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Hebrew University
[Hebrew U] The Double-Headed Professor Amiram Goldblum


Editorial Note


Professor Amiram Goldblum is a renowned pharmaceutical scientist at the Hebrew University Jerusalem (HUJ) whose many discoveries have been lauded in the scientific world. Goldblum and his team at the Institute for Drug Research have discovered 27 new molecules that activate a special protein and have the potential to treat fatty liver disease, obesity, diabetic nephrotoxicity, and to heal wounds.


However, astonishing as it may sound, Goldblum has earned a reputation for egregious attacks on the State of Israel and the IDF.


Goldblum has called pro-Israel activists "Nazi dogs," and refused to teach them.  In July, the news reported that Goldblum called IDF soldiers who demoted an Arab building "Jewish terrorists” and wished for a “lighting bolt” to strike them down.  Goldblum’s political polemics are extreme, in March, referring to a comment by Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State, he used foul language and wrote the following comment: “So you Idiot Evaneglists, the most stupid religion on this earth and as dangerous, if not more, than extreme Islam - ask yourselves where was your God when the Nazis killed 6 millions of us, including 1.5 million children ? I can tell you where YOU were then, you murderers of Jews and Blacks, YOU - sons of the most despicable KKK - you did not allow Jews to flee from Europe to the US, you bitches. Go to hell, Evangelists with your crazy religion. You are supporters of bloodshed and racism, and for that very good reason, lots of Jews HATE you.”  


Goldblum's Facebook page is replete with hatred towards religious Jews while, unsurprisingly, full of expressions of support for Arabs. 

Recently, Goldblum decided to pen a new revision of history. According to him, the ongoing war between the Palestinians and the Israelis is a result of Jewish settler's provocations. He proposes to destroy the homes of "Jewish terrorists." He points out to the cases of Jewish terrorism against Palestinians, such as the Israeli "settler" Baruch Goldstein, following his 1994 Hebron Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre. "Using provocations in order to elicit retaliation from the Palestinians has been a cornerstone in the settlers’ methods of expanding their control." For Goldblum "This wasn’t the first time: the Hadassah Convoy Massacre, in which Arab forces killed 77 Jewish doctors and nurses on April 13, 1948, came four days after Zionist paramilitary militias, Irgun and Lehi, committed the infamous massacre in the village of Deir Yassin." Goldblum adds that "The settlers have internalized and improved upon the method."  Goldblum accepts the Arab version, that the Hadassah Convoy Massacre was a result of the Deir Yassin Massacre, and ignores that on March 2, 1948, the Hadassah Hospital received a phone call from an Arab, warning that the hospital would be blown up. Although it didn't happen, two weeks later, during a press conference, Abdul Kader al-Husseini, the leader of the Arab forces in Jerusalem, threatened that Hadassah Hospital and the Hebrew University would be captured or destroyed. This was a month before the Deir Yassin Massacre, when Palestinian attackers targeted the road to Hadassah hospital on a regular basis.


Naturally, Goldblum’s dislike of Jews attracts neo-Nazis. His article was picked up by the "Jew World OrderJewish Supremacy " a website created among others, by “true Hebrew Semite Israelite Christians, who wish to spread the truth to the people of the world about the criminal murderous Khazars, that fraudulently call themselves Jews, a Rothschild Invention of satanic origins. The word Jew was invented in 1770. All historical and Holy books were re-written to convince us of the fake identity and history of the Jew."  Not surprisingly, Jew World Order also embraces Shlomo Sand’s Khazar theories.   


As well known, Israel has a very permissive academic freedom policy.  Scores of radical scholar-activists have used it to push fanciful theories that have painted Israel as an apartheid state, a colonial state, a fascist state and so on.  However, Goldblum’s use of invectives and attacks on people of faith, be it Christians or Orthodox Jews stand out.  Such language would not have been tolerated in the American academy where a few professors were fired for using highly derogatory language against Jews and Israel on their social media platforms.   At the very least, the Hebrew University authorities should censure Goldblum for his pernicious attacks on all those he disagrees with.


