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Boycott Calls Against Israel
TAU Rachel Giora among the Signatories Calling to Cancel Tzipi Livni's Talk at Duke University


Editorial Note

Tzipi Livni, the former Foreign Minister of Israel, former Vice Prime Minister, and former Minister of Justice, is scheduled to speak at Duke University today, October 23, 2019.  She is invited by DIPAC - Duke Israel Public Affairs Committee; Duke University Middle East Studies Center; Duke Political Science, and the American Grand Strategy program (AGS). Livni's talk is titled "Israel, the US & the Middle East: Threats, Challenges & Opportunities."

Duke University is a hotbed of pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel activities.

In 2012, Duke Students for Justice in Palestine publicized events for Israeli Apartheid Week with posters depicting an old Jewish woman lifting a miniature Palestinian soldier. The woman was gargantuanly proportioned which invoked old Jewish stereotypes. These images were quite unsettling. The poster was described as distasteful and anti-Semitic. Such posters never should have seen the light of day.

In 2017, Joyce Dalsheim, the author of Unsettling Gaza: Secular Liberalism, Radical Religion, and the Israeli Settlement Projectgave a talk on "The Anthropologist and the Settler: Updates From the Field in Israel/Palestine”  Also in 2017, Helen Yanovsky, an Israeli filmmaker, discussed the "Human Rights on Camera in the Palestinian West Bank", on the Israeli NGO B’Tselem.   Yanovosky has been a core member of the B'Tselem video project and discussed "the history of the project and the importance of cameras and filmmaking to Palestinians living under occupation.”  Critics, however, accuse the organization of selective presentation of the complex realities of life in the West Bank, and, in some cases, of fabricating narratives which have no relation to reality.  

In 2018 Swastika was found painted on top of students' mural at the Duke University campus.

Such anti-Semitic and one-sided presentations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should come as no surprise.   In September, the US Department of Education accused Duke University and the University of North Carolina Consortium for Middle East Studies, of making inappropriate use of Title VI, a federal program that funds international studies and foreign langue programs at universities.  The Department of Education listed classes and activities which are way out of the mandate of the program that was envisioned as a training platform for diplomats and foreign policy specialists planning to serve in the Middle East.  Ironically, the Middle East programs across the United States have also provided employment opportunities for scholars, many from Arab countries, who use it to promote anti-Israeli propaganda dressed up as academic research.  Surveys of Middle East Studies Association (MESA), the largest professional organization of Middle East professors, have indicated that the field is top heavy with experts in the Arab-Israeli conflict, to the detriment of much needed review of other subjects.    

Middle East programs have also attracted would be pro-Palestinian activists.  Duke has large and vocal chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), Students against Israeli Apartheid, and Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights. Among the many Facebook activities of the groups, several stand out as crossing the border between legitimate criticism of Israel into anti-Semitism.  For instance, the SJP screen the documentary, the Lobby, which alleges that Jews control the American foreign policy.   To top all this, the SJP lambasted the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) for killing Palestinians. “Don't forget the victims of Israel and their AIPAC collaborators,” they wrote.

Equally unsurprising, SJP Lama Hantash took the lead in attacking Livni’s presence on the campus.  Hantash, a Duke senior and the treasurer of the SJP branch, drafted an article "Don't bring an accused war criminal to campus" and a petition “Can't Learn about Justice from a War Criminal.” For Hantash, Livni is "wholly unqualified to serve in an educational capacity at any institution which values diplomacy over war crimes and peace over apartheid." Because as Foreign Minister and a member of the security cabinet, Livni "'played a key role in the decisions made before and during the three-week offensive' known as Operation Cast Lead".  According to Hantash, Livni is "not simply an ethno-supremacist pundit endorsing Zionist settler-colonialism... rather, she is an unapologetic accused war criminal with blood on her hands. Hosting her for a lecture minimizes the lives and deaths of her victims while encouraging future reproductions of her crimes." Hantash urged "members of the Duke community, the academic community and the public stand in solidarity with the Palestinian victims of Israeli war crimes and demand the cancellation of Livni’s speech by signing our petition and lending your voice to the victims that Livni so eagerly and cruelly silenced."

