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Tel Aviv University
Dr. Yossi Schwartz, Dr. Elhanan Reiner set up center to help "protect" Palestinians from Israel - No program for protecting Jews from Terrorists

HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual founded by Dr. Lotte Salzberger is an Israeli human rights organization. The organization was established in 1988 against the backdrop of the first Intifada in order to help Palestinians injured as a result of the “broken bones” policy, and was at first called “The Hotline for Victims of Violence.”


As Palestinians from the Israel Occupied Territories of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem turned to HaMoked with other complaints about the occupying authorities, the organization expanded its activities to handle a wide range of human rights violations:


Detainee Rights: torture; administrative detention; family prison visitation and conditions of detention; tracing individuals whose site of detention is unknown.


Family Unification and Residency Rights: processing requests for unification; registering children in the Population Register; registering children in the National Insurance Institute and the health insurance funds; arranging visitation permits, and return of deportees.


Freedom of Movement: closure; roadblocks; siege; curfew; entry from abroad; leaving the territories; passage between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


Violence committed by security forces and settlers: death; injury; beatings; pillage and vandalism; confiscation of property and of identification documents; damage to property; brutality and threats; theft; advocacy for accountability, legal action and access to justice.


Other issues dealt with include demolition of houses, deportation, and respect for the dead.


HaMoked’s main objective is to assist Palestinians whose rights are violated by the Israeli authorities or as a result of Israeli policy. Once a complaint is received, HaMoked contacts the relevant authorities, for instance the Civil Authority, the Military Attorney General, the State Attorney General, or any of a variety of governmental offices. When necessary, HaMoked files legal claims and submits petitions to the High Court of Justice. Concurrently, HaMoked endeavors to bring about changes in policy by the authorities and to implement legislative amendments that would improve the status of human rights in the Territories and East Jerusalem.


HaMoked operates an Emergency Human Rights Hotline in order to attempt to offer real time solutions by working vis-à-vis relevant authorities in the field. Emergency situations include those arising from restrictions on movement within the territories; from violence; from delays in the evacuation of the injured, the sick, and women in labor; and from the blockage of humanitarian aid such as food, medicine and water.


HaMoked’s team numbers forty, and includes both Jews and Arabs. HaMoked’s departments include the legal department; the client intake service which maintains contact with the complainant; the client advocacy service responsible for contact with the relevant authorities and all follow-up; the information department and administrative support services.


Since its inception HaMoked has handled more than 40,000 complaints.


Further information can be found in HaMoked’s Activity and Research Reports

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