
Prof. Emeritus. Jochen Robert Moehr, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C., Canada
Professor Beate Binder, Humboldt-University, Berlin
Professor Dr. Stephanie Birkner, University of Oldenburg
Professor Tim May, University of Sheffield
Professor Emeritus Thomas Brown, Simon Fraser U., Vancouver, Canada
Professor Hilary Povey, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Professor Carl Leggo, University of British Columbia, Canada
Professor Martin Breaugh, York University, Canada
Professor Kamran B Lankarani M.D
Professor Brenda Wilson, University of Ottawa, Canada
Professor Pauline Norris, University of Otago, New Zealand 
Professor Gerhard J. Herndl, University of Vienna, Austria
Professor Helen Roberts, UCL, London
Prof. Omer Siddig. Nottingham University
Professor Allyson Jule, Trinity Western University, Canada
Professor Laura Penny, College of Charleston, USA
Prof. Lorenzo Mattera University of Genova, Italy
Prof. Mary E John, CWDS, New Delhi
Professor Richard Cunningham, Acadia University
Prof G Damaj, Normandy University, France
Professor Nivedita Menon, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India
Prof. Mohan Rao, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
Prof ANITA Ghai Ambedkar University Delhi
Professor Christine Wiesenthal, University of Alberta, Canada
Professor Michael E. Gardiner, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Professor Masahito Hasegawa, Kyoto University, Japan
Prof Nandini Manjrekar, TISS, India
Prof. Franco Montanari, University of Genoa (Italy)
Professor Henry Rzepa, Imperial College London
Prof. Abdelhamid Attia, Cairo University, Egypt
Professor Maurice van Steensel, Institute of Medical Biology, Singapore
Professor Dr Friedo Dekker, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands
Professora Rosane da Silva Borges, University of São Paulo and São Judas
Prof Frits R Rosendaal, Leiden University Medical Center 
Professor Laurence Conty, University of Paris 10 (France)
Professor Ros Ballaster, University of Oxford, UK
Professor Sakineh Hajebrahimi Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran
Professor Elizabeth Littlejohn, Sheridan ITAL, Canada
Prof. Ralph Smith, University of Waterloo, Canada
Prof Heriberto Rodriguez-Martínez, Linköping University, SeR
Professor Kerstin Ekberg, Linköping university, Sweden
Professor William Cole, University of Calgary, Canada
Professor Tobias Larsson, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
Professor Sarah Lewis University of East Anglia
Professor Dora Sanchez Hidalgo, Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico
Prof Azeem Badroodien, CPUT, Cape Town, South Africa
Professor Yasien Sayed, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
Professor Elias Castanas, University of Crete, School of Medicine, Greece
Michael Josephs, Professor of Languages, Rhodes University
Tuija Muhonen, Professor, Malmö University, Sweden
Diane Sonnenwald, Emerita Professor, University College Dublin
Ken Tamminga, Distinguished Professor of Landscape Architecture, Penn State University
Heidi Riggio, Professor of Psychology, California State University, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dr Garth Warnock , Professor University of British Columbia
Ahlam Muhtaseb, Professor of Communication Studies, California State University, San Bernardino
Professor Kathleen Solose, University of Saskatchewan
Marie Campbell, Professor Emerita, University of Victoria, Canada
David Davis, Professor Emeritus, Birmingham City University
Dr. Professor Hillevi Lenz Taguchi, Stockholm University, Sweden
Christine Overall, Professor Emerita of Philosophy and University Research Chair, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Ken Collier, Professor (ret.), Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada
Professor Stephen Petrina, University of British Columbia, Canada
Professor Duncan Etches, Vancouver, Canada
Dr. Donna Giberson, Prof. Emerita, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada
Emeritus Professor Gavin Edwards, University of South Wales
Patricia Penn Hilden, Prof. Emerita, University of California, Berkeley
Professor Emeritus Tom Leonard Glasgow University
Professor emeritus Olavi Pelkonen, University of Oulu, Finland
Patricia Penn Hilden, Professor Emerita, University of California, Berkeley
Jenny Bourne Taylor, Professor Emerita, University of Sussex, UK
Margaret Montoya, Professor Emerita of Law, University of New Mexico
Nora Räthzel, Professor emerita, University of Umeå, Department of Sociology, Sweden
Professor Emeritus Andrew Rigby, Coventry University, UK
Keith Pringle, Uppsala University, Professor Emeritus, Sweden
Bernard Porter, Emeritus Professor, University of Newcastle, UK
Professor emeritus Steven Rose, Open University
Prof.emeritus Richard Herrmann, University of Basel, Switzerland
Prof Andrew Maxwell, Lassonde School of Engineering, York University, Toronto, 
Professor Emerita Sue Ballyn, Barcelona
Dr Nigel Harris, Professor Emeritus, University College London 
C Brian Warriner, Professor Emeritus, UBC Deparmtment of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Emeritus Professor Jill Julius Matthews, Australian National University 
Dan Christie, Prof Emeritus, Ohio State University, USA
Professor Emeritus Abdul Rahman Embong, National University of Malaysia
Professor Emeritus Andrew Spencer, University of Essex
Derek Sayer, University of Alberta (Professor Emeritus)
Anne Wichmann Emeritus Professor  University of Central Lancashire, UK
Jeanne Marecek, Professor Emerita, Swarthmore College
Vernellia Randall, Professor Emerita of Law, The University of Dayton
Joanna Bornat, Emeritus Professor, The Open University
George Caffentzis, University of Southern Maine, Emeritus Professor
Machiko Nissanke, Emeritus Professor, SOAS, University of London
Professor Emeritus Chris Rust, Oxford Brookes University, UK
Dr. Martha Montero-Sieburth, Professor Emerita, University of Massachusetts-Boston, Lecturer, Amsterdam University College
Professor emeritus Daniel Kallós, Umeå university, Sweden
Andrew Paul Gutierrez Professor Emeritus, University of California Berkeley
Greggor Mattson, Associate Professor of Sociology and Chair of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Oberlin College
Professor emeritus Manfred Wettler, Univ. Paderbornorn
Lawrence Davidson, Professor Emeritus, West Chester University
Lyn Innes, Emeritus Professor, University of Kent
Professor Emertia Colleen Lundy, Carleton University, Canada
Sara Ahmed, Independent Scholar, UK
Nina Power, University of Roehampton
Deborah Cowen, University of Toronto
Jasbir Puar, Rutgers University
Sarah Lamble, Birkbeck Law School
Ruth Fletcher, Queen Mary, University of London
Caoimhe Mader McGuinness, Queen Mary University of London
Renisa Mawani, University of British Columbia
Humaira Saeed, Nottingham Trent University
Amanda Dalola, University of South Carolina
Eddie Bruce-Jones, Birkbeck Law School
Jenny Bunker, University of Roehampton
Mariam Aboelezz, British Library
Thomas Kemple, University of British Columbia
Irina Ceric, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Peter Pawlak, University of British Columbia 
Tara Lyons, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Caroline Hodes, University of Lethbridge
Francesca Romeo, UC Santa Cruz
Elizabeth Sibilia City Univeristy of New York, PhD Candidate
Iman Baobeid, University of British Columbia
Wendy Chan, Simon Fraser University
Katherine Dunster, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Rima Wilkes, University of British Columbia
Karen Pearlston, University of New Brunswick
Tara Atluri, Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto
Elise Danielle Thorburn, Brock University
Stacy Douglas, Carleton University
Nisha Nath. University of Alberta
Lee Chalmers, University of New Brunswick
Adele Perry, University of Manitoba
Robert Innes, University of Saskatchewan
Dr Tanzil Chowdhury, University of Manchester
David Champagne, University of British Columbia
Susan Johnston, Camosun College
Cameron Duder, Independent Scholar
Sujith Xavier, Fac of Law, Windsor
Carmela Murdocca, York University
Johannah May Black, York University
Andrew Gow, University of Alberta
Karen Dubinsky, Queen's University Kingston
Ashok Kumar, Queen Mary University of London
Kevin Stranack, Simon Fraser University
Gareth Dale, Senior Lecturer in Politics, Brunel University, London
Joanne Barker, San Francisco State University
Nicole Luongo, University of British Columbia
Thomas Mengel, University of New Brunswick
Yoke-Sum Wong, Lancaster University
Jillian Rogin, University of Windsor
Emily Truong, University of British Columbia
Lisa Forman, University of Toronto
Colleen Matthews, PhD Candidate, Osgoode Hall Law School of York University
Nancy Jackson, University of Toronto
Claire Mumme, University of Windsor
Malou Windeler, University of British Columbia / Free University of Berlin
Ethan Jackson, Wilfrid Laurier University
Chris Albinati, Osgoode Hall Law School
Jeremiah Gaster, York University
Pat Camp, University of British Columbia
Kerry Greer, University of British Columbia
Kate Davison, University of Melbourne
Todd Gordon, Laurier University
Tanya Serisier, Birkbeck Law School
Sara M. Grimes, University of Toronto
Christopher Bautista Ramos, Duke University
Zack Clancy, University of Northern Colorado
Jasminka Kalajdzic, University of Windsor
Manon Niquette, Université Laval
Mary Danico, Cal Poly Pomona
Jennifer Mateer, University of Victoria
Julie McCandless, London School of Economics
Hasan Shahid Ferdous, University of Melbourne
Jens Hanssen, University of Toronto
Adam Miyashiro, Stockton University
Bruce Erickson, University of Manitoba
Jess Bonnan-White, Stockton University
Ju Hui Judy Han, University of Toronto
Nhung Tuyet Tran, University of Toronto
Lauren Corman, Brock University
E Wayne Ross, University of British Columbia
Issam Aburaya, Seton Hall University
Dr. Julie Caron, MD, MSc, Researcher
Joey Takeda, University of British Columbia
Lisa Freeman, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Maria Kovacs, Wellington, New Zealand
Heike Schaumberg, Gino Germani, Argentina
Catherine Duchastel de Montrouge, York University
Josh Lalonde, York University/University of Ottawa
Simon A. Dougherty, Institute for Social Justice, Australian Catholic University
Angela Stanley, York University
Brian Donnelly, Ph.D., Sheridan College Oakville ON
Jack Hicks, University of Saskatchewan
Aaron Hostetter, Rutgers University-Camden
Mark Thomas, York University
Sky Croeser, Curtin University
Daoud DJEFAFLA, University of Biskra Algérie
Robert Marshall, Curtin University, Australia
Val Fullard, Researcher
Ali Mozaffari, Deakin Univeristy and Curtin University
Fran Martin, University of Exeter
Michael Truscello, Mount Royal University
Rebecca Selberg, Lund University
Clément Tse-Che, University of Toronto
Shannon Walsh, University of British Columbia
Maria Persdotter, Roskilde University
Jordana Greenblatt, York University
Kimberly A. Williams, Ph.D., Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB Canada
Shayna Sayers-Wolfe, University of Toronto
Jen Wrye, North Island College
Thor Kerr, Curtin University
Lara Palombo, Macquarie University
Volodymyr Machuskyy, Kyiv National Economic University
Sarah Turnbull, Birkbeck, University of London
Alison Phipps, University of Sussex
Chris Wiseman, York University
Zoe Stewart, University of Cambridge
Yvonne Jewkes, University of Brighton
Tara Mulqueen, University of Warwick
Lindy Barbour, University of Edinburgh
Tova Bennet, Lund University
Andrea Brock, University of Sussex
Jennifer Fraser, University of Westminster
Megan Ybarra, University of Washington
Nimanthi Rajasingham, Colgate University
Yvette Russell, University of Bristol Law School
Zarah Khan, University of Toronto
Zubeir Khan, University of Toronto
Waqas Tufail, Leeds Beckett University
Carolus Grütters, Centre for Migration Law, Radboud University Nijmegen The Netherlands
Rashné Limki, University of Essex
Kate Maclean, Birkbeck, University of London
Stephen Ashe, University of Manchester
Pasale Hatcher, Ritsumeikan University - Japan
Louise Livesey, University of Gloucestershire
Bethany Peddlesden, the University of Melbourne
Aaron Kaiser-Chen, Columbia University and London School of Economics
RacheL Seoighe, Middlesex University
Anthony Leaker, University of Brighton
Toru Yamamori, Doshisha University
Marie Hutton, University of Sussex
Vibe Martens, European University Institute
Brian Lowry, University of New Brunswick
Dina Mansour-Ille, Overseas Development Institute, London
Leon Sealey-Huggins, University of Warwick
Helen M Gunter, University of Manchester
David Owen, University of Southampton
Jonathan Davies, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
Julius Elster, University of Birmingham
Adam Phillips, University of Brighton
Uroš Zver, European University Institute
Joseph Pugliese, Macquarie University
Martin Savransky, Goldsmiths, University of London
Katy Harsant, University of Warwick
Mark Carrigan, The Sociological Review
Yaiza Hernandez Velazquez, University of the Arts, London
Justine Schneider, University of Nottingham
William Outhwaite, Newcastle University, UK
Nasar Meer, Strathclyde University, Scotland
Valentina Gallo, Università di Padova (Italia)
Rosalind Carr, University of East London
Deborah Withers, University of Bristol
Nitasha Kaul, University of Westminster, London
Leah Bender, University of Toronto alumna
Sohoon Lee, University of Sydney
Tetty Havinga, Radboud University
Andreas Zaunseder, University of Aberdeen
Carmen Di Vito, Researcher
Parvez Alam, University of Delhi, India
Lucy Mayblin, University of Warwick, UK
John Moore, Newman University, Birmingham, UK
Matt Dawson, University of Glasgow
Jenny Phillimore, University of Birmingham
John Brissenden, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom
Suhail Ahmad Lone, NIT Srinagar
Will Atkinson, University of Bristol
Dr Michelle Newman, Coventry University
Victoria Redclift, University of Surrey
Roger Welch, University of Portsmouth
Reza Gholami, Keele University
Natalie Soleiman, Keele University
Sara Edenheim, Umeå University, Sweden
Mehdi Boussebaa, University of Glasgow
Latefa Narriman Guemar, Researcher
Susan Buckingham, Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge
Bethan Harries, University of Manchester
Melissa Tyler, University of Essex
Terese Jonsson, University of Portsmouth
Thomas Swann, Loughborough University
Alan Sears, Sociology, Ryerson University
Ania Zbyszewska, University of Warwick
Marcus Morgan, University of Cambridge
Ioana Țîștea, University of Oulu
Luis Eslava, Kent Law School
Bridget Byrne University of Manchester 
Victoria Margree, University of Brighton
Sarah Burton, Goldsmiths
Sian Hawthorne,  SOAS University of London
Minna Seikkula, University of Turku
Kathleen O'Donnell, Oxford Brookes University 
Luke Martell, University of Sussex
Patricia Schor, Utrecht University
Carol Dennis, University of Hull
Earl Harper, Doctoral Candidate, The University of Bristol, UK
Thomas Marois, SOAS University of London
Dr Paul Bagguley, University of Leeds
Stephanie Berry, University of Sussex
Daria Krivonos, University of Helsinki
Amy Niang, University of the Witwatersrand
Anna Carastathis, Ph.D., Independent Researcher, Athens
Sophie Loy-Wilson, University of Sydney 
Claire Blencowe, University of Warwick
Heather McLean, University of Glasgow
Shoshana Fine, Sciences Po
Ina Juva, University of Helsinki
Joseph Burridge, University of Portsmouth, UK
Anuradha Banerji, Ambedkar University
Carl Mallett, Warwick University
Gary Anderson, Liverpool Hope University
Valerie Cooper, Hong Kong Baptist University
Mario Novelli, University of Sussex 
Ruth Dineen, Higher Education Academy, UK
Marco Antonsich, Loughborough University
Kerry Harman, Birkbeck
Katrin Pfeil, University of Cambridge
Usha Natarajan, American University in Cairo
Derek Johnston, Queen's University, Belfast
Dario Dzananovic, Radboud University Nijmegen
Clionadh Raleigh, University of Sussex
Stephen Mennell, University College Dublin
Simon Cross, Nottingham Trent University
Michael Pickering, Loughborough University
Antti-Ville Kärjä, Music Archive JAPA
Francoise Sullet-Nylander, Stockholm University
Nuno Ferreira, University of Sussex
Mairead Enright, Birmingham Law School
Hannah Holtschneider, University of Edinburgh
Anna Luisa Schmid, Berlin, Germany
Carl Rhodes, University of Technology Sydney
Emily Jones, SOAS, Univeristy of London
James Hampshire, University of Sussex
Jennifer Jones, University of the West of Scotland 
Aditi Jaganathan, Brunel University 
Panda Eriksson, Åbo Akademi University
Taru Leppänen, Lecturer, University of Turku
Shehla Khan, Keele University 
Merja Anis, University of Turku
Angela Last, University of Warwick
John Drury, University of Sussex
Mari Säisä, University of Turku
Tomaso Ferrando, Warwick Law School
Aurelie Sicard, Dublin City University
Graham Hole, University of Sussex
Mohd Yasir Khan, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Richard de Visser, University of Sussex 
Jan Selby, University of Sussex
Tuija Saresma, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Andy Field, University of Sussex
Nisha Kapoor, University of York, UK
Rebecca Pointer, University of Witwatersrand, School of Governance
Paolo De Luca, Loughborough University 
Justin Cruickshank, University of Birmingham
Ritva Maria Jacobsson, Stockholm University
Kirsty Garbett. Loughborough University
Dr Michaela Benson, Goldsmiths
Vic Blake, Independent Researcher
Pat Lockley, Independent Researcher
Katy Sian, University of York
Sally Brooks, University of York
Geoff Birch, University of Southampton
Emma Nortio, University of Helsinki
Raphael Salkie, University of Brighton
Lily Asquith, University of Sussex
Miriam Ovadia, FU Berlin
Constantin Wagner, University of St. Gallen
Brigit McWade, Lancaster University
Jon Loveday, University of Sussex
Jane Sunderland, Lancaster University
Paul Brook, University of Leicester, UK
Nina Järviö, University of Helsinki
Agnes Marchessou, Birkbeck University of London
Joe Turner, University of Sheffield
Gwyneth Lonergan, University of Manchester
Kamran Matin, Sussex University
Richenda Power, Open University
Rose Sydney Parfitt, Melbourne Law School / Kent Law School
Dan Grace, University of Sheffield
Dr David James Manchester Metropolitan University
Caroline Tagg, Open University
Shruti Ravi, Independent Researcher
Rebecca Carter Dillon, University of Plymouth UK
Dr Lesley Catchpowle  University of Greenwich
Debra Ferreday, Centre for Gender and Women's Studies, Lancaster University
John Reynolds, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Tony McCaffrey Ara Institute Christchurch New Zealand
Victor Cova, Aarhus University
John R Campbell, School of Oriental & African Studies, London
Thomas Cowan, King's College London
Darren Garside, Bath Spa University
Koshka Duff, University of Sussex
Joyce Canaan, Birmingham  City Univerity 
Luke de Noronha, Oxford University, UK
Lieve Donnellan, VU University Amsterdam
John Richardson, Loughborough University, UK
Başak Ertür, Birkbeck Law School
Diana Yeh, City, University of London
Susan Matthews, University of Roehampton
Christopher Ryan, London Metropolitan University
Dania Thomas, University of Glasgow
Jasbinder S. Nijjar, Brunel University London
Simon Hewitt, University of Leeds
Ralph Levinson, University College London Institute of Education
Louise Carver, Birkbeck University of London
Katherine Spowage, University of Leeds
Gyunghee Park, University College Cork
Sayantan Ghosal, Glasgow University
Rossi D'Souza, TIFR India
Wilma Fraser, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
Jenny Lieu, University of Sussex
Sabita Menon, University of Sussex
Jennifer Rusted, University of Sussex
Shelly Johnson, Thompson Rivers University
Tsegaye Ararssa, University of Melbourne
Thomas Houlton, University of Sussex
Immi Tallgren, University of Helsinki
Francis Roake, University of Sussex
Simon Williams, University of Sussex
Lukasz Dziedzic, Tilburg University
Katrien De Graeve, Ghent University
Naureen Durrani, University of Sussex
Michelle Lefevre, University of Sussex
Andrea Brady, Queen Mary University of London
Patricio Saavedra Morales, PHD student, University of Sussex
Jordan Raine, University of Sussex
Robin Dunford, University of Brighton
Shady Chapple, Southern Cross University 
Philomena de Lima , University of the Highlands and Islands - Inverness 
Lucy Robinson, University of Sussex
Jarmila Rajas, University of Helsinki
Laura Fenton, University of Manchester
Raffaella Calabrese, University of Edinburgh
Alex Prichard, University of Exeter, UK
T Davies-Barnard, University of Bristol
Catherine Packham, University of Sussex
Ben Fincham, University of Sussex
Laura Canning, Falmouth University
Gurpreet Kaur, Ambedkar University Delhi, India
Connor Winterton, Birmingham City University 
Luca Morini, Coventry University
Elif Grant, University of Roehampton
Sarah Godfrey, University of East Anglia
Michael Goddard, University of Westminster
Kate Howland, University of Sussex, UK
Gabriela Welch, University of Melbourne
Dr Barbara Henderson, Independent Researcher
Lorraine Smith, University of Sussex
Nathan Moore, Birkbeck College
Dina Matar, SOAS
Silke Arnold-de Simine, Birkbeck
Robert Moore, University of Liverpool
Christian De Cock, University of Essex 
Michael Guggenheim, Goldsmiths, University of London
Julia Winstone, University of Sussex
Alisa Lebow, University of Sussex
Jill Armstrong, Murray Edwards College Cambridge
Janet Jones, London South Bank University
Dr Mika Peck, University of Sussex
Anna Zaluczkowska, Leeds Beckett University
Yara Evans, Queen Mary, University of London
Céline Barry, Freie Universität Berlin
Maeve McKeown, University of Oxford
Hannah Jones, University of Warwick
Bruce Eadie, Birkbeck, University of London
Sian Beavers, The Open University 
Alan White, Anglia Ruskin University
Emma Hill, Coventry University 
Marie Gibert, University of Portmouth
Sarah Atkinson, King's College London
Cat Mahoney, Northumbria University 
Susanne Charlesworth, Coventry University
Martin Hubley, Dalhousie University and Nova Scotia Museum
Dr Shakira Bedoya, Independent Consultant
Maria Federica Moscati, University of Sussex
Tony Sampson, University of East London
Bernard Sufrin, University of Oxford
Maria Leedham, The Open University
Alison Winch, University of East Anglia
Barbara Crossouard, University of Sussex
Surinder Guru, University of Birmingham (UK)
Vicki Taylor, Open University, Birmingham University, London South Bank University
Ioana Cerasella Chis, University of Birmingham
Jeremy Page, University of Sussex
Eva Duda-Mikulin, Manchester Metropolitan University
Tom Frost, University of Sussex 
Jessica Horst, University of Sussex
Mark Subryan, Sheffield Hallam University 
Sam Staddon, University of Edinburgh
Andrea Koch, Humboldt University Berlin
Jana Cattien, SOAS University of London
Erika Alm, University of Gothenburg, Sweden 
Dr Eleftheria Lekakis, University of Sussex
Michael Billig, Loughborough University
Joanna Gilmore, University of York, UK
Jenny Edkins, Aberystwyth University
Mark Subryan, Sheffield Hallam University
Katharina Stadler – Independent Researcher
Hannele Harjunen, University of Jyväskylä
Dr Seyed Shariatipour, Coventry University
Alison Mohr, University of Nottingham
Clemens Hoffmann, University of Stirling, Scotland
Ruth Segal, University of Sussex
Renita Sörensdotter, Uppsala University, Sweden
Bingul Durbas, IDS, University of Sussex, UK
Jo Westbrook, University of Sussex
Paola Rivetti, Dublin City University
Teodora Todorova, University of Warwick
Charlotte Stevens, Birmingham City University
Megan Girdwood, University of York
Alex Pollard, Brighton & Sussex Medical School  
Natalie Fenton, Goldsmiths University of London
Elena Soroliou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Lucy Finchett-Maddock, University of Sussex
Marie Thompson, University of Lincoln 
Sarah Tonsy, IEP Aix, CHERPA 
Shirin Saeidi, George Mason University 
Arianne Shahvisi, Brighton & Sussex Medical School
Tracey Feltham-King, University of Fort Hare
Anandi Ramamurthy, Sheffield Hallam University
Richard Greenhill, University of East London
Nick Barter, Griffith University
Anne-Charlotte Husson, Université Paris 13, France
Kay Peggs, Kingston University
Andrea Iossa, Lund University 
Themis Apostolidis, Aix-Marseille University, France
Caroline Magennis, University of Salford
Scott Gaule, Manchester Metropolitan University (Visiting Fellow)
Tadele Asitatikie Dagne, University of Trento
Rose Holyoak, University of Bristol
Ingrid Lynch, Human Sciences Research Council and Rhodes University, South Africa
Susan Stryker, University of Arizona
Dr Omer Tekdemir, Univeristy of Leicester, UK
Sarah Maltby, University of Sussex
Gavin Butt, University of Sussex
Jill Boggs University of Oxford 
Marie Gibert, University of Portsmouth
Kalpana Wilson, Birkbeck, University of London
Vivian Vignoles, University of Sussex, UK
Nat Raha, University of Sussex & Edinburgh College of Art
Sanghita Sen, University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK
Victoria Byard, Falmouth University
Silvia Diaz-Fernandez, Coventry University
Nicola Jearey Graham, Rhodes University, South Africa
Lucy Welsh, Univeristy of Sussex
Aisling O'Sullivan, University of Sussex
Huda Lutfi, Independent Researcher
Natalia Torres Zuniga, University of Oslo
Neville Adams,  Independent Researcher
Karen Lowton, University of Sussex
Helena Kovacs, ELTE Budapest
Abigail Wodoward, CRESR Sheffield Hallam University
Ama Hammond, University of Ghana
Antony Fredriksson; Åbo Akademi University
Lez Cooke, Royal Holloway, University of London
Alon Lischinsky, Oxford Brookes University
Sandra Feliciano, Porto Polytechnic
Dr Jamie Medhurst, Aberystwyth University
Evangelos Ntontis, University of Sussex, UK
Dilip M Menon, Director Centre for Indian Studies in Africa, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
Irma Hirsjärvi, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Devyani Prabhat, University of Bristol 
Stephanie Janes, Royal Holloway, University of London
Philip Phillis, Independent researcher
Patrick Mthombeni, Ghent University
Jean-Baka Domelevo Entfellner, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Sherine Van Wyk, Stellenbosch University
Rebecca Draper, University of Nottingham / British Geological Survey, UK
Fotis Vergis, School of Law, University of Manchester
Ntokozo Swakamisa Ka-Motha, Independent Scholar 
Kathy Romer, University of Sussex
Rune Andersen, University of Tampere, Finland
Barbara Samaluk, Greenwich University
Christine Bylund, Umeå University, Sweden
Judith Suissa, UCL Institute of Education
Simona Guerra, University of Leicester
Nick Riemer, University of Sydney
Nayia Kamenou, De Montfort University
Giuseppe Acconcia, Bocconi University
Smina Akhtar, University of Bath
Holly-Gale Millette, University of Southampton
Alex Adams, Independent Scholar
Laura Teague, Goldsmiths College, University of London
Nickie Charles, University of Warwick
Catherine Walsh, Newcastle University
Jon Cloke, Loughborough University
Samuel Goff, University of Cambridge
Thanos Maroukis, University of Bath, UK
Emily Henderson, University of Warwick
Cristina Santinho, CRIA-IUL
Caitlin Scott, University of East Anglia 
Jack Denham, York St John University
Virginia Pitts, Independent Scholar
Gianluca Pollastri, University College Dublin, Ireland
Siti Nurnadilla Mohamad Jamil, Loughborough University, PhD candidate
Uta Lehmann, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
David Rudling, University of Winchester, England
Zoi Triandafilidis, Western Sydney University
Cath Lambert, University of Warwick
Rebecca Knecht, University of Bielefeld, Germany
Bill Keller, University of Sussex, UK
Kaja Klapsa, Freie Universität Berlin
Lena Näre, University of Helsinki, Finland
Joseph Ronan, University of Brighton
Eija Niskanen, University of Helsinki
Aidan Keane, University of Edinburgh
Abdalhadi Alijla, Institute for Middle East Studies, Canada
Barry Smart  University of Portsmouth
Jakob Hartl, University of Bristol
Ed Brown, Loughborough University
Laia Becares, University of Manchester
Michael Loughlin, Manchester Metropolitan University
Briony Brownless, Independent Researcher
Merran Toerien, University of York, UK
Lou Dear, Glasgow University
Krista Bondy, University of Bath, UK
Jakob Hartl, University of Bristol
Estella Carpi, University College London
Sarah Golightley, Social Work, University of Edinburgh 
Khursheed Wadia, University of Warwick, UK
Agnes Friedland, MD, approbated by the University of Ulm, Germany
Rachel Woodward, Newcastle University
Yassine Essaadi, Shizuoka Japan
Geoff Quilley, University of Sussex
Vivek Furtado, University of Warwick
Catherine Will, University of Sussex
Jacky Vallée, Vanier College
Uzma Barton, George Mason
Liana Sklia, Independent Researcher
Aleksandra Lewicki, Freie Universität Berlin
Maggie O'Neill, University of York
Patta Scott-Villiers, University of Sussex
Yassaman Estakhr, University of Stockholm
Ben Etherington, Western Sydney University
Dieuwertje Dyi Huijg, University of Manchester
Anne Marie Feeley, Medicine, University of Warwick
Evangeline Tsao, University of York, UK
David Bailin, University of Sussex, Brighton UK
Kate Taylor-Jones, University of Sheffield
Smina Akhtar, University of Bath
Anna Traianou, Goldsmiths University of London
Ebrahim Rahimi, Radboud University
Emily Hart, Criminology, Lancaster University
Leonardo Valenzuela Pérez, University of Jyväskylä
Dann Jessen, University of Westminster 
Maria Adams, University of Surrey 
Herminder Kaur, Loughborough University
Suraj Lakhani, University of Sussex
Rima Saini, City University of London
Amanda Rees, University of York UK
Anni Raw, Durham University
Doreen Fumia, Jack Layton Chair, Ryerson University, Toronto
Jennifer Fleetwood, University of Leicester 
Claire Sedgwick, De Montfort University 
Sanaa Alimia, Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin
Eva-Marie Knapp, University of Freiburg, Germany
Feona Attwood, Middlesex University, UK
Sherryl Wilson, University of the West of England, UK
Iain Lindsey, Durham University, UK
Pedro Salgado, University of Sussex
Ken Jones, Emeritus, Goldsmiths, London
M Dubad, University of Warwick
Frazer Heritage, University of Birmingham
Ibrahim Kanalan, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Lucy Gilson, University of Cape Town, South Africa and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
Adam Unwin, UCL, Institute of Education
Amy Thomas, University of Technology, Sydney
Francois Burgat, IREMAM Aix-Marseille France
Carly Guest, Middlesex University
Anisha Datta, King's University College at Western University London Canada
Leanne Brady, University of Cape Town, SA
Melissa Fernandez Arrigoitia, University of Lancaster
Ravi Thiara, University of Warwick
Tamsin Waterhouse, University of Birmingham
Mark Jacobs, Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Ksenia Ilinskaya, Free University Berlin, Germany
Dr Emina Hadziosmanovic, Research Associate, University of Warwick
Nahed Samour, Helsinki University/ Humboldt University Berlin
Laura Ruiz de Elvira, CNRS, France
Marius Ostrowski, University of Oxford
Sara Ahmadi-Abhari, University College London
Katherine Kruger, University of Sussex, UK
David Miller, Birkbeck College
Michalis Lianos, Uinversity of Rouen