Hantash didn’t mention that to make Israeli operations difficult, Hamas is deeply embedded with the local population. Its command and control centers are located in the basement of the al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City and mortar launchers and ammunition are positioned in schools, mosques and other public buildings.  Operation Cast Lead was one of the three Israeli retaliatory actions to eliminate the danger of unprovoked rocket attacks, something that Hantash conveniently omitted.   

To shield itself from charges of anti-Semitism and bias, the SJP at Duke, like many other pro-Palestinian activists likes to collaborate with radical Israeli academics.  On this occasion, it solicited the signature of TAU Prof. Rachel Giora on its petition.  Giora is one of the earliest proponents of BDS and has persisted in the BDS campaign, a fact that IAM has documented.  This is also not first time Giora supports attacks against Livni. Tel Aviv University should have reigned in its radical faculty many years ago, still, better late than never. 


Israel, the US & the Middle East: Threats, Challenges & Opportunities: A Conversation with Tzipi Livni

AGS Presents: Tzipi Livni: Israel, the United States & the Middle East: Threats, Challenges and Opportunities  Oct. 23 at 5pm in Sanford 223 (Rhodes Conference Room)


TIME5:00 PM - 6:15 PM



SPONSOR(S): American Grand Strategy (AGS)Duke Israel Public Affairs Committee (DIPAC)Duke University Middle East Studies Center, and Political Science

Tzipi Livni is a former Foreign Minister of Israel, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Justice, and Leader of the Opposition. Over the course of her career in government service, Livni has held critical portfolios, serving as Minister of Justice, Leader of the Opposition in the Knesset, and Minister for the Promotion of the Diplomatic Process. Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2007. She was also selected for the Quality of Governance Award in 2004 for her unique contribution to reinforcing the rule of law and protecting the principles of democracy.

Livni served as the chief negotiator in the last two rounds of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and is widely known for her promotion of a two-state solution.

CONTACT: Melanie Benson



Don't bring an accused war criminal to campus

guest column

By Lama Hantash

October 21, 2019 | 7:00am IDT

Just two weeks after facing accusations of insufficiently promoting “U.S. national security and economic stability” by Trump’s Department of Education, Duke University is hosting accused war criminal Tzipi Livni to give a talk on “Israel, the United States, & the Middle East: Threats, Challenges and Opportunities.” Though Livni may have some insight into threats facing the Middle East, as both a proponent and envoy of Israeli terrorism, she is wholly unqualified to serve in an educational capacity at any institution which values diplomacy over war crimes and peace over apartheid. 

As Foreign Minister of Israel and a member of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s security cabinet in December of 2008, Livni “played a key role in the decisions made before and during the three-week offensive” known as Operation Cast Lead, which involved the illegal aerial bombardment, ground invasion, and naval blockade of the Gaza Strip. Though the exact extent of her involvement in these crimes is unknown, according to international law, her high rank endowed her with enough decision-making capacity to render her culpable in, at the very least, assenting to and being “proud” of all decisions she made during the operation. 

At the time, Cast Lead was the most devastating campaign of the 60 year-long Palestinian occupation. The Israeli military killed almost 1,500 people, most of whom were civilians. Over 300 of those killed by Israel were children. During the operation, Israeli forces directly targeted civilian homes, leading to the displacement of 20,000 Gazans, as well the destruction of infrastructure, hospitals, schools and universities. The United Nations, in addition to several independent watchdog organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, found these acts constituted war crimes.

Rather than distance herself from the heinous crimes of her regime, Livni emphatically supported the violence, declaring that Israel “is a country that when you fire on its citizens it responds by going wild—and this is a good thing,” and proudly took credit, stating that “Israel demonstrated real hooliganism during the course of the recent operation, which I demanded.” And contrary to the claims of Livni and other officials, the Israeli military, not Hamas, broke the over four-month-long ceasefire in November of 2008, fitting the usual pattern in which Israel “virtually always” fires first after lulls in violence or ceasefires lasting more than a week. Tzipi Livni herself said that an extended truce "harms the Israeli strategic goal."

