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General Articles
The Hebrew Ward Churchills of the Hebrew University

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Hebrew Ward Churchills of the Hebrew University

The world has been unable to control its laughter at the state of certain parts of American academia these last few months. Ward Churchill has become a walking symbol of everything wrong with American academia. Duke University and others have conducted anti-Jewish Nuremberg Rallies in association with the pro-terror International Solidarity Movment (ISM really stands for "I Support Murderers"). And Columbia University has become a large Upper West Side Center for Jihad.

While Columbia, the one-time lair of ibn Said, is well known to all, it is less well known that Israeli universities themselves are petri dishes for anti-Israel and anti-Jewish leftist extremists. This week, Abraham Foxman, director of the Anti-Defamation League, wrote the president of the Hebrew University. He argued just as people are rightly outraged at the campus politicizing by academic extremists in the US at places like the University of Colorado and Columbia, so the activities of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel leftists at the Hebrew University are no less outrageous. He demanded that the Hebrew University campus authorities follow the lead of Columbia and take action against academic sedition, especially against a prof in the institution's German Studies department, Prof. Moshe Zimmerman, who likened Israel Defense Forces soldiers and other Israeli authorities to Nazis.

Politicalization by far leftists on Israeli campuses is notorious and is no doubt one reason for the growing academic mediocrity to be found there. Some Israeli leftist faculty members openly support anti-Jewish terror atrocities, call for Israel to be annihilated, denounce their own country as "fascist", compare democratic Israel to Nazi Germany while cheering Arab regimes. Some of these are engaged in law breaking, and in organizing mutiny and insubordination among Israeli soldiers. Others help promote the boycotts of Israel by overseas anti-Semites. The seditious activities of Israel's leftist extremists are now documented at Israel Academia Monitor, Israel's analogue to Campus Watch.

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