Treatment for Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease in Reach?
HU Professor Amiram Goldblum’s Discovers 27 New Molecules with Significant Therapeutic Potential
 Professor Amiram News of these findings was published today in Scientific Reports, a Nature journal, and was made possible thanks to a new, award-winning algorithm that Goldblum’s team developed.  This algorithm sifted through a database of 1.56 million molecules and picked out 27 with a strong therapeutic potential, as determined by biologists at the Novartis Genomic (GNF) Institute in San Diego. 

To date, these new molecules are undergoing pharmaceutical evaluations to treat two main health conditions. The first is Fatty Liver Disease, also known as NASH (Non-Alcoholic SteatoHeptatis).  This disease currently has no cure and is a leading cause of liver cancer in the Western world. The second is obesity.  PPAR-delta activation has the potential to increase physical endurance and trim waistlines by getting muscle cells to burn more fat.  Future evaluations will hopefully include testing treatments for improved wound healing, and to prevent kidney toxicity in diabetics.

Professor Goldblum is cautiously optimistic about these findings. “With such a large group of highly active molecules, there is a high probability to find treatments for several common diseases. However, we should wait till all the experiments are done before we get our hopes up too high,” he shared.

To date, there is much pharmaceutical interest in Goldblum’s new molecules.  Integra Holdings, Hebrew University’s biotech company, determined that 21 of the 27 have the potential to reach pharmaceutical success, especially as a possible cure for Fatty Liver disease.  Additionally, Israel’s Heller Institute of Medical Research is currently testing PPAR-delta’s physical endurance properties on mice. Goldblum predicts that in a few years we will hopefully be seeing several of these molecules in the pipeline for clinical studies on humans.


By +972 Magazine |Published November 13, 2019
What if Israel had decided to expel the settlers of Hebron?
After Baruch Goldstein massacred 29 Palestinians in the Cave of the Patriarchs, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin could have taken action against the settlers of Hebron. Instead he put the Palestinians of the city under closure. The consequences of that decision reverberate until today.

By Amiram Goldblum

Following the Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre on Feb. 25, 1994, in which Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein murdered 30 Palestinian worshippers and wounded 120 others in Hebron, then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin found himself with several ways to respond. The West Bank was boiling over and the security establishment was predicting Palestinians would carry out reprisal attacks. Rabin had to act quickly.

Using provocations in order to elicit retaliation from the Palestinians has been a cornerstone in the settlers’ methods of expanding their control. This time — even according to his own wife — Goldstein’s goal was to drive a stake through the Oslo Accords with a massacre that would inevitably bring about a devastating response.

This wasn’t the first time: the Hadassah Convoy Massacre, in which Arab forces killed 77 Jewish doctors and nurses on April 13, 1948, came four days after Zionist paramilitary militias, Irgun and Lehi, committed the infamous massacre in the village of Deir Yassin. The settlers have internalized and improved upon the method.

Rabin’s government could have taken steps to instill calm and strengthen moderate Palestinian leadership during the 40 days of mourning that followed Goldstein’s rampage. Expelling the settlers of Hebron from the city would have proven that the Israeli government acts with determination and can prevent the large-scale reprisal actions that we have witnessed since April 1994, after 40 days of mourning. And there were good reasons to kick them out: ever since they entered the city in 1968, Hebron’s settlers have been a violent group that has caused severe damage in a city with a historically moderate political leadership.

Yet the plan to remove the settlers was shunned after Prof. Ehud Sprinzak, an expert on terrorism and one of Rabin’s aids, convinced his boss that their evacuation could lead to a civil war. In the meantime, 10 more Palestinians were killed and hundreds more were wounded by the Israeli army in demonstrations that erupted following the massacre in Hebron. Rabin would later wonder aloud before Dennis Ross, the U.S. envoy to the Middle East at the time, whether he had made a mistake by accepting Sprinzak’s recommendation.