Livni’s crimes have been cited on five separate occasions as grounds for her arrest in BelgiumSwitzerland, and the United Kingdom. While she was granted diplomatic immunity in the United Kingdom, Livni evaded arrest in Belgium by canceling her engagements. Though international courts hold war criminals to be innocent until proven guilty, Livni’s cowardly refusal to answer to her crimes in Belgium adds further confirmation to what is evidently clear: Livni committed war crimes while serving on the Israeli war cabinet during Operation Cast Lead. If her crimes disqualify her from entering Belgium without threat of arrest, they should disqualify her from speaking at Duke without first having to answer for her crimes before a court of law.

We certainly value the right to free speech and promotion of free expression here at Duke—but these principles are entirely irrelevant to whether we should offer a podium to accused war criminals. Indeed, Livni is not simply an ethno-supremacist pundit endorsing Zionist settler-colonialism—although that should be enough to disqualify her from invitation to an “institute of higher learning”; rather, she is an unapologetic accused war criminal with blood on her hands. Hosting her for a lecture minimizes the lives and deaths of her victims while encouraging future reproductions of her crimes.

We ask that all concerned members of the Duke community, the academic community and the public stand in solidarity with the Palestinian victims of Israeli war crimes and demand the cancellation of Livni’s speech by signing our petition and lending your voice to the victims that Livni so eagerly and cruelly silenced.

Lama Hantash is a Trinity senior and the treasurer for Students for Justice in Palestine.



Can't Learn about Justice from a War Criminal

Duke University is slated to host former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni for a talk on October 23rd, 2019, despite presumably being aware she has faced multiple accusations of war crimes and arrest warrants for her actions in office. Livni’s crimes are no secret: in December of 2008, the Israeli government launched a military offensive called Operation Cast Lead, unilaterally breaking a ceasefire it held with the Gaza Strip. The operation, which included aerial bombardments, a naval siege, and a ground invasion, killed nearly 1,500 Palestinians, most of them civilians, including over 300 children, injured over 5,000 people, and left 20,000 people displaced in the Gaza Strip as the Israeli military illegally targeted roughly 3,500 civilian homes. Tzipi Livni “played a key role in the decisions made before and during the three-week offensive” as Israel’s Foreign Minister and a member of the Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s security cabinet.

In the wake of this international disaster, the worst in the six decade long-span of the Palestinian occupation, Livni brazenly boasted of her responsibility for the violence, declaring “Israel demonstrated real hooliganism during the course of the recent operation, which I demanded.” The international community, however, has charged this “hooliganism” as constituting war crimes and violations of the Geneva Conventions. Livni has had articles of arrest drawn against her for these crimes on five separate occasions in BelgiumSwitzerland, and the United Kingdom, but has yet to face trial, partly by cowardly canceling trips to evade facing legal procedures.

While Livni may continue to evade justice in the international courts, the court of public opinion must resolutely rule in favor of her victims. Among other lofty ideals, Duke University purports to instill its students with “high ethical standards” and the Office of the President claims to encourage “holding individuals and organizations accountable for their actions and decisions”. Duke must reaffirm these ideals and clearly assert that those who orchestrate and commit murder with impunity, especially from positions of political power, can teach us nothing about “reinforcing the rule of law” or “protecting  the principles of democracy.”

We, the undersigned members of the Duke community, the academic community, and the broader public, demand this event be cancelled out of respect for Livni’s victims and their families and to reject the normalization of war crimes and their perpetrators. The talk, entitled “Israel, the United States & the Middle East: Threats, Challenges and Opportunities”, is being organized and sponsored by the American Grand Strategy Program, Duke Israel Public Affairs Committee, Duke University Middle East Studies Center, Duke’s Political Science Department, and the Sanford School of Public Policy. Duke’s Department of Political Science and the Sanford School of Public Policy are responsible for the education of future policy analysts, journalists, government officials, and world leaders; to valorize a known war criminal for the so-called merits of her blood-soaked time in office does a dangerous disservice to future generations and past victims. Meanwhile, the Middle Eastern Studies Center, in sponsoring Livni, is directly violating its mission to help students “understand the Middle East” by posing “wanton destruction” as a feasible alternative to learning to live alongside and respect those from whom we differ. We will not be silent as Livni glorifies crimes against humanity, evades justice and accountability, and minimizes the lives and deaths of her victims.