Tina Magazzini, University of Deusto
Rebecca Nee, University of Warwick
Yves Le Juen, University of Sussex
Dr Mir Faisal, Researcher
Laurent Bonnefoy, Sciences Po (Paris)
Serene Hadj-Hammou, Nottingham Trent University
Cara Jardine, University of Strathclyde 
Joel Lazarus, University of Warwick
Giulio Marini, UCL, Institute of Education, UK
Linda Neubauer, Universität Oldenburg, Germany
Veena Meetoo, University College London
Paul Dowling, University College London
Muhammed Martini, Independent Researcher
Ena Hodzik, Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon
Lindah Lepou, Invercargill, New Zealand
Tara Muthoora,  University of Liverpool
Elina Westinen, University of Jyväskylä
Maggi Leung, Utrecht University
Reva Yunus, Sociology, University of Warwick
Yael Gerson, Goldsmiths University of London
Umit Yildiz, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, England
Lisa Kelly, University of Glasgow
Kirsten Cowley, Macquarie University
Holly Steel, Loughborough University
Julia Knight, University of Sunderland
Dr. Phillip Raclyn, Researcher
Mary Richardson, UCL Institute of Education, London
Louise Morley, University of Sussex
Tina Managhan, Oxford Brookes University
Kamala Kempadoo, York University Canada
Monica Greco, Goldsmiths, University of London
Emine Aslan, Goethe University Frankfurt
Rosie Flewitt, University College London, Institute of Education
Rachel Warburton, Lakehead University, Canada
Maddie Breeze, Queen Margaret University 
Catherine Lawless, Trinity College, Dublin
Sophie Lewis, University of Manchester 
Siti Salwa Md Sawari,  Faculty of Islamic Civilization, UTM
Mebratu Kelecha, University of Westminster 
Nazlin Bhimani, UCL Institute of Education
Edward Goetz, University of Minnesota 
Jassi Sandhar, University of Bristol
Ulrike Theuerkauf, University of East Anglia
Mechthild Exo, Berlin, Germany
Adam Elliott-Cooper, Kings College London
Matthew Burton, University of Bristol Law School
Moira Dustin, University of Sussex
Simon Weaver, Brunel University
Ben Hudson, University of Bristol
Katerina Hadjimatheou, University of Warwick
Pedro Tabensky, Rhodes University
Rebecca Atkinson, University of Sussex
Andreas Wetter, HU Berlin
Phaedra Shanbaum UCL, Institute of Education
Anaid Flesken, University of Bristol
Sabine Sharp, University of Manchester, UK
Richard Hall, De Montfort University, UK
Helen Schneider, University of the Western Cape
Eleanor Gilbert, University of Warwick
Mark Lennon, University of Sussex
Camelia Dewan, Birkbeck College, University of London
Helen Dixon, University of Sussex UK
Kaan Altan, Researcher
Ute Thiermann, Imperial College London
Matias Rodriguez Burr, University of Bristol
Dr Isabel Ruiz, University of Malaga, Spain
Ramfis Martir, Amsterdam
Johan Fornäs, Södertörn University, Sweden
Ahmad Ghouri, University of Sussex 
Andrea Cornwall, University of Sussex
Deborah Dickinson, City, University of London
Solange Mouthaan, University of Warwick
Rea Maglajlic, University of Sussex
Rehanna Siew-Sarju, York University 
Sarah Marusek, University of Johannesburg
Emily Grabham, University of Kent
Eurig Scandrett, Queen Margaret University, Scotland
Charlotte Villiers, University of Bristol
Eun Kyung CHOI, Seoul National University Hospital, South Korea
Ramy Abdu, Alaqsa University, Palestine
Helen Pritchard, Goldsmiths, University of London
Sami Khatib, AUB, Lebanon
Charlotte Branchu, University of Manchester
Gezahegn Abdissa, Wollega University
Mari Martiskainen, University of Sussex
Patrice Cohen, Université de Rouen Normandie, France
Ahmed A. Ali, University Putra Malaysia 
Judith Townend, University of Sussex
Safia Aidid, PhD Candidate, Harvard University
Brian Kelly, Queen's University Belfast
Hannah Uprety, University of Münster, Germany
Jan Knoetze, Rhodes University, South Africa
Hyun Bae Yoon, Seoul National University, Korea
Kate Byron, University of Bristol, UK
Sas Ansari, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University 
Mark Johnson, University of Liverpool
Valerie Farnsworth, University of Leeds
Ruth Heilbronn, UCL Institute of Eduation
Clara Bradbury - Rance, Manchester Metropolitan University
Jane Callaghan, University of Northampton, UK
David Gogishvili, Gran Sasso Science Institute
Jessica Simpson. City, university of London 
Jessica Hambly, University of Bristol 
Arshad Quraishi Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Katrina Roen, University of Oslo, Norway
Vanna Nordling, Lund University, Sweden
Mike Gulliver, University of Bristol
Anna Niedbala, University of Oxford
Sarah Cefai, University of Surrey
Melanie Griffiths, University of Bristol, UK
Sergio Graziosi, University College London
Chrysanthi Nigianni, Goldsmiths, University of London
Lina Shaheen, University of Warwick
Joao Florencio, University of Exeter
Jessica Gardner, University of Reading
Joanna Wilde, Aston University
Alexander J. Baker, University of Reading
Joao Florencio, University of Exeter
Sam Naidu, Rhodes University, South Africa
Amanda Conroy, University of Birmingham, UK
Anika Neubauer, University of Braunschweig, Germany
Linda Kirk ANU College of Law, Australian National University 
Lizzie Reed, University of Sussex and UWE
Katherine Kortes-Miller, Lakehead University , Canada
Marie Lall, University College London
Nikki Schaay, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Michael Fischer, Australian Catholic University & University of Oxford
Dr Aoife McMahon, Independent Researcher
Majid KhosraviNik, Newcastle University
Jeanne Prinsloo, Rhodes University, South Africa
Alejandro Gonzalez, University of Stockholm
Roosa Toriseva, University of Tampere, Finland
Federica Bueti, Royal College of Art 
Nicola Perugini, University of Edinburgh 
Oscar Martinez-Alvarado, University of Reading
Barbara Rahder, York University, Toronto
Ian Mahoney, Liverpool Hope University
Emmanuelle Bernheim, Université du Québec à Montréal 
Harpreet Bains, University of Greenwich
Jeanette Findlay, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow
Anni Movsisyan, University of Westminster
Catherine Foxcroft, Rhodes University, SA
Kaveh Yazdani, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
Jenny Morgan, Wayo Women's University, Chiba, Japan
Debra Benita Shaw, University of East London
Cecilia Baeza, Pontificia Universidade Católica (PUC), São Paulo, Brazil
Adam Kaasa, London School of Economics
Charlie Williams, University of Reading
Kerem Nisancioglu, SOAS, University of London
Sam Grant, SOAS University of London
Ruth Stirton, University of Sussex
Jennifer Chun, University of Toronto Scarborough 
David John Boyd, University of Glasgow
Rashid Ansari, University of Bristol
Matthew Brown, University of Oxford
Nova Ahmed, North South University, Bangladesh
Peter Plüddemann, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Ana Ballesteros, University of Barcelona
Rens van Munster, Danish Institute for International Studies
Valentina Zagaria, London School of Economics and Political Sciences
Erol Saglam, Birkbeck, University of London
David Thomas, Birkbeck Law School
Charlie Owen, University College London
Zafu Teferi, Curtin University 
J Devika, Centre for Development Studies, India
Richard Freeman, UCL Institute of Education
Sara De Benedictis, University of Nottingham
Maria Jung, University of Bremen, Germany
Sanaz Raji, Researcher and Activist, Justice4Sanaz & Unis Resist Border Controls
Sally Jane Norman, University of Sussex
Aanka Batta, Bournemouth University
Fabiana Lisco, Loughborough University
Imean Haru, Researcher
Guillaume Lecomte, University of Glasgow
Gillian R. Foulger, Durham University
Steven Stanley, Cardiff University
Sahra Taylor, City, University of London
Carina Westling, King's College London
Katja Keisala, University of Tampere
Dr. Alex Shenfield, Sheffield Hallam University
Aslak-Antti Oksanen, University of Bristol
Jaana Wessman, Helsinki University Hospital, Finland
Nicky Priaulx, Cardiff University 
Dimitri Cautain, SOAS Justice For Cleaners 
Ali Hammoudi, York University 
Trevor McArthur, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Alexander Sergeant, King's College London
Goldie Osuri, University of Warwick, UK
Tarik Kochi, University of Sussex
Mary Jane McCallum, University of Winnipeg
Ruth Turley, Cardiff University
Het Phillips, University of Birmingham
Rick Jones, University of Leeds
Domitilla Olivieri, University of Utrecht, NL
John Carroll, University of Sussex
Charl Davids, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Marilou Gagnon,  University of Ottawa 
Katie Webb, Cardiff University
Brett Mills, University of East Anglia, UK
Schirin Amir-Moazami, Free University Berlin
Denny Pencheva, University of Bristol, UK
Tom Betteridge, Independent Scholar
Kate Bedford, University of Kent
Abyd Quinn Aziz, Cardiff University
Duna Sabri, Kings College London
Caroline Upton, University of Leicester
David Mastey, University of the West Indies
Lena Gunnarsson, Lund University and Örebro University
Tanya Palmer, University of Sussex
Gregory Fenton, McMaster University
Sita Balani, King's College London
Nilufar Ahmed, Swansea University
Sarah Wilson, University of Stirling, Scotland
Hwa-Jen Liu, National Taiwan University
Kathryn Medien, University of Warwick 
Jon Leary, Loughborough University
Mark Pendleton, University of Sheffield 
Nicki Kindersley, Independent Scholar
Mohammed Salameh, An-Najah National University
Helene Sigloch, Universitaet Regensburg
Jenny Hultén, University of Gothenburg
Miriam Stock, University of Education Schwaebisch Gmünd
Johan Örestig, Umeå University, Sweden
Dr. Sue Ashford, Researcher
Kelsey Helgesen, PhD Student, Fielding Graduate University
John Lyons, University of Bristol
Pushyarag Puthusserry, University of Sussex
Alessandra Russo, Sciences Po Bordeaux
Emily Ryder, University of Glasgow
Kirstie Hawkey, Dalhousie University
Anne Bottomley, Kent Law School, University of Kent
Amin Parsa, Lund University
Katarina Hamberg, Umeå University, Sweden
Marietta Radomska, Linköping University, Sweden
Jillian Grey, Cardiff University
Todd Gordon Laurier University 
Mustapha El Mnasfi, Associate Researcher at the Jacques Berque Center, Rabat, Morocco
Issa Al Shabibi, Cardiff University
Samira Minetti, University of Leiden
Jess Haigh, University of Huddersfield
Gargi Bhattacharyya, University of East London
Joan Passey, University of Exeter, University of Bristol
Helga Tawil-Souri, NYU
Emily Falconer, University of Westminster 
Benjamin Selwyn, University of Sussex
Martin Weinel, Researcher, Cardiff University
Sezin Topcu, the French Scientific Research Center
Celine Cantat, Central European University, Hungary
Gudrun Nordborg, Umeå University
Varaina Stock, Lakehead University
Sven Lütt, University of Applied Sciences Kiel
Laurie Jacklin, Ryerson University
Joe Haslam, National Committee of the UK Students Assembly Against Austerity & member of the UK National Campaign Against Fees & Cuts 
Wendy McMahon, University of East Anglia 
Rachelle Vessey, Birkbeck, University of London
Sophie Louey, Université of Picardie Jules Verne, France
Niek de Kleijn, Post-doc, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Dr Ludovic Foster, University of Sussex 
Jo Blake, Cardiff University
Julia Gallagher, Royal Holloway, University of London
Tracey Jensen, Lancaster University
Katarzyna Puzon, Humboldt University, Germany
Stephen Jennings, Cardiff University
Lena Grip, Karlstad University, Sweden
Elen de Lacy, Cardiff University
Tara Mehrabi, Linköping University, Sweden
Marianne Blanchard, Université de Toulouse, France
Mark Borchers, Sustainable Energy Africa
Sheamus Sweeney, Boston University, Dublin Programs
Dr Emily Wykes, University of Nottingham
Hosu Kim, The City University of New York (College of Staten Island)
Carina Graf, University of Michigan
Aggeliki Sifaki, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Jenny Kean, York St John University
Giovanni Picker, University of Birmingham
Tina Beattie, University of Roehampton
Kelsey Mulder, University of Reading
Dr Fatma Osman Ibnouf, University of Khartoum, Sudan
France Rose Hartline, NTNU, Norway
Dr Ali H. A. Mohamed, University of Khartoum, Sudan
Iwo Nord, Södertörn University, Sweden
Mareike Beck, University of Sussex
Kasper Andreas Kristensen. Roskilde University, Denmark
Margherita Grazioli,University of Leicester, United Kingdom 
Dr Mokhtar Elareshi, University of Tripoli, Libya
Claudia Gillberg, JU, Sweden 
Malena Gustavson, Linköpings universitet, Sweden
Nora Honkala, City, University of London
Elias Andersson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Therese Svensson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Karin Hansson, Stockholm University; Sweden
Lorna MacBean, University of Glasgow
Dr Nabi, Independent Researcher
Dr Lori Allen, SOAS, University of London
Harshad Keval, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
Hülya Kosar Altinyelken, University of Amsterdam 
Faith Taylor, Queen Mary University of London 
Ros Edwards, University of Southampton
Lucy Jones, University of Nottingham UK
Natascha Sadr Haghighian University of the Arts Bremen, Germany 
Dr Jacek Drozda, independent, Poland
Emilia Weber, University College London
Anand Sheombar, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands
Elsa Favier, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France
Charlie Miller, University of Manchester
Dr. K. Patelis, Researcher
Bodil Maria Pedersen, University of Roskilde
Farah Kobaissy, American University of Beirut
Sarah Kamens, Yale University
Gabriella Melis, UCL Institute of Education
Olimpia Burchiellaro, University of Westminster
Eva Andersson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Neepa Majumdar, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Daniella Lock, University College London 
Jaspal Singh, Cardiff University, Wales
Katarzyna Herd, Lund University, Sweden
Lais Meneguello Bressan, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies - Geneva, Switzerland
Chandak Sengoopta, Dept of History, Birkbeck College-University of London, UK
Åsa Backlund, PhD University of Stockholm, Sweden 
Frédéric Chateigner, Université François Rabelais, Tours, France
Sue Walters, University College London, Institute of Education
Randolph B. Persaud American University, Washington DC
Dr Rachel Robbins, University of Central Lancashire, UK
Moné Makkawi, NYU
Emmanuel Fontaine, University of Reading, UK
Dr Carrie Mott, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Moné Makkawi, New York University
Mia Krokstäde, Lund university, Sweden
Josipa Saric, Kent Law School, University of Kent
Dr Guangtian Ha, SOAS, University of London
Liz McDonnell, Sussex
Jarrett Rudy, McGill University
Matthias Kispert, University of the Arts London
Katarina Winter, Stockholm University, Sweden
Sadaf Aziz, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan 
Olivier Nocaudie, PhD, University of Toulouse, France
Henrik Hansson, Associate Professor, Stockholm University, Sweden
Anders Wulff, Roskilde University, Denmark
Dr. Dean Bavington, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Hanna Hallgren, University of Gothenburg
Chantal Radley, PhD Candidate, Open University 
Anthony Collins, La Trobe University, Australia
Elin Thorsén, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Dr Ann Wand, Oxford University
Rebecca Swartz, University of Cape Town
Laure Célérier, EHESS, Paris, France
Claudia Petrilli, Independent Researcher, Canada
Michal Murawski, Queen Mary, University of London 
Signe Leth Gammelgaard, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Nadja Voigt, HU Berlin, Germany
Signe Leth Gammelgaard, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Sian Adey Cilia, Queen Mary University of London
Leila Brännström, Lund University
Kevin Edmonds, University of Toronto
Sam Dolbear, Birkbeck College, UK
Jena Habegger-Conti, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway
Dr Eva-Marie Bloom Ström, University of Gothenburg
Dr Annick de Witt, Delft University of Technology, The Neteherlands
Wendy Dyer, Northumbria University
Anton Jansson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Sher Muhammad, University of Sargodha
Stefan Williamson Fa, University College London, UK
Thomas Froh, University of Manchester
Emmy Eklundh, King's College London
Eugenia Siapera, Dublin City University, Ireland
Dr Jule Mulder, University of Bristol, UK
Semiha Sözeri, University of Amsterdam
Jean-Pierre Aubin VIMDES, FR
Pär Salander, Umeå University, Sweden
Sarah Breault, Independent Researcher
Hamish Anderson, SOAS, UK
Maciej Bilicki, Leiden University, the Netherlands
Danielle Breslin, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. 
Birgitta Hovelius, Lund university, Sweden
Frank-Olivier Chauvin, PHD Stud., Université de Rouen, France
Dr Jane Traies, University of Sussex, UK
Siv Fahlgren, Mid Sweden University
Vikki Ho, Université de Montréal, Québec, Canada 
Anais Massot, Leiden University, Netherlands
Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Syracuse University, USA
Hilary Aked, University of Bath
Magnus Larsson, Umeå University, Sweden
Dr Nina Held, University of Sussex, UK
Gudrun Dahl, Stockholm University
Nael Bhanji, York University, Canada
Dr Jill Daniels, University of East London, UK
Angela Cope, York University 
Karim Hammou, Cresppa-CSU / CNRS, France
John Rice TAFESA Adelaide
Mona Baker, University of Manchester, UK
Celeste Orr, University of Ottawa
Mariam Mecky, Researcher
Pao Kao, Uppsala University, Sweden
Susan Fitzpatrick, York St John University, UK
Dr Sadhvi Dar, Queen Mary University of London, UK
Nicola Horsley, Loughborough University, UK
Lucia Direnberger, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Switzerland
Len Platt, Goldsmiths, University of London
Cristina Rojas, Carleton University, Canada
Ruth Pearce, University of Warwick, UK
Heather Strange, Cardiff University
Terese Anving, Lund University
Raoul Galli, Stockholm University, Sweden
Giulia Piccolino, Loughborough University, UK
Sara Paiola, Birkbeck Law School
Basile Zimmermann, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Dr Anastasia Chamberlen, University of Warwick , UK
Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan, Carleton University 
Jasmina Nedevska Törnqvist, PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science, Stockholm University
Dr. Renny  Thomas,  University  of Delhi,  India 
Rachael Gilmour, Queen Mary University of London
Foad Torshizi, Columbia University in the City of New York
Maria Tonini, Lund University, Sweden 
Nox Dineen-Porter, York University, Toronto, Canada
Jennifer Cypher, York University, Canada
Myrto Tsilimpounidi, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Joanna Cuttell, University of Warwick, UK
Ramiro Armas, University of Toronto
Eva Knuts. University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Jane Kenway. Proessor. Monash University
Marco Bacio, University of Milan, Italy and Lund University, Sweden
Ramiro Armas, UofT
Siobhán Rocks, University of Leeds, UK
Rhi Humphrey, University of Glasgow 
Javier Moreno Zacarés, University of Warwick, UK
Patrik Zapata, University of Gothenburg, Sweden 
Karen Cuthbert, University of Glasgow
Remco Sleiderink, KU Leuven
Dr Karen Evans, University of Liverpool
Alex Brett, Imperial College London
Toni Wright, Canterbury Christ Church University
Abdellali Hajjat, University of Paris Nanterre, France
Jacq Hixson-Vulpe, York University 
Martin Shaw, University of Roehampton
Jo Benjamin Dybvik, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Karen Throsby, Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, Leeds University
Shadin Dowson-Zeidan, SOAS, University of London
Sophie Chamas, University of Oxford
Lynne Pettinger, University of Warwick
Pauline Delage, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland
Dr Laura Joyce, University of East Anglia 
Sara Stevano, SOAS University of London
Zoe Lawlor, University of Limerick, Ireland
Sophia Ermert, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
Lisa Kalayji, University of Edinburgh
Eleni Karageorgiou, PhD, Lund University, Sweden
Nina S. Studer, University of Bern, Switzerland
Dr Rob Waters, University of Sussex
Louise Chircop, University of Malta
Sinibaldo De Rosa, University of Exeter and Cardiff University
Rashmi Varma, University of Warwick 
Dr Nosipho Mngomezulu, South Africa 
Miriam Luft, Lancaster University 
Sabrien Amrov, PhD, University of Toronto, Canada
Sarah Barkin, Syracuse University
Dr Violeta Gonzalez-Perez, University of Portsmouth, UK
Natacha Kennedy, Goldsmiths College, London
Kate Clayton-Hathway, Oxford Brookes University
Michelle Proksell, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands
Darja Fiser, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tobias Axelsson, Örebro University
Laura Guy, Glasgow School of Art / University of Edinburgh
Michael Nightingale, University of Guelph
Rachel O'Neill, University of York, UK
Daiva Stasiulis, Carleton University, Canada
Nick Evans, Austrian Academy of Science 
Inês Carvalho, Universidade Europeia, Portugal
Sinead Ring, University of Kent
Feyzi Ismail, SOAS, University of London
Mark Griffiths, Northumbria University
Dr Salma Loudiyi, Assistant Professor, VetAgro sup, UMR Territoires, Clermont Université, France
Rebecca McInnes, University of Essex
Evelina Gambino, University of Nottingham
Harriet Harris, University of Edinburgh
Dr Samuel Burgum, University of Warwick, UK
Patrick Neveling, SOAS, University of London
Dr Amber Jacobs Birkbeck, University of London
Clare Jonas, University of East London
Bilal Bassiouni, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
Sanja Nilsson, PhD, Dalarna University, Sweden
Mette Bech Risør, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Vincent Guermond, Queen Mary University of London
Emma Jackson, Goldsmiths, University of London
Dr Annette Kamp, Roskilde University, Denmark
Dr Spyros Themelis, University of East Anglia
Martin Joormann, Lund University, Sweden
Tiffany Page, Goldsmiths, University of London
Thejs Brinckmann, RWTH Aachen, Germany
Phil C.W. Chan, Macquarie Law School
Akua Ofori, Columbia University
Katherine Harrison, Lund University Sweden & University of Copenhagen Denmark
Jordy Cummings, York University
Aura Lehtonen, London School of Economics 
Dr Ruth Novaczek, University of Westminster UK
Layal Ftouni, Utrecht University, NL
Susann Ullberg, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Myriam Houssay-Holzschuch, University Grenoble Alpes, France
Nadia Zakaria University Hospital Antwerp
Dr Gerrit Holl, University of Reading, Reading, UK
Dr Elizabeth Jackson, University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago
Kurosh Amoui, York University, Toronto
Maia Holtermann Entwistle, SOAS, UK
Manon Laurent, Concordia University
Kajsa Ohrlander, Uiversity of Stockholm, Sweden
Pascale Lehoux, University of Montreal
Joe Hayns, PhD candidate, University of Oxford
Tamsin Davies, Prifysgol Aberystwyth, Cymru
Georgia Mulligan, University of Warwick
Coralie Delhaye, PhD, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Dr Todd Wolfson, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA
Dr. Luna Glucksberg,  LSE,  UK
Dr Siobhan McGuirk, Georgetown University, Washington DC
Marta Garcia Aliaga, SOAS
Cathy Bergin, University of Brighton, UK
Andres Guadamuz, University of Sussex
Dr Carole Jones, University of Edinburgh
Kristin Linderoth, Lund University, Sweden
Dr Sophie Rees, University of Warwick
Mark Murphy, St Mary's University, Twickenham, UK
Dr. Nadia Fadil - KU Leuven 
Meysoon Amin, Carleton University, Canada
Sin Yi Cheung, Cardiff University
Pablo Castaño Tierno, PhD candidate Goldsmiths, University of London
Dr Maria do Mar Pereira, University of Warwick, UK
Graham Baxendale, University of Southampton 
Bob Jessop, Lancaster University, England
Justin Paulson, Carleton University
Erica Tempesta, Johns Hopkins University
Nicholas Pope, SOAS, University of London
Michael Grange, PostDoc, University of Oxford
Jo Brewis, University of Leicester, UK
Alissa Trotz, University of Toronto
Danielle Eiseman, DePaul University, Illinois, USA
Marta Esperti, Université Paris 13 Sorbonne Paris Cité
Anthony Ince, Cardiff University, Wales
Natalie Donaldson, Rhodes University, South Africa
Meredith Gamer, Columbia University, New York
Ronald G. Sultana, University of Malta
Dr Nienke van der Heide, Leiden University, the Netherlands
Simon Downs, School of Arts, English and Drama, Loughborough University, UK
Dr Sabrina Gilani, University of Sussex, UK
Shannon Woo, City University of London, UK
Dr Vera Scott, Senior Researcher, University of the Western Cape
Emily Moorlock, Sheffield Hallam University
Red Chidgey, King's College London, UK
Alexander McClelland, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada 
Freya Watkins, University of Birmingham, UK
Gale Coskan-Johnson, Brock University, Canada
Jane Helleiner, Brock University, Ontario
Katarina Giritli Nygren,  Mid Sweden University, Sweden
Dr Claire Chambers, University of York, UK
Thor Magnusson, University of Sussex
Nina Gren, Lund University, Sweden
Marie Houdart, Irstea, France
David Butz, Brock University, Canada
Dr Rahul Sambaraju, University of Limerick, Ireland
Katherine Boyce-Jacino, The Johns Hopkins University
Holly Turner, University of Reading
Dr Kay Standing, Liverpool John Moores University 
Dr Nessa Cronin, National University of Ireland Galway
Dr Owen Robinson, University of Essex, UK
Ronni Michelle Greenwood, University of Limerick, Ireland
Johanna Bergström, Mid Sweden University, Sweden
Susan Spearey, Brock University, Canada
Emma Anderson, York St John University
Monica Peña, Universidad Diego Portales
Victoria Clarke, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK 
Yazan Badran, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Ron Naiweld, CNRS, Paris
Ana Maria Almeida e Silva, University of Évora, PT
Emily van der Meulen, Ryerson University, Canada
Dr Wojciech Hellwing,  University of Portsmouth, UK
Karin Jarnkvist, Mid Sweden University, Sweden
Sandra Grehn, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Dr Natalie Kouri-Towe, Thorneloe University at Laurentian University, Canada
Didem Derya Ozdemir Kaya, University of Warwick
Dave Ashby, University of Leicester
Marlo Alexandra Burks, University of Toronto, Canada
Matilda Amundsen Bergström, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Jeannine Woods, NUI Galway, Ireland
Ayesha Ghanchi, Goldsmiths, University of London 
Walter Houston, University of Manchester and Mansfield College Oxford
Yasmeen Mekawy, University of Chicago, USA
Dina Georgis, University of Toronto
Susana Neves Alves, University College London,UK
Rehana Ahmed, Queen Mary University of London, UK
Jenny Slater, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Dr Eleanor Wilkinson, University of Southampton, UK 
Dr Marie-Eve Morin, University of Alberta, Canada 
Rima Majed, American University of Beirut
Marlo Alexandra Burks, University of Toronto, Canada
Eleanor Jupp. University of Kent
Diana Mulinari , University of Lund,Sweden
Alex Dymock, Royal Holloway University of London
Dr Tarik Sabry, University of Westminster
Kathy Kiloh, OCAD University, Toronto
Annika Rabo, Stockholm University, Sweden
Collin VanBuren, University of Cambridge
Ismael Al-Amoudi, Cardiff University
Helmi Ben Meriem, Independent Researcher. Tunisia 
Ben Mitchell, York University, Canada
Danni Glover, Ulster University
Karine Gentelet, UQO, Québec, Canada
Elaine Smith, University of Limerick, Ireland
Dr Stefania Taviano, University of Messina, Italy
Charley Wu, Max Planck Institute for Human Development
Charlea Muñoz, University of North Texas
Louisa Acciari, London School of Economics
Dominic O'Key, University of Leeds
Natalya Naqvi, University of Oxford
Amanda Wetmore, University of Toronto
Dr Marshall Moore, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Andrew Parnell, University College Dublin
Antonio Ortega Santos, Universidad De Granada
Gunnar Tiger, docent Umeå Universitet
Lovisa Bergdahl, Södertörn university
Joanna Swafford, SUNY New Paltz, USA
Harriet Malinowitz, Ithaca College
Dr Björn Heile, University of Glasgow
Keith Dando, Leeds Beckett University
Anne Montgomery, Columbia University
Sheryl Clark, Goldsmiths, University of London
Jill Nicholson, Portland Community College 
Bryan McCann, Louisiana State University 
Ceren Abacioglu, University of Amsterdam, NL
Stefano Pantaleone, University of British Columbia
Lesley Tarasoff, PhD candidate, University of Toronto 
Tshegofatso Thosago, University of Cape Town, South Africae Town
Scharie Tavcer, Mount Royal University 
Irene S Vernon, Colorado State University 
Ludi Price, City, University of London, SOAS
Dr Dida BADI CNRPAH, Alger
Rebecca Raby, Brock University, Canada
Helen Andersson, Uppsala University, Sweden
Amahl Bishara, Tufts University, United States
Abena Asare, Stony Brook University, USA 
Dr Caroline  Elbay, Champlain College Dublin, Ireland 
Dr Maria A Vogel, Stockholm University, Sweden
Jeannine M. Pitas, University of Dubuque
Kyley Houghton, University of Bristol Law School
David Leupold, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
Judit Kende, University of Leuven
Aziz Elmassri , Political scientist, History and Politics Forum
Casey McNeill, Johns Hopkins University
Dr Pollyanna Ruiz, University of Sussex
Amber Hickey, University of California, Santa Cruz
Malika Beloucif, University of Essex, UK
Cayley Bower, University of Western Ontario
Rebecca Burden, Cardiff University, UK
Dr Birgul Kutan, University of Sussex, UK
Katherine Frohlich, Université de Montréal, Canada
Rebecca Shtasel, University of Sussex, UK
Mikela Lundahl, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Akram Ibrahim, SUNY New Paltz
Dr Michelle Miller Stafford, Ontario College of Art and Design University
Seda Gürses, Princeton University/University of Leuven
Dr Shah-Jalal Sarker, Queen Mary University of London
Lotika Singha, University of York, UK
Patrick Saveau, Franklin University Switerland
Kiron Ward, University of Sussex
Mikela Lundahl, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Malin Nordvall, Chalmers University of Technology
Anastasia Tataryn, University of Liverpool
Sasha Braun, Brandon University, Canada
Katherine G Sammler, California State University Maritime Academy, US
Dr Juliane Jarke, Bremen University, Germany
Dr Jon Dean, Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Simon Bradford, Brunel University London
Patricia Holland Bournemouth University UK
Hilde Stephansen, University of Westminster
Mia Liinason, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Emily Kassie, University of Cambridge
Dr. Telma Camargo da Silva, Universidade Federal de Goiás, Brazil
Dr Fahri Karakas, University of East Anglia
Tarek Katramiz, Keio University 
Christopher Gaffney, University of Zurich
Daniel C. Howe, City University of Hong Kong
Christina Nascimento, Cardiff University
Christina Zarowsky, School of Public Health, Université de Montréal
Katja Stuerzenhofecker, University of Manchester, UK
Claus Jacobs, University of Bern
Sharae Deckard, University College Dublin, Ireland
Ahmed Abbes, Directeur de recherche au CNRS, Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, France
Isabelle Lavelle, Paris Diderot University
Gholam Khiabany, Goldsmiths, University of London
Patrick Saveau, Franklin University Switzerland
Heather Hax, Towson University, United States
