Misuse of Israeli Campuses

In Haaretz today, there is debate about several "privatized degrees" that operate at Tel Aviv University.  These are degrees in business and law that are conducted on campus for high tuition, not directly budgeted by the Israeli government budget and planning committee for higher education (VATAT).  The head of VATAT, Prof. Shlomo Grossman, is quoted in the paper today as saying that even though these programs are not directly funded by VATAT, they operate on Israeli campuses, which are paid for by the taxpayer, and so require VATAT permission and approval.

That is very interesting, but the fact of the matter is that for the past few years the campus of Tel Aviv University and some other universities have been misused by allowing the "Socioeconomic College" programs to operate on campus grounds.  The "Socioeconomic College" is a front for the Israeli Communist Party, and the "College" teaches boilerplate Marxism and anti-Israel propaganda, using public campus facilities.

In addition, of course, in-classroom anti-Israel political indoctrination is routinely conducted on these same taxpayer-financed campuses.

So perhaps Prof. Grossman and VATAT should also have something to say about that?

Why not write Prof. Grossman and ask him why the communist party is allowed to operate its propaganda "college" on public facilities paid for by the Israeli taxpayer!

You can FAX Prof. Shlomo Grossman, director of VATAT, at
972 2-5679969

or write
POB 4037
Jerusalem 91040

Prof. Grossman's email is



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