Katherine Przewlocka Oct 21, 2019 Time to stop war crimes by Israel. It’s leaders must be held to account!
Deborah Taylor Oct 21, 2019 Well stated — thank you.
Ellen Isaacs MD Oct 21, 2019 Member American Public Health Association, Jewish Voice for Peace
Ellen Ross Oct 21, 2019 The Duke and Sanford organizations who invited this widely condemned figure, condemned as a war criminal, to campus are being deliberately provocative.
Rosalind Petchesky Oct 21, 2019 Livni, like all Israeli ministers and heads of state, needs to be held account able for war crimes and crimes against humanity. I salute the Duke SJP.
Suzanne Adely Oct 21, 2019 Appalling that DUKE would normalize war crimes in this way.
Edith Breslauer Oct 21, 2019 An Israeli
Somia Mohamed Oct 21, 2019 Hi everyone, I am Palestinian and I am Living in Gaza.
At 2008, I was 12 years old. I rememberd that war.
I was study in my classroom on school
Israeli Warplanes started bombed. I feild fear and I was can't stop crying How can I go to my home? I couldn't Imagine That brutality.
For every human person
I hope help all Palestinian children to live safely and criminals accountable.
Richard Greve Oct 21, 2019 War criminals and fascists should not be welcome at Duke.
Thomas Russell Oct 21, 2019 We say NO to Israeli war crimes and apartheid.
Dorte Dalsgaard Oct 21, 2019 She's a war criminal.
Anonymous Oct 21, 2019 As a Duke alumnus, I am outraged that a war criminal has been honored with an invitation to speak with students of political science, public policy, and the Middle East. Duke should stand by its principles and revoke this invitation.
Joseph Schechla Oct 21, 2019 Puke
Marji Manfeld Oct 21, 2019 Humanity, not hasbara
Richard Silverstein Oct 21, 2019 Former Mossad agent and foreign minister, responsible for defending Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Do not dignify her with an academic address.
Donal McDonald Oct 21, 2019 Disgusting individual party to genocide
Omar Mahdawi Oct 21, 2019 She is a war criminal.
Herman De Ley Oct 21, 2019 No respect for political hooligans!
Ofer Neiman Oct 21, 2019 Israeli citizen
Shahla Razavi Oct 21, 2019 War criminals must not be allowed to normalize their crimes and crimes against humanity. Cancel the event in respect to innocent civilians who were murdered and maimed by this criminal.
Rosemary Sayigh Oct 21, 2019 It is unconscionable that Duke University should honour a person like Tzipi Livni by inviting her to talk there. Livni is no intellectual but a war leader charged with war crimes.
Abdur Rehman Oct 21, 2019 How better to wrap up Palestinian Solidarity Week?
Terry Collins Oct 21, 2019 A Luta Continua!!
Professor Rabab Abdulhadi Oct 21, 2019 Director and senior scholar, Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies, College of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco state university
Robert Trivers Oct 20, 2019 Biosocial Research Foundation
Heike Schotten Oct 20, 2019 Associate Professor of Political Science
James R Perry Oct 19, 2019 Despicable!
Chris Osoro Oct 19, 2019 Proliferation of atrocity that is war and terror by direct or indirect means should not be permitted. Failure to prevent such proliferation is akin to  carrying out these atrocities
Haley Davis Oct 18, 2019 Undergraduate at UNC Class of 2020
Matt Wisner Oct 18, 2019 Cancel this event. Think about what kind of information you're allowing to be spread & how that will condition attendees to think. This is dangerous.
Brandon Oct 18, 2019 Duke grad student
William Holland Oct 18, 2019 UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduate
Ammara Aqeel Oct 17, 2019 Duke graduate
Tyler Strobl Oct 17, 2019 Sanford MPP Candidate
Anonymous Oct 17, 2019 Concerned citizen.
Keith Sowell Oct 17, 2019 Duke Undergraduate
Marcellus Jordan Oct 17, 2019 Duke Student Sophomore
Ian McLean Oct 17, 2019 Grad student, German
Robert Mines Oct 17, 2019 Duke Grad Student
Colton Ortiz Oct 17, 2019 Duke Student
Carlton Johnson Oct 17, 2019 -Stop her ass
Daniele Armaleo Oct 17, 2019 The academic defense of free speech should not be used to allow perpetrators of war crimes to justify, normalize, and whitewash those crimes as if they were just expressing their academic opinions on our campus. Tzipi Livni doesn’t represent herself; she represents the very non-academic exercise of immoral and illegal state violence. The state happens to be Israel, our untouchable ally. I doubt that Duke would invite, say, Erdogan come tell us why the Kurds are terrorists against whom Turkey has the right to defend itself, or some Myanmar general to explain that they are not targeting Rohingya civilians.
Rachel Holtzman Oct 17, 2019 I am a Jewish Duke student and I do not want her speaking at Sanford. Her war crimes are atrocious.
Sydney Oct 16, 2019 Make war criminals obsolete
Emily Oct 16, 2019 Free Palestine
Tulane Students for Justice in Palestine Oct 15, 2019 Tulane stands with Duke SJP! Power to the organizers who are standing up for what is right
aditya mathur Oct 15, 2019 Undergrad at Duke
Adrian Doan Oct 15, 2019 First-year undergraduate at Duke
Aisha Greene Oct 15, 2019 Undergraduate
Christine Yang Oct 15, 2019 Undergrad at Duke Class of 2020
Julia Araneta Oct 15, 2019 Undergrad at Duke Class of 2020
Mohammad Innab Oct 15, 2019 War criminals have no place here.
Anonymous Oct 15, 2019 we don't want war criminals on campus
Omar Oct 15, 2019 Duke Students for Justice in Palestine; Duke Amnesty International
Taylor Jost Oct 15, 2019 UNC Students for Justice in Palestine
Melba Della Sera Oct 15, 2019 Reconsiderar y cancelar esa conferencia.
Neel Ahuja Oct 15, 2019 UC Santa Cruz
Beth Bruch Oct 15, 2019 Jewish Voice for Peace Triangle Chapter and Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia
Adnan Alsarabi Oct 15, 2019 War criminals should be lectured in the prison.
They shouldn't lecture students in universities.

