Ilan Pappe upsets the Jewish Leaders in the UK, concerned for rising campus Anti-Semitism

UK’s Jewish leaders concerned over university appointment


By Jeremy Last Updated: 30/Mar/2007 15:07


LONDON (EJP)--- British Jewish leaders have spoken of their concern after a Haifa University lecturer who has called for a boycott of Israeli academics, was made Chair of History at Exeter University in the south of England.

Ilan Pappe has published numerous books and essays accusing Israel of “ethnically cleansing” the Palestinians.

"Zionism is far more dangerous to the safety of the Middle East than Islam," Pappe said in one interview recently and two years ago he was a major supporter of the Association of University Teachers’ proposals for an academic boycott of Israel.

The Union of Jewish Students is one of a number of organisations who have said they are concerned about the appointment.

Mitch Simmons of UJS told The Jewish Telegraph: We’re concerned that his anti-Zionist views will spread to other British universities. If an Israel academic has been appointed with more balanced opinions, then that would be fine."

Biased views

Jon Benjamin, Chief Executive of the Board of Deputies, said he was concerned that impressionable students may be “exposed to his biased views.”

Benjamin told “After taking full advantage of all the freedoms accorded to him in Israel, a country he has so shamelessly attacked, Pappe has decided to set up shop here.
“Whilst this provides the opportunity for academics here to challenge him on his revisionist agenda, the uncomfortable fact is that in the lecture theatres and seminar rooms at Exeter, many impressionable young minds will be exposed to his partial and biased views.”



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