Instead of removing the settlers from Hebron’s city center, (the 700 settlers currently living among 34,000 Palestinians in the city center are free to go where they wish; Palestinians are subjected to severe restrictions on movement by security forces) the army put the Palestinians under closure. Meanwhile, security forces were sent to the area to protect the settlers. The steps — which were taken following pressure by the Yesha Council, the umbrella organization of municipal councils of West Bank settlements, as well as threats by the settlers themselves — proved to the Palestinians that the Israeli government is not planning on acting against the murderer and his surroundings.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad immediately began carrying out reprisal attacks, condemning Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and the PLO as those who would no longer protect the Palestinian people. After a short respite from the violence with the signing of the Oslo Accords, the Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre led to a number of successive, large-scale attacks that Israelis had not witnessed since the 1948 war. More than 160 Israelis were murdered in eight suicide bombings, all of them carried out by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, all of them inside Israel. The facts did not confuse the settlers, who called Rabin a “traitor” for “giving the Arabs guns.” Not a single gun and not a single PLO member were involved in those massacres of Israelis. But for the settlers, the goal of eliminating Rabin and Oslo justified the means.

There was another option for bringing about calm that Rabin and his advisors did not discuss: demolishing Baruch Goldstein’s home. Doing so could have deterred settler terrorists and bolstered disagreements in Palestinian society about the proper response to the massacre, thereby potentially avoiding the civil war Sprinzak warned against. What would Palestinians have stood to gain from reprisal attacks when the Israeli government was taking concrete action against the settlers?

The Israeli army is an expert when it comes to this type of collective punishment, knowing well how to carry it out — with a lot of noise, plumes of smoke that can be seen from a distance, and dramatic preparations that are recorded and distributed to media outlets around the world. Israel could have presented itself as a country that seeks to minimize conflagrations with the Palestinians, and as a state that does not differentiate when it comes to punishing Jewish and Palestinian murderers.

Israel routinely demolishes homes according to Regulation 119 of the British Mandate’s Defence (Emergency) Regulations, which allows the authorities to take over the homes of anyone who tries to harm the state through violence. Since 1967, hundreds of homes belonging to Palestinians who have been involved in violent activities against the occupation or Israeli citizens have been demolished in accordance with this regulation. Yet never has Israel demolished homes belonging to the many Jewish Israelis involved in violence against Palestinians.

We heard the legal justification for this back in 2015 from settler and Supreme Court Justice Noam Solberg, when he wrote that the “Jewish public does not need the same deterrence, which is the purpose of home demolitions. The Jewish public, in general, is deterred and not incited.”

Perhaps news of the incitement against human rights activists and journalists over the past few years has yet to reach Alon Shvut, the settlement Solberg lives in. Perhaps he has not read about the incitement against members of Peace Now during the days of the First Lebanon War, the murder of Peace Now activist Emil Grunzweig by right-wing settler Yonah Avrushmi. Solberg, it seems, did not witness the incitement by thousands of settlers against Rabin in the months leading up to the assassination.

The claims made by the security establishment about demolishing homes have been no less absurd, since no one has ever proven that Palestinians are actually deterred by the demolitions. Hundreds of Palestinian homes have been destroyed, yet the violent struggle for freedom has continued for over 50 years. Could it be, then, that home demolitions actually encourage terrorism?

Are Jews less deterred than Palestinians? Does the moral damage caused by collective punishment differentiate between Jews and Arabs? In a petition to the Supreme Court filed by the family of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, who was kidnapped and burned alive by Jewish settlers in July 2014, to demolish the homes of their son’s killers, Justice Elyakim Rubinstein ruled that “the demolition or sealing of a Jewish terrorist’s home, which would save lives, even that of one person, justifies the use of the regulation.” But how does one prove that the demolition of a home could save lives?