Harry Clark Oct 15, 2019 Zip Tzipi's lips; her public speaking should be limited to a courtroom
Anonymous Oct 15, 2019 Duke University Graduate School, Biomedical Engineering
Yasser Elmzoudi Oct 15, 2019 It is absolutely disgraceful that Duke would invite a war criminal to deliver a talk. I don't see why the talk cannot still occur, just not with her giving it.
Patsy Lowe Oct 15, 2019 Israel is committing a slow genocide on an unarmed people.
Anonymous Oct 15, 2019 Vegetarian since her youth...pfft. How about the lives of innocent human beings, do not they not hold the same value?!
Chelsea Earles Oct 15, 2019 The only thing she us an expert on is genocide. She should be prosecuted not celebrated or given an audience.
Dennis McCoy Oct 14, 2019 War Criminals need to face justice!!!
Maryam Kanna Oct 14, 2019 Duke Middle East North African Law Student Association
Dev Seth Oct 14, 2019 Duke Students For Justice in Palestine
Alexander Shields Oct 14, 2019 Duke Students for Justice in Palestine
Erika Reif Oct 14, 2019 This woman was in the lead during offenses against civilians. She said “We go wild, and we should”. She supports collective punishment and ethnic cleansing of the land that is home to many for generations. There are criminal charges against her in more than one European country, which keeps her visiting there. Please be ethical and cancel this engagement.
Jacob Stanley Oct 14, 2019 Duke University T'12
Manzoor Cheema Oct 14, 2019 As a member of Muslims for Social Justice and MERI (Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia), I strongly oppose inviting war criminals on the campus!
Tracy S Feldman Oct 14, 2019 I am an assistant professor at St. Andrews University in NC, and also an American Jew interested in social justice for all people. I did my graduate work at Duke, so I have connections there as well. By inviting war criminals to come and speak, while ignoring their crimes, Duke University is complicit in those crimes--basically saying that it is OK to ignore violations of human rights and war crimes. Please do not stand with war criminals--Please invite speakers working toward solutions that do not violate human rights, rather than those who are responsible for deaths of large numbers of people who were comparatively powerless (and the majority of whom were civilians).
Jacquelyn Hedrick Oct 14, 2019 UNC Students for Justice in Palestine
Aman Aberra Oct 14, 2019 Duke Students for Justice in Palestine
Lama Hantash Oct 14, 2019 Duke Students for Justice In Palestine
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