Alberto Poza, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Jenny Cole, Manchester Metropolitan University
Larsåke Lindström, Mid Sweden University, Sweden
Ahmed Elagali, University of Western Australia 
Rebecca E. Karl, New York University
Dominique McFall, University Currently Known As Rhodes, SA 
Maryna Shevtsova, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
Josefine Landberg, PhD researcher, Free University of Brussels, Belgium
Jordan Savage, University of Essex
Marcello Lussana, Phd Student, Humboldt university Berlin, Germany
Matt Leming, University of Cambridge
Felipe Cervera, National University of Singapore
Sandrine Revet, Sciences Po-CERI, Paris, France
Andrew Sayer, Lancaster University
Elspeth Mitchell, University of Leeds
Elaha Walizadeh, Kingston University, London
Dr. Simon Granovsky-Larsen, University of Regina
Stephen D. Seely, Rutgers University
Conor Walsh, PhD Candiate, University of Leeds
Lisa Jean Moore, Purchase College, State University of New York
Stephen Cornford, Oxford Brookes University
Gemma Bone, Newcastle University
Dr M Ibrahim Hamami, General Practitioner
Lewis Church, Queen Mary University of London
Sonia J. Cheruvillil, City University of New York 
Maryam Hussain, National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan
Natasha Myers, York University, Canada
Olivia Espinoza, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Japji Anna Bas, York University
Kevin Nixon, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
Tariq Dana, Birzeit University
Erika Tullberg, NYU Medical Center, CUNY School of Public Health
Daniel Meier, University Grenoble Alpes, France
Bill Flack, Bucknell University, USA
Silvia Stringhini, Lausanne University Hospital
Anelyse Weiler, University of Toronto
Fernando Valencia, FLACSO Ecuador
Maja Brandt Andreasen, PhD student, University of Stirling, Scotland
Alex Shaindlin, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Gianmaria Colpani, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Rebecca Jordan-Young, Associate Professor, Barnard College, New York
Marco Venuti, Università di Catania
Georgette Veerhuis, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Jennifer Fletcher, University of Leeds
Alyson Brickey, University of Toronto
Tal Rosenbaum, University of Oxford
Noémi Michel, University of Geneva
Emma Ward, University of Glasgow
Milly Williamson, Brunel University
Aslisho Qurboniev, PhD Student, University of Cambridge
Dr Heidi Rimke, University of Winnipeg
Dr Geoff Bright, Manchester Metropolitan University
Naomi Appleton, University of Edinburgh
Yuliya Darmenova, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge
Clara MacCallum Fraser, PhD student, York University Canada
Dr Sabine Kradolfer, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Abdirahman Mohamed, Berea College
Soumia Akachar, doctoral researcher, Free University of Brussels
Alina Stein, University of Cambridge
Dr Michelle Stewart, University of Regina
Raees Baig, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Jin Haritaworn, York University
Paulo Savaget, University of Cambridge
Andres Dominguez, University of Edinburgh
Nora Schroeder, PhD, University of Augsburg, Germany
Heather Milne, University of Winnipeg
Lizzette Gómez-de-Regil, HRAEPY, Mexico
Dr Sarah Dowling, University of Washington Bothell
Claire Delisle, Ph.D., University of Ottawa
Dr David Menendez Alvarez-Hevia, Manchester Metropolitan University
Kerwin Kaye, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Wesleyan University
Jack Wade, SUNY New Paltz
Dr Hiroya Sugita, Special Appointment Professor, Kanagawa University, Japan
Rebecca Tamas, The University of East Anglia
Leesa Fawcett, York University
Arti Dhand, University of Toronto
Sandra K. Soto, University of Arizona
Michelle Groulx, Alumni UBC, Canada
Dr Tom Vickers, Nottingham Trent University
Imane Oulali, University of Amsterdam
Polina Merkulova, University of Leeds
Dr Andrew Westerside, University of Lincoln
Michele Manocchi, Western University, London ON-CA
Jordy Rosenberg, University of Massachusetts
Sivamohan Valluvan, University of Manchester
Dr Michael R.M Ward, Swansea University
Rebecca Barnstaple, York University
Tania El Khoury, PhD Student, Royal Holloway
Tyler Hinson, PhD Candidate, University of Essex
Lina Olsson, Malmö University
Laura Denning, PhD Candidate, Bath Spa University
Claire Macintosh, University of Reading, UK
Iris Hefets, Psychoanalyst, Berlin
Irma Bochorishvili, Trinity College Dublin
Shazlinda Md Yusof, The National University of Malaysia 
Fifa Rahman, provisional PhD student, University of Leeds
Laura Chaqués-Bonafont, University of Barcelona and IBEi
Tilman Hartley, University of Bristol
David Pavón-Cuéllar, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Mexico
Dr Nicholas Taylor, Independent Scholar
Grace Adeniyi Ogunyankin, Carleton University
Asia Murphy, graduate student, Pennsylvania State University
Wioletta Slaska, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Mexico
Clyde Ancarno, King's College London
Nicole Ephgrave, University of Western Ontario 
Rudi Lutz, University of Sussex (retired) and University of Southampton
María-Saroja Ponnambalam, University of Toronto
Eva Deront, PhD candidate, Brussels
Susana Draper, Associate Professor, Princeton University
Lizzy Willmington, Cardiff University
Madelaine Khan, York University, Canada
Ada Mau, King's College London
Ifeyinwa Mbakogu, PhD
Merete Lie, Norwegian Uni Of Science and Technology
Mijke van der Drift, Associate Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London
Dr Susan Bodnar-Deren, Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
Lee Edwards, University of Leeds
Irina Schmitt, Lund University, Sweden
Viviane Baladi, CNRS and Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
Caldero Philippe, Université Lyon 1
Chahrazad Abdallah, ESG UQAM, Canada
Teresa Donegan, D'Youville College, Buffalo New York
Dr Maili Malin, Helsinki Unversity, Finland
Stevi Jackson, University of York, UK
Hussein Mitha, University of Glasgow
Amira Benabdelkader, PhD Candidate, University of Southampton
Kaummajuk Holly Jarrett, Independent, #AmINext creator/MMIW
Annie Hayford, PhD Candidate, Canterbury Christ Church University
Manuel Martínez Cendón, JGU Mainz
Dr Anna Forné, University of Gothenburg
Andrea Gibbons, Sustainable Housing and Urban Studies Unit, University of Salford
Dr Mohamed-Salah Omri, University of Oxford 
Kedron Silsbee, graduate student, Princeton University
Dr Anat Greenstein, Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr Jennifer Melvin, University of Roehampton
Erna Dannielsson, Mid Sweden University, Sweden
Angela Blanchard, PhD candidate, Keele University
Dr Laura Lovin, University of Strathclyde
Anne Bachmann, Stockholm University, Sweden
Maggie Pitfield, Goldsmiths, University of London 
Mallory Bowers, Postdoctoral Fellow, NY
Niamh Brown, University of Glasgow
Anne Bachmann, Stockholm University, Sweden
Maggie Pitfield, Goldsmiths, University of London 
Mallory Bowers, Postdoctoral Fellow, NY, NY
Niamh Brown, University of Glasgow
Watufani Poe, PhD Candidate, Brown University
Lisa Weems, Miami University of Ohio
Claire Watts, University of Sussex
Lucie Mercier, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, London
Fiona Kumari Campbell, University of Dundee
Andrea Bishop, Brock University, Canada
Kristen Hardy, Brandon University
Patricia Rodriguez, Ithaca College NY
James Richards, Heriot-Watt University, UK
Steve Vásquez Dolph, PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
Kim Renders, Queen's University, Canada
Jessica Oliver, University of Sussex
Alejandro Lerena, PhD Candidate, Aix-Marseille Université
Dr Laura Rogal-Black, Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON
Pasi Ahonen, University of Essex, UK
Maria Rosén, Södertörn University, Sweden
Kathryn Maude, Swansea University
Tiago Ribeiro Duarte, University of Brasília
Zachary Parker, University of Northampton, UK
Caroline Levander, PhD Candidate, University of Gothenburg
Dr Charlotte Bydler, Södertörn University, Sweden
Henar Perales, PhD student, University of Toronto
Katherine Runswick-Cole, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Kay Niedermayer, Concordia University
Karin Hagren Idevall, Uppsala University, Sweden
Dr Judith A. Garber, University of Alberta
Greta Wistbacka, Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Dr Adrian Guta, University of Windsor 
Tara S Riggs, Central European University
Dr Anna Olsson Rost, Manchester Metropolitan University
Maria Pisani, University of Malta
Louise Hantson, SOAS University, London
William Arnal, University of Regina
Gwen McEvoy, Nazarbayev University
Kanishka Goonewardena, Geography and Planning, University of Toronto
Hillary Hiner, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile
Ruth Koleszar-Green, York University
Amir Hassanpour, University of Toronto
Shereen Fernandez, Queen Mary University of London
Shahrzad Mojab, University of Toronto
Cindy Morillas, Associate researcher, Les Afriques dans le Monde, Bordeaux
Dr Carrie Etter, Bath Spa University, UK
Tom Bamford-Blake, University of Sussex
Mike Cushman, London School of Economics
Janet Lumb, Concordia University
Nele Jensen, Goldsmiths
Brock Roe, MA Student, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Katie Moylan, University of Leicester
Christopher Breu, Illinois State University
Haidar Eid, Associate Prof, Al-Aqsa University, Palestine
Elizaveta Berezina, TMC Academy, Singapore
Rebecca Zahn, University of Strathclyde
Hanna Pålsson, MD Skåne University Hospital
Mina P Baginova, University of Amsterdam
Hilda Smith, York University
Vjollca Krasniqi, University of Prishtina
Gaëlle  Eteme, doctorante en sociologie, Université du Québec à Montréal 
Alex Winder, PhD candidate, New York University
Gabriela López, MA, Goldsmiths, University of London
Evan Vipond, York University
Stuart Smithers, University of Puget Sound
Dr Lila Pine, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario
Erika Kispeter, University of Warwick, UK
Lea Müller-Funk, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oxford
Dr. Catherine Nolin, UNBC
Ass. Professor Marian Nielsen, Roskilde University, Denmark
Simone Hengen, University of Regina
Dr. Stephen Dunne, University of Leicester
Phillip Homburg, University of Sussex
Paloma Fernández-Rasines, Associate Professor, Public University of Navarre, Spain. 
Laura Madokoro, McGill University
Bérénice Guyot-Réchard, History, King's College London
Jovanna Bedoya, Université Paris I
Lila Pine, RTA School of Media, Faculty of Communication and Design, Ryerson University
Sue Marais, Rhodes University
Bari Maqbool, University of Kashmir
Adam Blair, PhD Student, Stony Brook University
Thomas Westin, Stockholm University, Sweden
Neera Singh, University of Toronto
Tobias Heindel, Marie Curie fellow, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Linda Obermeyer, Brock University
Paulina Palmer, Warwick University
Madeline Veitch, SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, New York
Andrea Castro, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Helen Lavender, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Open University
Marc Silver, Hofstra University,  Hempstead, NY, USA
Yemaya Halbrook, MSc and PhD Canidate, University of Limerick
Nyasha Sibanda, PhD Candidate, De Montfort University
Elyse Suter, Hofstra University 
Julia Constantino, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Emma Sandon, Birkbeck, London
Joanna Kellond, Lecturer, University of Brighton
Soheila Nikzadeh, University of Toronto
Dr. Jenny Roth, Lakehead University, Ontario
Beth E. McGarry, RN, BSN, M.Ed - Indian River State College
Gustav Strandberg, PhD candidate, Södertörn University, Stockholm
Simone Ashby, Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute / University of Madeira
Ségolène Mennesson, phd candidate, Sciences Po Paris
Leah Edens, University of Sussex
Francesca Romana Ammaturo, University of Roehampton, London 
Alex S. Vitale, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Nadia Verrelli, Laurentian University
Chris Bruckert, University of Ottawa
Natasha Fox, University of British Columbia
Victor Jorméus, University of Gothenburg
Hayley Malouin, Brock University
Vineet Thakur, SOAS, University of London
Joanne Saliba de Chery, University of Toronto
Abram Lutes, University of New Brunswick
Shir Hever, PhD Free University of Berlin
Philip Balboni, PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley
Eda Farsakoglu, Lund University
Mihaela Brebenel, Winchester School of Art 
Sandra Kazlauskaite, Goldsmiths College, London
Jenna Marshall, Queen Mary University of London
Meg Maguire, Kin's College London
Norma Rantisi, Concordia University
Dr. Andrea Daley, School of Social Work, York University, Toronto
Débora Rottenberg, Stokholm University
Oriana Vaccarino, University of Guelph, Canada
Basil Khalaf, Researcher
Jhuma Sen, O.P. Jindal Global University
André Habet, Syracuse University
Kristin Burnett, Lakehead University
Safa Joudeh, SOAS University of London 
Seahrish Hashmani PA-C, St. John's University
Brie Adams, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Thomas Lynch, University of Chichester
Eleonora Joensuu, PhD candidate, Simon Fraser University
Rafatu Ohiare, Central European University
Ulrik Schmauch, Umeå University, Sweden
Ad Zeevaarders, Hogeschool Zuyd Heerlen, The Netherlands
Mike Gould, Bielefeld University
Mary Rambaran-Olm, Researcher, Glasgow
Dr. Shaun Grech, The Critical Institute, Malta
Maissaa Almustafa, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo ON
Rodney Jones, University of Reading
Sarah King, University of New Brunswick
Jamie Freeman, University of East Anglia 
Faranaz Keshavjee, Researcher at CEI ISCTE-instituto universitário de Lisboa, Portugal 
Idil Osman, SOAS
Corinne Squire, University of East London
Janet Mullin, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB, Canada
Dr Michael Engel, University of Hamburg
Mojubaolu Olufunke Okome, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Reubs J Walsh, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Tavleen Purewal, University of Toronto
Robert Empringham, Brock University, Ontario
Dr. Shaun Grech, The Critical Institute, Malta
Maissaa Almustafa, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo ON
Rodney Jones, University of Reading
Sarah King, University of New Brunswick
Jamie Freeman, University of East Anglia 
Faranaz Keshavjee, Researcher at CEI ISCTE-instituto universitário de Lisboa, Portugal 
Idil Osman, SOAS
Corinne Squire, University of East London
Janet Mullin, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB, Canada
Dr. Michael Engel, University of Hamburg
Mojubaolu Olufunke Okome, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Reubs J Walsh, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Tavleen Purewal, University of Toronto
Robert Empringham, Brock University, Ontario
Bryn Williams-Jones, School of Public Health, Université de Montréal
Yvan Strahm, Oslo University Hospital
Dr Agustin Velloso, Madrid, Spain
Rebecca Maskos, PhD Candidate, City University Bremen, Germany
Laura Jaffee, Syracuse University
Mauricio Najarro, PhD Student, University of California, Berkeley 
Linda Lund Pedersen, London School of Economics, UK
Dr Paul Barrows, University of Nottingham
Charlotte Cloutier, HEC Montreal
Farhanna Khan, Brock University 
Linda Hammersley-Fletcher, Reader, Manchester Metropolitan University
Sarah Gartland, University of Roehampton
Carlos Taibo, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
Aswin Balasubramanian, Research Assistant, Aalto University
Robert Payne, American University of Paris
Camille Foubert, PhD Candidate, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris
Carolina Cambre, Concordia University, Canada
Louise MacAllister, University of Exeter
Dr Rumana Hashem, CMRB, University of East London
Melanie McCarry, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
Anna Wodicka, Central European University, Budapest
Marie-Dominik Langlois, University of Ottawa, Canada
Dr Peter Collins
Morgan Golf-French, UCL London
Serene Richards, Birkbeck College
Jennifer Tinkham, University of Saskatchewan
Yashar Mansoori, Chalmers University, sweden
Dr Andreana Dibben, University of Malta
Dr. Karolina Olofsson, Researcher
Dr Peter Collins St Mary's U. College Belfast
Shirzad Mohajerani, PhD Candidate, Western University, Canada
Edna Bonhomme, PhD candidate, Princeton University
Alvaro Foresti, University of Göteborg
Dr Chamindra Weerawardhana, Queen's University Belfast
Marie Lippens Athabasca University Canada
Associate Professor Hanne Kirstine Adriansen, Aarhus University, Denmark
Dr Baris Cayli, University of Derby
Dr Andre Thiemann, ZiF Bielefeld University, Germany
Aurélie Vialette, Stony Brook University
Carolina Talavera, PhD Student, UC Berkeley
Marita Hefler, Charles Darwin University & University of Sydney, Australia
Max Weiss, Princeton University
Giuliana Monteverde, Ulster University
Henrietta Bewley, Independent Researcher, London
Marita Hefler, Charles Darwin University & University of Sydney, Australia
Corinne Mason, Brandon University 
Lisa Madura, Ph.D. Student, Vanderbilt University
Travis Dueck, University of Alberta 
Kirsty Capes, Brunel University London 
Christabel Harley, University of the Arts London
Madelene Persson, PhD Candidate, Uppsala University, Sweden
Sharon Howard, University of Sheffield
Dr Rebecca Williams, University of Exeter
Socrates Stratis, University of Cyprus 
M Rogalsky, Queen's University, Kingston Canada
Jeremy Toner, University of Leeds
Dr Saydul Alam, Cardiff University 
Martin Terre Blanche, University of South Africa 
Katrín Anna Lund, University of Iceland
Carolyn Rouse, Princeton University
Maeve O'Brien, Ulster University
Cailean Gallagher, Queen Mary University of London
Nicole Dyregrov, Dalhousie University
Dr Barbara E Harrell-Bond, OBE
Alexandra Campbell, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Dr Malcolm James, University of Sussex
Alastair Nightingale, University of Limerick, Ireland
Mikael M Karlsson, PhD Candidate, Lund University 
Gloria Goodwin Raheja, University of Minnesota
Chryssy Hunter, PhD Candidate London Metropolitan University
Dr Waltraud Ernst, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
Delphi Macpherson, University of Edinburgh 
Dr Anna Cooper, University of Arizona
Paloma Isabel Wapinski, Brock University, Canada 
Jacob Bard-Rosenberg, Birkbeck College
Jessica S. Elkayam, DePaul University, USA
Jelena Macura, Brussels School of International Studies, Belgium 
Dr Uri Horesh, University of Essex
Dr Jay Ginn, University of Surrey
Paloma Isabel Wapinski, Brock University, Canada 
Verónica Gisbert Gracia PhD Student University of Valencia (Spain)
Hal Foster, Princeton University
Libera Pisano, University of Hamburg
Dr Sarah Jay, University of Limerick, Ireland
Melanie Cattrell, Blinn College 
Dr Vasiliki Tsagkorni, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Verònica Gisbert Gracia, PhD Student, University of Valencia (Spain)
Senthorun Raj, Keele University 
Fred Moten, Universty of California, Riverside
Maisie Fitzmaurice, SOAS University of London
Mari Zetterqvist Blokhuis, Södertörn university, Sweden
Jim Endersby, University of Sussex
Dr Nadia Sonneveld Centre for Migration Law, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Francesca Esposito, Phd candidate, ISPA-IU, Lisbon, Portugal
Julien Grivaux, Aix-Marseille University, France
Gigi Adair, University of Potsdam
Lara Klaber, PhD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University
Dr Dan Hodson, University of Reading
Hannah Boast, University of Birmingham
Olivia Leclair, University of Alberta, Canada
Dr Anna Kaijser, Linköping University, Sweden
Daniela Mercieca, University of Malta
Shereen Benjamin, University of Edinburgh
Michael Rowland, University of Sussex 
Grace Reinke, PhD Student, University of Washington
Taylor Downes, Brock University, Canada
Cihan Erdost Akın, Probationary Doctoral Candidate, Central European University, Budapest
JosAnn Cutajar, University of Malta
Farah Mokhtareizadeh, Trinity College Dublin
Larbi Touaf, Mohammed I University, Morocco
Mariko Molander, University of British Columbia
Hanna Sofia Rehnberg, Södertörn University, Stockholm
Roshni Sengupta, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Barbara Boswell, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
Sara Soares, PhD candidate for Université Libre de Bruxelles
Dr Iain Chalmers, James Lind Initiative, Oxford
Malika Zehni, SOAS, University of London 
Eric Mykhalovskiy, York University
Sorcha Ui Chonnachtaigh, Keele University, UK
Dr Stewart Smyth, University of Sheffield
Dr Kirsty Liddiard, School of Education, University of Sheffield
Genevieve Johnston, Carleton University, Canada
Dr Nicole Truesdell, Beloit College
Ceri Oeppen, University of Sussex
Tanya Elder, American University of Paris
Mohamed Seedat, University of South Africa
Dawn Wiseman, Faculty of Education, McGill University
Joe Dunk, LIT Ireland
Dr Linda Flores Ohlson, University of Gothenburg
Carina Ray, Brandeis University
Dr Jason Hickel, London School of Economics
Dr Anna Pechurina, Leeds Beckett University
Mahvish Ahmad, University of Cambridge
Em Gorman, University of Windsor
Dr Behnam Soltani, Victoria Uni, NZ
Patricia Caillé, Université de Strasbourg
Irene Fernandez-Molina, University of Exeter
Paolo Novak, SOAS, University of London
Dr Ruth Charnock, University of Lincoln
Dr Lee Grieveson, University College London
Sharri Plonski, SOAS, University of London
Waseem Yaqoob, University of Cambridge
Daniel Sander, New York University 
Maryann Murtagh, Duke University, USA
Dr Ayo Mansaray, UEL, London
Emily Gilbert, University of Toronto
Dr Pedro A Costa, ISPA
D'Arcy Davis-Case, University of British Columbia
Dr Émilie Oléron Evans, University of Strasbourg
Leyla Williams, University College London
Abigail Gosling, University of Bedfordshire
Julia Willén, Linköping University, Sweden
Dr Dave Mazzocchi-Jones, Keele University UK
Nicolas Fiumarelli - LACNIC - Youth IGF Uruguay
Nicole Blum, Institute of Education, University of London
Heather Evans, York University 
Maya Goodfellow, SOAS, University of London,  PhD candidate
Jasmine Thomas, University of Alberta
Dr Ramsey Affifi, University of Edinburgh
Dr Mohammad Abusara, University of Exeter
Eugenia Stamboliev, Researcher, Plymouth University
Dr Caroline Bettridge, Manchester Metropolitan University
Suhaila Razaei, London South Bank University
Dr Sanjay Sharma, Brunel University London
Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, University of Washington
Jessica Kurr, Penn State University
Dr Maria Victoria Zunzunegui, Université de Montreal
Carolyn Ramzy, Carleton University
Emily Evans, Heritage College
Jamie Angell, Occidental College
Amy Lind, University of Cincinnati
Lara Deeb, Scripps College
Dr Maria Norris, London School of Economics
Aneil Rallin, Soka University of America
Dr Sitna Quiroz, Durham University UK
Michael Gill, Syracuse University
Feyzi Baban, Trent University, Canada
Matthew Smithdeal, University of British Columbia 
Dr Linda Pickard, London School of Economics, UK
Dr Lucy Michael, Ulster University
Dr Mirah Gary, TU Wien, Austria
Dr Peter Brannick, MOSAIC (Assoc. Researcher), University of Birmingham, Uk
Bryan Klausmeyer, Occidental College
Anita Rupprecht, University of Brighton
Dr. Amr Elesawy - ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Dr Fahid Qurashi, Canterbury Christ Church University
Jennifer Langill, University of Toronto
Dr Kate Hardy, University of Leeds
Kelsey Johnson, University of British Columbia
Graeme Kirkpatrick, University of Manchester
Aino-Kaisa Koistinen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Harald Vöhringer, PhD candidate, Christ"s College, University of Cambridge
Dr Darren Webb, University of Sheffield
Loreley Hahn Herrera, SOAS- University of London
Tony O'Tierney, University of Leicester
Samera Esmeir, UC Berkeley
Eleonora Roldán Mendívil, Free University Berlin
Marie Kennedy, University of Massachusetts Boston
Sutapa Chattopadhyay, University of Regina, Canada
Dr Kayleigh Mason, The University of Manchester 
Hélène Roth, University Clermont Auvergne, France
Jennifer M. Hall, University of Regina
Mihaela Taranu, Plymouth University
Rachel Phillips, University of Toronto
Hsiao-chuan Hsia, Graduate Institute for Social Trsnsformation Studies,Shih Hsin University, Taiwan 
Iain Chambers, University of Naples, Orientale
Aznijar Ahmad-Yazid, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia.
Jaime Lenet, McGill University
Kimberly Mitchell, University of Regina
Dr Rebecca Leach, Keele University, UK
Orhan Agirdag, KU Leuven 
Associate Professor Elisabeth Greif, University of Linz, Austria
Lauren Bradshaw, University of Regina
Chris Dole, Amherst College
Ruth Tenne, Academic Researcher
Dr Helen Inglis, University of Pretoria 
Katharine Rankin, University of Toronto
Emily Eaton, Associate Professor, University of Regina 
Dr Ieva Eskyte, University of Leeds
Ntokozo Qwabe, University of Cao
Jamil Ammar, Rutgers Law School-Newark
Dr. Nola Erhardt, University of Regina
Janet Watson, University of Leeds
Hannah Feldman, Northwestern University
Ntokozo Qwabe, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Dr Katy Huxley, Cardiff University
Ruby Almeida, St. Paul's Inst Comm Ed, Mumbai
Dr. Ulrike Lembke, University of Greifswald, Germany
Dr Miranda Pennell, independent researcher
Sasha A Q Scott, Queen Mary University of London
Dr Emma Surman, Keele University, UK
Dr Claire Penketh, Liverpool Hope University UK
Julia Forsberg, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Nal Arnachalam, Durham College
Melanie Schnell, University of Regina
Dr Camilla Nelson, University of Notre Dame, Australia
Abbe Schriber, Columbia University
Emma Milne, University of Essex, UK
Susannah Crockford, LOSE, UK
Jose Smits, Independent researcher
Dr. Wilson Jacob, Concordia University, Montreal
Grace Maich, Brock University
Tatiana Sanchez Parra, University of Essex
Catherine Cobham, University of St Andrews
Ida Sjöberg, Mid Sweden University
Caroline Heldman, Occidental College
Hanna Pålsson, MD skåne university hospital
Ian Breckenridge-Jackson, UC Riverside
Dr. Shauneen Pete, University of Regina
Hanna Pålsson, MD Skåne University Hospital 
Jen Rathlin, University of Waterloo
Aziz Choudry, McGill University
Nadia Edmond, University of Brighton
Sam McBean, Queen Mary University of London
Sammy Mahdi, University of Cambridge
Sara Schroeter, University of Regina
Jack Hardern, Bloom International College
Luís Costa da Silva, Goldsmiths, University of London
Vanessa di Paola, Aix-Marseille University
Ali Hammoudi, York University 
Ariadna Molinari, National Auntonomous University of Mexico
Ngaio Hotte, University of British Columbia
Simeon Man, UC San Diego
Sanaz Vahidinia, University of Pennsylvania
Daniel Fineman, Occidental College
Daniel Smith, King's College London
Julie Young, McMaster University
Hazel Gray, University of Edinburgh
Soumia Boutkhil Mohamed Premier University Morocco
Robert West, University College London
Dr. Owen Clayton, University of Lincoln, UK
Cliff Jones, Honorary Senior Fellow University of Liverpool
John Bingham, Sciences Po Paris, France
Blayne Haggart, Brock University, Canada
Dr Jill Smith, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
George Morgan, Western Sydney University
Minna Kanerva, University of Bremen
Marc Steben, Université de Montréal, Canada
Rikard Warlenius, Lund University
Emma Patchett, Kate Hamburger Kolleg
Mayanka Mukherji, University of Oxford
Rohit K Dasgupta, Loughborough University, UK
Dr Sharon Flynn, National University of Ireland, Galway
Eman Almehdawe, University of Regina
Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra, PhD Student, University of British Columbia
Isabella Ng, The Education University of Hong kong
Mohamed Alshniet, University College of London
Kay Inckle, London School of Economics
Dr Patrik Hernwall, Sthlm univ, Sweden
Associate Professor Ulla Ekström von Essen, Sodertorn University, Stockholm, Sweden
Jonathan Doucette, UC Davis
Javier Arbona, University of California Davis
Richard Baker, Brandon University
John Yandell, Institute of Education, University College London
Dr. Mehran Mehrandezh, University of Regina, Canada
Dr Rick Saull, Queen Mary, University of London
Gray Abarca, University of California, Irvine
Gabriela Onate, UCL
Katarina Jungar, University of Helsinki
Ron'na J'Q Lytle, Westfield State University
Megha Anwer, Purdue University
Jacob Stavis, Columbia University
Hallie Wells, University of California, Berkeley
Zaki Arrobi, University of Essex
Jade Almeida, Université de Montréal
Mary-Beth Raddon, Brock University, Canada
Graham Topley, Canterbury Christ Church University
Julian Saporiti, Brown University & University of Wyoming
Tim Downing, Dublin City University
Nasser Zakariya, UC Berkeley
Dr Silvia Posocco, Birkbeck College, London
Paula Gomes, ULP, Portugal
Claudia Psaila, University of Malta, Malta
Alex Winter-Billington, PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia
Elizabeth Ablett, University of Warwick
Dr Kirsty Rolfe, Queen Mary University of London 
Cristina Lledo Gomez, PhD, Independent Researcher, Sydney
Kate Sicchio, New York University
Andrew Ivaska, Concordia University, Montreal
Penelope Lisenbee, Frankfurt, Germany 
Vanda Salgueiro, University of Évora, Portugal
Abdulghafour, International Islamic University of Malaysia
Nafisa Jadavji, Carleton University
Juliane Collard, University of British Columbia
Rosie Cox, Birkbeck, University of London
Mayme Lefurgey, Lakehead University Canada
Maya Mikdashi, Rutgers University
Shehnaz Abdeljaber, Rutgers University 
Kisha Delain, University of St. Thomas
Carmen Rowe, Boston University
Jane Barter, The University of Winnipeg
imran ahmed,Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge.
Puneet Dhaliwal, University of Oxford
Aven McMaster, Thorneloe University at Laurentian
Annie Goh, Phd researcher, Goldsmiths University, London
Jesse Livezey, UC Berkeley 
Chloé Avril, University of Gothenburg Sweden
Parsa Nowruzi, Stanford University
Daniel Heyman, Princeton University
Nancy Marie Mithlo, Associate Professor of Art and Art History, Occidental College and Chair of American Indian Studies, Autry Museum of the American West
Anuscheh Farahat, Max Planck Institute for comparative public law and international law, Heidelberg
Rita Lopes, University College London
Gelare Khoshgozaran, University of Southern California
Andrea Vasquez Fernandez, University of British Columbia, Canada
Bonnie Ryan, Syracuse University
Zakia Salime, Associate Professor, Sociology, Rutgers ; Visiting Associate Professor Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies, Yale 
Dr. Saraa Saleh, KULeuven
Paul Billingham, Christ Church College, Oxford
Amy Shaw, University of Lethbridge, Canada
Jonathan Gilhooly, University of Brighton
Flagg Miller, The University of California, Davis
Dr Aaron Ludlow, Durham University
Dr Marieme Lo, University of Toronto 
Kiran Bhumber, University of Michigan
Dr Neil Chapman, Falmouth University
Nigel Biggar, Christ Church College, Oxford
Annette Erichsen Andersson, University of Gothenburg Sweden
Annika Pålsson, Lund University
Kristin Tassin, University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Nadine Changfoot, Trent University, Canada
Nasrin Khandoker, PhD Candidate, Maynooth University.