What would have happened had the Israeli government demolished the homes of the 29 terrorists from the Jewish Underground — who planned and carried out numerous attacks on Palestinian civilians, and plotted to blow up the Dome of the Rock — after they were arrested in April 1984? Would that have put an end to all Jewish terrorist activities? Could the Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre have been prevented had Goldstein known that his home was in danger? And had Rabin decided to demolish Goldstein’s home immediately after the massacre, would Yigal and Hagai Amir have considered the fate of their family’s home before going ahead with their assassination?

Prof. Amiram Goldblum served as the spokesperson for Peace Now during the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. A version of this article was first published in Hebrew on Local Call. Read it here.


NOVEMBER 13, 2019 7:29 AM9
How Israeli Educators Are Poisoning Social Media — Against Israel
by Noa Rekanaty

With the resurgence of antisemitism and the increasing prominence of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) on social media platforms, one can expect Israelis to be vigilant and to support their beloved country, uniting with each other to save its reputation. Instead, some Israeli influencers go out of their way to tarnish Israel’s image online, which contributes to an Internet culture that is inherently biased against Israel.

A prime example of this problem can be seen when typing the word “apartheid” into Google. One of the first results shows the phrase “Apartheid Israel.” The official term, “apartheid,” refers to the situation in South Africa up until 1994, wherein official government policy instituted a system of racial segregation and political and economic discrimination against nonwhite citizens. Yet, the term “Apartheid South Africa” appears much further down than Israel in the search engine.

So why is Israel more commonly associated with apartheid, rather than its actual source? Let us illustrate with a case study.

Dr. Amiram Goldblum is a lecturer and researcher in the medicinal chemistry department at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is also a bully. He clearly has little to no understanding of the real meaning of apartheid, because he has the temerity to label Israel an apartheid state. Surely he knows that Israeli Jews and Israeli-Arabs work together, sit next to each other on the bus, and are both involved in Israeli politics — among many other things.

As a lecturer and an educator, you may expect professor Goldblum to pursue truth and objectivity. Instead, when scrolling through his Facebook profile, numerous allusions to Israel’s supposed apartheid nature can be found between birthday wishes and statuses disparaging Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel’s right-wing government.

Professor Goldblum also discriminates against his own students who espouse different political views. Specifically, those associated with the organization Im Tirzu. He has openly stated that he will do everything in his power to ensure those students are denied from different academic programs at the university.

A similar case of a discriminatory faculty member occurred in the United States at the University of Michigan, when Professor John Cheney-Lippol refused to write a letter of recommendation to a student who was going to study abroad in Israel. Unlike Goldblum, Lippol could not escape punishment for his actions. Approval for his two-year sabbatical was revoked, and the university indicated that he would face possible dismissal if he were to be involved in a similar incident in the future. Unfortunately, Professor Goldblum has not been penalized by the university for his discrimination against students who support Im Tirzu.

A deeper look into professor Goldblum’s posts on social media reveals numerous references to settlements being “terror factories” operated by Israelis, arousing and teasing his online acquaintances, and dragging them into a black hole of arguments and arrogance.

If Goldblum’s criticisms of Israel on social media contained a bit more civility and factual analysis, it would have a far more positive impact on the debate about Israel, and further dialogue between the opposing sides.

Of course, free political expression is the cornerstone of any democracy. And social media has become so integral to our lives that political conversations are ubiquitous on these platforms. But the false declarations and statements professor Goldblum utters about settlers can easily be interpreted as a fact by someone unfamiliar with the history and situation in Israel.

When professor Goldblum uses Holocaust references to disparage his own people, he is most certainly not bringing peace, but merely deepening the political divide among his countrymen. And if Goldblum and his extremist friends actually thought about the ramifications of the lies typed on their keyboards, maybe the list of Israel’s supporters would be longer today.

This brings us back to Google. By letting extremists like Goldblum go unchallenged when they spread lies and destroy their own country’s reputation, we allow the word “apartheid” to become unjustly associated with Israel.

And eventually, lies like that will become the truth.

Noa Rekanaty is a veteran of the IDF, a Fellow at CAMERA on Campus, and the Founder and President of Israel’s first ever sorority, Sigma Delta Tau. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC) in Israel.




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