BGU faculty "deconstruct" Israel to show how "hegemonious" and oppressive it is! Adriana Kemp, David Newman, Uri Ram and Oren Yiftachel

This book challenges some of the traditional analytical paradigms
prevalent in Israeli social science for the past fifty years. Although the State continues to define itself in terms of a homogeneous political and cultural entity, as the voices and narratives of marginalized (especially Palestinian, Eastern-Jewish and women) groups come to the fore, agencies of state socialization are no longer able to impose an unchallenged state identity or hegemony. The deconstruction of a state-sponsored social identity, whose aim is social cohesion, is here investigated by critical scholars who develop an alternative understanding of this highly dynamic society.
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1 Introduction: Hegemonic Identities and their Challenges
David Newman and Uri Ram

Part I  Hegemonies
2  From National to Post-National Territorial Identities in
David Newman
3  Social Citizenship in the Neo-Liberal Period:                         
The Case of Israel’s Health Services   
Dani Filc
4  De-Arabization of the Bedouin: A Study of an Inevitable Failure       
Yossi Yonah, Ismael Abu-Saad and Avi Kaplan
5  Writing against the State: Transnationalism and the Epistemology of Minority Studies, with Special Reference to Israel
Dan Rabinowitz

Part II  Identities
6  Representing National Identity in Conditions of Conflict              
Ahmad Sa’di


7  Palestinian Dynamics of Self-Representation: Identity and Difference in Palestinian Nationalism    
Amal Jamal
8  Being an Oleh in a Global World: From Local Ethnic Community to Transnational Community
Lisa Anteby-Yemini
9   Negotiating Difference in Israeli Scholarship:                       
Towards  A New Feminist Discourse     
Pnina Motzafi-Haller
10  Rock Aesthetics, Israeliness and Globalization                       
                Motti Regev

Part III  Challenges
11  Between Periphery and ‘Third Space’: Identity of  Mizrahim in Israel’s Development Towns
Oren Yiftachel and Erez Tzfadia
12  Absent Voices: Citizenship and Identity Narratives  of Palestinian Women in Israel
Hanna Herzog
13  New Associations or New Politics? The Significance  of Israeli-Style Post-Materialism      
Uri Ben Eliezer
14  Claim Making and the Emergence of New Minorities:  Black African Migrant Workers in Israel
Adriana Kemp, Rebeca Raijman, Julia Resnik and  Silvia Shamah
15  The State of the Nation: Contemporary                                
                    Challenges to Zionism in Israel
Uri Ram

Ben-Gurion University