Phillip Sevigny, Luther College, University of Regina
Sarah Hornstein, York University, Toronto
Megan Jalbert, University of Regina
Elizabeth Finneron-Burns, University of Warwick
Marc Cianfrini, Brock University, Canada
Brenton Buchanan, PhD Student, University of Toronto
Mirjam Abigail Twigt, University of Leicester
Elizabeth Coles, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Erin Blakeslee, Case Western Reserve University
Salla Tuori, Associate Professor, Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Daniel Skinner, Ohio University
Sue Bishop, University of Birmingham
Ben Ralston, University of Saskatchewan
Abolfazl Bayat, University College London
Dagmar Herman, Camosun College
Umut Zholdoshalieva, Mannheim University 
Laetitia Minary, Université de Montréal
Yvonne Petry,University of Regina
Dereka Rushbrook, University of Arizona
Julia Hulsken, Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr Michael Kearney, University of Sussex.
Kelly Roache, Near Eastern Studies and Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University
Baljit Soroya, University of Winchester
David Miller, Nuffield College, Oxford
David Copello, Sciences Po Paris
Shayna Gardiner, University of Toronto
Deen Sharp, City University of New York
Kathryn Henne, University of Waterloo and The Australian National University
James Dennis Hoff, Assistant Professor of English, BMCC, CUNY
Dr Clifton Evers, Newcastle University
Rhoda Bharath, University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
Associate Professor Mariel Aguilar-Støen, University of Oslo
Trent Cruz, University of Western Ontario
Marion Stevens, University of Cape Town
Dr Debra Benita Shaw, University of East London
Emmaia Gelman, New York University
Emma Sophie Pickering, University of Leeds, UK
Rafia Faiz, Univeristy of Punjab, Pakistan
Bettina Engels, FU Berlin, Germany
Daniel Oloumi, PDF fellow, University of Alberta
Leslie Alexander, The Ohio State University
Andreas Ehrenreich, Sheffield Hallam University
Dyala Hamzah, Université de Montréal
Elena Razlogova, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada 
Elena Long, Post Doctoral Researcher, University of New Hampshire
Dimitri Dounas-Frazer, Research Associate, Department of Physics, University of Colorado Boulder
Derek Summerfield, King's College, University of London
Michelle Hartman, McGill University
Isam Al Zubaidi, University of Regina
Dr Georgios Soririadis
Shirin Gerami, University of Toronto
Chaïma Ahaddour, PhD student, KU Leuven, Belgium
Linda Paul - University of Regina
Matthew Young, University of Nottingham
Dr. Wout Merbis, Vienna University of Technology
Maggie Sager, Graduate Student, University of Toronto
Nahed Mourad, University of Ottawa
Peter Winter, University of Sheffield, UK
Dr Abdul B Shaikh University of Leeds
Salem Thawaba, Birzeit University
Dr. Hannah Fitsch, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Sunaina Maira, University of California-Davis
Jennifer Harford Vargas, Bryn Mawr College
Elaine Ashbee, University of Birmingham
Krystale Littlejohn, Occidental College
Zenobia Ismail, University of Johannesburg 
Jieun Kim, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Ann-Helen Sund, Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Dr Henry Hornstein, Algoma University
Carol Jean Gallo, Cambridge University
Cassia Roth, UCLA
Miguel Romao, University of Southampton
Dr Rhona O'Brien, University of Cumbria, UK.
Blake Alcott, retired, PhD University of East Anglia
Srdja Pavlovic, University of Alberta
Henrietta Zeffert, European University Institute
Kristi Upson-Saia, Assoc. Prof. of Religious Studies, Occidental College
Dr Wibke Straube, Karlstad University, Sweden
Johan Gross, PhD student University of Gothenburg  
Maria Guzmán Castillo,  University of Liverpool 
Ramsey Affifi, University of Edinburgh
Annadís G. Rúdólfsdóttir, Assoc. Professor, University of Iceland
Linnea Helmersson, Umeå University, Sweden
Joy Moore, Dawson College Montreal
Claudia Psaila, University of Malta, Malta
Hasan Abdelkareem, Birzeit University , Pal 
John Clark, Loyola University (Emeritus)
Sayandeb Chowdhury, Ambedkar University Delhi
Martina Mampieri, University of Roma Tre and University of Hamburg
Sian Beynon-Jones, University of York
Karina Rocktaeschel, FU Berlin
Luke Barnesmoore, University of British Columbia
Mehmet Emin Boyacioglu, Brock University, Ontario, Canada
Rebecca Gumbrell-McCormick, Birkbeck
Eric Bottorff, Oakton Community College
Dr. Leora Swartzman, Associate Professor, Western University, London OntarioL
Berenice Scandone, PhD Candidate, University of Bath
Ann-Charlotte Palmgren, Abo Akademi University
Matthias Hinkelmann, Freie Universität Berlin
Andrew Brook, Carleton University
Dr Olga Castro, Aston University
David Walter Figueira Jardim, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, PhD Candidate
Jim Burton, University of Brighton
Stan Squires,Vancouver,Canada
Adjunct Associate Professor Tammy Appling-Cabading, Saint Mary's College of California
Julia Bloch, University of Pennsylvania
Noah Guynn, University of California, Davis
David Buckley, Marygrove College, Detroit
Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Northwestern University
Dr. Marissa Oehlhof, University of Cincinnati
Bob Jeffery, Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Stergios Chatzikyriakidis, University of Gothenburg
Rod MacRae, York University, Toronto
Patrick Lewis, PhD Student, University of Chicago
Dr. Ameeta Singh, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Ekta Shah,  CNMC GWU Washington DC 
Leila Nassereldein, Birkbeck, University of London
Dr. Ren Thomas, Dalhousie University
Karolina Lioliou, Gothenburg University 
Tara Aisha Willis, PhD Candidate, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
Davide Beraldo, University of Amsterdam
Veronica Svärd, PhD at Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Dr Richard Hull, Goldsmiths, University of London
Sheenagh Pietrobruno, Saint Paul University, Canada
Michelle Mackenzie, Duke University.
Penelope Woods, Queen Mary University of London
Regina Caputo, UC Santa Cruz
Asli Zengin, Brandeis University 
Sarah Muir, City College, City University of New York
Annie Morrad, University of Lincoln
Anna Jacobs, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Kopano Ratele, University of South Africa/South African Medical Research Council
Dr Inka Barnett, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), UK
Sabah Haider, PhD Student, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Ella Turenne, Occidental College
Melanie Kampen, PhD Student, University of Toronto
Brahim ELBOUKHARI English Teacher, Author and Poet , Morocco
Hana Murr, American University of Beirut 
Navtej Purewal, SOAS University of London
Kojo Koram, University of Essex
Twana Said, University of London Birkbeck College 
Dr Andrea Enrico Pia, London School of Economics
Polly Withers, University of Exeter
Ingrid Fernandez, Researcher, Argentina
Mariya Chokova, Harvard University, PhD Student
Maren Elfert, University of Alberta
Erin Trapp, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Hamid Farahani, MA Student, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Adriana Qubaiova, Central European University
Katie Kilroy-Marac, University of Toronto
Dr Vanessa Harbour, Univesity of Winchester
Kristina Hagström-Ståhl, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen, Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo
Christine Gailey, University of California, Riverside
Daoud DJEFAFLA, University of Biskra, Algeria
David Roediger, University of Kansas
Osman Salad Hersi, University of Regina, Regina, SK, Canada
Aaron Sachs, St. Mary's College of California
Simon Fisher, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Shannon Stunden Bower, University of Alberta
Chourouq Nasri, Mohammed University Morocco
Liette Gilbert, York University, Toronto
Tziola Konstantia, MD G.H.Papanicolaou, Thessaloniki
Veronica Miranda, University of Kentucky
Maggie Scull, King's College London
Anthea Kraut, UC Riverside
Carmen Gomez, University of California, Davis
Naomi Hossain, Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex
Dr Adi Kuntsman, Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University
Sara Komarnisky, University of Alberta
Dr. Jase Teoh, Saint Mary's College, CA
Sofia Lemons, University of New Hampshire
Dr. Jason Demers, University of Regina, Canada
Johan Revelj , University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Caroline Wright, University of Warwick
Dr Amanda Thomas, Victoria University of Wellington
Gillian Hart, UC Berkeley and University of the Witwatersrand
Maria Elgueta, University of British Columbia
Ulrika Dahl, Uppsala University, Sweden
Nikki Hayfield, University of the West of England
Maura Hanrahan, University of Lethbridge, Alberta
Cathrin Ruppe, Münster University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Muriel Sacco, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Lynette Shultz, University of Alberta. Canada
Dr Ailbhe Darcy, Cardiff University 
Chandima Silva, University of British Columbia
Neila Miled, PhD. Candidate .University of British Columbia. Vancouver
Nina Connelly, PhD Student, City University of New York
Dr. Stephanie Kim, UC Berkeley
Anna Roussou, University of Patras
Penelope Lisenbee, Frankfurt, Germany 
Brynn Hatton, Williams College
Dr Diego Canciani, University of Roehampton
Minkah Makalani, University of Texas at Austin
Dr Helen Bowes-Catton, The Open University, UK
Nancy Walker, VP Finance & Admin University of Lethbridge
Dr. Debra Jared, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Dr. Laura Celeste, University of Leuven
Darren Byler, University of Washington 
Paola Sarmiento Huerta, University of British Columbia
Georgios Kylafis, University of Leeds
Zoë Shacklock, University of Warwick
Ruth Evans, University of Reading
Beverley Mullings, Queen's University 
Hanneke Pot, University of Oslo
Dr Hannah Dee, Aberystwyth University, UK
Jeannette Greven, McGill University 
Seth J. Prins, Columbia University
Dr Huhana Hickey, Researcher, AUT, Auckland, New Zealand
Julia Brassolotto, University of Lethbridge
Jasmine Proteau, University of Toronto, Canada
Hendrika H. Beaulieu-Boon, University of Lethbridge
Umesh Bawa, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Gail Hanrahan, University of Lethbridge, Canada
Dr. JoLee Sasakamoose, Assistant Professor, University of Regina
Felip Sandiumenge, ICMAB-CSIC Spain
Dr Tracy Morison, Massey University, New Zealand
Aaminah Norris, Assistant Professor, CSU Sacramento
Rastko Cvekic, University of Toronto
Lynette Jackson, University of Illinois at Chicago
Clifford van Ommen, Massey University
Viola Burau, University of Aarhus, Denmark
Tessa Solomon-Lane, University of Texas at Austin
Lise Rakner, University of Bergen
Mehwish Mughal, University of Auckland
Dr Bettina Fredrich, Researcher, Switzerland
Linn Christiansen, University of Oslo
Tone Dandanell, Aarhus University
Dr Laura Baker, University of Reading, UK
John Underwood, University of British Columbia
Amir Jahanlou, University of British Columbia
Umesh Bawa, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Tal Jarus, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, University of British Columbia
Dr. Blythe C. Shepard, University of Lethbridge
Pablo A. de la Vega M., Coordinator PIDHDD, Ecuador
Hadi Daneshvar, University of Edinburgh
Janet Bordelon, New York University
Huan He, PhD student, University of Southern California
Laila Shereen Sakr, University of California, Santa Barbara
Maya Makarem, Beirut, Lebanon
Angela Pashia, University of West Georgia, US
Leda Raptis, Queen's University Canada
Abu Bakarr Bah, Northern Illinois University
Dr Michael Marchetti, St Marys College of CA
Jennifer Hosek, Queen's University
Dr. Linda ManyGuns, University of Lethbridge 
Dr. Alexis Gray, Norco College
Dr Liz Ellis, University of Gloucestershire 
Kate McIntyre, Columbia University
Dr Alya Khan, London Metropolitan University, UK
Bethany Wilcox, Colorado School of Mines
Christopher W. Clark, University of East Anglia
Omer Aijazi, University of British Columbia
Jeesus Classen, Paris 7
Rikke Andreassen, Roskilde University, Denmark
Julia Polyck-O'Neill, PhD Candidate, Brock University
Ismael Montana, Northern Illinois University
Sibel Taylor, Oxford Brookes University, UK
Dr Samuel Durrant, University of Leeds
Siân Adiseshiah, University of Lincoln
Francis Van den Noortgaete, KU Leuven
Maciej Lyczek, hmdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Vanessa Oliver, Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada
Josée Cantin, Université de la vie
Maureen S. G. Hawkins, University of Lethbridge,  Alberta, Canada
Jasmin Fermandez, California State University of Sacramento
Ana Sedeño, University of Malaga, Spain
Devon Smither, University of Lethbridge
Michael W. Busch, Research Scientist, SETI Institute
Thashika Pillay, PhD Candidate, University of Alberta
Dr. Susan McDaniel, University of Lethbridge, Canada
Dr. Jens Skou Olsen, Roskilde University, Denmark
Bimal Lakhani, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Zahra Islam, MPA Candidate, Queen's University
Jessica Inskip, University of British Columbia
Susan Ward, Brock University
Katarzyna Bielińska-Kowalewska, Warsaw, Poland
Dr Martin Rokeach, Saint Mary's College of California
Dr Charlie Waugh, University of British Columbia
Calogero Giametta, Aix-Marseille University 
Leanne Taylor, Brock University 
Sasha Bossley, University of British Columbia
Jordan Guenette, University of British Columbia
Bruce McManus, University of British Columbia
Jutta Sperling, Hampshire College, MA, USA
Dr Deirdre Flynn, University College Dublin
Budd L Hall, University of Victoria
Evan Jewell, Ph.D. candidate, Columbia University
Sara K. Becker, UC Riverside
Sara Izadinajafabadi, University of British Columbia
Dr. Gavin Fridell, Saint Mary's University, Canada
Imti Choonara,University of Nottingham
Carla Hung, PhD Candidate, Duke University
M Holloway Burgess, New School University
Bree Carlton, Monash University, Australia
Dr Philip Gilligan, University of Bradford
Elena Loizidou, Birkbeck College
Ali Elabbady, Researcher
John Passant, PhD candidate, Australian National University
Rita M Palacios, Conestoga College
Shyama Das, MSI 2, University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine
L. Dawn Bavington, University of Otago, New Zealand
Heather Bowen-Struyk, DePaul University
Dr Darlene Clover, University of Victoria, Canada
Susanne Gannon, Western Sydney University, Australia 
Associate Professor Stavroula Tsiplakou, Open University of Cyprus
Dr. Juliette Cooper, University of Manitoba
Alice Meyer, University of Cambridge
Aimee Bailey, University of Nottingham
San Patten, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada
Roy Baker, Macquarie University
Marcus Lauri, Umeå University, Sweden
Rita Kaur Dhamoon, University of Victoria, Canada
Philip Moriarty, University of Nottingham
Jonathan Jenner, PhD Candidate, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Stevienna de Saille, University of Sheffield
Hossein Rostamzadeh, Asker, Norway
Atefeh Sadeghi, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Martin Guhn, University of British Columbia
Bente Halkier, University of Copenhagen
Giorgio Forti,Università degli Studi di Milano
Joana Souto Bonomo, University of São Paulo
Paula Marcelino, Universidade de São Paulo
Dr. Isabel Altamirano-Jimenez
David Wield, Open University, UK
Dr. Marina Bastawrous Wasilewski, University of Toronto
Andrew Freeman, Université Laval
Íde Corley, Maynooth University 
Irene Peano, University of Bucharest
Dr. Caroline Bem, Université de Montréal
Claudette Lauzon, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
Heather Davis, Pennsylvania State University
Frederick Kingdom, McGill University
Farah Pirouz, Cape Town, South Africa
William Messing, University of Minnesota
Louise Demers, Université de Montréal
Anne Haggerty, Trent University
Lizzie Seal, University of Sussex
Bianca Hatin, University of Regina
Deepali Nidhi , University of Queensland
Dr Philip Cartelli, Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, France
Ashraf Kagee, Stellenbosch University
Sherrie-Lee Petrie: Lakehead University.  Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
Dr Claire Reddleman, Goldsmiths 
Dr.Paul Kelemen, University of Manchester
Sylvain Marois, Université Laval, Québec, Canada
Tanya Packer, Dalhousie University, Canada
Mary Beth Berrien, Westfield Technical Academy
Somia R Bibi, University of Warwick
Catherine Mercier, Université Laval, Canada
Elham Bakhshipour, Independent Researcher
Sam Beck, Cornell University
Ismail Rashid, Vassar College
Yanik Avila, PhD Student, University of Erfurt
Hakeem Naim, University of California, Davis
Chris Roberts, University of Manchester
Katherine Bischoping, York University, Canada
Evelyn Hamdon, University of Alberta
Christopher Marlow, University of Lincoln
Kari-Hans Kommonen, Aalto University, Finland
Dorien Vanden Boer, Ghent University
dr. Birgit Kaiser, Utrecht University
Richard Goulding, University of Sheffield
Dr. Kathrin Thiele, Utrecht University
Dr Sharlene Leroy-Dyer, University of Newcastle
Toni Serra, Researcher, Spain
Robert Prazeres, University of Toronto
Raffael Beier, Ruhr-University Bochum
Maryam Dezhamkhooy, University of Heidelberg
Tiffany Dyson, Universität Potsdam
Jiang Shuying, University of British Columbia 
Matilda Svensson Chowdhury, Lund University
Victoria Wood, University of British Columbia
Matilda Lundberg, Gothenburg University, Sweden
Dr. Kate Houlden, Anglia Ruskin University
Christos Zekas, Open University of Cyprus
Fatima Jama, SOAS University of London
Cam Clayton, University of British Columbia
Dr Deema Refai, University of Huddersfield 
Daniel J. Paré, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa, Canada
Davinia Gregory, University of Warwick
Sharon Bickle, University of Southern Queensland
Roz Ward, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
Dr. René León Rosales, Mångkulturellt centrum, Sweden
Dr Cyrine Ben-Hafaiedh, IESEG School of Management, France
Matthew Snyder, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada
Noah Dibert, University of Illinois
Jackie Orr, Syracuse University
Dagny L. Valadez. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
Michael Niblett, University of Warwick
Graca Indias Cordeiro, ISCTE -Instituto Universitário de Lisboa 
Dr. Huud Shittu, University of Jos, Nigeria
Martin Lestra, European University Institute
Dr. Anastasia Remoundou-Howley, Assistant Professor, Qatar University
Sylvat Aziz, Queens University
Dr Jenny Setchell, University of Queensland 
Athina Michalakea, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Dr Jessica Metcalfe, Argonne National Laboratory
Dr Greg Herman, Swansea University 
Katherine Binhammer, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Kris Erickson, Ryerson University
Fiona Jeffries, University of Ottawa
Jonah Simpson, PhD Student, University of Chicago
Dr Paul Oliver, Australian National University, Canberra
Crina Damsa, University of Oslo
Reinhard Muskens, Tilburg University
Malcolm Trevena, University of Canterbury
Adrienne Pine, American University, Washington, DC
Akira Drake Rodriguez, PennDesign
Rene Hirsch, Independent Researcher
Matthew Archer, PhD Candidate, Yale University
Kenny Cupers, University of Basel
Dr Charlie McGuire, Teesside University
Secil Dagtas, University of Waterloo
Rebecca Andersson, University of Gothenburg
Lorraine Yang, University of Leeds
Daejoon Kang, SeniorUnion50 of South Korea
Elden Elmanto, Phd Student, Northwestern University
Zeynep Arsel, Concordia University (Canada)
Taina Maki Chahal, Lakehead University, Canada
Hyebin Hong, Boston University 
Silvia Forni, Curator Royal Ontario Museum
Mark Hudson, University of Manitoba, Canada
Erin Lewis, Högskolan i Borås, Sweden 
Leighton Arnold, KU Leuven
Agnes Marszalek, Glasgow International College / University of Glasgow
Dr Michael Marten, Heythrop, University of London
Dr Geordan Shannon, University College London
EJ Kim, Harvard University 
Ruth Weir, PhD Student, University of Essex
Axel Pérez Trujillo, University of Alberta
Penelope Lisenbee, Frankfurt, Germany 
Brenda Hattie, Mount Saint Vincent University 
Dr Danielle Ferndale, University of Queensland 
Rebecca Johnson, Professor of Law, University of Victoria, Canada
Joseph Varga, Indiana University
Christina Salavantis, Queen's University, Kingston Ontario Canada
Harminder Singh, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
Teresa Mozol, Brock University, Canada
Emily Gresham, University of British Columbia 
Dr. Nadia Naser-Najjab, University of Exeter
Sara Ahmed, Associate Professor, McGill University, Canada
Dr. Abdelhafid Djemil, Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, NY
Javier Puente, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Thekli Anastasiou, University of Sheffield
Jack Newsinger, University of Nottingham
Niccolò Bertuzzi, University Milano-Bicocca
Mary-Jane Radford Arrow, Technical University of Berlin
Dean Wilson, University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Dr Jason Tucker, Malmö University Sweden 
Lene Palsbro, Associated Professor, University of Roskilde, Denmark
Katerina Fragkopoulou PhD Candidate, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Marlise Richter, Wits university and the University of Cape Town, South Africa
Emily Crandall, Graduate Center, CUNY
Anne Junor, University of New South Wales, Australia
Irfana Hashmi, Whittier College, LA, CA
Dr Genevieve Thompson, University of Manitoba
Coley Baisden, Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, Canada
Henrique Carvalho, University of Warwick, UK
Sara Maniscalco, University of Milano Bicocca
Sarah Teschlade, Free Univeristy of Berlin
Ed Atkins, University of Bristol
Sandra Kottum, University of Gothenburg
Nuha Dwaikat-Shaer, Mcgill University, Canada
Elizabeth Montanez Sanabria, Instituto de Historia PUCV, Chile
Karin Louise Hermes, PhD Candidate, Humboldt-Universität Berlin
Alli Taylor, York University, Canada
Dr. Mamoun Taher, Uppsala University , Sweden
Zoe Nikolaidou, Senior lecturer, Södertörn University 
Dr Anja Kanngieser, University of Wollongong
Terese Corkish, Australian National University
Catherine Bromhead, Trinity College Dublin
Melanie Gaylard, La Trobe University, Melbourne 
Harry Ziegler, University of Lincoln, UK
Roland Loh, PhD Student, Kingston University 
Karl A. Smith, University of Minnesota
Daniel Hassan, Birkbeck College, UoL
Liam B Ward, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Lyndal Solomons, The University of British Columbia, Canada
Amina Smits, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University, Turkey
Dr Jennifer Scott, Simon Fraser University
Rachel Brodie, MEd Student, Brock University
Dr. Morteza Hashemi, University of Warwick (UK)
Alex Boodrookas, NYU
Fereshteh Mehrabi, University of Montreal
Tarah Hodgkinson, PhD Candidate, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
Fereshteh Mehrabi, Ph.D Candidate, University of Montreal
Roger Callen,  retired geologist formerly South Australian Geological Survey,  Beerwah Queensland,  Australia 
Karl Malmqvist, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Dr. Jolene Armstrong, Athabasca University
Rae Staseson, University of Regina, Canada
Dr Paulina Palmer, Researcher, UK
Colleen Lundy, Carleton University
Dr Peter John Chen, University of Sydney
Rabia Latif Khan, PhD Candidate, SOAS, University of London
Mario Horta, University of Gothenburg
Dr. Lyanne Holcombe, University of Southampton 
Emilia Korkea-aho, University of Helsinki
Katarina Nitsch, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden
Dr Kate Wilkinson Cross, De Montfort University, UK
Carolina Henriques, ISCTE University Institute of Lisbon
Kate Torkington, Universidade do Algarve, Portugal 
Kevin Burris, York University, Canada
Dr. Sarah Newbery MD, Northern Ontario School of Medicine
James J. Brittain, Acadia University, Canada
Graham Brown, La Trobe University
Philip Jefferies, University of the South Pacific
Dr Kerstin Oloff, Durham University
Maria Elisa Siqueira Silva, Univertsity of Sao Paulo
Dwight Whitaker, Pomona College
Dr Anna Troisi, Bournemouth University
Jay Friesen, University of Alberta
Keshani Jayaweera, University College London/University of Western Australia
Ferruh Yilmaz, Tulane University
Dr. Marion Brown, School of Social Work, Dalhousie University
Louise Phillips, Roskilde University
Sofía García Nespereira, University of Sweden
Dr Hylton White, Senior Lecturer, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Tim Kelly, University of Coventry
Pamela Carson, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Donald Matheson, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Lucia Wataghin, Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil
Cameron Wachowich, University of Toronto
Vivian Asimos, Durham University
Claude-Rhéal Malary, Saint Mary's College of California
Virginia Braun, The University of Auckland
Rebecca Searle, University of Brighton
Jessica Murray, University of South Africa 
Dr. André Grahle, LMU Munich
Dr. Eva Mackey, Carleton University
Siri Schwabe, Stockholm University
Dan Horner, Ryerson University
Caroline Bauer, University of Regensburg, Germany
Dr. Serena Volpi, Independent Researcher 
Keith Denny, Carleton University, Ottawa
George Archer, Georgetown University
Betina Kaplan, University of Georgia
Susanne Luhmann, University of Alberta
Dr Tejendra Pherali, University College London
Dr. Margaret Little, Queen's University, Canada
Gauthier Marchais, IDS Sussex
Maria Cichosz, Stanford University
Dr. Markus Gunneflo, Lund University, Sweden
Dr Eva Hunter, U of W Cape, South Africa
Janice Williamson, Professor, University of Alberta
Dr. Markus Gunneflo, Lund University, Sweden
Dr Mimi Thebo, Bath Spa University 
Alexandra King, University of Regina, Canada
Dr. Fenton Lara, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
Pratichi Chatterjee, University of Sydney
Catherine Greenhill, UNSW Sydney
Glenda Santana de Andrade, PhD candidate Paris 8
Amany Al-Sayyed, American University of Beirut
Dr Leslie Robertson, University of Alberta
Sarah York-Bertram, York University
Dara Culhane, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Dr Rachel Bower, University of Leeds
Jaspreet Nijjar, Researcher
Raymond Craib, Cornell University
Chathuni Jayathilaka, De Montfort University
Kasim Husain, McMaster University
Kellie Burns, University of Sydney, Australia  
Robert Gottlieb, Occidental College
Tove Dahlberg, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
Elizabeth Cobbett University of East Anglia 
M Saniei, Researcher
Dr. KyungHee YI, Researher, Denmark
Juan Christian Pellicer, University of Oslo
Sarah Jadallah, University of Canterbury
Sue Wilkinson, University of York
Dr Ronit Lentin (retired) Trinity College Dublin
Sarah Oxford, PhD student, Victoria University, Australia 
Lachlan Clohesy, Victoria University, Australia
Avelio Sepúlveda, PhD student, ETH Zürich
Dr. Kisha Supernant, University of Alberta
Julie Patarin-Jossec, University of Bordeaux
Michael Dorsch, City University of New York
Samantha Desroches, University of Western Ontario
Marianne González Le Saux, Columbia University / Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile
Alan Filewod, Professor, University of Guelph
Miriam Bouzouita, Ghent University, Belgium
Daniel Ross, PhD Candidate Goldsmiths
Dr Christina Welch, University of Winchester
William Anselmi, University of Alberta
Mélanie Brunet, Ph.D., University of Ottawa
Sue Ferguson, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Dana-Ain Davis, Graduate Center City University of New York
Adele Tulli, Roehampton University, London
Daniel Ross, PhD Candidate, Goldsmiths
Dr Aleksandra Staneva, University of Queensland, Australia
Nicholas Hauck, University of Toronto
Hugh Miller, Loyola University Chicago
Dr Kaley Kramer, York St John University, York UK
Dr Joni Cook, Department of Geography, Loughborough University, UK
Robert Aust, University of Leipzig
Dr Aoileann Nì Mhurchú, Manchester
Agnieszka Martynowicz, Edge Hill University
Charlotte Holzke, PhD student, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Dr Blythe McLennan, RMIT University
Jaime Pulgar Vidal, Universidad Católica del Perú
Dr Mark Ayyash, Assistant Professor, Mount Royal University, Calgary 
Chris Whitaker, Advisor, SUNY New Paltz
Niamh Byrne, Queens University, Belfast
Dr. Nayeli Urquiza Haas, Kent Law School, UK
Roy Hanes, Carleton University
Luise von Flotow, University of Ottawa, Canada
Dr Shannon Brincat, Griffith University, Australia
Juan Fonseca, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas
Linnet Taylor, Tilburg University, Netherlands
Juan Pablo Vigneaux, Université Paris Diderot
Lusi Nuryanti, PhD Student, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Dr Jacqueline Ullman, Western Sydney University
Roy Hanes, Carleton University
Dr Vincent Mosco, Queen's University, Canada
Topaz Hooper, Staff Member at Eckerd College
Rachel Zukiwski, University of Alberta
Heather Stephens, University of Toronto
Theo Wildcroft, PhD researcher, Open University, UK
Bernard-Simon Leclerc, École de santé publique de l'Université de Montréal, Canada
Dr Joey Whitfield, University of Leeds
Rosalind Nguyen, PhD student, University of Maryland
Brittney Durston, The University of British Columbia
Tasnia Khan, University of British Columbia
David-Jack Fletcher, Macquarie University
Dani O'Brien, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Murray Goulden, University of Nottingham
Dr Pat Naldi, University of the Arts London
Kavita Maya, SOAS University of London
Dr. Tina Gharavi, Newcastle University 
Dr Joel Anderson, Australian Catholic University
Dr Jennifer Henderson, Carleton University
Francesca Dominello, Macquarie Law School
Lauren Bradford, Doctoral Reaearcher, University of Sheffield 
Dr Charleston Thomas, the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago
Robert Yates, Warwick University
Dr. Sevasti Trubeta, Free University Berlin 
Zahra Tavassoli Zea, PhD candidate, University of Kent
Guilherme Welter Wendt, Goldsmiths, University of London
Dr Susan Lord, Queen's University
Dr Kelsey Zimmermann, University of New South Wales
Mary E Kitzel, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York
Lise Barry, Macquarie University Australia
Marlena Nguyen Dang, MPH candidate, University of Toronto
Cathel Hutchison, PhD Candidate, University of Dundee
Dr. T. Ryan Gregory, University of Guelph, Canada
Kersti Wissenbach, University of Amsterdam 
Sydney Tyber, PhD Candidate, York University 
Omnia El Shakry, University of California, Davis
Jan Chamberlain, The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Australia
Paulysha De Gannes, University of Toronto
Fiona Wright, University of Cambridge
Sorcha Gunne, NUI Galway, Ireland
Mina Rajabi Paak, York University, Canada
Cheikh Ahmed Mbareck, PhD (a.b.d.), MA.ling, MA.pol.sic. MPA. Northeaster University & Walden University
Dr. Ken McClelland, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Didier Péclard, University of Geneva
Dr. Pamela Richardson, Royal Roads University, Canada
Dr Aimée Little, University of York
Kate Hayward, Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health Australia; and University of British Columbia Canada
Dr Alberto Fernández Carbajal, University of Leicester, UK
Dr Sharalyn Jordan, Simon Fraser University
Dr Laila Kadiwal, University College London, UK
Sahana Mahendirarajah, Brock University 
Sumanth Gopinath, University of Minnesota
Luiz Guidi, University of Oxford
Lisa Farrance, Victoria University & RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Rochelle Johnston, University of Toronto, Canada
Nissim Mannathukkaren, Dalhousie University
Michael Barram, Saint Mary's College of California
Dr. Andrew DJ Shield, Roskilde University, Denmark
Dr. Melissa Houghtaling, Queen's University, Canada
Dr Bruce M Z Cohen, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Milena Saqui-Salces, University of Minnesota
Ana Vivaldi, University of BC, Canada
Emily Thuma, University of California, Irvine
Mariateresa Franza, University of Salerno
Raphael Tsavkko Garcia, University of Deusto, Spain
Lyle Massey, University of California, Irvine
Hadi Gharabaghi, New York University, the United States of America
Dr. Fredrik Sjögren, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
Johann Petrak, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Raino Isto, PhD Candidate, University of Maryland, College Park
Dr Rodanthi Tzanelli, University of Leeds, UK 
Thomas Dowson, Independent Scholar
Dr. Charles R. Rogers, University of Minnesota Medical School
Haley L. Yorke, MSc. Candidate, University of Guelph, Canada
Anar Akhmedov, University of Minnesota
Sarah Hickinbottom, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Elizabeth Baertlein, Kirkwood Community College, Iowa
Claire Jaureguy, Lugar de la Memoria, la Tolerancia y la Inclusión Social. Lima, Perú
Dr Christopher R Wilkinson Cantab
Dr. Isabeau Iqbal, University of British Columbia, Canada
Dr Susan Mayson, Monash University
Jacob McLean, PhD Candidate, York University
Patricia Pierson, Ph.D., University of California, Irvine
Dr Charlie Peevers, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Dr. Luca Rinaldi, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Eunjung Kim, Syracuse University, USA
Margaret Heffernan, Dalhousie University, Canada
Dr Emily Robinson, University of Sussex, UK
Nadia Junaid, University of Toronto
Suhail Malik, Goldsmiths, University of London
Melissa Otero, University of California-Santa Cruz
Dr Ha'aman Harasha, Persian History, Iran
Mohammad Zahidul Islam Khan, PhD Candidate, University of Reading
Dr. Jena Webb, UQAM, Canada
Ari Jerrems, Monash University, Australia
Dr Laura-Jane Maher, Monash University, Australia
Dr. Marisa Miraldo, Imperial College London
Dr. Mandeep Kaur Mucina, Dalhousie university, Halifax Nova Scotia
Alaa Badr, SciencesPo
Renee Fraser, Moorpark College, USA
Nazia Kazi, Stockton University, USA
Ilaria Vecchi, Ph.D., Leeds Trinity University
Laura Stacey, Bryan University, USA
Mathieu Mercier, University of Ottawa, Canada
Andrea Muehlebach, University of Toronto
Dr Andrew Elliott, University of Lincoln, UK
Fiona Grugan, University of Arizona
Jan Derry, UCL Institute of Education
Dr. Douglas Murdoch, Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Didem Salgam, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Charlotte Rowley, PhD Candidate, University of York
Dr. Wei Shen, Institute of Development Studies
Marzia Cremona, Postdoc Researcher, Pennsylvania State University 
Dr Rikard Friberg von Sydow, Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden
Giulia Celentano, PhD Candidate, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Roberta Quezada-Echegoyén, MA student, York University
Foong P. Chan, PhD, City of Vancouver Urban Design Division
Dr Rebecca Monson, Australian National University
Charlotte Brathwaite, MIT, USA
Ashley Lacombe-Duncan, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
Angela McClanahan, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgj
Dr. Heidi Lauckner, Dalhousie University, Canada 
Dr. Nighet Nasim Riaz, The University of the West of Scotland, Scotland
Dr. Jimena Alvarado Chavarria, Ph.D. Portland Community College
Alison Phipps, University of Glasgow 
Dr. Sara Kirk, Professor, Dalhousie University, Canada
Estair Van Wagner, Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington
Jelita Noviarini, PhD Candidate, Otago University, New Zealand
Mary Robson, PhD candidate, University of Leeds, UK
Alexa Dodge, PhD Candidate, Carleton University
Jocelyn Thorpe, University of Manitoba, Canada
Jessica Broe-Vayda, PhD Student, University of Toronto
Vivian McCann, M.A., Portland Community College
Dr Jennie Carlsten, Ulster University, Northern Ireland
Benjamin Kapron, PhD Candidate, York University
Samer Nisr Shim, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Marianne A. Larsen, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Associate Professor Amanda Wise, Macquarie University
Dr. Judy Davidson, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Madeline Knickerbocker, PhD Candidate, Simon Fraser University
Elana Voigt, Staff, University Of Washington Seattle Physics Department
Dr. Vicki Crinis, University of Wollongong, Australia
Katarina Hoffmann, B.A. Sweden
Tariq Modood, University of Bristol
Salimah Valiani, University of British Columbia
Dr Benjamin Abraham, University of Technology Sydney
Dr. Carla Peck, University of Alberta, Canada
Dr. John Morris, University of Queensland, Australia
Isabelle Carbonell, PhD Candidate University of California, Santa Cruz
Dr. Nora Ruck, Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna
Dr Joanne Watson, Deakin University, Australia
Sarah Rodimon, PhD Candidate & Instructor, Carleton University
Ben Spatz, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Elizabeth Brotherton, SUNY New Paltz
Dr. Jennifer Tupper, University of Regina, Canada
Gordon Smith, Masters Student, Researcher, PhD Candidate, CBS, Denmark
Michael Dutton, Goldsmiths, University of London
Cristina Cavallo, PhD Candidate, University of Milan, Italy
Teresa Urquhart, MA, Massey University, NZ
Ryan Page, University of California, Santa Cruz
Joelle Nagle, PhD Candidate, Western University, London, ON, Canada
Dott.ssa Marzia Valeria Bianchini, Università di Roma Tre (student in a Master in Intercultural Education)
Hanafi, Ph.D, Andalas University, Indonesia
Peter Ledochowitsch, Dipl-Phys, PhD, Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle, WA, USA
Linda Rohr, Memorial University, Canada
Jo Williams, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
Dr. Eran Asoulin, Macquarie University
Michael Peters, University of New South Wales
Tanvi Sirari, University of British Columbia
Virginia Martin, MA, Portland Community College
Dr. Wan Puspa Melati, SEGi University, Malaysia
Dr. Karen Gallant, Dalhousie University
Melissa Sweet, PhD candiate, University of Canberra. Adjunct senior lecturer, Sydney School of Public Health, University of Sydney, Australia
Anjana Bala, University of California, Berkeley 
Meaghan Brown, PhD Student, University of Victoria 
Michael Stout, The University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan
Pauline Koppel, Monash University, Australia 
Meaghan Brown, Doctoral Student, University of Victoria, Canada
Gareth Beale, University of York, UK
James P. Hawley, Saint Mary's College of California
Dakota Inglis, MPH, University of Victoria
Theresa Ulicki, Dalhousie University, Canada
Pamela Tudge, University of Concordia 
Heather Andreas, Dalhousie University, Canada
Monica Goulet, York University
Dr. Susan Power, Griffith College Dublin
Associate Professor Fran Martin, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Mary Pogatshnik, University of Minnesota, TC, USA
Dr David Nolan, University of Melbourne, Australia
Deborah Fels, Ryerson University, Canada
Jean Hillier, RMIT University, Melbourne
Claudia Díaz-Díaz, University of British Columbia
Dr. Iain Stewart, Macquarie University, Australia
Priya Prabhakar, University of Toronto, Canada
Hatice Avci, Researcher
Pedro Branco, Universidade do Minho, Portugal
Fatma Massoud, British University in Egypt
Dr Jordy Silverstein, University of Melbourne, Australia
Wendy Bokhorst-Heng, Crandall University, Canada
Jennifer Kelly, University of Alberta
Elizabeth Hanson, Queen's University, Canada 
Sari Smith, Doctoral Student, Edith Cowan University, Australia.
Dr Michelle Stack, University of British Columbia, Canada
Ilaria Lombardo, PhD student, Goldsmiths, University of London
Madeleine Bondy, University of Toronto
Shaun Marmon, Princeton University United States
Debbie Field, PhD, Vancouver BC Canada
Liz Newbery, New College, University of Toronto, Canada
Jacqueline Beres, Brock University, Canada
Ali Hammoudi, York University 
Sean Phelan, Massey University, New Zealand
Vienna C. Lam, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Leah Shipton, University of Toronto
Dr. Somayeh Mortazavi, SEGi University, Malaysia
Peter Eglin, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Bruce Spencer, Professor Emeritus, Athabasca University, Canada
POR Heong Hong, University of Malaya, Malaysia
Bea Bleile, University of New England, Australia
Kathryn Reimer, University of British Columbia 
Alyshia Gálvez, CUNY
Anna Schrade, Amherst College, MA, USA
Dr Claire Heaney, Queen's University Belfast
Dr Minh Le Cong, University of Ketamine, Australia
Michael Dietler, University of Chicago, USA
Sheri Mallabar, Brock University, Canada
Dr Caroline Fleay, Curtin University, Australia
Amy Saunders, York University, Canada
Dawn Douglas, Western Sydney University 
Kelly Fritsch, University of Toronto
Dr Clint Le Bruyns, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Maria Adelaida Escobar Trujillo, University of British Columbia, Canada
Erin Manning, Concordia University, Canada
Julia Chernushevich, University of Waterloo, Canada
Allyson Larkin, King's
Dr Liz Darling, McMaster University
Liam Farrer, University of Toronto 
Justin Quarry, Vanderbilt University
Dr. Tsai-Fan Chen, Dalin Tzuchi Hospital, Taiwan
Renuka Naraine, University of Toronto, Canada
Suyapa Portillo, Pitzer College, California, US
Dr Elizabeth Short, Victoria University, Australia
Tahseen Kazi, Georgia Southern University
Dr Sarah Dowling, University of Washington Bothell
Juana Goergen, DePaul University, Chicago
Mike Ekers, University of Toronto
Clara Luz Muñoz Dorado, Universidad Veracruzana, PhD student
Ali Hammoudi, York University 
Tara Davies, Arizona State University
Ann Ferguson, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Jeanne W Simon, Universidad de Concepción, Chile
Ruth Lane, Monash University, Australia
Dr. Heidimarie H Rambo, Saint Mary's College of California
Lisa Rosenthal, PhD student, University of California Davis 
Mahmood Khan, PhD Candidate, UCLA
Mike Ekers, University of Toronto 
Omer Farooq kedge Business school France
Dr Linda Byrne, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
Anahit Armenakyan, Nipissing University, Canada
Katie Hannan, Australian Catholic University
Mary Garcia Castro Universidade Catolica de Salvador, Bahia, Brasil
Eugenia Beh, MIT
Eric Margolis, Associate Professor, Arizona State University
Ellie Ade Kur, University of Toronto 
Betsy Alkenbrack, Capilano University, Canada
Leva Rouhani, University of Ottawa, Canada
Antoinette Salazar, York University, Canada
Becki Ross, University of British Columbia
Maria Daskalaki, Kingston University, UK
Ali Hammoudi, York University 
Julie Kerekes, University of Toronto
Houman Mortazavi, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Brian Farrell, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA 
Edward Goetz, University of Minnesota 
Dr. Lilia Raquel Rosas, St. Edward's University, USA
Dr Hajah Fadilah Hj Puteh, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
Giselle Laiduc, PhD Student, University of California, Santa Cruz
Houman Mortazavi, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Jason Earl, Bishop's University, Québec, Canada
Nivedita Kumari, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Muhammad Ashraf (PhD), Senior Processing Officer, Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship, Canada
Nancy Holmstrom, Rutgers U -ewark
Muna-Udbi Abdulkadir Ali, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
Chad Hammond, University of Ottawa, Canada
Max Macias, MLS, Portland Community College
Wadiya Udell, PhD, University of Washington Bothell
Dr. Vandna Bhatia, Carleton University, Canada
George Dei, University of Toronto, Canada
Derek Sahota, PhD Candidate, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada
Dr. William Hipwell, Carleton University, Canada
Candase Spenst, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Dr Britta Wigginton, The University of Queensland
Doron Yosef-Hassidim, PhD, Canada
Stephen Bocskay, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Dr. Lianne Britten, ACT.ED, Australia
Lorella Castorena Davus, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur, Mexico
Eleanor MacDonald, Queen's University, Canada
Marc Brosseau, Professor, Geography, University of Ottawa
Tamzyn Davey, The University of Queensland, Australia
Jeff Flesch, MS, Linn-Benton Community College
Anne Downes, Hampshire College, Massachusetts
Dr. Majid Alimohammadi, UBC, Vancouver Canada
Roxanne Bodsworth, Victoria University, Austtalia
Mary Louise Adams, Queen's University, Canada
Mohamed Jama, York University
Sealing Cheng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ashley Houston, Boston University School of Medicine, USA
Claire Urbanski, PhD Student, University of California, Santa Cruz
Isabel Urrutia, PhD student, University of Toronto, Canada
Julia Pan, OISE/University of Toronto
João Reis, Professor of History, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil
Ana M. Fores Tamayo, Adjunct Justice
Andrew Chuter, UNSW, Australia
Tanya Anstey-Mudd, Monash University, Australia
Barbara Nimri Aziz, PhD, Univerity of London, UK
Susan Tyfield DC, Sydney, Australia
Dr. Nazia Bano, Independent Researcher, London, Ontario, Canada
Elizabeth Cooper, Professor emeritus, University of Regina
T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko, University of Toronto, Canada
Jonathan Jenner, PhD Candidate, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Jawid Mojaddedi, Rutgers University
Megan Farnel, PhD Student, University of Alberta, Canada
Will Brehm, University of Tokyo
Christine Baeumler, University of Minnesota, USA
Samer Alatout, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Aryan Esgandanian, MEd, University of Toronto, Canada
Alexandros Orphanides, MS.Ed & MA, City University of New York
Eric Anton Heuser, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany
Manfredi Maggiore, University of Toronto
Jennifer Kendall, University of Alberta
Simone Hengen, University of Regina
Aidan J. Kennedy, Queen's University, Canada
Mark Leier, Simon Fraser University
Alessandra Bonci, PhD Student, Laval University
Lynette Russell, Monash University, Australia
Michael Shires, University of Regina, Canada
Dr. Maryann Joseph, clinical psychologist, Montreal, Canada
Natalie S. Loveless, Assistant Professor, University of Alberta, Canada
Sarah Stoller, University of California Berkeley, United States 
Joe Parker, Pitzer College, The Claremont Colleges, Los Angeles
Lori Leach The University of Queensland Australia 
Shelley Turner, Victoria University
Lara Drew, University of Canberra
Dr. Olivier Bégin-Caouette, Université du Québec à Montréal
Mohamed Jama, Doctoral Student, York University
Sami Douba, McGill University
Edward Conway, University of British Columbia, Canada
Lorenzo Tavazzani, Southern Methodist University, United States
Raouf J. Halaby, Professor Emeritus
Eryk Martin, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Daniel Lopez, La Trobe University, Australia
Dr. Paul R. Carr, Université du Québec en Outaouais
Dr. Gina Thésée, Université du Québec à Montréal
Sarah Yercich, Ph.D. Candidate, Simon Fraser University
Ian Paul Saliba, O.C.T., M.Ed. Candidate, University of Toronto, Canada
Jenna Scott, Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC, Vancouver, Canada
Manfredi Maggiore, University of Toronto
Judy Hoffman, University of Chicago
Raminder Saini, PhD Candidate, McGill University, Canada
Aleyah Hassan, Stockton University
Lara Cohen, Swarthmore College
Sara Carpenter, University of Alberta
Joseph Hill, University of Alberta
Enloe Wilson, University of Toronto
Carolyn Shread, Mount Holyoke College, USA
Dr. Marcy Knopf-Newman, Independent scholar
Negar Karimian, PhD McGill University 
Sarah Taylor, MSW, PhD, California State University, East Bay
Kelly Akerman, Glendon College, Canada
Renato Pereira, MA, University of British Columbia, Canada
Lisa Allyn, University of British Columbia
Julian Yates, Monash University, Australia
Shadi Mehrabi, University of Alberta, Canada
Adrienne D. Dixson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Francisco Romero Hinrichsen, PhD Student, ETH Zürich.
Earllene Roberts, University of British Columbis, Canada
Will Brehm, The University of Tokyo
Catherine Balmer, Gender Studies, Victoria University, Australia
Renato Carvalho, University of Toronto, Canada
Frances Lewis, The Universtiy of Melbourne, Australia
Lelia Watamaniuk, PhD Candidate, McMaster University 
Michele Wilson, Portland Community College
Breny Mendoza, California State University, Northridge
Michael Glass, Temple University
Elizabeth Bernstein, Columbia University
Lloyd Precious,Dean, Kirkby College, Malaysia
Linda Flora, College of the Sequoias
Alireza Navabi, Associate Professor, University of Guelph, Canada
Madeleine St. Marie, UC Riverside
Dr. Ankit Kapur, M.D., University of Saskatchewan
Tingting Rachel Chung, Chatham University, USA
Anahi Alviso-Marino, Paris 1-Sorbonne, France
Dr. Anna Friz, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
Megan Boler, University of Toronto, Canada
Ximena Martinez, PhD student, University of Toronto
Mike Marais, Rhodes University, South Africa
Barbara L. Voss, Stanford University
Joko Sampurno, Tanjungpura University, Indonesia
Dr. Erin I. Castellas, Monash University
Dr. Elena Lopez. Clinical Assistant Professor. University of British Columbia. Canada. 
Sae-Mi Lee, Ithaca College, USA
Dr. Catherine J. Frieman, Australian National University
Woo Jae Kim, University of Ottawa, Canada
May Salem, University of Toronto 
Lisa Wright, doctoral student, Carleton University
Brenna Bernardino, The University of Queensland, Australia 
Adrienne C. Frie, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Isabel Millan, Kansas State University
Shirleen Datt, University of Toronto, Canada
Abilee Kellett, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, University of British Columbia
Yousef Lebbad, Stockholm University, Sweden
Jennifer Ferris, University of British Columbia, Canada
Vasiliki Touhouliotis, The New School 
Dr Sarah Dowling, University of Washington Bothell
Dr. Kumari Beck, Simon Fraser University
Kimberly Todd, University of Toronto, Canada
Agus Wahyudi, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
Azam Khatam, York University
Gabriela Diniz, University of Alberta, Canada
Trish Salah, Queen's University, Canada
Alicia Izharuddin, University of Malaya
Fairuz Mullagee, University of the Western Cape, South 
Eleni Gregoromichelaki, King's
Dr. Rachel Mattson, The Archives of La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club
Dr. Linda Quiquivix, Researcher 
Tullia Jack, Lund University, Sweden
Dr Tanja Dreher, University of Wollongong, Australia
Mario J. Avalos, University of California Santa Cruz
Gerda Kits, The King's University, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Amanda Young, Masters student, University of Toronto (OISE)
Gavriel Cutipa-Zorn, PhD Candidate, Yale University, USA
Sara Salles Micherino
Dale M. McCartney, Doctoral Candidate, University of British Columbia, Canada
Rachel Giora, Tel Aviv University 
Shawna Yang Ryan, University of Hawai'i
Alexandra Fox, York University, Toronto
Tahmina Yasmin, Monash University
Ela Przybylo, Arizona State University
Emma Livingstone, PhD candidate, The University of Queensland
Amir Al-Hassani, University of Toronto, Canada
R. Connie Wawruck-Hemmett BAHon, MA, Independent Historian
Dr. Margaret Kress, University of New Brunswick Canada
Tara Taylor, St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada
Lauren Walkling, University of Nevada-Reno
Anne-Marie Debbané, San Diego State University 
Phillip Tock, Master's Qualifying student, McGill University, Montréal, Canada
Dr Martin Demant Frederiksen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Tania Katzschner, University of Cape Town
E.J. Karetny, Rowan University
Dr Martin Demant Frederiksen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Anouk Guiné, Le Havre Normandie University, France 
Jose Sanchez, PhD Student, University of Manitoba
Werner Pieterse, Part-time lecturer, PhD candidate, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Ph D Cathrin Wasshede, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Emma Tegling, PhD Candidate, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Sari Irni, University of Turku, Finland
Teya Schaffer, College of Alameda, California
Mikkel Rytter, Aarhus University
Ravinder K Banyal, Researcher, India 
A Basyoni, University of Sydney, Australia
Brooke Lober, Sonoma State University
Mahli-Ann Butt, PhD Candidate, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Colin Tucker, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Aprajita Sarcar, Queen's University, Canada
Timothy Nest, McGill University, Canada
Jackie Pieterick, University of Wolverhampton
Amanda Shaw, Doctoral Student, Gender Institute, London School of Economics
Duc Doan, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Emily Polak, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist,  University of British Columbia Alum, Indiana University Adjunct
Tiina Seppälä, University of Lapland
Preeti Kharb, TIFR, India
Abraham Kang, Head of Training & Development, Conversion Hub, Singapore
Sonia Ben Jaafar, EduEval Consultancy
Sivarani Thirupathi, Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Lene Bull Christiansen, Roskilde University, Denmark
Bernard Forgues, Emlyon business school, France
Jessica Skrubbe, Stockholm University
Dr Jerome Reynard, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
Jere Kyyrö, University of Turku, Finland
Dr. Rebecca Sindall, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Patrick Reeson, University of Victoria 
Claire Moran PhD, The University of Queensland, Australia
Dr Maria Elena Indelicato, Lecturer, Zhejiang University, China
Maria Pröckl, Södertörn University Sweden
Jules Falquet, University of Paris Diderot, France
Hira Amin, University of Cambridge
Nikhil Biyani, University of Basel, Switzerland
Dr Maya Shaha, University of Lausanne
Mandi Jamalian, University of Leicester, UK
Michael Calderon-Zaks, Santa Monica College
Amélie Le Renard, CNRS Paris
Tariq Toffa, University of Johannesburg, South Africa  
Kiran Tanna, York St John University, UK
Jonathan Stadler, University of Johannesburg
Michelle Shannon, PhD candidate, University of Melbourne, Australia
Dr Geoff Goodwin, London School of Economics
Chanon Adsanatham, University of Maryland 
Veronica Conte, Università di Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Iwo Nord, Södertörn University, Sweden
Frida Beckman, Stockholm University
Dr. Rahel Kunz, University of Lausanne
Dr Marion Hersh, University of Glasgow
Farah Zeb, University of Exeter, UK
Jens Ramberg, University of Gothenburg
Pernille Almlund, Roskilde University, Denmark
Michael Laurentius, York University, Canada
Dr Laura Carletti, University of Nottingham, UK
Nina Sjöberg, PhD, Uppsala University, Sweden
Vinitha Jithoo, University of Witwatersrand
Nacira Guénif, Université Paris 8
Bo Jones Masters University of Tasmania, Australia
Seán Hudson, Kyushu University
Eman Shaltout, Researcher
Arabella Volkov, RMIT University, Australia
Anette Warring, Roskilde University, Denmark
Eman Shaltout, PhD candidate, Kingston University, London
William Huber, Abertay University, Scotland
Ellie Crookes, PhD student, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia 
Farzad Farkhooi, PhD, Institut für Mathematik, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Geoffrey Reaume, York University, Toronto, Canada
Pia Maria Ahlbäck, Åbo Akademi University, Finland 
Jean Owen, Academic Researcher 
Julien Debonneville, University of Geneva
Karra Bikson, PhD, University of Southern California
Elian Weizman, CBRL Kenyon Institute 
Charles Kirk, University of Essex
Maria Xefteri, PhD Student, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Dr Åsa Audulv, Mid Sweden University, Sweden
Fatima Rahiman Saide (South African Institute of Distance Education)
Jessica Caporusso, PhD Candidate, York University, Canada
Clare Hemmings, London School of Economics, England
Inari Aaltojärvi, Postdoc researcher, Finland
Mary Kostandy, University of British Columbia, Canada
Martin Parker, University of Leicester
Dr Gabriel Varghese, University of Exeter 
Fabio Perocco, University of Venice (Italy)
L Wagner, Researcher, Berlin
Dr. Jay Daniel Thompson, Victoria University 
Renaud Chantraine, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris
Dr. Claire Cavanagh, University of Southampton, UK
Giulia Despali, Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Germany
Rodolfo Gutiérrez, Université Paris-Diderot, France
Dr. Nicole Beale, University of York
Sarah Radcliffe, University of Cambridge
Ali Brown, PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Penelope Wilson,  University of Cambridge
Amadu Khan, Independent Scholar, Scotland, UK
Dr. Anthony Hartin, University of Hamburg
Laura Centemeri, CNRS, France
Dr. Lynn Tang, Tung Wah College, Hong Kong
Catriona Cooper, University of Southampton
Jan Servaes, prof em KULeuven, belgium
Johan Järlehed, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Luigi Gariglio, PhD, Università degli studi di Torino, Italy
Hannah Botsis, Stockholm University
Jana Trajtelova, University of Trnava, Slovakia
Zubair Ahmad, PhD Fellow, Freie Universität Berlin
Dr. Katharina Motyl, University of Tübingen, Germany
Dr. Lea Skewes, Aarhus University, Denmark
Ekaterina Cupelin, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Switzerland
Ass. Professor Neus Oliveras Jané, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain
Dr Elpis Pavlidou, University of York
Paula Kuzbit Canterbury Christ Church University
Catharina Peeck, Leibniz University Hanover, Germany
Ann Van de Veire, Justus-Liebig-Universität, Giessen
Dr Rachel Swann, Cardiff University
Nele Noppe, KU Leuven, Belgium
Agnieszka Król, Jagiellonian University, Poland
Roberto Falanga, Institute of Social Sciences University of Lisbon
Claire Feehan, Queen's University Belfast
Dr. Daniela Marazziti, National Research Council, Rome, Italy
Johanna Prytz, Stockholm University, Sweden
Stephen Cowden, Coventry University, UK
Patrick Brown, Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam
Polo Moj, PhD, University of the Witwatersrand
Eva Schömer, Lund University & Linnaeus University
Dr. Susana Tosca, Roskilde University, Denmark
Giuseppe Zevolli, King's College London
Lee Gregory, University of Birmingham, UK
Virginia Morrow, University of Oxford
Matthias Schmelzer, PhD, University of Jena, Germany
J R Avgustin, University of East Anglia, UK
Hayleigh Gorringe, University of Sussex, UK
Anne Irfan, London School of Economics
Dr Arran Schlosberg, Sydney Medical School, The University of Sydney
Alyosxa Tudor, SOAS, University of London
Associate Professor Keely Macarow, RMIT University, Melbourne
Negisa Narimani, Georg August Universität Göttingen, Germany
Sophia Woodman, University of Edinburgh
Elina Andersson, Lund University, Sweden
Josina Calliste, University College London
Mark Zeitoun, University of East Anglia, UK
Ivica Petrikova, Royal Holloway, University of London
Dr Chris Hanretty, University of East Anglia
Carlos de Pablos-Ortega, University of East Anglia, UK
Piotr Kowzan, University of Gdańsk, Poland
Pierre Bocquillon, University of East Anglia, UK
Kristine Hickle, University of Sussex
Dr. Ana Josefina Cuevas Hernández, Universidad de Colima
Dr Annette Brömdal, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
Dr Eoin Daly, National University of Ireland, Galway
Tian Johnson , African Alliance for HIV Prevention
Cecilia Alvstad, University of Oslo
Ali Far, PhD Student,  Imperial College London, United Kigom
Manuel Collares Pereira, Universidade de Évora 
Fern Pullan, Leeds Beckett University
Johanna Bornhütter, Kassel, Germany
Gabriela Saldanha, University of Birmingham
Christiana Gregoriou, University of Leeds
Dr Bernadette Bartlam, Keele University, UK
Dr. Alexander Martin, University of Exeter
Tor Søvik, University of New South Wales
Jennifer Bayjoo, Leeds Beckett University
Connor O'Callaghan, York University
Ella Furness, PhD candidate, Cardiff University
Fatima Peters University of Venda
Dr Elizabeth K. Switaj, College of the Marshall Islands
Dr Jiska de Groot, University of Cape Town
Dr Adriana Sinclair, University of East Anglia, UK
Sam Saunders, Liverpool John Moores University
Julie Hanna, University of Liverpool, UK 
Frédéric Monier, senior English teacher at Notre Dame des Oiseaux, Paris, France
Sune Maute, University Göttingen, Germany
Dr. Anca Minescu, University of Limerick. Ireland
Houda Hamdi, University of 8 Mai 1945 -Guelma , Algeria
Adam Hall, University of Sussex, UK
Lena Lorenz, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Lars Ahlin, Aarhus University, Denmark 
Andrew Rowcroft, PhD student, University of Lincoln
Annette Osprey, University of Reading, UK
Maziyar Ghiabi (DPhil), University of Oxford
Emma Uprichard, University of Warwick
Lidia Cabral, Institute of Development Studies, UK
Maria-Irina Popescu, PhD candidate, University of Essex, UK 
Mário J.D.S Santos, University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL), Portugal
Katie Cruz, University of Bristol Law School
Dr. Noora Pyyry, University of Helsinki, Finland
Niklas Selberg, Lund University
Louise Tait, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Dr. Carlo Morelli, University of Dundee, UK and UCU NEC
Jose Manuel Caicedo Roque, ICN2, Barcelona, Spain
Dr David Stewart, University of Liverpool, UK
Agata A. Konczal, PhD Candidate, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland
Emily Skinner, University of Brighton, UK
Dr. Jose Manuel Caicedo Roque, ICN2, Spain
Marjan Asgari, Humboldt Universität Berlin
Dr. Eva Cyba, Universität Wien
Dr Helen Margaret Walter, University of Plymouth, University for the Creative Arts, and Foundation for International Education 
Rhiannon Morgan, PhD Student, Cardiff University, UK
Dr Aleksandra Staneva, University of Queensland, Australia
Harriet Gaffney, Griffith University, Australia
Grietje Baars, City, University of London
Fenneke Wekker MSc., PhD-candidate, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dr Benjamin Farrand, University of Warwick
James Harland, RMIT University, Australia
Claudia Generoso de Almeida, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Ali Rezvani, PhD IMU-Turkey 
Erna Bodström, University of Helsinki, Finland
Dr Tara Krishnan, Monash University, Australia
Luis Felipe Miguel. Universidade de Brasília
Subir Sinha, SOAS, London, UK
Gemma Mitchell, University of Leicester, UK
Dr Paul Watt, Birkbeck, UK
Reinhard Schweitzer, University of Sussex
Andrea Pettersson, University of Copenhagen
Peter Dunsby, University of Cape Town 
China Mills, University of Sheffield, UK
Robin Bell, Keele University, UK
Phil Taylor, Universiy of Brighton
Marcelo Vieta, University of Toronto
Amadou Taal,  Worldview the Gambia 
Dr Aleksandra Staneva, University of Queensland, Australia
Scott Hames, University of Stirling, Scotland
Matthew Hoye, Maastricht University
Paolo Cardullo, University of Maynooth Ireland
Helena Liu, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Joachim Hemberger, University of Cologne, Germany 
Dr Marieke Martin, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Janne M. Korhonen, Aalto University, Finland
Dr Kirsty Lohman, University of Surrey
Marneta Viegas Ruskin College Oxford
Penny Newell, King's College London
Dr Marwan Darweish, Coventry University, UK 
Dr Charlotte Ray, University of Nottingham, UK
Dr Andrew Casey, Monash University
Dr Michael Scott, Falmouth University
Dr Gary Hazeldine, Birmingham City University, UK
Dr Eldin Fahmy, University of Bristol
Anna Ludovici, PhD student, Universidade Lisboa
Dr. Anna Magraso, ICN2, Barcelona
Tracie Farrell, Knowledge Media Institute, Open University UK 
Elvira Masoura, Senior Lecturer, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Larissa Gomes, Doctoral Student, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brasil
Dr Delwar Hussain, Uni of Edinburgh
Gillian Schroeter, ACU Victoria Australia
Dr Eliana Barrenho, Imperial College London
Dr. Roxana Zenhari, Georg August University, Germany
Mariana Santos, PhD candidate, Durham University, UK
Thomas Ryan, Monash University and University of Warwick
Laura Rodríguez, PhD student, Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Barcelona, Spain
Dr. Cynthia Parr, Brock University, Canada
Rita Santos, Researcher, Portugal
Andrew Baldwin, Durham University, United Kingdom
Maria Cristina Furtado, Pontifícia Universidade Católica, Brazil
Dr. Margaretha Vlahos, UQ
Philipp Ulbrich, University of Warwick
Sophie Voegele, Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland/York University, Department of Sociology Toronto
Lidis Garbovan, Canterbury Christ Church University
Barzan Sadiq, University of Cambridge
Dr. Margaretha Vlahos, University of Qld, Australia
Dr Stephen Connelly, University of Warwick
John Pløger, University of Agder, Norway
Jan-Philipp Siebold, Erasmus University, NE
Margo Paterson, Queen's University, Canada
Dr Ramla Abdellatif, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France
Ashley Vandekerckhove, UGent, Belgium
Umut Erel, Open University, UK
Alex Coupe, Goldsmiths, University of London
Damien Calaque, Université de Montpellier, France
Dr Jane Lugea, University of Huddersfield
Luiza Prado de O. Martins, University of the Arts Berlin, Germany
Mag. Dr. Miša Krenčeyová, Vienna
Tom Henderson, Goldsmiths, University of London
Christos Pliatsikas, University of Reading
Ambreena Manji, Cardiff Law School
Dr Annabel Keeler, University of Cambridge
Peter Rees, PhD researcher, Goldsmiths, University of London
Rosie Jones McVey, Cambridge University
Dr. Laurence Jay-Rayon, Montclair State University
Dr. Luz Muñoz, Universitat de Barcelona
Pedro J S Vieira de Oliveira, PhD candidate, Universität der Künste Berlin
Fadzilah Din, International Islamic University, Malaysia 
Maria Gomez-Bedoya, University of East Anglia, UK
Dr. Patrícia Calca, University of Konstanz, Germany
Lucy Lowe, University of Glasgow, UK
Lucie Lamarche, Université du Québec a Montréal
Dr Jessemine Pitt, James Cook University
Dr Martin Mowforth, University of Plymouth, UK
Ania Ek,  University of Toronto, Canada
Daniel Juteau, Université Paris 7 Diderot
Dr Allan Robins, University of South Australia
Eri K. Inoue, Researcher
Camille Dusseaux, Plymouth University, UK
Niklas Öhman, Södertörns högskola
Cynthia McDonald, MA, York University 
Jan Simon Hutta, University of Bayreuth 
Dr Uwe Balthasar, Plymouth University, United Kingdom
Dr Karen Tucker, University of Bristol
Dr Jenny Tonge, House of Lords UK
Dr Ruth Meyer, Manchester Metropolitan University
Emmanuel Buteau, Ph.D., independent researcher
Dr. Eva Sänger, Goethe University, Germany
Ignasi Carreras, Universitat Ramon LLull. Spain
Ameera Mansour, PhD candidate, University of Borås, Sweden.
Julian Thompson, University of Chicago 
Al-Noor Abdullah University of Plymouth
Dr Gavin Wilson, University of Wolverhampton
Ben Nunquam, PhD Candidate, Federation University Australia
Dr Lorella Viola, University of East Anglia
Dr. Hélène Picard, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Chair on Mindfulness, Wellbeing at Work and Economic Peace, Grenoble, France
Denise Tanner, University of Birmingham, UK
Assoc Prof Sara Knox, Western Sydney University
Fiona Ottaviani, Chair Mindfulness, Well-Being at Work and Economic Peace, Grenoble Ecole de Management
Dr Catherine Müller, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Sussex University, UK
Maarten Wynants, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Plymouth University
Charles O'Sullivan, Maynooth University
Malcolm Sawyer Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Leeds UK
Dr. Thomas Newton, University of Plymouth
Annika Björkdahl, Professor, Lund University
Gail Hussey, Library Technician, Georgian College, Ontario, Canada
Tuğba Taş, Ankara University, Turkey
Dr Lena Wånggren, University of Edinburgh
Alice Nagle, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Andriy Nahachewsky, University of Alberta
Christopher De Shield, University of Belize
Dr. Natasha Webster, Stockholm University
Alice Street, University of Edinburgh, UK
Claudia Martina, University College London, UK
Alysa Ghose, University of Edinburgh
Katie K MacLeod, PhD Candidate, Dalhousie University, Canada
Jody Gorham, Director, University of New Brunswick Accessibility Centre, Canada
Dr Jacob Copeman, University of Edinburgh
Lucy El-Sherif, PhD student, OISE, University of Toronto 
Victor Tatarskiy, PhD, Blokhin Cancer Center
Joseph Jones-Jennings, The Open University, UK
Dr Olga Kampaxi, Researcher
Mag. Alexis Dujmic, Universität Wien
Cesar Lecoutre, University of Kent
Dr Fareesa Makik Pakistan
James Angel, King's College London
Machiel Kolstein, IFAE, Barcelona, Spain
Lorenzo Vianelli, PhD candidate, University of Warwick, UK
Dr Liz Hodgkinson, Plymouth University, UK
Cesáreo Rodríguez-Aguilera. University of Barcelona. Spain
Dharam Vir Lal, NCRA-TIFR, Pune, India
Dr Amar Ahmad, Queen Mary, University of London 
Mary Finley-Brook, University of Richmond
Ruwayhida Thebus, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Maria Papathanasiou, PhD, Greece
Justin Hudak, University of Tuebingen
Dr Caroline Cuny, Grenoble Ecole de Management, France
Dr. Ian Silver, Queen's University, Canada
Somayeh Shadkam, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Dr Ghada Khattab, Newcastle University, UK
Laura Eggert, Justus-Liebig-University, Germany
Doris Lee, City University of Hong Kong
Dr Cathy Farrell, Swinburne University, Australia 
Hugo Canham, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Dr Tina Basi, London School of Economics
Muhammad Bin Sukeri, University of Essex, United Kingdom
Nazanin Bagherzadeh, City University of Hong Kong
Bhavika Malaviya,Montessori teacher, Canada
Jenny Lawy, University of Edinburgh
Dr Julia Borossa, Middlesex University
Eleni Koutsogeorgou, University of Milan 
Peter W Choate, PhD. Mount Royal University Calgary Canada 
Andries du Toit, Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies, University of the Western Cape
Dr. Maria Berghs, De Montfort University
Hannah Rasmussen, Brescia, Western University 
Harriet Cansino, Newcastle University, UK
Rebecca Hewer, University of Edinburgh
Janette Martell, Universitat Ramon LLull. Spain
Dr. Ilir Jusufi, Linnaeus University, Sweden
Vina Faramarzi, PhD, Strasbourg, France
Sunil Sarferaz, University of Cambridge
Emma Suppanen, University of Helsinki
Licia Cianetti, Royal Holloway, University of London
Kevin Taylor, Sheffield Hallam University
Nathalia Salamanca, PhD Researcher Edinburgh University
Dr. Reza M. Behbahani, Petroleum University of Technology
JProf. Dr. Serena Tolino, University of Hamburg
Blair Apgar, PhD Candidate, University of York, UK
Nicole Travaille, Project Manager, Grenoble Ecole de Management
M.E. Koning LLM, Radboud University, the Netherlands
Desire Yamutuale, Western University, Canada
Dr Peter Collins St Mary's U. College Belfast
Muireann O'Dwyer, University College Dublin
Fatemeh Masjedi Free Berlin University
Rory Blackman, Burke know College,london
Kirsty Harding, Cardiff University
Órla Meadhbh Murray, University of Edinburgh
Marina Fernández Buil, PhD, University of Edinburgh, UK
Dr Alison Stokes, Plymouth University, UK
Dr Gabriel Moshenska, UCL
Itamar Shachar, Ghent University, Belgium
Dr. Annarita Doronzio, Naples
Johanna Ullmann, LMU Munich
Julia Modern, University of Cambridge
Ian Bailey, University of Plymouth
Dr. Suzanne Mills, McMaster University, Hamilton ON
Anna Franziska Schulze, Humbolt-University of Berlin, Germany
Dr Sharon Darlington, The University of Queensland, Australia
Dr. Ruma Raha-Chowdhury, Cambridge
Belinda Hammoud, Western University, London, ON
Sarah Richards, University of Düsseldorf
Dr C. Anthony Lewis, Plymouth University, UK
Fiona O'May, Queen Margaret University, Scotland
Monica Moreno Figueroa, University of Cambridge
Victoria Tahmasebi-Birgani, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Sharon Greenwood, University of Glasgow
Diana Carminati, former prof., University of Turin, Italy
Kahlia Weir, University of the Sunshine Coast
Jochen Kleres, Scuola Normale Superire, Firenze, Italy
Roopali Mukherjee, Queens College, CUNY 
Joaquin J Pascual, University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Chris Holmsted Larsen, Roskilde University, Denmark
Rev Dr John McNeill, University of Cambridge
Sian Moorhead, PhD Candidate, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Tomas Gebremariam  EFRSSI
Dr Leticia Yulita, University of East Anglia
Minna Liinpää, University of Glasgow
Ameeta Kelekar, University of Minnesota
Dr Ghazal Zulfiqar, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan
Dr Shahid Zaman, Cambridge
Dr Antonis Vradis, Loughborough University
Dr. Jo Ellen Burkholder, University of Wisconsin Whitewater
Lawrence H. Moulton, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA
Greta LaFleur, Yale University
Adri Wanto, University of Hamburg 
Nicolas Espinel, Instituto Pensar, Colombia
Andrea Maniscalco, University of Milan - Nasp Network
Dr. Robert E. Gutsche, Jr., Florida International University, Miami
Dr Christopher McMillan, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Turkey
Dr. Marcea Ingersoll, St. Thomas University, NB, Canada
Katrina Caruso, Concordia University
Dr. Shelly Birnie-Lefcovitch, Memorial University, Canada
Mari Jarris, Princeton University
Teacher Slimane Ahmed High School Algeria
Jennifer Ridgley, Carleton University
Dr. Ingeborg Svensson, Uppsala University, Sweden 
Kiana Torshizi, university of Toronto 
Dr Katinka de Wet, University of the Free State, South Africa 
Diana Sherzada, LMU, University of Munich
Helen Dunstan, University of Sydney (emeritus)
Silke Braselmann, Justus-Liebig-Universität, Giessen, Germany
Resto S Cruz I, PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh
Merve Sancak, University of Cambridge
Dr. Nadia Fayidh Mohammed, post-doc, King's College London
Ali Meghji, PhD candidate, University of Cambridge
Jessica M. Tucker, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University
Dr Matthew Sparkes, University of Cambridge
Dr. Angelo Stefanini, Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, Italy
Diane Barlee, University of Cambridge
Martin Elfsberg, Researcher
Dr Manali Desai, University of Cambridge
Dr Brendan Burchell, University of Cambridge
Angelo Baracca, Univ. Florence, Italy
Dr Rubby Dhunpath, University of kwaZulu-Natal
Dr. Mathias Delori, University of Bordeaux, France
Nicolas Galy, Laboratoire Philosophie, Pratiques et Langages, Université Grenoble Alpes
Mark Field, Tutor, Essex University 
David Heap, University of Western Ontario, Canada.
Dr. Thomas Jeffrey Miley, University of Cambridge
Dr Rachelle Ashcroft, University of Toronto
Kelsey Leung, University of British Columbia
Dr Katherine Arbuckle, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Federico Bianchi, University of Brescia, Italy
Dr  Sami   B   Al-Hasnawi /University of Al-Qadisiyah  Iraq
Ricardo Dominguez, Associate Professor, University Of California San Diego
Dr Hannah Elias, Birkbeck, University of London
Rafael Junchaya, University of Helsinki, Finland
Chrystal Lynch, University of Manitoba, Canada
Peter W Choate, PhD, Mount Royal University, Calgary Canada
Sandra Land Durban University of Technology South Africa
Dr. Sunny Lau, School of Education, Bishop's University
Regina Aminta Belloso, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Bibi-Zuhra Faizi, EdD Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Stephanie Smith, University of Regina
Julie Stephenson, PhD Candidate, School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, UK
Hannah Roiter, Queen Mary University London 
Dr David Berry, Loughborough University, UK
Mónica Barrientos. Universidad de Santiago-USACH, Chile
Vannina Sztainbok, University of Toronto
Martha Cronin, University of Edinburgh, UK
Joel Westheimer, University of Ottawa
Dr Muzna Rahman, Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University 
Dorothee Beermann, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Dr Linda Andersson Burnett, Linnaeus University, Sweden
Dr. Eric Austin, Montana State University
Amina Ibrahim, York University, North York, Canada
Kai Linke, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin
Dr Paul Simpson, Edge Hill University, Lancashire, UK   
Ann Bigelow, University of Western Ontario
Dr Charlotte Mathieson, University of Surrey
Katarina Mattsson, Södertörn University, Sweden
Dr. Dewi A. Sapuan, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak
Jason Prince, Concordia University, Montreal
Nadezda Krasniqi, Researcher, Berlin
Gemma Teal, The Glasgow School of Art, UK
Dr  Andrea Balduzzi, Università di Genova, Italy
Dr. Stephanie Tuters, Lecturer OISE/Niagara University 
Karen Dewart McEwen, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
Abril Saldaña Tejeda, Universidad de Guanajuato
Dr. Tieja Thomas, Independent Researcher
Fanny Ambjörnsson, Stockholm university, Sweden
Dr Saajidha Sader, University of KwaZulu-Natal,  South Africs
Lorena Gazzotti, PhD student, University of Cambridge
Irmgard Emmelhainz, La Esmeralda and Centro, Mexico City, Mexico
Vicki Trowler, Independent Researcher 
Anastasia Kārkliņa, Duke University, USA
Hara Kouki, University of Crete
Penelope Anthias, University of Copenhagen
Dr Chryssa Sdrolia, University of London
Janhavi Mittal, King's College London
Gabriela Cetrola, University of Utah
Y. Nichole Faller, University of Regina
Aiden Buckland, Phd candidate, University of Calgary, Canada
Carlo Giocoli, DIFA, Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna
Dr Susanna Radovic, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Dr. Uta Schirmer, University of Göttingen, Germany
Kyriaki Tsitsou, PhD Candidate,  Open University of Cyprus
Dr. Meta Mendel-Reyes, Berea College
Amarpreet Kaur, University of Cambridge
Dr Christine de Matos, The University of Notre Dame Australia
Suraya Mohamed, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Vahid Daneshmand, University of Florida
Maricarmen Treviño.Universidad Pedagógica Nacional. México
Rowan Lubbock, Birkbeck College, University of London
Yecid Ortega - OISE/University of Toronto
Ginetta E.B. Candelario, Smith College, Northampton, MA
Michael Sobota, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Ajith Thiyagalingam, Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada
Laurie Nankivell, University of Sussex
Zoë Ginsburg, Albert Einstein College of Medicine MD Candidate Class of 2018
Maria Moreno, postdoctoral research associate, University of Cambridge
Dr Alison Pike, University of Sussex
Chris Strother, Lecturer, University of North Georgia
Farhana Rahman, University of Cambridge
Mattis Karlsson, Dep. Culture Studies, Linköping University, Sweden
Nafay Choudhury, King's College London
Dr. Laura Nussbaum-Barberena, Bennington College
Katharina Dittrich, University of Zurich
Athina Ntalli, University of Cambridge
Vicki Trowler, Independent Researcher 
Dr. Zinka Ziebell, Freie Universität Berlin
Alaa Ahmed, University of Toronto
Vivian Crockett, Columbia University, New York, NY
Jerome Roos, University of Cambridge
Alyssa Arbuckle, University of Victoria, Canada
Dr. Sirma Bilge, Associate Professor, Universite de Montreal
Dr. Thomas Buerk, Hamburg University, Germany 
Andressa Schröder, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany
Susan Driver, York University
Amy Pickering, SUNY New Paltz, NY
Vivian Deno, Butler University
Olga Mielczarek, University of Cambridge, UK
Ana Dagge, University of Lisbon
Dr. Veronica Henry, Farmingdale State College, NY
Sabrina Bourgeois, Phd candidate, Université Laval
Neeraja Bhamidipati, University of Cambridge
Stefania Consigliere, University of Genoa, Italy
Susan Boyko, PhD (c), Brock University, Canada
Gregory Moullec, University of Montreal
Paul Shuttleworth, University of Sussex
Farzana Bardai, University of Sussex
Laura Scudieri, University of Genoa (Italy)
Dr. Nimanthi Rajasingham, Colgate University, NY
Toni Stacey Taylor, University of Cambridge
Nur Hani Zainal, Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology, Penn State University
Robert Jennings, Univerity of Milano
Mai Lundemark, PhD-candidate, Uppsala University, Sweden
Rebecca Nelson, Ph.D., executive director of America Solidaria US
Pauline Ripat, University of Winnipeg
Rhiannon Lane, PhD candidate, Cardiff University
Gavin Smith, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto
Jessica Winegar, Northwestern University, USA
Dr  Abdel Rahman Elbakheit, King Saud Uni, Saudi Arabia
Jillian LaBruzzo, Central European University, Hungary
Dr. Anna-Leena Riitaoja, University of Helsinki, Finland
Dr. Trudi Peterson, Monmouth College, IL
Eric Crighton, University of Ottawa, Canada
Dr. Susan McDaniel, University of Lethbridge, Canada
Dr Suki Ali, LSE
Dr. Saeid Homayouni, U. of Ottawa, Canada
Enrico Massa Università di Genova, Italy
Michaela McMahon, York University
Ph.d. Astrid Elkjær Sørensen, Aarhus University, Denmark
Andrea Longo, Law Student at University of Torino, Italy
Anne Murphy, University of British Columbia
Marco Capurro, University of Genoa, Italy
Raj Chetty, St. John's University, NY
Kavi Mellerup, Bachelor, Aarhus Universitet, Denmark
Monica Shank, Cheche Community Library, Tanzania
Christophe Demarque, Assistant Professor, Université d'Aix-Marseille
Susie Wang, University of Western Australia, University of Groningen
Selma Skov Høye, University of Cambridge
Carly P Stevens, Open University
Elena Robertson Martinez, University of Cambridge
Fabienne Batailler, Grenoble Ecole de Management
Dr. Chris Zebrowski, Loughborough University
Juan Pablo Bernal, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Dr Bottom Scratchus, Makemup University
Olimpia D Onelli, University of Cambridge
Simone Mulazzani, Aix-Marseille University
Jule Pinter, MD, University of Würzburg
Ruth Tenne Academic Research , University of London (retired)
Austin Tiffany, University of Cambridge
Paola Sesia, Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS), Mexico
Wafa Hozien, Central Michigan University
Omar Bani-Taha,, Univerity of Ottawa 
Helle Gormsen, University of Cambridge
Amanda Costella, Western University, Canada
John Foran, University of California Santa Barbara, USA
Dr. Tobias Sperlich, University of Regina, Canada
Andrea Lowgren, Portland Community College
Monique Nuijten, Wageningen UR, the Netherlands
Alina-Sandra Cucu, Max Planck for the History of Science, Berlin
Deniz Ghaffari, University of Cambridge 
Jeremy Riishede, University of Victoria
Naomi Woo, University of Cambridge
Diego S Maranan, University of Plymouth
Birgitte Ravn Olesen, Ass. Prof. Roskilde University, Denmark 
Dr. Cynthia Lytle, Independent scholar/University of Barcelona, Spain
Ilia Xypolia, University of Aberdeen, UK
Brenda Gainer, York University, Canada
Chandrima Ganguly, University of Cambridge
Luna Vives, McGill University
Nandakumar D, Senior Advisor (CC & Environment), ICSD, India
Izabella Main, Centre for Migration Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
Howard S. Davidson, University of Manitoba
Janie Vanpée, Smith College
Melissa Marschke, University of Ottawa
Célia Martins, Universidade de Lisboa
Kari Brozowski, Wilfrid Laurier University
Teriitutea Quesnot, Ph. D., Université Laval
Kaltun Osman,  University of Toronto 
Dr. Lesley McBain, First Nations University of Canada
Emily McGiffin, York University
Dr. Anthony F. Shaker, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
David K. Seitz, University of Toronto
Yanick Noiseux, Professor, Université de Montréal
Dr Fathima Peerbhay, UWC
Andrée Lévesque, McGill University, Montréal
Tammara Soma, University of Toronto
Dr. Majid Doroudi, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Josep Almudever Chanza, PhD candidate University of Edinburgh
Dr. Lauren McKee, Berea College
Dr Angela Daly, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Isabelle Leblanc, Université McGill
Emma Burak, Lancaster University
Sonya Roy,  McGill University
Christiane Métral, Smith College, USA
John-Michael Davis, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Dr. Elise Billiard, Lecturer, University of Malta, Malta
Dr. Pilar Margarita Hernández Escontrías, American Bar Foundation 
Stephanie Rutherford, Assoc Prof, Trent University, Canada 
Joseph McCully, University of Queensland, Australia
Dr Natalie Van Deusen, University of Alberta
Lara Dugas, Loyola University Chicago, USA
James A. Zapata,  ICN2, Barcelona, Spain
Rosemary Gartner, University of Toronto, Canada
Dr Nathalie Pettorelli, Institute of Zoology, UK
Derek Crosby, Queen's University Belfast 
Fr Franco Camandona Ospedale Galliera Genova Italy
Dr. Renata Sava, MDCM, CCFP, McGill University, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Dr. Wolfgang Sterrer, Bermuda Natural History Museum
Robert Meredith, Keele University
Steve Striffler, UMass Boston
Unaiti Jaime, independent scholar/Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique 
Eduardo Ramirez-SanJuan, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico. 
Charlotte Loris-Rodionoff, UCL UK
Adam Goldberg, Educator, NYCDOE
Mr. Ahmed Saleh ELleboudy/ Human Rights Lawyer, Egypt
Valentina Pramaggiore, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Italy 
Pat Green, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Wolverhampton, UK
Mahdi Rahimian, PhD Student, University of Manitoba
Ahu Tatli, Queen Mary University of London
Teriitutea Quesnot, Ph. D., Université Laval
Priya Jha, Associate Professor, University of Redlands
Johanna Strömberg, Uppsala University
Anahi Morales Hudon, Assistant Professor, Saint Paul University
Dr Ian Biddle, Newcastle University, UK
Suzanne Brandon Wageningen UR, the Netherlands
Myra J Tait, JD, University of Manitoba
Sara-Rachell Grunow, California Polytechnic State University
Louisa McMahon, The University of Sheffield
Ruby Zajac, University of Cambridge
Afshin Amini, University of British Columbia
Ass Prof Ashleigh Harris, Uppsala University, Sweden
Andrea LaMarre, University of Guelph
Benoit Faucher, University of Ottawa
Phillip Mackintosh, Brock University
Avril Rolph, Archif Menywod Cymru/Women's Archive of Wales, UK 
Sophie Pappenheim, University of California at Santa Cruz
Angela Wilson, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Dr. Ana Delicado, University of Lisbon
Ruaraidh Dobson, PhD Student, University of Aberdeen
Robert Compton. Professor, SUNY-Oneonta
Emily Lockhart, York University, Canada
Nadja Leham, University of Helsinki
Anna Kandyla, Phd researcher, European University Institute, Italy
Anca Cristea, University of Tromsø
Anna Kandyla, European University Institute, Italy
Jeff Wilson, Renison University College, Canada
Wnda Wilcox, Calgary Catholic School District, Canada
Heather Tasker, York University, Toronto
Thom Holzer, Artist+Educator, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Mireille Kaiser, University of Warwick
Gilbert Caluya, University of Melbourne
Dr Jill Liddington, University of Leeds.
Dr. Michael Brown, SUNY Oneonta
Dr Sarah Durant, Institute of Zoology, UK
Magnus Stein, University of Copenhagen Alumni
Paolo Modenesi, professor, University of Genova
Dr Patricia Cacho. Researcher. Edinburgh
Kathryn Lachman, UMass Amherst
Guido Rodriguez University of Genoa Italy
Timothy Laurie, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Amanda Di Battista, York University, Canada
Jörg Heuer, Artist and Educator, Berlin, Germany
Maddie Collins, University of Florida
Anabelle Byron, The Misbourne School, UK
Klara Kaleb, University College London
Dr. Lisa W. , University of British Columbia
Tyler Valentine, Undergraduate Researcher, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Dr. Houra Loghmani,  University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Dr Olivia Howland, UNiversity of Sheffield, UK
Dr Amy Penfield, University of Manchester
Deborah Hyden, Queen's University, Belfast
Alexander Wende, University of Washington
Castriela Hernandez Reyes, UMass Amherst
Peter Kulchyski, University of Manitoba
VIckie Janetos BSc Waterloo, Canada 
Cinzia Nachira, Università del Salento (Italy)
Simon Horton, Independent Researcher 
Dr. Felipe G. Koch Buttelli (Brazilian), Theology and Development, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
Stephanie L. Woodend, MSc., P.Geo, PHRAM (Cert.) PhD student Medical Geography University of Ottawa
Kama Maclean, UNSW Sydney
Dr Gareth Watts, Cardiff University
Nicolas Christodoulou, adjunct prof. University of Waterloo, Canada
Marjolaine Verret, University of Ottawa, Canada
Howard Woodhouse, University of Saskatchewan
Jean-François Rousseau, Université d'Ottawa
Milla Vaha, PhD, University of Turku, Finland
Omer Minhas, Ohio Northern University
Dr Alpa Shah, London School of Economics
Knut Ivar L. Tveit, NTNU, Norway
Judith Allen, University of Westminster
Dr Emma Brännlund, University of the West of England
Ruth McQuirter Scott, Professor, Brock University, Canada
Steve Jordan, McGill 
Jungyoung Kim, University of California, San Diego, USA
Jory Seguin, McGill University
Steve Jordan, McGill University
Dr. Johanna Ray Vollhardt, Clark University
Dr. Anina Mischau, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Dr Bryan Eccleshall, Open College of the Arts
Laura Lammasniemi, SOAS, University of London
Alejandra Navas Méndez, Zessko, University Potsdam; Germany
Dr Anna Strowe, University of Manchester
Dr. Paloma Bonfil. GIMTRAP Mexico
Jennie Hissa, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, MEd, Toronto, ON, Canada
Dr Kim Ward, Plymouth University 
Abdelhadi Basher, Doctoral Candidate, Washington State University
Megen de Bruin-Molé, Cardiff University
Dr. Dorothea Weingaertner, RWTH Aachen, Germany
Yassmin Abdelhamid, PhD student, University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Avril Bell, Sociology, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Alejandra Navas Méndez, Potsdam University 
Benoite Pfeiffer, Langara College, Vancouver
Matthew Barr, University of Glasgow, UK
Stuart Marshall, Monash University, Melbourne
Milad Moradi, PhD student, Canada 
Susan Stout,Vancouver,Canada
Julie Joergensen, University of Copenhagen
Dr. Nicholas Simcik-Arese, University of Oxford
Sheida Novin, Assistant Prof, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Dr. David Caldicott, ANU, Canberra, Australia
Stephanie Johnson, Harvard University
Maite Hernando, SDC & RSO Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Joseph Klett, CHF and UC Santa Cruz
Dr Kathryn Elmer, university of Glasgow, Scotland 
Joanna Allison, York University, Canada. 
Dr. Ameil J.Joseph Asst. Prof. McMaster University 
Dr Anne-Christine Trémon, Université de Lausanne
Maryam Khan, Researcher, York University, Canada
Steffan Wyn-Jones, University of Sussex, UK
Geoff Read, Huron University College, Canada
Dr. Paula Giudici, CNEA, Argentina
Samuel Kalman, St. Francis Xavier University
Dr. Paul Orlowski, University of Saskatchewan, Canada 
Luca Mastracci, PHD, University of Genoa, Italy 
Emmanuelle David, PhD Candidate, Sciences Po Bordeaux, France
Stephanie Yae-sul Song, York University
Dr Esther McIntosh, York St John University UK
Marisa Barnhart, York University
Dr Till Bovermann, Lecturer at UdK Berlin, Germany
Merlinda Weinberg, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada
Janet McVittie, PhD, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Sheila Sampath, Ontario of College of Art and Design University
Gina Joue, University of Verona, Italy
Bahar Mehmani, University of Amsterdam
Atlanta Sloane-Seale, University of Manitoba
Janina da Silva Gonçalves, University of Helsinki, Finland
Garry Sran, Research Officer, AUPE
Catherine A. Lugg, Ph.D., Professor, Rutgers University, ETPA
Dr Sevasti-Melissa Nolas, University of Sussex, England
Augusta Palm Ehrenreich, University of Copenhagen 
Martina Faitakis, MacEwan University 
Dylan Kerrigan, University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus
Emily Rosser, Ph.D., University of Windsor
Lola Brown Goldsmith University
Dr Ingrid Marais, University of South Africa
Mary Anne Poutanen, Concordia University
Rachel Haidu, University of Rochester, USA
Sherry  Richert, University of Saskatchewan
Janet Hudgins, University of British Columbia
Dr. Emilie Lameignere, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Hilary Kim Morden, PhD Candidate, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Daiva Stasiulis, Carleton University, Canada
Margaret Kovach, University of Saskatchewan
Sarah Rotz, University of Guelph
Dr Catherine O'Rourke, Ulster University
Patricia Presti, Independent Researcher
Sammy Spann, University of Toledo 
Aidan Lockhart, PhD Candidate, University of Guelph
Kate Lushington Ryerson University Toronto Canada
Adam Zendel, University of Toronto
Dr Fisnik Dalipi, Linnaeus University, Sweden
Joanne Azevedo, PhD student, York University
Lauren Munro, Wilfrid Laurier University
Dr Cleo Smeets, Yale University, CT, USA
Dr Sarah Dickson, McMaster University, Hamilton Canada
Dr Stacey J. Anderson, University of California San Francisco
Cara Fabre, University of Windsor, Canada
Dr Zaheer Bhyat, Toronto District School Board
Erin Gray, PhD Candidate, University of California, Santa Cruz
Katariina Mertanen, University of Helsinki
Jaida Regan, University of Guelph 
Dr Caroline Willich, Catalan Institute for Energy Research, Spain
Dawn Dietrich, PhD Candidate, University of Guelph
PhD Student, Megan Pepe, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Kirsten Petras, UC Louvain, Belgium
Dr Jill Burke, University of Edinburgh
Jaleesa Bygrave, York University
Henk J. van Rinsum, Utrecht University
Lindsay Blewett, York University 
Dr Arash Eshghi, Heriot-Watt University
Mahdiyeh Entezarkheir, Huron at University of Western Ontario
Marie Vander Kloet, University of Toronto
Sandra D'Souza, University of Toronto
Bram Roosen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Dr Stephanie Russo, Macquarie University
Dr. Cory Wright, California State University Long Beach, USA
Ali Yousefi Heris, University of Munich
Paul C. Hébert, Ph.D. Independent scholar.
Mark Lance, Georgetown University
Cyndi Boertje, Central College
Ulrika Vestergård-Denward, PeM Finland
Dr Marina Vishmidt, Goldsmiths, University of London
Daisy Asquith, Goldsmiths University of London
Toni Nieminen, Lund University
Anolga Rodionoff, Ph.D., Professor, University Jean Monnet, France
Loke Lundin, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Sally Wyatt, Maastricht University
Denis Seron, University of Liège, Belgium
Simon Overstall, Emily Carr University, Canada
Murat Karabag, Central European University - Budapest
Dr Pieter Ramzan, Rossdales LLP, Newmarket, UK
Amanda Beech, California Institute of the Arts
Teun Krikke, Heriot-Watt University
David Beck, University of Alberta
Sofie Lorenzen, University of Southern Denmark
Claudia Zhou, University of Guelph
Sean Bray, PhD Candidate, Villanova University, USA
Zlatana Knezevic, Mälardalen University, Sweden
Kyle Lee-Crossett, PhD candidate, University College London
Dr. Faramarz Nilfouroushan, University of Gävle, Sweden
Dr. Richard Schuster, Carleton University, Canada
Dr. Yogi H Hendlin, University of California, San Francisco
Dr. Chiara Tornaghi, Coventry University, UK
Dr James Sprittles, University of Warwick, UK
Evangelia Daskalaki, University of Alberta
Eoin Carroll, Griffith College Dublin, Ireland 
Dr. Maximiliano Korstanje - University of Palermo, Argentina
Catherine Stinson, University of Western Ontario
Dr. Jessica de Bloom, University of Tampere, Finland
Dr.  Bengt-Göran Martinsson, professor, Linköping universty, Sweden 
Emily Holman, University of Oxford
Dr. L. J. Shumka, Independent scholar
Gillian Clinton, Independent Researcher, Toronto
Jovian Radheshwar, Researcher, Globogopoly.com
Sneha A, University of Chicago 
Miren Boehm, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Kirrily Pells, Institute of Education, University College London
Chibouni Fatma Zohra, Oum El Bouaghi University, Algeria 
Jeevan Sharma, University of Edinburgh 
Dr Alexander Mead, University of British Columbia
Hilde Zitzelsberger, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Dr. Angela Cabral Flecha, Research and Advanced Studies Service Group, Brazil
Yovita Gwekwerere, Laurentian University
Bertold Bernreuter, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Dr. Lynn Lemisko, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Elaine Swan, University of Technology Sydney
Bryant A. Rodemich, Villanova University 
Lindsay Der, University of British Columbia
Barbara Grasso, University of Genoa, Italy
Ingo Keller, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
Vasiliky Kasidis, University of Melbourne
Laura Toth, University of Toronto
Gerald de Montigny, School of Social Work, Carleton University
Andrew Sneddon, Philosophy, University of Ottawa
Vasiliky Kasidis, University of Melbourne
Zeina Azmeh, Cambridge
Mirele Plenishti, PhD Candidate, Univeristy of Milan, Catholic University of Holy Heart - Milan, Italy
Vasiliky Kasidis, University of Melbourne
Yaqub Muslim Eneborg, The Pluralism and Dialogue Institute, Sweden
Raghav Oberoi, Phillips University Marburg, Germany.
Sarah Craig, Unviersity of Glasgow
Sophia Stegmann, Universität der Künste Berlin 
Martin Tauschmann, University of Cambridge
Dr. Frances Gray, University of Queensland, Australia
Giuseppe Balirano, Associate Professor of English linguistics, Università di Napoli l'Orientale
Dr. Anat Matar, Tel Aviv University, Israel 
Flora Katsou, Postgraduate student, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Natalie Hendry, School of Education, Deakin University
Dr Jodi Burkett, University of Portsmouth UK
Eva Bornet Aabel, University of Copenhagen
Anu Selva-Thomson, University of York, UK
Ryoa Chung, Université de Montréal
Dr. Jan Stewart, University of Winnipeg
Charles Prusik, Villanova University
Dr Francesca Capaldo, University of Cambridge, UK
Didrik Olofsson, Free University of Berlin
Ruby Lipson-Smith, University of Melbourne, Australia
Lisa bayne, Library User Services Assistant, University of Regina
Dr Joo-Young Lee, Seoul National University
Grace Semple-Paul, JD  University of Houston
Dr. Rohit Jain, Associate Fellow, Department of Anthropology, University of Zurich 
Lisa Siobhan Irving, PhD candidate, Macquarie University, NSW Australia
Bence Magyar, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
Dr. A. R. Banerjee, University of Saskatchewan
Fernanda Tomaselli, University of British Columbia
Charles S. Hendricksen, PhD, University of Washington
Rebecca Jahns, University of Guelph
Flavio Del Santo, Univ. Vienna
Ida Norberg, The University of Glasgow
PD Dr.Graciela Vàzquez, Freie Univetsität Berlin
Dr Hamid Foroughi, University of Portsmouth
Melanie Weise, University of Bremen, Germany
Janice McLaughlin, Newcastle University
Rianne Jansens Zuyd University of Applied Sciences Heerlen Netherlands 
Nadra J. Nilsen, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU, Norway
Jordan Andersen, The University of Sydney
Dr Saeed Zeydabadi-Nejad, SOAS
Dr. Agung Wardana, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
Renee Botta, University of Denver
Dr Jacqueline Dohaney, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Rebecca Nelson, Ph.D., executive director of America Solidaria US
Nazila Kivi, Copenhagen University
Anne Fletcher, University College, London
Dayuma Vargas, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Dr. Roberta Lexier, Mount Royal University, Canada
Dr Colin Calleja, University of Malta
Zoheir Bshouty, MD, PhD, FRCPC, University of Manitoba
Nikolas Tapia, U. de Chile, Chile
Anastacia Kurylo, St. Joseph's College, United States
Oscar Perilla, MA (RMIT) / Javeriana University Lecturer
Dr George Tsogas, Birkbeck University of London
Marie-Pierre Sylvestre, Université de Montréal
Dr Dalia Mostafa, University of Manchester
Ezrena Marwan, First City University College
Thao Phan, University of Melbourne
Atsuko Matsuoka, York University, Canada
Jasmin Llamas, Department of Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University
Dr Liz Trenchard, Coventry University
Sarah Stookey, School of Business, Central CT State University
Piper Jackson, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Geneviève Rail, Simone de Beauvoir Institute at Concordia University
Masrour Zoghi, University of Amsterdam
Zarina G Bhatia, MLitt, Somerville College, University of Oxford
Leah Wells, North Thurston Public Schools
Benedict Seymour, Goldsmiths, University of London
Colleen McGloin (Hon Fellow) University of Wollongong Australia
Dr. Betty Wambui, SUNY Oneonta
Andrew Krause, University of Oxford
Dr. Mie Plotnikof, University College UCC, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Del Muise Carleton University
Edie Overturf, University of Minnesota
Ruth Gamberg (retired), Dalhousie University, Canada
Neil Nunn, PhD Student, University of Toronto
Dr Cheah W.L, National University of Singapore
Maria João Martins, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Scott Steedman, Simon Frasr University Vancouver
Marie Rickard, Associate Professor, York University 
Beheshteh Abdi, PhD student, Northern Illinois University
Dr. Andrew Ó Baoill, NUI Galway, Ireland
Gale A. Yee, Episcopal Divinity School
Dr Susan Mayson, Monash University
Amir Heidi Askomi, First City University College, Malaysia
Dr. Djahanchah P. Ghadiri, HEC Montreal
Suk Keat, Goh, First City University College
Nawal Hashim, National University of Singapore
Andi Schwartz, York University
Dr.Gwendolyn Starks, Redeemer University, Ontario, Canada
Adrienne Lusk, Austin, TX
Nicole Molinari, The University of British Columbia
Tabinda Shah, University of British Columbia
Dharma Shan, Singapore University 
Anuradha Ramanujan, National University of Singapore
Robin Whitaker, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Dr Lee Yi Yi. Universiti Sains Malaysia
Rasyidah Salleh, Glasgow Caledonian University
Dr Kumar Yogeeswaran, University of Canterbury
Antonieta Rosas Rodriguez, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Hanni Jalil Paier, Universidad Icesi, Colombia 
Anthony Alessandrini, City University of New York
Sara Dehm, University of Technology Sydney
Dr Christine Mitchell, St Andrew's College, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Lana Tatour, University of Warwick
Susan Lingle, University of Winnipeg
Monique Rimkus, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Karyn Bakelaar, Carleton University
Dr. Omar H. Dphrepaulezz, The College at SUNY Oneonta, New YorK, United States 
Harry Smaller, York University,Toronto
Kari Dehli, OISE/University of Toronto
Rachel Kaufman, Ithaca College and Binghamton University, USA 
Annie McBay, University of Winnipeg
Dr Linda Henderson, Monash University, Australia
Eugenia Zuroski, McMaster University, Canada
Andrea Fontenot, Faculty, California Institute of the Arts
Claudio Sopranzetti, PhD, University of Oxford
Dr. Mariana Mora, CIESAS, Mexico City
Fahda Kulmiye, University of Toronto 
Dr Cheryl Meheden, Lethbridge College
Bruce Bauman, CalArts
Lisa M. Rosati Copper Mountain College, Joshua Tree, CA.
Bennet McComish, Menzies Institute for Medical Research, University of Tasmania, Australia
Natalie Hope, University of Toronto
Tayebeh Khademi, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Sam Martt, Macquarie University
Mark Fortier, University of Guelph
Antonio Moscato, Università del Salento
Dr. Kevin Stoddart, University of Toronto
Valdine Bjornson, University of Calgary, Canada
Alexandra Therien, University of Guelph, Canada
Dr. Norman Vorano, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
Chisani Doyle-Wood, OISE, University of Toronto
Lauren Lichty, University of Washington Bothell
Parshan Khosravi, Former UC Irvine Student Body President
Dr. Christopher Peterson, Senior Lecturer, Western Sydney University
Dr. Martine Lévesque, McGill University, Montréal
Hon Assoc Dr Benjamin Koh, University of Sydney Australia
Dr Karina Smith, Victoria University, Melbourne
Dr Hannah McCann, University of Melbourne, Australia
Julie Lee MD FRCPC, University of British Columbia, Canada
Anthea Vogl, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Dr Phil Chilton, Curtin University. 
Shaida Bobat, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Dr. Agnieszka Bart, University of British Columbia
Susette Min, University of California, Davis
Dr Kamran Khan, Universitat de Lleida
Filiz Kartal, Public Adm. Institute for Turkey and the ME, Ankara, Turkey 
Patrik Fridlund, Lund University, Sweden
Hilary M. Cullen, University of Victoria
Robyn Thomas, Cardiff University
Rezvan Shahsavari, University of Western (ON)
Rezvan Shahsavari, MA student,  University of Western Ontario
Jamie Paris, Corpus Christi College (Vancouver, BC)
Dr. Mark Scott, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary
Osamah Khalil, Syracuse University
Jonathan Chiu, British Columbia Institute of Technology
Dr. Bardia Samareh, BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, Canada
Vanessa Ohlraun, Academy of Fine Art, Oslo
Yasmeen Jehad, University of Al-aqsa
Dilip Raghavan, Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore
Dr Alison Chapman, University of Victoria, Canada
Dr. Heidi Christ, Forschungsstelle für fränkische Volksmusik, Uffenheim
Duncan Mercieca, University of Malta
Sam Holmqvist, PhD Candidate, Uppsala University, Sweden
Simon Clarke, The University of Western Australia
Dr Ruari-Santaigo McBride, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
Julien Schuh, Université Paris Nanterre
Aaron Golub, Portland State University
Sonia Ferns, Curtin University
Nicolaï Abramovich, Paris-Sorbonne Univeristy
Ton Salman, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Dr Ruth Wallace, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia
Nana Gammelgaard Stæhr, Roskilde University
Julia Guenther, PhD scholar, University of Vienna
Cecilie Glerup, University of Copenhagen
Violetta Splitter, Senior Research Associate, University of Zuric
Lisa Trogisch, PhD candidate Wageningen UR
Juliette Lancel, EHESS, France
Maurizio Pansini, Università di Genova, Italy
Shivani Rochford, Coventry University 
Camilla Ravnbol, PhD student, University of Copenhagen
Hannu Simola, University of Turku & University of Helsinki, Finland
David Lawrence, The University of Western Australia
Dr. Robtel Neajai Pailey, University of Oxford
Susanna Lindberg, chercheure associée à l'Université Paris Ouest
Dr. Lídia Gallego Balsà, University of Lleida (Spain)
Nicola Harding, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Amelie Burgard, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany
Leyla Okhai, Imperial College London 
Dr Dani Abulhawa, Sheffield Hallam University (UK)
Christoffer Söderlund, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Dr Hannah McCann, University of Melbourne, Australia
Andy Mason, Undergraduate, University of Sydney 
Dr. Matthias Egg, University of Bern, Switzerland
Dr Ursula Lanvers, University of York
Dr. Monika Rogowska-Stangret, Warsaw, Poland
Dr. Nihad Elseed , Mater University Hospital Ireland 
Dr Peter Anderson, Monash University 
Lesiba Seshoka, University of Kwazulu-Natal
Dr. Johannes Jaeger, Scientific Director, Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution & Cognition Research (KLI), Klosterneuburg, Austria
Blair Williams, PhD Candidate, The Australian National University
Christiane Schomblond, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Dr. Arne Wiig, Chr Michelsen Institute Norway
Eva S. Deutekom, MSc., University of Amsterdam
Dr. Susanna Rabow-Edling, Uppsala University, Sweden
Dr Julia Lockheart, Goldsmiths University of London, UK
Dr Sue Anderson-Faithful University of Winchester
Anthea Vogl, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Umar Saleem, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Dr Niamh Moore, University of Edinburgh
Emilia Wisotzki, Leipzig University, Germany
Soniya Amritlal Patel, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain
Touko Vaahtera, University of Helsinki
Beril Sözmen, Boğaziçi University, Turkey
Gina Barron, University of Western Australia
Robert weekly, bilkent university
Sean Winkler, KU Leuven
Dr. Hanan Alhajeri, Kuwait University,Kuwait
Luke Robinson, University of Sussex
Simon Wisotzki, Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg
Dr Peter Anderson, Monash University 
Dr Sary Zananiri, Monash University
Dr Peter Anderson, Monash University 
Dr Mutsumi Karasaki, University of Amsterdam
Dr. Mohammad Zarenia, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Dr. Berta Verd, KLI Klosterneburg
Laura Woods, University of Huddersfield
Dr Kirsty Ross, University of Strathclyde 
Alia Dawood, Cambridge University 
Dr. Stefanie Boulila, University of Göttingen
Dr Debra Benita Shaw, University of East London
Mahdiye Ijavi, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Dr. Neil Cowie, Okayama University, Japan
Dr Mohamady El-Gaby, University of Oxford
Carnita Ernest, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Kobi Snitz, Weizmann Institute of Science
Saga Ländström, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Tim Carter, University of Chichester
Helena Pires Barrenho, Estudante PhD, Universidade Évora, Portugal
Carmen Leccardi, University of Milano-Bicocca
Karen Morgan, University of Bristol
Samuel Ujewe, University of Pretoria
Martin Greeley Institute of Development Studies University of Sussex
Dr Ali Shariq Imran, Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet, Norway
Shahin Sirouspour, McMaster University
Dr Lesley-Ann Daniels, IBEI, Barcelona
Evelina Lundmark, Uppsala University 
Julie Gelman, Swinburne, Australia
Dr Ella McPherson, University of Cambridge
Vivien Siemers, Leuphana University Lüneburg
Maria DiFrancesco, Associate  Professor of Spanish, Ithaca College  
Tony Naidoo, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Dr. Robin O'Bryan, Messiah College
Dr. Claudia Brunner, Assistant Professor, Alps-Adriatic University of Klagenfurt, Austria
Soon-Tzu Speechley, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Singapore
Karen Blackmore, University of Newcastle, Australia
Alex Cloherty, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Dr Kristine Aquino, University of Technology Sydney
David Wicks, Saint Mary's University, Canada
Dibya Shree Chhetry, Western Sydney University
Jia-Ming Ying, Taipei Medical University
Dr Joanne Faulkner, University of NSW, Sydney, Australia
Dr Michael Neu, University of Brighton
Thomas van der Molen, PhD Student, SOAS, University of London
Adrian Dale Watts PhD Student, University of Melbourne
Catherine Cronin, National University of Ireland, Galway
Tom Sherwood, Carleton University, Ottawa Canada
Husnain Nasim, Research Assistant, London School of Economics and Political Science
Dr Phoebe Pallotti, Lecturer in Maternal Care, University of Leeds
Amber Dean, McMaster University
Nat Queen, University of Birmingham, UK
Dr. Anne Nevgi, University of Helsinki, Finland
Caro Grimmer, Linköping University, Sweden
Dr Aliette Lambert, University of Exeter, UK
Rachel Lewis, Warwick University
Hande Guzel, University of Cambridge
Cristina Marreiros, PhD, University of Évora, Portugal
Arslan Khalid, UNSW, Sydney, Australia 
Carrie Benjamin, SOAS University of London
Kamran Matin, University of Sussex, UK
Lalita, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
Amanda Holmes, PhD Student, Villanova University
Dr Odile Camus, Université de Rouen, France
Dr Benny Baharuddin, University of New South Wales
Jessica Thrower, University of Cambridge
Dr Sarah Gretton,  University of Leicester, UK
Amélie Martin, Université Paris-Dauphine, France
Aldric Brown, University College London
Dr Andrew Hodges, Center for Advanced Studies, University of Rijeka
Mohammad Sharifi, Leiden University
Dr. Colleen Humbert, Sudbury, Canada
Maria Ibiß, Free University Berlin
Nurseli Yesim Sunbuloglu, University of Sussex
Dr Abdollah Mohammadi, Distinguished researcher, Fermilab, US
Dr. Marta Kindler, Warsaw University, Poland
Tony Weis, Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario
Dr Alfred Koering, Université Strasbourg, France 
Siobhan O'Flynn, University of Toronto
Nathan Wood, PhD Student, University of Bayreuth, Germany
Maya Fromstein, University of Guelph
Dr. Sana Murrani, University of Plymouth, UK
Katy Haigh, University of Oxford 
Divya Mishra, PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins University
Jess Perriam, Goldsmiths, University of London
Alison Conway, University of Western Ontario
Dr. David P. Thomas, Mount Allison University
Ammara Maqsood, University of Oxford
Asifa Quraishi-Landes, University of Wisconsin Law School, Madison, WI
Tavis Bodnarchuk, Section Head and Director Child Protection Centre, University of Manitoba
Guillaume Thibault, Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Dr Ossama Kullie, University of Kassel
Paul Kellogg, Athabasca University
Ioann Maria Stacewicz, University of Sussex
Mandy Penney, University of Waterloo
Dr Matthew Cavanagh, Assistant Professor, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Sudbury, Canada
Tiffany MacLellan, PhD Candidate, Carleton University
Dr. Patricia McLaren, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Pinar Onal, New York University, New York
Hoayda Darkal, Plymouth University, UK
Daniel Tubridy, University of Sheffield
Margaret Dalziel, University of Waterloo, Canada
Silvia Mari, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Feyzi Baban, Trent University 
Isobel Grundy, University of Alberta, Canada
Dr Maggie Robson, Keele University, UK
Robyn O'Loughlin-Pepin, PhD Student, Carleton University
Donna Rodgers-Lee, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Ireland
Heather Crowe, University of Western Ontario
Bartek Goldmann, Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy
Catherine Frazee, Ryerson University, Canada
Virginie Rozée, National Institute for Demographic Studies, France
Jay Lingham, SOAS, University of London
Brita Bergland, University of Oxford, UK
Loubna Ghammam, Université de Caen Normandie France et Université de  Monastir Tunisie
Heidi Jacobs, University of Windsor
María Cumplido, PhD Student, Université Rennes 1
Monique Volman, University of Amsterdam
Beyhan Farhadi, University of Toronto
Anna Stavrianakis, University of Sussex
Sally Roesch Wagner, Syracuse University
Dr. Heather Smyth, University of Waterloo
Immanuel Ness, Brooklyn College, City University of New York
Elisa Lorenzo García, Université de Rennes 1
Federico Lo Bianco, University of Rennes 1
Martin Danyluk, University of Toronto
Dr Neil Henderson, UWC, South Africa
Dr Paul Richard Preston, Lithoscapes Archaeological Research Foundation, UK.
Tuomas Aivelo, University of Zürich, Switzerland
Carmen Loubser, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Dr Zannie Bock, UWC
Mologadi Makwela, Universtity of the Western Cape
Dr. Nori Jaffer, Berkeley College
Catherine Grant, University of Sussex
Rebecca Ellis, PhD student, University of Western Ontario
Christian Weilbach, Universität Heidelberg
Kathleen Okruhlik, The University of Western Ontario
James Robert Brown, University of Toronto
Crystal Adams Coons, Brock University
Miranda Natalia V. -  Sorbonne University/Harvard University
Aysegul Ergul, Carleton University
Mahmoud Patel, University of the Western Cape (UWC), South Africa
Anwar van der Schyff, University of the Western Cape
Dr. Kevin Gaugler, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Hanjo Schild,  wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter INBAS GmbH
Freek Colombijn, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Jacolien Volschenk, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Dr Thureyah Morris University of the Western Cape
Simran Chahal, York University
Simon Stubbs, University of Sheffield
Anna Zalik, York University
Dr. Khorshid Mohammad. the University of Calgary 
Roy Maartens, UWC, Soth Africa
Karly Rath, Brock University
Dr. Stephanie Tombari, University of Guelph, Canada
Tyler Hnatuk, York University
Kate Storey-Fisher, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Sultan Hassan, Universtity of the Western Cape
Christian Seiter, University of Rochester
Dr. Helena Knight, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Krystina Lau, University of Waterloo
Maria Kardashevskaya, PhD Candidate, University of Manitoba
K. Jane Burpee, Librarian, McGill University
Poinas Arnaud, Université de Rennes 1
Dr M Sulaiman, Law Faculty, University of the Western Cape
 Chris Green, University of Cambridge
Tahseen Manie, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
K. Jane Burpee, McGill University Library
Stephanie Richers, Marist College
Fiona Ritchie, McGill University
Lindsay Clowes Chairperson Women’s and Gender Studies,  University of the Western Cape,  South Africa  
Dr. Kristjan Thompson, University of Manitoba
Bryan Dale, University of Toronto
Dr Nadya Ali, University of Sussex
Kasia Narkowicz, University of York, UK
Shafieya Shaw-Ismail, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Aine O'Connor, University of Sussex
Tana Joseph, South African Astronomical Observatory
Dr. Toni Serafini, St. Jerome's University (University of Waterloo)
Wendee Kubik, Brock University
Tasneem Parker, University of the Western Cape
Dr Peter Fletcher, Keele University
Paulette Pierson Mathy,Université Libre  Bruxelles
Rupal Oza, Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
Serge Bizien, UQAM Montreal, Canada
David Parsian University of Vienna
David Seljak, University of Waterloo
Dr. Angela Derksen, University of Manitoba, Canada
Stephen Peters, McGill University
Sunera Thobani, University of British Columbia
Heather Meek, University of Montreal, Canada
John P Cooper, U of Exeter
Gary Boire, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario
Mark Robbins, PhD Student, University of Toronto
Massimo Airoldi, University of Milan
Francine Chaine, Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada
Prof. Leesa Streifler, University of Regina
Dr. Mavis L. Fenn, University of Waterloo
Albert Baloyi: University of Cape Town 
Mark Fielding, London School of Philosophy
Amelia Howard, University of Waterloo
Avile Stuma, University of Cape Town 
Kristina Riedel, University of the Free State, South Africa
Azmil Tayeb, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Dena Farsad PhD Candidate, York University, Toronto
 Kelly McGuire, Trent University 
Andrew Hubberstey, University of Windsor
Layaan Hoossen, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Sarah Brophy, McMaster University
Alex Ashcroft, University of Cambridge
Rachael Alphonso, University of Mumbai
Geoff Williams, University COllege London
Dr Anthony Dornan, University of Glasgow
Dr. Yesenia Barragan, Dartmouth College 
Fiona Whittington-Walsh, KPU, British Columbia, Canada
Erin Reid, PhD student, McGill University
Ayesha Vemuri, McGill University
Chloe Garcia, PhD candidate, McGill University
Ingo Brigandt, University of Alberta
Lisa Trimble, McGill University
Roshanarah Jahangeer, York University
Monique Flaccavento, University of Toronto
Douglas E. Cowan, University of Waterloo
Nassim Noroozi, McGill University 
Dr Michelle Cluver, University of the Western Cape
Patricia Houde, McGill University, Sherbrooke University, Universidad de Guanajuato
Maryam Kazerooni, Texas A&M University
Ernst M. Conradie, University of the Western Cape
Kathryn Morrison, PhD Student, The University of Waterloo
Vincent Mineo, Université de Rennes 1
Kim Rygiel, Wilfrid Laurier University
Peter Frick, University of Waterloo
Philip Howard, McGill University
Dr. Jocelyn Williams, Trent University
Jim Howden, McGill University
Paul Adjei, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Jason Lister, McGill University
Dr. Mike Devine Memorial University of Newfoundland
Nadia Jamil, Independent Researcher
Travis Hay, York University
Gail Wideman, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Sarah Khan MD University of Toronto 
Anne Forrest, University of Windsor
Gabriela Meier, University of Exeter
Sauvanne Julien, University of Guelph
Dr. Catherine de Boer, Memorial University
Huong Hoang, Helsinki University
Idrisa Pandit, University of Waterloo
Suzanne Majhanovich, Western University
Susan Ballinger, McGill University
Erinn Acland, University of Toronto
Shelby Loft, University of British Columbia
Dr kirstin Lewis, Goldsmiths 
Michael Del Bel, PhD Student, University of Ottawa
Rebecca A. Sheehan, Harvard University
Signe Bremer, Uppsala University, Sweden
Sarah Khan MD, University of Toronto
Helen Haines, Ph.D., Trent University
Patti Ryan, York University
Andy King, King's College London
Po-Han Lee, University of Sussex
Esme Jacobs, University of the Western Cape
Emeritus Professor Sue Middleton, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
Christine M. Peat, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Vicki Skelton, Librarian, University of Toronto
Fahmida Cachalia, University of Johannesburg
Ghadeer Shubassi, Ph.D, University of Toronto 
Kaeleigh D'Ermo, Algonquin College, Ontario, Canada
Francisco Santiago-Ávila, PhD Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dr.Kevin J. O'Keefe,  Miami, Florida
Naomi Nichols, McGill University 
Chris Roulston, University of Western Ontario
Brenna Keatinge, PhD candidate, University of Toronto
Fujan Simorgh,  Evanston Township Highschool 
Lisa Procter, Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr. Katherine Honea, Austin Peay State University
Julien Voisin, Université Laval
Andrea Pietrzak, Wilfrid Laurier University
Anne O'Riordan, Queen's University, Canada
James Muir, University of Alberta
Rebecca Thornhill, University of Ottawa
Elli Dehnavi, University of Alberta
Dr. R. S. Sahsi, Assistant Clinical Professor, McMaster University
Joanne Isabelle Sion, Ph. D., University of Toronto
Dr. Jolene Armstrong, Athabasca University
Roberto del Valle, Södertörn University, Sweden
Douglas Wilson, University of Waterloo 
Dr.Hayam Al-Saatee, Architectural Department, Al Mustansiriya University
Jean-Christian Gagnon, University of Ottawa
Martin Julien, University of Toronto
Guillaume Peterson, University of British Columbia
Mogamat Noer Martin, University of Cape Town
Dr. Laura Morillas, University of British Columbia
Alejandra Echeverri, PhD Student, University of British Columbia
Dale Jacobs, University of Windsor
Christopher Emory-Moore, PhD Student, University of Waterloo
Charlotte Whitney, PhD Candidate, University of Victoria
Ivar Ekeland, University of Paris-Dauphine
Sevgi Dogan, University of Pisa
Nikan Momenbeitollahi, University of Guelph
Gabriel Rockhill, Villanova University
Philip Wilke, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Gillian van der Ven, University of Regina
Brandon Engelbrecht, University of the Western Cape
Natali Euale, TA at the University of Guelph
Myrto Koumarianos, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
Andrew Southey, University of Guelph
Mila Mendez, MA Student, York University 
Dr Daniel S. Lacerda, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Reuben Aucamp, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Janet Conway, Canada Research Chair in Social Justice, Brock University
Pega Ren, independent researcher and therapist,  Nelson, BC, Canada
Ramona Naaddaff, University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Peter Walmsley, McMaster University
Jennifer Meyer, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Conrad Brunstrom, Maynooth University
Dr Elizabeth Elliott, University of Aberdeen 
Lisa J. Starr, Assistant professor, Mcgill University
Chris Miller, University of Waterloo
Chris Lloyd, School of Law, Oxford Brookes University
Laura Cromer, Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute
Sara Ramshaw, University of Exeter
Katja Gillander Gådin, Mid Sweden University
Yayah Khisbiyah, Muhammadiyah University at Surakarta, Indonesia
Laura Morlock, University of Waterloo
Christina Pantazis, University of Bristol
Heather Dill, Open Polytechnic
Shabnam Haji, PhD, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Mitchell Parry, University of Victoria
Donna Marshall, Mount Saint Vincent University
Shela Sheikh, Goldsmiths, University of London
Rokhima Rostiani, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
Dr. Sigrid Hackenberg, Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS), New York
Dr Kate Ash-Irisarri, University of Edinburgh
Dr David Glance, University of Western Australia
Aydin Abar, Research Fellow, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
Shahin Rasoulian, PhD, HEC Montreal
Dr Colin Moran, University of Stirling
Sandrine Ricci, Université du Québec à Montréal
Fatimah Hussien, Victoria University of Wellington
John Considine, University of Alberta
Serena Althea Yi, York University, Toronto, Canada
Julie Prior, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto, Canada
Dr Shabbir Dastgir, University of Huddersfield, UK
Loic Le Marrec, Université de Rennes 1, France
Barbara Sutton, Saint John's University, Collegeville, MN
Mela Sarkar, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Dr. Filippo Del Lucchese, Brunel University, London
Dr Francis Loh, Universiti Sains Malaysia 
Dr. Son Vivienne, Flinders University of SA, Australia
Fernanda Macchi, McGill University
Nicole Boenke, Research Fellow, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany Bochum
Eric W. Frith, Columbia University
Dr. Milton Freeman, University of Alberta, Canada
Nikki Shahin, Dalhousie University, Canada
Jackie Seidel, University of Calgary, Canada
Imran Ahmed, University of New England, Australia
Dr. Ashley Blais of Ste Rose Du Lac Manitoba , faculty of health sciences university of manitoba
Andreas Kotsakis, Oxford Brookes University 
Dra. Isabel A. Carter Bartlett, Universidad Iberoamericana
Dr. Saeed Shoaie, King's College London, UK & Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Dr. Henry Milner, University of Montreal, Canada
Dr. Suzanne Snizek, University of Victoria, Canada
Dr. Chistopher Ian Foster, Jackson State University, United States
Peggy Bradley Institute of Simplified Hydroponics USa
Ellen Lloyd, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Jocelyn Wills, Brooklyn College, CUNY, United States 
Jeremy Randall, PhD Candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Marianne Dickie, ANU College of Law,Migration Law Program, Australian National University
Joe Tompkins, Allegheny College, PA, USA
Dr. Cathy Conrad Saint Mary's University, Halifax, NS Canada
Dr Tim Legrand, Australian National University
Dr. Zahi Badran, University of Nantes, France
Carla Lipsig-Mummé, York University, Canada
Dr. Lisa Craig, University of Manitoba, Canada
Abdella Abdou, Brandon University, Canada
Dr. Enakshi Dua, York University, Canada 
Dr Alison Copeland, Newcastle University, UK
Dr. Julia Woodhall-Melnik, McMaster University, Canada 
Andrea Martinez, Université d'Ottawa
Sandy Zinn, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Dr. Camille Hernandez-Ramdwar, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
Marqez Ramsay, York University 
Kathryn Hare, University of Waterloo, Canada
Ghazal Farhani, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Dr. Kadia Petricca, Toronto, Canada 
Dr. Rose Wu, Chung Chi Divinity School, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 
Larry Swatuk, University of Waterloo, Canada
Mary Jean Hande, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
Rebeca Maria Martinez Madrid, Birkbeck, University of London
Dr Arash Izadpanah , University of British Columbia , Canada 
Dr. Deborah Dergousoff, University of British Columbia
Joe Greener, University of Liverpool in Singapore
Dr. Robert Cassidy, Concordia University, Canada 
Nicole Neverson, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada 
Dr. Stephanie Posthumus, McGill University, Canada
Sofia Ahmed, University of Windsor 
Amina Jamal, Ryerson University, Canada
Dr. Isabelle Gauvin, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Dr Diego von Vacano, Texas A&M, USA
Rhonda Breitkreuz, University of Alberta, Canada
Dr. Marie-Claude Haince, University of Ottawa, Canada
Dr. Tilsa Ponce, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Dr. Maria Gabriela Mangano, Univeristy of Saskatchewan
Desi Dwi Prianti, PhD Candidate, Utrecht University, The Netherlands 
Jacqueline Bearce, Ed.D., Cambridge College, Springfield, MA
Dr. Juno Parrenas, Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
Siobhan Byrne, University of Alberta
Assoc Prof Md Saidul Islam, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Natali Serrano, University of Saskatchewan
Nuraan Davids-Latief, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Dr Paeta Lehn, University of Manitoba
Jenny Bonnevier, PhD, Örebro University, Sweden 
Nasser Abdullah University of Western Cape
Heidie Bastian, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Genevieve Fisher, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Muaath Adams, University of the Western Cape
M Abrahams, University Of Western Cape
Dr A Bayat, University of the Western Cape
Ms Aqeelah Begg, University of the Western Cape
Steven Wyngaardt University Of Western Cape
Maria Sjöqvist, Linkoping University, Sweden
Dr. Saeid Ghavami, University of Manitoba
Gasant Gamiet, University of Western Cape, South Africa
Luzuko Masumpa, University of the Western Cape
Lina Yahia, Université de Nantes, France
Adel Rezaei Moghadam, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
Javad Alizadeh, University of Manitoba, Canada
Alleyn Diesel University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Nick Baker, University of Windsor, Canada
Dr. Pedro Abrantes, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Essa Sadien, University of the Western Cape
Vanitha Naidoo, University of the Western Cape , South Africa
Douglas Pulleyblank, University of British Columbia
Dr. Nashreen Behardien, University of the Western cape, South Africa
Shamil Jeppie, University of Cape Town
Shana Graham, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Julian Rodriguez, University of California, Santa Cruz
Ricardo Davids, University of the  Western Cape, South Africa
Jia Liu, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Dr Arona Dison, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Trevor Fortune, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Dr. Emma Isaksson, Södertörn university, Sweden 
Gabieba Donough, University of the Western Cape
Valmarie Haywood, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Fazlyn Petersen, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Dr. Sosina Bezu, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway
Dr Ian R Lamond, Leeds Beckett University
Suzanne Almgren Mason, Halmstad University, Sweden
Paolo Israel, Associate Professor, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Afifah Fauziyah, University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia
Dr. Anya Topolski, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands.
Elroy October, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Annemarie Piso, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Jennifer Granville, Leeds Beckett University, England
Steve Jones, Leeds Beckett University
Louise Schou Therkildsen, PhD fellow, Uppsala University, Sweden
Alireza Keshavarz, A.P., University College Dublin
Dave Procter, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Roger Higgins, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Federico Demaria, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain 
Andrea Teti, University of Aberdeen
Mumtaz Ahmed Khan, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Bernadette Theodore, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Louise McGillis, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Safana Sellman, Ph.D. candidate, University of Melbourne, Australia
Hanna Lämsä, University of Potsdam, Germany
Elisa Burrai, Leeds Beckett University
Dr. Kattie Lussier, HUFS, ROK
Lyn Farrell, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Dr Mark Espin, University of the Western Cape, Republic of South Africa
Frederike Offizier, University of Potsdam, Germany
Joachim Jacobs, University Western Cape South Africa
Roger Ritvo, Auburn University Montgomery
Nikhita Madhanpall, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Ana Maria Garcia, Coimbra University
Dr Paula James, Open University, UK
Dr Jon Dart, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Melanie Knight, Ryerson University
Claire Phillips, UCL Institute of Education
Corinne Knowles, Rhodes University, South Africa 
Jessica Jacobs Queen Mary University of London
Dr. Carly McLaughlin, University of Potsdam, Germany
Zahra February, University of the Western Cape
Dr Alison Roberts, University of Sussex
Ari Ramkilowan, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa
Dr. David Aiken, University College Roosevelt, Middelburg, the Netherlands
Brandon Layman University of the Western Cape,South Africa 
Dr. Simon Keizer, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
Martin Aust, University of Bonn, Germany
Kurt Sampson, Dalhousie University, Halifax NS
Masaya Llavaneras Blanco, Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada
Maissaa Almustafa, Wilfrid Laurier University
Nicolette Johannes, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Sophie Marcoux, McGill University Quebec, Canada
M. Haliem, University of Melbourne, Australia
Grace Peña Delgado, University California, Santa Cruz
Rachel Zellars, Lecturer, PhD candidate, McGill University
Alicia E. Rosales-Nieves, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Spain
Dominic Silvio, Dalhousie University
Dr. Gian Luigi Mariottini, University of Genova, Italy
Dr Kirsten MacLeod, Lecturer, Newcastle University
Dr Stacy Gillis, Newcastle University, UK
Milad Eskandari, Univ. of Guelph
Stephanie Butler, Newcastle University U.K.
Dr S.J. Hannahs, Newcastle University (UK)
Dr Elina Meliou, Newcastle University, UK
Richard Poole, Newcastle University
Dr. Lauren Ackerman, Newcastle University
Sydney Katherine Green, University of Antwerp
Julie Kate Seirlis, St Paul's University College, Ontario, Canada
Helen Freshwater, Newcastle University
Katharina Ritte, NRW, Germany
Megan Muller, Carleton University, Canada
Dr Hannah Durkin, Newcastle University, UK
Tracy Gillman, Newcastle University
Rebecca Tally, LAGCC-City University of New York
Tate Wilson, Ph.D., USA
David H Slavin, Clayton State U and Emory U Atlanta GA USA
Mary Cornelius, University of Glasgow 
Arabella Stanger, University of Sussex
Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan, Aix-Marseille University, France
Dr Meiko O'Halloran, Newcastle University, UK
Dr Christy Constantakopoulou, Birkbeck College London
Daniel Banoub, Memorial University 
Elizabeth Martindale Birkbeck College London University
Dr Elaine Thomson, lecturer, Edinburgh Napier University
Rami El Ali, Lebanese American University
Dr Chris Evans, University of Roehampton
Hannah Dolin, Mcgill University, Canada   
Viviana Meschitti, Birkbeck University of London
Kelsey M. Jones, University of Pennsylvania
Lance William Schneider, B.A., University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee
Irena Smith, University of Toronto
Filippo Bontadini, University of Sussex
Dr Arabella Fisher, The Open University
Boris Hennig, Ryerson University Toronto
Dr. Elisabeth Malleier, Historian
Amparo Marroquín Parducci. Universidad Centroamericana El Salvador
Richard Carabine, Birkbeck, University of London
Jerome Kiley Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Ms. Fabian Burrell, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY
Dr Helga Eberherr, Vienna University of Economics and Business 
Rone Gerber, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Ahmed Kanna, University of the Pacific, California
Andrea Maestrejuan, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Dr. Klaus Wrogemann, Professor Emeritus, University of Manitoba, Canada
Dr. Hesam Movassagh, University of Manitoba, Canada
Jan Middleton, University of Manitoba
Dr. Elisabet Service, Associate Professor, McMaster University, Canada
Gloria Filax, Athabasca University, Canada
Dr. Debra Shogan, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, Canada
Thérèse St-Gelais, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Dr Jeanne Kentel, British Columbia, Canada
Dr. JIm Handy, Department of History, University of Saskatchewan 
Shabana Mogra, McGill University, Canada
Miriam Kaufman, University of Toronto, Canada
Dr Ruth Lewis, University of Northumbria
Brian Black, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
Faezeh Jahanshiri, SJSU,  California 
Melanie Dulong de Rosnay, CNRS Paris Sorbonne, France
Dr Sara Rondinel, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru
Andrew Shail, Newcastle University
Martha Young-Scholten, Newcastle University, UK
Faezeh Jahanshiri- San Jose State University, California 
Dr Adam Phillips, University of Brighton
Cindy Maguire, Adelphi University
Bethan Harries, University of Manchester 
Richard Maclure, University of Ottawa, Canada
Chris Walker, CIHR Fellow / SMU, Halifax
Francis K. Peddle, Dominican University College, Ottawa
Marjorie Madigan, Emerita, Marymount Manhattan College
Emily Choy, University of Manitoba, Canada
Saba Safdar, University Guelph, Canada
Dr. Jean Chapman, Research Associate, Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University, Montreal
Genevieve Delcuve, U of Manitoba
Jeannette Yvonne Mendoza Rogel, MD. Mexico/the Netherlands
Dr. David C. Hooker, University of Guelph
Roxanne Gendron, Université de Montréal, Québec
Anne Dyer-Witheford, PhD Candidate, University of Waterloo, Canada
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Glory Rigueros Saavedra, University of Brighton
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Camilo López-Aguirre, University of New South Wales
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Mariam Abazeri, Independent Researcher 
Dr Ros Merkin, LJMU, UK
Dr. Chris Nelson, University of Victoria, Canada
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Dr Laurence Cox, National University of Ireland Maynooth
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Dr. Nicolas Le Corvec, Postdoc at Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, France
Dr. Hossein Mokhtarzadeh, Harvard Medical School, United States
Kathleen Shah, EPFL, Switzerland
Dr. Corey W Carlson, Arizona State University
Dr. Brett R. Lenz, Univ. of Leicester, Wanapum Heritage Center Museum
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H T Rayn PhD university of Bonn, Germany
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Curtis Sassur, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
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Sarah Jane Hill University of Western Sydney
Mimi Masson, University of Toronto
Dr. Julio Mercader, Archaeology, Univ of Calgary
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Carine Chelhot Lemyre, graduate student, University of Toronto
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Dr. T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko, University of Toronto
E. Eftekharpour, PhD, University of Manitoba
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Henrietta Johansson Archivar Kvinnofolkhögskolan, Gothenburg
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Prof Luciano Beheregaray, Flinders University, Australia
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Line Säll, Karlstad University
Dr. Elena Lazzarini PhD Leicester University, UK 
Dr Jane Turner , Leeds Beckett University
S. M. Bomester (MIDA)
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Dr. Ed Leach Dalhousie University
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Louise Thomson, Northumbria University, UK
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Ann Porter, York University, Canada
Rehana Zaman, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK
Dr. Turf S. Anton, University of Exeter Worthington
Dr Richard Malik, The University of Sydney
Keith Wilson, Professor Emeritus, University of Ottawa
Luke Stowell, University of Georgia, USA
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Senior Instructor, University of Manitoba
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Sandra Mathison, University of British Columbia, Canada
Dr. Pat O'Riley, University of British Columbia, Canada
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Aaron Shafer, Trent University 
Nicola Short, York University, Toronto
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Alicia López San Andrés, Universidad Polotécnica de Valencia, Spain. Alumni 
Nishant, IIT DELHI
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Mariki Victor UWC RIM Mayibuye Archives
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Jessica Ball, University of Victoria, Canada
Dr. Thor Markussen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Dr Gjovalin Macaj, University of Oxford
Dr. Milena Droumeva, Simon Fraser University
Shelley McCabe, Humber College, Toronto


Letter to the community: Update regarding Executive Order, thoughts on moving forward

MIT News Office 
January 30, 2017

The following email was sent today to the MIT community by President L. Rafael Reif.
To the members of the MIT community,
First, an update:
I was hoping to write to you today with some uplifting news. Yet, as I write, we continue to push hard to bring back to MIT those members of our community, including two undergraduates, who were barred from the US because of the January 27 Executive Order on immigration. We are working personally with each of the affected individuals we are aware of. If you know of others who are directly affected, please inform us immediately so we can try to help:
Over and over since the order was issued, I have been moved by the outpouring of support from hundreds across our community. I could not be more proud, and I am certain that you join me in thanking everyone inside and outside of MIT whose extraordinary efforts have helped us address this difficult situation. We hope we can welcome everyone back to MIT very soon.
MIT, the nation and the world
I found the events of the past few days deeply disturbing. The difficulty we have encountered in seeking to help the individuals from our community heightens our overall sense of concern. I would like to reflect on the situation we find ourselves in, as an institution and as a country.
MIT is profoundly American. The Institute was founded deliberately to accelerate the nation’s industrial revolution. With classic American ingenuity and drive, our graduates have invented fundamental technologies, launched new industries and created millions of American jobs. Our history of national service stretches back to World War I; especially through the work of Lincoln Lab, we are engaged every day in keeping America safe. We embody the American passion for boldness, big ideas, hard work and hands-on problem-solving. Our students come to us from every faith, culture and background and from all fifty states. And, like other institutions rooted in science and engineering, we are proud that, for many of our students, MIT supplies their ladder to the middle class, and sometimes beyond. We are as American as the flag on the Moon.
At the same time, and without the slightest sense of contradiction, MIT is profoundly global. Like the United States, and thanks to the United States, MIT gains tremendous strength by being a magnet for talent from around the world. More than 40% of our faculty, 40% of our graduate students and 10% of our undergraduates are international. Faculty, students, post-docs and staff from 134 other nations join us here because they love our mission, our values and our community. And – as I have – a great many stay in this country for life, repaying the American promise of freedom with their energy and their ideas. Together, through teaching, research and innovation, MIT's magnificently global, absolutely American community pursues its mission of service to the nation and the world.
What the moment demands of us
The Executive Order on Friday appeared to me a stunning violation of our deepest American values, the values of a nation of immigrants: fairness, equality, openness, generosity, courage. The Statue of Liberty is the “Mother of Exiles”; how can we slam the door on desperate refugees? Religious liberty is a founding American value; how can our government discriminate against people of any religion? In a nation made rich by immigrants, why would we signal to the world that we no longer welcome new talent? In a nation of laws, how can we reject students and others who have established legal rights to be here? And if we accept this injustice, where will it end? Which group will be singled out for suspicion tomorrow?
On Sunday, many members of our campus community joined a protest in Boston to make plain their rejection of these policies and their support for our Muslim friends and colleagues. As an immigrant and the child of refugees, I join them, with deep feeling, in believing that the policies announced Friday tear at the very fabric of our society.
I encourage anyone who shares that view to work constructively to improve the situation. Institutionally, though we may not be vocal in every instance, you can be confident we are paying attention; as we strive to protect our community, sustain our mission and advance our shared values, we will speak and act when and where we judge we can be most effective.
Yet I would like us to think seriously about the fact that both within the MIT community and the nation at large, there are people of goodwill who see the measures in the Executive Order as a reasonable path to make the country safer. We would all like our nation to be safe. I am convinced that the Executive Order will make us less safe. Yet all of us, across the spectrum of opinion, are Americans.
In this heated moment, I urge every one of us to avoid with all our might the forces that are driving America into two camps. If we love America, and if we believe in America, we cannot allow those divisions to grow worse. We need to imagine a shared future together, if we hope to have one. I am certain our community can help work on this great problem, too, by starting right here at home.
L. Rafael Reif


Poll: Impact of Academic Boycott of the US on Philosophy Conferences
Justin W.
.February 2, 2017 at 8:52 am 
Over 5000 academics have signed on to a statement “pledging not to attend international conferences in the US” so long as the travel ban (which denies entry to the US by people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia) issued by Donald Trump in an executive order on January 27th  is in effect. 
The Executive Order states that the travel ban will be in place for 90 days (until April 27th, 2017), though Trump could extend it. Falling within this time period are the American Philosophical Association’s Central and Pacific Division Meetings, with the former running from March 1st – 4th, and the latter from April 12th – 15th.
Some readers have expressed interest in and concern about how the academic boycott will be affecting these meetings. To learn more about this, I’ve set up two polls below. The first is only for those who, prior to Trump’s immigration order, were planning on attending either the Central or Pacific APA Meetings. The second is for any academic.
How has Trump's Immigration Order affected your plans to attend the Central or Pacific APA Meetings?

Will you attend academic conferences in the US while the academic boycott is in effect?

Please share this post.
Discussion welcome.

There are 26 comments

Sara Protasi · February 2, 2017 at 11:17 am
Maybe it doesn’t matter, but is the relevant difference that you want to make the one between US citizens and non, or residents and non? I’m not a citizen but reside in the US. I plan to attend US conferences although I might have to think long and hard about exiting the US and going to conferences outside of the US. Those considering the boycott should also take into account the reasons of those like me: as a junior scholar, I need to go to conferences (also as a parent of young children who misses Academic socializing!). Bit it might get harder for me to re-enter the US (even though I’m not from one of the countries currently affected by the ban). In any case, the poll as stated makes my situation not quite visible.
Isn’t the point of a boycott to hurt those responsible for some kind of injustice, thereby causing them to reconsider their unjust ways? If so, I fail to see 1) how this boycott will hurt the Trump administration and 2) how this will lead to any kind of change. It seems that the Trump administration would by happy if less people attended the APA, not sad (insofar as they care at all).
Furthermore, it seems that now, more than every, philosophers and academics need to come together, and conferences are a wonderful way to do this. Why stifle one way of banding together just when we need most to band together?
Felis Gradus · February 3, 2017 at 12:20 pm
While that’s the usual understanding of boycotts, I think the purpose here is better understood as showing solidarity. As in, “we the boycotters are distinguished from those barred from attending conferences in the US only because we come from ‘safe’ countries; we refuse to employ that unjust privilege to our advantage.”
Fiona Woollard · February 2, 2017 at 11:57 am
I am a UK citizen based in the UK. I had no plans to go to the US during this period. However, I’m pretty strongly against this boycott because (a) it piles further harm on those who are already being harmed by Trump, which in my view includes all of US academia (b) it most seriously harms those who are amongst the hardest hit by the ban, those who are unable to leave the US; (c) from what I have seen academics are already protesting with all their hearts and don’t need me to point out that this is unacceptable; (d) I think Trump would love anything that weakens academia.
I am, however, looking into whether for any conferences I’m involved with we could enable people who cannot travel to participate through telepresence robot hire. (This was suggested to me by Ofra Magidor.) I’m also thinking of asking the organisers of a US conference which I would love to attend but haven’t been able to for years because of cost/ childcare whether I might be able to attend as a telepresence robot and in that discussion I will talk to them about this issue.
I must not be the only one that thinks this boycott movement is bizarre. Boycotting a *conference* makes no difference to the Trump administration, in fact, with them already putting gag orders and conducting “PR” reviews on scientific output from federal agencies… this movement will be much celebrated!
I am a US citizen who is a resident of the UK. I am against the academic boycott because I think it is wrong-headed: The boycott hurts those who are not in a position to change the status quo, and those who are responsible for the status quo will probably not even notice the boycott Therefore, i conclude that this is not an effective boycott.
Catherine Stinson · February 2, 2017 at 4:32 pm
Earlier commenters raise some good points against the boycott. In particular, the situation of non-citizens residing in the US and not being able to leave for conferences elsewhere is a concern. The boycott does not do any obvious harm to those people, however, and nobody has called for academics already in the US to join the boycott, as far as I know.
It looks like several points in favour of the boycott are being completely missed.
1. The boycott is in solidarity with the many people who can no longer travel to these conferences. If the ban seems unfair, then refusing to benefit from these conferences in ways that others cannot levels the field in at least a small way.
2. The ban has made many people not specifically targeted by it also feel unsafe traveling to the US. Many of us have felt unsafe in the US and at TSA checkpoints for several years already.
3. The boycott will have the effect of reducing academic tourist dollars flowing into the US economy. 5000+ people will not be buying airline tickets, paying for hotels, eating overpriced meals, etc. This is one way that people with no voting rights in the US can have an effect that Trump may care about. As far as I know, nobody has suggested not paying association fees.
4. If the boycott results in increased access to conferences via video links, that has the potential to reach many, many more academics internationally than lifting the ban would. Frankly, this is a long overdue move that people who care about accessibility have been calling for for many years.
5. Perhaps it is not so unfair to put some of the burden of changing US politics on the shoulders of US academics. Despite the great sadness and frustration many of you are feeling, and the protesting you have been doing, US academics are the people with the most power to change the situation. It seems doubtful that attending the APA will be an effective tactic.
Thanks Catherine for your post. I fully agree with you. In particular, I think that your first point is absolutely crucial—and, apparently, many are missing it. There is a fundamental moral value to defend here—and this goes beyond the mere calculus of benefits for the community of American philosophers that may or may not result from refraining from traveling to the US during the ban. If the US government has decided that hundreds of people with legal right to enter are not good for the US, I don’t want to be good either. This is a legitimate and reasonable way of protesting against an act of barbaric discrimination.
David Wallace · February 3, 2017 at 2:01 am
“The boycott will have the effect of reducing academic tourist dollars flowing into the US economy. 5000+ people will not be buying airline tickets, paying for hotels, eating overpriced meals, etc. This is one way that people with no voting rights in the US can have an effect that Trump may care about.”
If those 5000 people would have spent $3000 each (probably an overestimate) that would be $15 million. That’s slightly less than one millionth of US GDP. I don’t think Trump will lose any sleep over it.
Fabien Capeilleres · February 3, 2017 at 8:49 am
The point is not that Trump loses sleep over it! It is that the people actually losing the money think about his policies. Furthermore, these actions are incremental, so it’s $ 15 million here, $ 10 million there, another $20 M over there, etc. But he still will not lose sleep over a huge hole in GDP because he will have an “alternative number” to offer.
Fabien, I think 5000+ people already covers a range of conferences, and as David notes, this is an overestimate. So, unless the boycott is very widely really followed, and there are really lots of conferences impacted, I doubt anyone will care. Tourists will fill up the seats. The point of a boycott is, at least in part, to be effective; foreign or domestic academics are being delusional if they think they can have any economic impact likely to affect the administration’s decisions. As for symbolic value and solidarity, sure it is important, but that’s something that can also be expressed at conferences themselves, in public forums, in news outlets, and most importantly in protests. The boycott is a non-unique means of achieving the same, if not a larger, effect. Making US academia seem less attractive to the world is the last thing we need to give to Trump.
I find the statement “[p]erhaps it is not so unfair to put some of the burden of changing US politics on the shoulders of US academics. Despite the great sadness and frustration many of you are feeling, and the protesting you have been doing, US academics are the people with the most power to change the situation.” I’m less then certain that the exchange rate between professional capital and political capital is as favourable towards the former as the OP assumes. In what sense, precisely, are US academics, including an increasing class of adjuncts, be in any position to have any kind of a noticeable impact on the current US administration?
Philosophy Grad Student · February 2, 2017 at 6:35 pm
I like the idea of putting pressure on conferences to make teleconferencing more common. But I’m still not sure why it makes sense for philosophers to boycott going to the US for philosophy conferences in particular when the philosophy conferences have nothing to do with the ban and most of the people running them surely oppose the ban. Why not boycott traveling to the US full stop (aside from cases of arguable necessity)?
My first reaction to the boycott was that it sends a message to the conferences that they should stop being international and become more US-centric, or just stop existing all together. Perhaps the message doesn’t have to be that anti-internationalist if teleconferencing was explicitly pushed as an important solution during the ban.
The solidarity argument kind of makes sense, but that would also be a reason not to go to the US at all during the ban. It would also be a reason for non-US academics not to accept any academic positions in the US during the ban – though maybe the boycotters don’t want to deprive themselves quite that much.
Catherine Stinson · February 2, 2017 at 9:40 pm
If you read the boycott statement, the opposite message is clearly stated. The statement explicitly applies to “international conferences in the US,” and it reads, “We question the intellectual integrity of these spaces and the dialogues they are designed to encourage while Muslim colleagues are explicitly excluded from them.” In other words, if the conference is supposed to be international, and yet excludes an important portion of the international community, there is a problem.
Including people via two-way video link, so that they can participate remotely is a meaningful change that conference organizers could make.
I suspect that many signatories (among others) *are* planning to avoid all travel to the US, not just for conferences.
Grad Student · February 3, 2017 at 4:39 am
I think the boycott would make sense if the statement included suggestions for how conferences could resolve some of the problems of exclusion posed by the Muslim ban – such as allowing people from those countries to teleconference in, doing outreach to Muslims in countries not on the ban list, and anything else that might help. And then the boycott would target specific conferences that failed to adopt those solutions.
As it’s written, the statement gives no options for conferences to avoid being boycotted, except for Trump to lift the Muslim ban. Even if a conference attempted to adopt all proposed solutions, like the teleconferencing, it would presumably still be boycotted. At least, there’s nothing in the statement to indicate that this would exempt them from the boycott. This makes the boycott look non-constructive.
I could also understand a boycott of just going to the US generally. And while it’s true that plenty of people who sign the statement will avoid going to the US generally, that is not how the statement is framed. It is written specifically as a boycott of academic conferences. Someone could sign this statement and then take their family to Disney Land, or take a job at a US university.
Todd Klimson · February 2, 2017 at 9:10 pm
Perhaps if they read the EO rather than listening to what they want to hear, they may see how ignorant they are. Boycott all you want, the less illiterate.
David Wallace · February 3, 2017 at 2:20 am
Trump’s election, along with Brexit, le Pen, Jobbik/Fidesz, Law and Justice, and similar, raises a real danger that the post-WWII liberal international order might collapse and be replaced by a collection of isolationist, ethno-nationalist states feuding amongst themselves in trade wars and possibly real wars.
The international research networks of academia are only a small part of that liberal international order, but it still seems a bit quixotic to actively tear them down at this moment of all moments.
Fabien Capeilleres · February 3, 2017 at 9:03 am
It does not tear them down: the actual communication, the exchange of information has never been more active. This blog is an example… What the boycott does is to show that “International”, as in “international conference”, is a joke given the political circumstances, and that hopefully philosophers know as much about the application of real moral principles that they do about logic principles. So that for instance they would feel some solidarity with the people who could not attend because of the ban, or that they would not dare to mention in their curriculum their presence at an “international conference” that was not really international…
Fabien Capeilleres · February 3, 2017 at 9:53 am
I find the results of this pool (and a significant number of comments) appalling. Except for Catherine Stinson’s, the comments and the votes seems to completely miss the symbolic value of this boycott, and to focus on immediate, pragmatic and personal effects. The idea of solidarity with the colleagues and the students could not attend or would not dare to, the imposture of the “international” dimension claimed by the conference – a claim they will still use when it will come to list the “international conferences attended” in their CV… -, in other words: the simple moral dimension of this boycott is for the most part ignored!
Perhaps the problem is that APA meetings are a) not really international research oriented but rather are a big local job market fair. b) Attendees go there not because of their intellectual appetite for international research (conveniently delivered at home) but because either they have to be there to interview a candidate for a job or they are scheduled for a job interview. Or because they feel they need to build up their network by showing up and easily pile up one more line for their CV. So why bother with applied moral principles ? To claim that we are against the ban is far enough, and has the huge advantage to position ourselves correctly in the wildly liberal field of humanities, without having to sacrifice anything! “The art of the deal”!
David Wallace · February 3, 2017 at 11:19 am
It is precisely the symbolic value that concerns me. I think this is actively harmful. I’m happy to concede, though, that people who disagree do so in good faith; it would be nice if they could reciprocate.
Boycotting as a collective “obligation to signal” is on incredibly shaky grounds in the absence of meaningful agreement amongst actors on its semiotic and normative value.
For what its’ worth, the description of the APA meetings as “job fairs” was never really accurate for the Pacific or the Central (very few interviews were ever done at those meetings) and has become largely inaccurate for the Eastern as well. I am less sure that this is wonderful than many others are, for various reasons that are not important here, but it is no longer accurate, even of the Eastern APA, to describe it as a “job fair”, and it was never accurate of the Pacific or the Central.
Shelley Tremain · February 3, 2017 at 12:34 pm
This article might be of interest to some readers of this post:
Shelley Tremain · February 3, 2017 at 1:14 pm
This article might also be of interest (including the linked draft of the Executive Order):
HK Andersen · February 3, 2017 at 7:37 pm
On a somewhat different note than the boycott, I want to echo Sara Protasi’s point at the beginning about crossing borders. Sometimes the issue is not a conference being inside or outside the US, but attendees having to cross the border one way then another to get to it. If you are already within the boundaries of the US, you may not be able to leave, which means ONLY US conferences are available as options. But others can only attend conferences outside of the US since they are currently outside the US border. As such, there is something to be said for making sure that there is circulation in terms of locating international or even national conferences. When the Pacific APA is in Vancouver, many people can attend who would not otherwise be able to cross into the US. But a different group of people cannot attend because they cannot get out then back into the US.
Creative new ways to involve people in conferences with various virtual means, to somewhat produce the lively, fun, and idea-stimulating aspects of in-person attendance, would be a great addition to the tools to ensure equitable participation.
Suppose that 1) a person, P, is prejudicially excluded from F (where F is a meeting, conference, publication outlet, etc.), and 2) those not excluded benefit from P’s exclusion, e.g., a weak football team’s position might be suddenly improved by the exclusion of teams much stronger than them. 3) P is harmed not merely by their exclusion from F, but by the fact that others continue to participate in F.
Neither 2 or 3 by itself is sufficient reason to boycott a conference. Someone might have to drop out for medical reasons, personal difficulties, etc. 1 is what makes the exclusion problematic, but I don’t think that the conjunction of 1 & 2 is sufficient reason to boycott a conference. If I’m not harming someone who is excluded, it is unclear why I should stop my participation.
I agree that if 1 & 3 were true, it is clearly problematic to participate in F. But I’m unsure what benefit those participating in American conferences would receive that would cause harm to those excluded. It’s not like there are many zero sum games in philosophy conferences such that a benefit to one entails a harm to someone else. Perhaps the job market is one clear cut case. But notice that if 3 is the reason for the boycott, it would also apply to those in America as much as those traveling to it.
So, I’m muddled. I think if I were clearly harming someone excluded by attending a conference, then I would boycott the conference regardless of whether I was in America or not. But I’m unsure what exact harm my participation could cause.
And, yes, I’m thinking of this as a consequentialist. But I think it is interesting to identify who is harmed by your participation and who might benefit by your boycott.

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